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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this is an arapahoe, colorado, just miles from the scene of the columbine. shooter is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. there is one student in serious condition with a gun for -- gunshot wound and a second student treated for other injuries which were minor. it is unclear what they were at this time. armed with aame in shotgun asking for a particular teacher he was targeting. the teacher escape that another student was shot. the school into active shooter mode and was placed on lockdown. the students were evacuated. it was very large, about 2200 students. the images are chilling. terrified students are marching out single file, deputies
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patting them down. they try to figure out what they had. was there a second shooter? communityappen in a sadly familiar with these situations. it is only about eight miles from columbine and 15 miles from movie, the scene of a theater shooting last year were 12 people were killed. methodicallyly but allowing students to leave the school in groups. to -- aringing them location east of where we are. they will be transported from their to a church just south of here called shepherd of the hills. this video of parents and their loved ones reunited with the kids. i believe the shooter acted alone but are still searching the school. this comes on the year of the one-year anniversary of the mass school shooting at the sandy hook element to school in newtown, connecticut or it -- connecticut.
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.oz plater, abc 7 news >> thank you very much. we will continue to monitor the developments out of colorado and give you details as they occur. >> another storm heads our way. >> steve rudin is in the weather center. >> location, location, location. that will be the key here. the further north and west is looking at a wintry mix and even accumulating snow. is 39 degrees at reagan national airport area stone the upper 30's in dulles and hagerstown. high clouds will increase as we move into the overnight but it will remain dry. the tricky weather reminds --
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rights -- arrives tomorrow morning. they have issued a winter weather advisory. -- lookigher elevation at frederick, maryland. a winter storm warning. heavy snoweeing the will be well to the north of frederick county. here's is what we expect for the evening hours. it will be dry, mostly cloudy. temperatures will range from the mid 30's to around 40. move toeline as we tomorrow, look for the light snow and mixed to develop in the lower to mid 30's. we will give you what to expect for the weekend and the next seven days in a few minutes area -- minutes. >> download our abc 7 weather app or you can follow us on facebook or twitter. >> what a messy afternoon on the inner loop of the beltway.
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a news chopper seven was over the scene. air is a box truck overturned -- there is a box truck overturned. no one was hurt but the traffic was backed up for miles. crash occurred a couple of hours ago but serious delays continue. we are in the wtop traffic center with more. is always that on friday. today it is even worse. the truck accident cleared before 3:00 but the damage is done. that accident is not forgotten. complicating matters because there is a water main break. this is not only affected the key bridge, it affected georgetown, the west end, and the --.
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110, 1 23, m street and the george washington parkway are affected. that is what the key bridge looks like. not eight ricky picture in either direction. back to you. verdict.roversial craig patterson was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter for the death of julian dawkins. jeff goldberg has been in the courtroom all week and has reaction from today's verdict. >> shortly after the verdict was read in court, curtis dokken's, father of julian dawkins had to walk out. amat this particular time i not -- >> the verdict of voluntary manslaughter left friends and family members crushed. several cried in court,
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including his mother. >> what is important that i am at a loss. my son will never be back but his legacy will never be forgotten. >> our heart hurts. we are very sympathetic to julian dokken's family -- dawkins' family. >> patterson returned to the scene and maliciously and intentionally shot and killed dawkins. the argument was that dawkins was drunk and confrontational. the verdict was read, the sentencing phase began. fighting through tears, the mother said -- several jurors were crying as
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well. >> it is a situation that needs much rare, the support for the family. prayer, support for the family. >> the recommended sentence was 0-12 months in jail and $2500 in fines. the family of julian dawkins plans to pursue a civil suit. light is shed on what happen when a zebra attack a zookeeper in the central zoo. a safety inspector basically concludes that the veteran zookeeper who was badly injured here and apparently does not remember anything about the harrowing attack was at fault. they say he broke a cardinal rule -- you never put a dangerous animal and a person in the same space. human error, the report concluded, and not any problem
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with the enclosure led to the november 18 attack of a zookeeper by a 900 pound zebra. zebra was supposed to be in install. the gate was unlocked and that is the breach of protocol. >> the zookeeper was seriously hurt and was rescued by a coworker. a nearby gazelle was spooked by the attack and died when it ran into a barrier and broke its neck. what is the status of the zookeeper? >> i cannot comment on that. regulations prevent me from commenting. >> she said he was a veteran with decades of experience. >> he would have known the role? >> wrote a call was reached -- protocol was breached. it was human error. >> zookeeper is out of the hospital but no one is talking at the house. >> he is not interested.
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it initors are taking stride. >> that's the roles. you have to follow the rules. they want to make sure that all workers know the rules and have first aid training. the report said there were two more animal incidents in recent years that were not reported. one involved a zebra in the wrong place, another to animals that were put together that should not have been. needoo said they did not to report those because no one was hurt and it was a matter of performance issue and not a safety issue. i should also mention that the zebra is back on public exhibit. greta kreuz, abc 7 news. today'sems during streetcar testing in northern bc. to 8thved the streetcar
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street in northeast. they said that the streetcar had a near encounter and the testing had to be halted. sam ford has been following the moving process all day. you will have a live report 6:00. >> it is friday the 13th but it could become a lucky day for someone. if they win the huge mega millions jackpot. it is grown to four and $25 million. it could go up even more before tonight's drawing. suzanne kennedy is live in arlington tonight. feeling lucky? >> i hope so. i have my tickets but this is what everyone is lining up for here in arlington. one of the mega millions tickets. the chances of winning are one in two under 60 million -- 260 million. a lot of people are coming out to play. on one of the -- unluckiest day of the year, they are looking --
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hoping for a little good fortune. >> you can't win if you don't play. >> just a piece would be fine with me. >> tonight at 11:00, they will pick the numbers for the second largest mega millions jackpot in history. at 400 $25 million, people are lining up for a chance to win big area. and buyully i can win myself a christmas present instead of buying for everyone else. >> the current jackpot has rolled over 20 times with no winners since october 1. >> i got $60 for a pool and i got like $10 for my cell. i'm artie got mine in my wallet. -- i have already got mine in my wallet. >> is the largest jackpot in lottery history with tickets
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being bought in multiple states. >> i don't think i will win. i think it is fun of getting caught up in the drama. it would be nice to win, but i don't expect to win. >> that is all you have to do -- play to win. >> here's the problem you love to have -- whether to figure out to take a lump sum payment or being paid out over the years. if you take a lump sum, it is $161 million after taxes are in -- taxes. if there is no winner, it will roll over to tuesday night and million.l to $550 suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> we will have the mega millions drawing tonight at abc 7 news at 11:00. good luck, everyone. >> hunt is on for armed men who have -- at least one local business.
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see more the video coming up. >> why did hundreds of birds fall from the sky in a local town? wildlife experts are looking for answers. >> we are learning disturbing new details about the language interpreter who was just feet from president obama. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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>> breaking news tonight in a murder investigation in the quiet neighborhood of lowell. >> is the second killing in the latest two weeks. live at theida is scene with breaking details with . >> this has been an active investigation throughout the day. the body of a man has been found inside this home. he was a member of the military. he is also believed to be the man that resided in that home. we have learned that a woman and small child resided in at home as well. at this hour, we have learned
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that there is great concern for the condition of the woman and child. there is an active search to find out where they might be. they got a call about 10:30 this morning. police went to check on an occupant of this townhome. a body.hey discovered >> it is frightening, yes. very frightening. ash residents of the neighborhood said it is quiet and the notice nothing out of the ordinary. the landlord says a man and woman rented the property. one or both of the residence is believed to be in the military. the victim was apparently the male occupant. investigators combed the neighborhood looking for clues. >> to be heard anything overnight or in the morning, if we heard a car screeching up. we said no, we didn't. second killing within blocks and a little more than two weeks. someecond killing has
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residents deeply troubled. >> i don't like to hear it in your own community. it is all over the world. >> still no word on how this individual is to a parish -- is to have died. resided inesult also the home with very year and half old child. >> today is the third and final day in which nelson mandela's lies in state. thousands of people waited in line to file past his casket in pretoria. government leaders said they had to turn blount -- turn away about half of the 100,000 mourners. preparations are now underway for the burial on sunday in his childhood village. more song -- more fallout from the sign language interpreter
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accused of faking signs at the memorial service. the south african government says it is aware that the individual reported the faced criminal charges in the past, including a murder charge. it is unclear the back case has been concluded. the government refused to comment about the murder charge. >> that strange story keeps getting stranger. aey're saying that this is learning moment to everyone to realize the value of certified sign language interpreters. what can we learn about the weather? >> a lot of folks in d.c. are wondering if they can get shopping done this weekend. the few holiday weekends left before the big christmas holiday. i think we are going to be ok. most of us will be just fine in terms of traveling. a live look outside right now. we have harley cloudy skies to the west of us. havey clear skies -- we
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hardly cloudy skies to the west of us. rockville is looking at 37. they had a high earlier of 40 degrees. is now 40 degrees at george washington university. look at the morning low in chantilly. they got down to 20. they're looking for cold temperatures tonight. things are milder to the south. that colder air to the north of us, that is what is going to meet up to the milder temperatures to the south and temperatures will play a key duringring the forecast the day tomorrow. the further north and west you go from d.c., the the higher the chances for some snow and accumulating snow. low pressure is
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developing south and west and will move our way tomorrow. the best chances for the heaviest snow will be along the mason-dixon line. that is where they have had winter storm warnings in effect to the daytime hours tomorrow. getting closer, it winter weather advisory for loudoun county tomorrow. mainly for the areas above 500 feet. that is where they could pick up 1, 2, maybe three inches in isolated areas. snow well north of the seat -- well north of d.c. dusting ofng grabs a rain tomorrow but the further north you gore, -- go, the higher chance of snow. be careful, rose could be slick
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tomorrow in the early evening hours. look at how quickly our skies will clear for the day on sunday. temperatures will be a lot cooler as we move into early next week. we expectf snowfall, hardly anything in d.c. at all. mostly cloudy tonight in the 20s. winds will be out of the north wiest out of about five miles per hour. we're looking for accumulations before changing over to all rain. we could see some heavier pockets of rain tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. 33-38 degrees with winds out of the north and east. the extended outlook, we will be 40 on sunday. we will be back to the mid-40's on tuesday. this storm compared to last weekend's storm, i would say it is about one third of the intended he -- the intensity. i have 1010-year-olds coming
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10-year-olds coming over to my house tomorrow that i plan to send outside. rain, not so much. what he is asking of kids that is now shaking -- having people shake their heads. >> it is time to announce the final winner in our ice week giveaway. to dorothylations howard. you are winning for tickets. is a lot of fun. enjoy. tune in next week will we will be giving away $1000. a big overnight surprised beyoncé that could change the music industry. a unpaid tolls continue to be problem in maryland. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way >> hundreds of birds felt that from the sky in virginia yesterday. >> wildlife and experts are beginning to investigate. hatzel vela has the story. >> a reminder here the in
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nokesville is consistent. this week, folks are talking about the christmas parade. but a different topic came up. >> one of the clients came in with talking about it. >>. . >> when you come into town, you run into the grocery store. they know about it as well. fell from the sky. that is strange. >> about 100 birds that on the road. most for pickup -- most were picked up. some remain. some of these birds have been set away from testing. >> the ticket is the power lines. is that what they said? >> mass bird buyouts are usually caused by lightning or some sort of trauma, like flying into power lines. unless it happens again,
5:28 pm
biologists are not concerned. >> it make you think of the alfred hitchcock movie. this is a sign. i said, what ever. it is what it is. when the birds fell out of the sky, i thought, i better get the bible and read this. >> this was something to talk about today on friday the 13th. a day for the much-anticipated christmas parade. hatzel vela, abc 7 news. >> were still monitoring breaking news from colorado where a student gunman is dead after a shooting at a local high school. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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breaking news from outside of denver. one student is dead, and two .ore are wounded one of the injured students was shot after confronted the shooter. you thing the hospital in serious condition. the gunmen then shot and killed himself. the authorities believe he acted
5:32 pm
alone. we will have more at 6:00 area hilless owners in capitol feel they are under attack after businesses avenue and stormed into separate days. donelan joins us from pennsylvania avenue. what is happening on this corner? the cbs behind me was hit or it it was terrifying for the victims involved. just days later, the gas station across the heat -- street was hit. just as scary. both crimes were caught on tape. to video is crystal clear -- gunmen stormed into the cvs on 12th street. it was on thanksgiving morning. one employees taken the office by gunpoint where another worker was counting money out of the safe. the employees were ordered to the ground. the men stole thousands of dollars in cash and then raced out.
5:33 pm
the terrifying ordeal was over -- at least it was for them. >> before they came in, it was a nice, quiet day for us. then we got that surprised. >> at the exxon just across from employees are watching video on apple laptop when they walked in. the guy walked -- behind him walked in and pulled out a gun and put it to my head. i had five kids and when he said don't move, i will put a bullet in your head. >> they did not dare move. >> they took the laptop we were watching the videos on. >> a witness told police that they saw them what carrying the beforer -- cash drawer they disappeared. the crimes have people on edge. >> it is important to keep people safe.
5:34 pm
>> the police will not rule anything out. perhapsl say that it is the same two suspects, but they will not rule anything out. it could be two separate sets. the people at the gas station watch the video and said it was not the same two men that approach them at gunpoint. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> new developments and a crash car driven by an on- duty police officer. wallman is out of the hospital. >> just two weeks before christmas, a prince george's county family is displaced after fire destroyed their home. is live in a rural
5:35 pm
-- in upper marlboro. >> this fire completely gutted this building. the three people inside, all they got out with woods -- which was what was on their backs. uncoversbble, candace registrars -- precious treasures from the house she grew up when -- in. untouched by the fire that raced through the house, they bought nearly 50 years ago. >> i just saw flames coming out of the back of the house. >> the family escaped as fire raced through the foam -- home.
5:36 pm
>> there was nothing we could do. the flames were out of control. >> two weeks before christmas, the jacksons have only what they had on their backs when they outraged -- outraced the flames this morning. >> grandkids coming in the door to see us. >> a total loss. all up in smoke, quietly carried away by a noonday brees. for candace and her family, and none of that matters much. this holiday season of apparent loss is more rich and meaningful than any they have shared before. >> it is the holiday season but we have each other. >> mrs. jackson, her son and grandson are staying with family through the holidays. they need pretty much everything at this point. fire investigator still trying to figure out what started this lays. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> time to get a check on a
5:37 pm
messy traffic situation tonight. bob is in the traffic center. >> a lot of red we see on the map and a lot of delays over town. that interlude away from braddock road still stands although it -- all the way to 270. even the outer loop is still quite slow. 395 northbound getting into town is quite slow by the pentagon. the water main work is part of the problem on canal road area that has been a problem. outbound down to one lane. that is the pressure not only on but has been problematic elsewhere. things lookat what like out there. it is simply a mess as we look at the beltway near root for. four.te
5:38 pm
up toquite slow heading clarksburg and beyond. no incidents along the way. that is what looks like on friday. back to you. up, icc tolls are still piling up for maryland despite a new law to crack down on the problem. hear how much drivers now oh. >> it was scary to quit my job.
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>> is the ended the year so maybe you are organizing by clean your closet or looking for gifts for the fashionista on your list. either way -- >> women are being allowed to recycle their clothing. mother'sllowing in her footsteps. filled withoutique shoes, bags, and close. at mint condition is
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consignment store, selling used items in good condition. it benefits the seller and divider -- seller and buyer. >> and make someone's day when they come in and find a divine her purse that they may not able to buy at a real store -- different store. scary move to quit my great job and -- >> you will find items on the high-end, white these booths for $1500 or a table of earrings under $10. consignment is in her blood. her mother still runs a consignment store in minnesota that has been open since 1981. she appeared in these ads with her mom. a putting on high heels is little girl, trying everything on. it was like the biggest dress-up
5:43 pm
closet any kid could wish for. >> she is hoping it to you on the path her mother started so many years ago. >> you have to be proud. she has done this for 30 years. to how -- to have her be proud of me is really great. >> they have gone from 40 consignors to more than 2000 and move to a location that will decide of the first shop. she hopes to open a new location in the future. starling, abc 7 news. breakthrough in preventing breast cancer in high-risk women.
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>> a new maryland law was supposed to help us they collect unpaid bills but it is not generating success.
5:47 pm
vehicles racking up icc tolls are still on the role -- road. >> the state of maryland estimates that only one percent of drivers slow through tolls. nevertheless, that super minority has generated quite a tab on the intercounty connector. than opening in 2011, more $3.1 million in tolls have gone unpaid. has ap offender delinquent account north of eight grand. >> that is unbelievable. >> i think anyone the should skate away for free. >> for decades the maryland transportation authority which oversees the icc and seven under -- other toll facilities could not do much other than issue $25 fines. a new law gave the state a leg suspendability to vehicle registrations.
5:48 pm
passednths have since and they admit it has not flecked its muscles -- flexed its muscles once despite cars continuing to treat the system. the department of transportation made headlines when it released a list of his 25 most wanted toll offenders. the dramatic move shamed many drivers into paying up. willyn tells us that it not follow texas's lead. it cites privacy concerns. >> they're going to have it on their conscience. >> despite the fact that hundreds of maryland -- motorists over maryland thousands in tolls, police say debt -- their debt is not an arrestable defense. the most they can do is tell the transit authority to suspend
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their registration. >> seven is on your side with this helpful or. the study involved 4000 postmenopausal women with a family history of rest cancer or other high risk factors. -- by inhibiting production of the hormone. time usedy finds long of heartburn medication could be putting your health at risk. researchers looked at people that take acid reflux medicine for two years or more. those people were 65% more likely to develop a vitamin b 12 deficiency which can lead to medical complication like brain damage and anemia. researchers recommended talking to your doctor and monitoring your dose.
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out two weekset ago and the 200 mile walking with the wounded challenge. he traveled with a dozen wounded warriors. the challenge was initially a race between three teams but the organizers suspended because the -- competition last week because of the harsh weather conditions. >> way to go, harry. a huge surprise for beyoncé fans andhe singer announced dropped her new album on the same day. her fifth solod project exclusively on itunes at midnight. it features 14 songs and 17 videos. beyoncé said she did not want to release her music the way she has done in the past there it she said to one the album to come out when it was ready for her fans. >> she should not be dressed like that if she's going to be around her this weekend.
5:51 pm
>> gordon, that is what i got you for christmas. >> the weather is going to be lousy. >> big-time changes on the way later tonight. take a look at our temperature trends. enter the overnight, we will fall from the upper 30's into lower 30's0's it -- with lows in the upper 20's. west of the panhandle of virginia, those are the areas shaded in purple. these areas may see upwards of 1-2 inches. the further north you go, winter storm warnings for frederick and washington county. the further north you go towards the mason-dixon line, the higher 5 inchesod of seeing 3- of snow accumulating. the high elevations will see the highest amounts. this is our timeline for 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a -- 22:00 p.m.
5:52 pm
to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. dusting for most of maryland. for saturday we will look for that wintry mix. by sunday, it looks pretty nice. temperatures will be around 40 degrees and we as we move into monday of next week, little flurries -- temperatures will be back into the 40s. mywill keep you updated on on abc seven and you can also check out that theay you redskins are 6.5 point underdogs , would you believe me? is right. the redskins are the national story. by the headlines, the players have had a good practice week.
5:53 pm
kirk cousins looks like he has the rest of the season. he is like a little kid with the football. he loved the play. the only difference is his workload this week. >> yet the concentrate on your job. even though there are discussions -- distractions you want to focus on that. the guys are doing what we are asking them to do to get ready. i thought today it was another good day and i hope it carries over to the game. the rg iii situation is still the talk of all the pundits and so-called experts. i have not heard anyone with the passion of michael irving. doesn't to this. >> here is something no one is talking about. this is the third person that mike shanahan has had an issue with that was a star player for the washington redskins. i understand that coaches come in and want to go out and have control. they usually go after a star player to get control.
5:54 pm
donovan, hayes worth, say what you will. now, rg iii. rg iii is handling it the best he can. donovan said something like this would go down. i'm not giving mike shanahan ipass when someone predicted what is happening right now to this young man. you are tearing him down. i doubt that any man can come back from this. >> michael irving. that always right, but he's definitely -- remember agency really eco the wizards' former guard is looking for a comeback. he has been playing in shanghai and says next summer he will work really hard to try and make it team, a comeback. watching a lot of the nba and knows he is better than some of the guards. >> i can't believe the shanghai sharks wou >> breaking news in
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
gaithersburg. crews are on the scene of a carbon monoxide incident. news chopper seven is live over the scene. a shopping complex on muddy branch road. a lot of people are sick. we will have more developments as they become available. has heldngton ballet nationwide. they offer extensive scholarships and teaching at the campus at anacostia. >> you can watch students benefiting from this emphasis on inclusion. the nutcracker features some of the nation's top professional dancers. as well as students balancing ballet was cool. >> i go to ballet on mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, and saturdays. >> and you go to school? >> mm-hmm.
5:59 pm
>> the washington ballet puts a premium on diversity. >> art is at its most powerful when they can see themselves in the art. >> this week at the warner theatre, a special performance was held for students. many attending had never been to the ballet before. >> there was dancing a lot of spinning. >> other our training with their dance d.c. program. when i go dance it is relaxing. it is like a spot. >> they were nervous. >> 10-year-old ballerina carolina dance on the stage at anacostia. >> i think it is a good idea because people who like ballet will actually get to see ballet and they don't have to go to a faraway place is the it.
6:00 pm
it.araway place to see >> it is not just a warm and fuzzy place. come a place where people to learn life lessons of focus, hard work, discipline. even if they do not remain a ballet they take with them that colonel. >> 180 students and six different cast. it, it runsto see through december 29. it is a great performance. >> the kids are beautiful. >> and very talented. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the news continues now. live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> snow crews preparing for our third blast of wintry weather inside of a week. >> meteorologist steve rudin is on the storm watch tonight.


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