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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:00. >> president obama and the first lady were just two of millions of people positing today to mark one year since the sandy hook elementary school shooting. first, another winter storm. heavy snow causing problems in parts of the country. wailing parts of our viewing areas are seeing snow, others
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are just seeing rain. what is ahead? storm watch coverage begins with steve rudin. >> in the belfort furniture weather center, tracking the storm as it moves off toward the north and east. look at the live super doppler radar. south and west of us around war and 10 and culpeper. that is good news. we are still looking at a little snow as we move into the northern part of the area, especially around hagerstown. that is where we will look for the best chance of additional accumulation on the mason-dixon line. looking at temperatures across the region, 34 in gaithersburg, 32 in winchester. the further south and east you go, that is where temperatures are in the 40's. 42 in lexington park. we shaved away lots of advisory areas. that is the good news. loudoun county is no longer under an advisory. warren county no longer under an
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advisory. frederick county still hangs on until 1:00 in the morning, and the winter storm warning for extreme western maryland. i have a feeling this will cancel well before then. for this evening, the rain and wintry mix will come to an end. we talk about the next seven days in a few minutes. >> a busy day for road crews in winchester, where they got more snow than rain. richard reeve continues our live team coverage from winchester. snow had an inch or two of here in winchester. more in the mountains. this is some snow that has been plowed together after some storms we had in recent days. now the snow we have had has turned into misery. it is freezing rain here, and that will make for a challenging ride for drivers tonight. winterhe blue ridge, weather is back again. this is the third snowstorm in recent weeks.
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>> every three or four years we get a couple of snows before winter. >> with winter not officially starting for another week yet. >> i think it is kind of early myself. usually we get it in january and february. >> major highways like i-81 and route seven are relatively clear. contractors are bracing for the almost inevitable freeze factor overnight. >> keep the roads clear. >> here and there are giant snowplow piles. >> compared to earlier this week it is not that bad yet. we saw some accident the other day. snowfall market, the is easily measured. a comforting fire keeping mother nature at bay for now. >> we start seeing freezing rain, freezing water, stay home.
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parts of this parking lot are now like an ice rink. we are told hagerstown declared a snow emergency. they are asking people to stay off the roads. winter does not officially start for another week yet. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you. people in parts of the east and midwest are also digging out from this latest no storm. -- snowstorm. in buffalo, new york, several inches of snow blanketed roads. bad weather forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. stay with abc 7 and as we track this latest winter storm. we will have updates on our social media page. be sure to download our storm watch app. since thes one year sandy hook elementary school and in newtown, connecticut. church bells rang 26 times in memory of the 20 children and six educators killed by adam lanza. [bells ringing]
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the community of newtown mostly stayed out of the public eye on this somber day. town officials and victim's families urged people to honor the victims with active service and kindness. president obama and first lady michelle obama paid tribute with a moment of silence at the white house, leading 26 candles, one for each life lost. in his weekly radio would us, president -- radio address, president obama says we have not done enough to keep community safer by keeping dangerous people from guns. people fighting for tougher gun laws gathered across the region to push for change. 33 seconds,ging symbolic of the 33 lives advocates say are lost every day because of gun violence. one of these lives -- >> i am sure other moms are worried.
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>> her son was shot and killed in the district in 2011. the -- the murder is still unsolved. >> a lot of crime is happening in the district of columbia. >> survivors from the virginia tech and tucson -- >> moment of silence is important, but it is nothing without action. .emember, then act >> what is frustrating is how completely disconnected our legislative system seems to be. >> in january, president obama quickcongress to take action. families of the newtown victims came to capitol hill. the gun industry, led by the nra, counsel -- countered with an equally intensive effort focusing on democrats from conservative states who are up for reelection in 2013. there was a bipartisan deal on a scaled-back measure to expand background checks, but in the democratically-controlled senate the bill fell short of 60 votes
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needed to pass. despite the fact that nothing significant is happening on capitol hill, those pushing for tougher gun laws say a lot is happening at the state and local level. >> we made great strides in passing legislation in states like colorado, connecticut, delaware, maryland, new york, new jersey, california. bothe both sides -- for sides, the fight continues. >> thank you. new details are emerging about yesterday's deadly school shooting in colorado. piersonold carl -- karl was under the shotgun, machete, and three molotov cocktails when he entered arapahoe high school. he fired off five shots near the school library. students say he was a school debater -- skilled debater who was recently killed -- kicked off the debate team. the school library and ran the club and was likely the target.
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the body of nelson mandela arrived earlier today in his home village of qunu. [cheering] crowds lined the streets, as you can see, to see the hearse carrying mandela's body. once his body arrived, the national flag covering the casket was replaced with a leopard skin, the tribal tradition that honors a leader. his funeral is tomorrow. new developments tonight in an officer-involved shooting in prince george's county. we are learning a district heights police officer was hit by friendly fire while responding to a robbery last week. earlier reports indicated a prince george's police officer who also showed at the scene -- showed up at the scene fired his service weapon at the suspect's car. that is when the district heights officer was hit. the officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest and was not seriously hurt. the three suspects in the robbery were arrested. two people suspected in several purse snatching's near the
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twinbrook metro station are now in custody. investigators say they targeted women walking home alone at night from the twinbrook station. d.c. police have made an arrest in a burglary of a salvation army outpost in southeast. we told you earlier this month that two people stole $10,000 from candles and a safe inside the offices on martin luther king avenue. officers say they have arrested a juvenile man and charged him with burglary. anyone with information on the second suspect is asked to call police. up on abc 7 news at 6:00, paying tribute to those who have given so much to our country. more from today's reefs across america -- wreaths across america event.
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>> we are following breaking news from northern virginia, where we are told an amtrak train has struck a tree. this happened just a short time ago. a passenger on the train is telling us this happened somewhere between manassas and alexandria. the train was traveling between lynchburg and new york city. we are told no one was hurt and amtrak says the train will be told to union station. a huge gesture this morning at arlington national cemetery. onunteers based wreaths thousands of headstones as part of national wreaths across america day. we talked to some of the participants. >> among the hills of arlington cemetery -- >> the enormity of this place is
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very humbling. >> along the rows of white headstones. melanie adams laid a wreath for the second time. i year and a half ago, she lost her son in afghanistan. he was just 31 years old. >> i cried. i think about him all the time. , betty edwardsr sets another one in memory of her father, a two-time purple heart recipient and vietnam veteran. it is a chance for her to tell him one last time -- >> how much she meant. how much he has done for us. more thane joined by 25,000 other volunteers and family members spread across the grass to lay a wreath for america's fallen. they will adorn more than 100,000 graves with holiday wreaths, a simple sign that service and sacrifice is not
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forgotten. >> my baby. >> abc 7 news. >> thank you. federal prosecutors asked a judge to delay the sentencing of former d.c. councilman michael brown. he had been scheduled for sentencing in february for bribery. $55,000 frome took undercover fbi agents posing as businessman seeking d.c. government contracts. askedon filed yesterday for brown's sentencing to be delayed until april 28 or even later. they said the february will allow brown to continue to cooperate with the government in its investigation of corruption in district politics. the mega millions jackpot continues to grow. no ticket matched all six numbers to win last night's $425 million jackpot. -- $550es grown to 560 million. that makes it the second-largest jackpot in mega millions history and the fourth-largest jackpot
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ever in the united states. lottery officials say it is likely to grow even bigger before the next drawing on tuesday. has an, steve rudin update on the winter weather has an, steve rudin update on the winter weather today is the first time in a long time we go surfing while well rested. time for some 6 a.m. dunkin' coffee. #mydunkin dunkin' coffee, brewed to perfection for r the rich, smooth taste you love. share your story. #mydunkin
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while stopping at dunkin' donuts, so now i'm sitting in the bed of my truck, sipping a latte and smiling. #mydunkin enjoy a delicious latte the next timyou stop at dunkin'. share your story. #mydunkin >> steve rudin is with us now to talk a little about the weather. you say it is moving on out. >> it should be out quickly. over the next two to three hours, much of the rain and snow and wintry mix will be over. new york city or boston, probably a different story there. right now skies are cloudy. rain in the district, but rain compared to an hour ago has
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diminished significantly. wind beginning to pick up a little bit, giving us a windchill factor of 31 degrees. our high earlier today made it up the 42. our average is 47. the record is 70 in 1931. low,ld as six degrees, the in 1904. 33 degrees.g is had a few snowflakes early on the did not amount to a lot. .9 in springfield upper northwest d.c., the high was just around 40 earlier today. temperatures right at the freezing mark in winchester and hagerstown. 33 in martinsburg. the further south and east you go, that is where temperatures are mild. southern maryland, lower 40's. that really cold air is well to the north of us. trying -- mild air trying to bubble in from the south.
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we will get a touch of that mild air tomorrow as the high is around 40 degrees. a quick cooldown and a nice warm up as we move toward the end of the upcoming work and school week. this moisture will lift off to the north and east. a secondary low will generate itself off the coast that will bring rough weather to new york city and boston tomorrow. then i skies begin to clear. live super doppler radar -- ecb breaks in the moisture. a little snow across western maryland where the winter storm warning still hangs on until 1:00 in the morning, but i think that will cancel out a bit early. the winter weather advisory remains for frederick county, mainly northern frederick county. around the capital beltway, a lot of parties going on for the holidays, it will just be wet for the next couple hours or so. the breeze will pick up and help dry things out nicely later on tonight and into the day tomorrow. sunshine by tomorrow afternoon, then we keep that sunshine, but
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colder temperatures for the day on monday. a warming trend for the middle and end of next week. -- wintry mixr and rain will diminish in the overnight hours. 38-43 tomorrow. going to be breezy. wind gusts around 20 miles an hour. this is the kind of weather people who don't like cold weather actually like in december in washington. friday.'s by >> happy to see that warming trend. we move on to sports. our the storm clouds passing for the redskins? >> one would hope areas atlanta tomorrow. we will see. we still can't stop talking about rg iii. less than 24 hours away from kick off in atlanta. headlines continue. -- maryland, a shutdown of their >> now the toyota dealer --
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sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the maryland men's basketball team entered the season rough, but they are showing signs of strength with a huge win over boston college. what could they do against florida atlantic? clearehe'll -- shaquille slams it home. second half, maryland up four. dez wells driving inside, scores. f.a.u.utes to go, down three points. his layman drains fourth three.
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66-62.d wins the wizards were the comeback kids in atlanta, sending it to ot. the wizards with 9.8 seconds left. john wallace, driving to trevor booker. here we go. , they woulde left squeak by with the win. beat the wizards 101-99. a big topic in sports is still the mike shanahan and rg iii soap opera at redskins park. they are a touchdown underdog heading to atlanta. the redskins are only 3-10. the shelving of rg iii and adjustment at quarterback has been a dramatic change for kirk
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cousins. he will need to be ready to go tomorrow. he does, however, understand the opportunity he has ahead of him. >> i think it is a great opportunity to show what i'm capable of. i am only as good as the guys around me. i know these guys will give everything they have to help me. i will do the same for them. but this is about the washington redskins and doing the best i can to get a win against the falcons. >> the 6a championship in centerville. aj turner just exploded up the middle. goes all the way for a 50-yard touchdown. centerville took the lead and never came back, winning 35-6. warriors versus jets. the big runrd with going to the touchdown. 12-0 warriors. fourth quarter, quentin williams
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goes deep. white oak wins the division 1 championship 19-8. >> looks like a football out there. >> it does. the army-navy game is wrapping up in philadelphia. the midshipman lead in the fourth. they are looking for their 12th straight win over army. big game as well. >> did not mean to jump you there.
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>> we are giving you a chance to win $1000 in cash. you can enter by going to from now until
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friday, december 20. a little christmas money. we will announce the winner friday. back with a final look at the forecast. snow a day, saturday night? >> the worst is now over. tomorrow we will see a little sunshine. focus on the end of next week. >> thanks for joining us


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