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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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♪ in the meadow, we can build a snowman ♪ ♪ and pretend that he is parson brown ♪ come on! ♪ he'll say, "are you married?" ♪ ♪ we'll say, "no, man" everybody! ♪ but you can do the job while you're in town ♪ ♪ later on, we'll conspire ♪ ♪ as we dream by the fire ♪ ♪ to face unafraid the plans that we made ♪ (both) ♪ walkin' in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ walkin' in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ walkin' in a winter wonderland ♪
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merry christmas, everybody! merry christmas! -- captions by vitac --
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>> this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> president obama and the first lady were among those pausing to remember the anniversary of the newtown shooting. theght, we hear from victim. good evening. i am brad bell. the weather has been messy around our area. some parts seeing a lot of snow. this is video of some of the downpour in arlington. when is all of this going to clear out? steve rudin is with us now. >> definitely good news on the way as promised. rain has moved out of the metro area as it moves towards the north and east. not such great news for philadelphia and new york city. looking at radar, the skies are
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beginning to clear from southwest to northeast. we are going to look for a chilly temperature moving through the overnight hours. amateurs falling to near freezing at martinsburg and winchester. is 46 at lexington park. look to the extreme right hand side of your screen. ocean city now at 55 degrees. hanging onto the winter wiser -- winter advisory, i suspect that may come down a little bit earlier now that everything is beginning to rapidly clear. or the overnight, 30-35 degrees. went out of the west at 10-5 team -- 10-15. we will talk about the next seven days. we have some of that coming your way in the seven day outlook. a the slick roads have led to number of accidents. there is concern about how
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things will look as you head out tomorrow morning. richard continues our live team coverage for martinsburg west virginia. here.are close i-81 a couple of things we notice when we got here, really how cold it is. how bad the conditions are. then we spotted the accidents. a lot of accidents. flashing lights, guard rails mash ups, and nasty spin outs. gets, the roads get slick. >> if you cannot handle it, do not drive in it. you have to be really careful and give yourself a lot of room. chains are the best option at this point. >> along the blue ridge in virginia, snow is the problem. >> the rows are slippery.
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>> snow and fog made for an unusually wintry mix. >> i think it is early. this is january february stuff right now. >> this is going to stick. >> they are prepping early. >> we are starting to scrape it off and put more down. >> words of warning for those venturing out. >> it is going to be temperatures dropping. take your time and be careful. >> a lot of people are taking that advice. the highway quiet right now. we wanted to show you really quick the snow totals here. check it out. they have a pretty good amount here. i would guess somewhere between 5-7 inches. fairly significant snowfall. in big issue tonight, the ice.
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live, richard reeve. >> thank you. we are not alone. the storm is causing problems on roads and other parts of the country as well. the snow and speed are being blamed for a 40 car pileup in michigan. in involved two police vehicles. bad weather forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. the northeast in and midwest. you can stay with us as we track this winter storm. steve will have another look at the forecast in a few minutes. be sure to download our store map. whore hearing from the man says he was attacked by at least 10 masked men. he says he was knocked out on w street in northwest d.c. last night. rubble lyle is live with his interview. shortt man lives a distance from where i stand. it is the same street where the attack happened.
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he goes on to tell me that he'd just learned about the knockout game on television news. that he wouldned be talking with a television news reporter tonight as a victim. his chin glued together. >> i had a hole in my chin. since sown that together. >> inside his mouth a patchwork of stitches. >> i have been violated. someone looking down the street, not expect anyone to attack me. >> he wants his face and name concealed. became the latest victim of the so-called knockout game. a knockout assault situation. >> a disturbing trend sweeping d.c. we talked about two assaults last month. they are during one another to find someone at random and knocked them out with one punch. and first was at w
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street around 10:30. >> at least there was about 10 guys at the same time coming around the corner. >> the victim was headed home. he admits he was preoccupied on his cell phone as he walks. through parted to allow him to pass then pounced. >> there may be a couple of them that had no mask on, most had facial coverings. >> his attackers were callous. >> after the punch took place, either member chuckling. -- i remember chuckling. >> he wants no one else to fall victim so he is sounding this alarm tonight. >> travel in packs when you're going out and about, or trouble with at least some other person. aree believed his attackers anywhere from 16 years old to 19 years old. a were winter masks. a full description is unavailable tonight. police are investigating this as a felony assault.
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if you were anywhere in the vicinity last night, you are encouraged to contact police. >> thank you. a disturbing story. the salvation army says that it is grateful to hear of an arrest and burglary at its office in southeast bc. alice say they arrested juvenile male and charged with burglary. the man and a second person stole more than 10,000 dollars from the office. several businesses to forward and replaced the stolen donations. you are asked to call police if you have information on the second burglary suspect. are inpected personss custody. they arrested last night. they are accused of stealing several purses for more than walking home at night. those that's happened over the past nine days. a somber anniversary member today in newtown, connecticut.
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it is one year since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. church bells toll 26 times in memory of the children and educators killed by adam lanza. the community chose to mark the anniversary in private, quietly. urge people to remember the victims through acts of service and kindness. this morning president obama and michelle obama page or beat with a moment -- paid tribute with a moment of silence. the shooting, some victims families have been on capitol hill hiding for tougher gun laws. earlier today more parents continued the fight. members of a group called moms demand action for gun since an america gathered in southeast d.c. where they remembered the victims of gun violence.
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>> a moment of silence is important. it is nothing without action. saying let'soday remember and then ask. >> the group is the man thing that -- excuse me. its membership has grown to more than 120,000. new details about the suspected gunman in the deadly sin shooting in colorado. he brought a shotgun and other weapons into a rap high school. --targeted our library and he targeted a librarian. he was member of the debate club. the librarian was in charge of that club. >> the faculty member was the initial target. based on the fact that he was armed with multiple rounds, and armed with three incendiary devices, his intent was evil. shotsrson fired five before he killed himself in the library. he shot claire davis in the
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head. she's in critical condition. the library and before pearson arrived. the share of pearson bought the shotgun and ammunition legally. we are hours away from the funeral of nelson mandela. his body was returned to his home village for burial. crowds lined the streets as the hearse carrying mandela's body drove to his compound. the national flag covering the casket was replaced with a leopard skin. a tribal tradition that honors a leader. new details on nfl star that killed his girlfriend. body has been exhumed. an investigation shows that it wasn't a suspect who shot a district heights police officer. it was a fellow officer.
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details on the special event
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of jovan belcher
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has exhumed his body more than a year after he killed his girlfriend and then killed himself. his family wants to know if the linebacker had a brain disease linked to a repeated concussion the may have changed his behavior. experts say his condition would be difficult to access -- assess because he is been dead for a year. seven is on years i with consumer learned. saysire maker of michelin it is recalling tires sold in the u.s.. an increasing number of them are experiencing tread loss and rapid air loss. there manufactured between january 2010 and june 2012. owners can have them replace it michelin stores for no charge. anight we are learning district heights police officer shot will responding to a robbery last week was wounded by friendly fire.
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early reports indicate that a prince george's county police officer who showed up at the scene on parkland court fire his weapon and a suspect car and that is when the district heights officer was hit. he was wearing a bulletproof fast and wasn't seriously hurt. the suspects were looking for were arrested. day placingpent the remembrance wreaths on more than 143,000 headstones at arlington national park -- allergan national cemetery. this marked the 22nd year that the group took part in the event. betty edwards was one of the volunteers. is buried at arlington national cemetery. she says the wreath ceremony is her way of paying tribute. >> he is missed. >> and all, 540,000 wreaths were placed across the country in
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more than 900 locations. d.c. councilman jack evans officiated his first same-sex marriage today. he posted photos from the wedding on his facebook page. a couple time and not have been friends with him for many years. they are among the many couples to marry since the district legalized same-sex marriage in 2009. somenow didn't keep children from making the holidays a bit brighter for others. the clocks per -- the clarksburg baseball team clinton toys for the toys for tots chapter. when i get good toys, i think that other children get good toys also. i will fill really happy. >> the baseball team even called their toy drive keys for tots. lady luck did when out on friday the 13th. no ticket matched all six
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numbers to win last night's jackpot. to 550ce has gone million dollars. the second-largest jackpot in mega millions history. the fourth largest jackpot ever in the u.s.. lottery officials say that it is likely to grow even bigger before the next drawing on tuesday. steve rudin is here now with the weather. >> i try. run the gamute today. cityl plans to new york and boston are time delay. outside we go, it is not so bad. the heavy rain has come to an end. ok.temperatures are 39 degrees at reagan national airport. it feels colder than that. the winds of the north- northwest. it feels like 33 degrees.
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for this time of year, 47. degreesug network, 35 in the district. a third of an inch of rain. it is 36 in virginia. winds just around 7-8 miles per hour. near freezing in martinsburg and winchester. this is where the rain and snow has come to an end. look for slick spots in d.c. no problems for slick pavement in terms of frozen pavement for d.c. because we are close to 40 degrees. look at ocean city. they're having -- they are hugging the coast at 45. this is off to the north and he sprayed that is going to bring the snow to new york city and boston overnight and into tomorrow. the coldest of the air to the north of us will see about
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exhibitors with highs in the upper 30s. all of this moisture now lives away from our area. our skies will begin to clear. that happens during the early morning hours. and through the afternoon tomorrow. the winds are going to kick up. stay -- winds could see higher gusts brady is going to feel a lot colder out there. look at abc 7 live. it nice and dry around the capital and beltway. those are the targets for the next several hours. still hanging onto the winter weather advisory. that winter storm warning, it is probably should've been canceled out. they're going hang onto it until 1:00 and then they will cancel that. that will be dry and quite for the day tomorrow. the next several days, a quite weather pattern setting up. a change in wind direction will arrive midway. this is going to let
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temperatures to warm up nicely across the mid-atlantic. a welcome change. lingering showers north and east of d.c.. look for some clearing. amateurs tonight, -- amateurs tonight, lower 40s. it is would've phil colder than that with the wins out of the west. he was your outlook. monday, 35 degrees. can we will have warming trends. touching or not surpassing the 50 degree mark. >> e of 65 at ocean city right now. it is snowing in the other end of our area. 61. that is unusual weather. >> that is what is bringing all the moisture into new york city. >> britt mchenry is moving on into talk about sports.
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39 yard touchdown. 10-0 navy. middle, 47 yards in for the touchdown. his 27 of the season. wait a minute. not done yet. in the fourth quarter, 28 rushing touchdown. .e breaks the record navy beats army for the 12 consecutive time. the wizards hosted the clippers. arm by a red-hot chris paul, who did his part to show the clippers may be the premier team. watch out lakers fans. lane, lasered in with the left hand. wizards down for.
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-- wizards down-4. rewarded with an easy number two. he dominated tonight. lose their fourth and a row. 114-97. the maryland men's team, a bit rocky. they are showing signs of strength and progression with a huge win over boston college this week. what could they do against florida atlanta today? hanging in the air. he scores. less than two minutes to go. lord atlantic hanging in there. . hanging in with the teammates. he led the way with 22 points.
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marilyn goes on to win 66-62. mack brown resigned as head coach of texas. howling the appearance in the valero alamo bowl on december 30, and it's time in texas he is coach more than 50 all americans and more than 70 all big 12 players. but, not all bad news. jamison winston was awarded the heisman trophy tonight. is the second consecutive freshman to win the coveted honor. he finished the season with 25 passing yards. pretty good. he was in brought a controversy this season. he was accused of sexual assaulting a female student was exonerated a few weeks ago. school action. aj turner providing the action
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you need. centreville wins this one. never looking back. warriors versus the jets. quick aslooking as pierre garcon. he showing game on love -- he showing this game some love. 19-8. women's college basketball, eighth-ranked marilyn b delaware state andy 3-94. >> interesting day for the redskins tomorrow. >> a lot to watch. >> the battle of the teams. just ahead, an invasion of sanchez. why thousands took to the stre
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