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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  December 15, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tomorrow night fred all . from all of us here at abc news, have a good evening. good night.
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captioned by the national captioning institute from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. tribute.l former south african president nelson mandela has been laid to rest. and a woman accused of murdering her husband, who was a u.s. soldier. and the redskins could not pull off a win in atlanta.
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with remembering nelson mandela. he was buried today. more from the emotional farewell. today marks the end of an extra ordinary journey -- an journey that began 95 years ago. lex one candle for each year of his life. family, and dignitaries remembered the life and struggles of the apartheid icon. nelson mandela is carried towards his final resting place. draped with the south african flag as the funeral mixed tradition with tributes. on a number ofd skins in front of south african president jacob zuma and members
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of the mandela family. guide us with your grace ♪a place where we'll be afe ♪ >> among the many boldface names in the audience were oprah winfrey, richard branson, reverend jesse jackson, and prince charles. >> we shall miss you. voice as you your told us stories of your childhood. we shall miss your laughter. after the funeral, mandela was buried in a private ceremony attended by hundreds of family members and close friends, marking the end of a chapter for south africa and the world. >> thanks.
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new developments in a suspicious death. the wife of an army soldier is in custody. marquita sutton turn herself into police yesterday. her husband was found inside their home friday morning. wasstigators say sutton stabbed to death. the couples 21-month-old child was at home. weather, check on the here is a live look outside. things are much better compared to the wet weather we saw yesterday. steve rudin has a look. >> the sunshine was a welcome change. we have been watching temperatures from the weather center. the colder air about to move overhead, that will be the big story for the day tomorrow and even into tuesday. 34 degrees at dulles. 28 degrees in west virginia. the area of low pressure that brought us nasty weather
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yesterday is now long gone. a few breaks in the clouds, but we will see scattered clouds overnight. evening plans? no problem at all. wins out of the west at 10-15. a bit of a wind chill. daytime highs in the lower to mid 50s. i will tell you when in the next few minutes. fornother disappointing day redskins fans. in the end, it was close, but the redskins could not get the win. more on what went wrong. there was some hope. is what went wrong. seven on the day. you are not going to win a game like that. but they hung in there. the redskins are on pace to have the worst season in the daniel snyder era. they are now 3-11. seemse first time in what like an entire season, the
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players fought till the very end. second quarter, take a look. cousins throws a strike to pierre garcon in stride for the touchdown. the redskins led at the half. cousins kept on fighting. moss, who holds onto this one for the touchdown. do they try to tie? do they go for it? it is gutsy. they go for two. cousins about to do something, he gets the snap and looks for the pass and it is tipped. gone off to the sidelines. shanahan visibly upset. his players tried to console him. 27-26. >> we did not do enough to win. , a fumble that
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you do not want to have. i felt like that was on the. -- on me. if they of plays that, go differently, it is probably a different result. we are determined to get better. >> we will have more coming up in sports. 21 yards, 3 touchdowns, interceptions. >> those were memorable and painful. we will have more in sports. bge customers, you are about to pay more to keep your lights on. the rate hike has been approved. month for a electricity. they also approved a monthly surcharge. , a legend has passed away. remembering the life of actor peter o'toole.
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and a former senate staffer facing child pornography [ male announcer ] this holiday season, you're getting all the best devices,
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guaranteed for the first year, plus get a $300 holiday bonus with a 2 year agreement. technology that makes your new toys more entertaining. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> hollywood is mourning the death of a legendary actor. peter o'toole died last night in a hospital in london. stage, but a star on he was probably best remembered for the leading role in the classic film "lawrence of arabia." he was nominated eight times for an oscar, but never was able to win. he was given an honorary oscar for lifetime achievement in 2003. and an accidental drowning in centennial park. the victim, a man in his 50s, probably slipped on some ice this morning. released hisot name. centennial park was closed while police investigated. of staff forf
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senator lamarr alexander will be released from jail. he was arrested last wednesday on child pornography charges. he spent the weekend in jail. to release into the custody of his parents, who live in maryland. the senator. bad news, especially during the holidays. fresh and green is closing. one location shut its doors today. how some good samaritans are trying to help those left without jobs. >> one after another, customers here bring brett -- bring bags of groceries to their car for the last time. >> it is down to about three aisles. >> in this location and about three others, this grocery chain
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is sliding down. >> everybody was so mad. >> he says he has worked here for 12 years. >> they do not want to quit. sinceave shopped here 1981. some of these employees have been there almost 30 years. they feel like friends, family. >> marshall wolf reached out to neighbors, encouraging them to donate to the 32 employees who would soon lose their jobs. we were there as one woman dropped off a check. >> $100, thank you. much,f admits it is not but she says the message is clear. >> it takes a lot of donations to make a difference, but it shows we care. where the bottom line fell short, shoppers say it was the employees who made the store rich in customer loyalty.
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giant and the everything, but they are not like these people. >> she has attempted to raise $2200 and she is not alone. a lot of neighbors are doing the same thing. says it was an incredibly difficult decision, but one that it has to make. will runstreetcar along the districts 8th street corridor. it has raised some concerns about what changes could mean for the community. >> it is only a brief trial run. d.c.'s new streetcar. it has not yet electrified powerlines crisscrossing overhead. areo make sure the wires any locations that they need to be. >> a part of 8th street was closed on sunday.
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making sure the car is properly aligned. whereis point of contact we have something that is on top of the train that actually touches the wires. >> it is part of a $400 million investment in the streetcar project. and electrified rail that goes west to georgetown and east to benning road. skepticism. >> you look at all of the studies that show huge economic development whenever you put in fixed rails. >> then there is photographer joseph young. >> i have been documenting, with my camera, what has been going on. >> snapping images of the construction, the old and the new. he is concerned that seniors, the poor, and longtime urchins, may not fit in anymore. >> big cannot afford -- they cannot afford to shop on 8th street anymore. >> he has memories of rolling cars and believes their time on
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8th street has come again. in northeast washington.
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>> i am one of those people who stood and soak in the sun today. townwalked to old alexandria and when the sun was hot, it kind of made you feel warm. outside we go on this sunday evening. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. enough to keep temperatures from falling. 39 degrees at reagan national airport. the windchill makes it feel colder than that. earlier today, we hit 51 degrees at the airport. the average for this time of year is 47 degrees.
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alexandria now at 35 degrees. stop, george washington university. now 36 degrees. when the gusts earlier, that is why it felt so cold. around 25 miles per hour. 34 degrees at dulles. 41 degrees at quantico. this is the core of very cold air. around 35highs only degrees. another chilly day on tuesday. then we have a warming trend on the way as we get to thursday and friday. we could see daytime highs approaching the lower to middle 50s here in d.c. this is what it looks like on satellite and radar. weather this time yesterday, it has moved out very quickly. up the east coast, lots of snow
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outside of new york city. upwards of 6-10 inches. all of that long gone now. we are looking at quiet conditions and a chance for a few flurries. , the flurries are a conversational type. a few here and there, nothing that will cause any travel delays. skies, it is quiet, it is drive. here is our futurecast. the clouds start to increase late in the day tomorrow. projected highs only in the upper 20s. i think we will be a couple of degrees warmer than that. when it is this cold, it does not make much of a difference. much of it has to do with the windchill factor. milder, highs back into the lower 40s and then we will start to rebound as we move towards the end of the week it -- the end of the week. tomorrow, 30-35. that is it for a high.
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with winds out of the northwest, it will feel like the upper teens to middle 20s. we will see middle to upper 50s by the end of the school week. we have and sunday, cold front. how fast will it move? can subtractup, we around 10-15 degrees. >> i like that 59 degrees mark. mchenry was not liking so much what we saw today. >> it was close though. you really saw guys trying a lot harder. there were some great individual moments. but there was no rg iii. it was the kurt cousins show in atlanta today. clearlyrite target was pierre g
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> kirk cousins is not perfect and it showed today, as it would for any backup quarterback in week 15. 2 interceptions and a thele, but he threw for most yards for a redskins quarterback since 2010. here is the top man though. rg iii on the sidelines, watching the falcons marched down the field. stephen jackson bulldozing over josh wilson for the td run. we hope he is ok after that. not a good start for kirk cousins. that would lead to a tony gonzalez touchdown. 14-0, atlanta. we have seen this story before.
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this time, they have life. he finds fred davis. davis playing this game, active. second quarter, resins drops drops back and throws a bomb to pierre garcon in stride for the touchdown. the redskins now back in the lead. third quarter, cousins from his own 1. by william moore. he takes it back to the 1-yard line. there were three consecutive turnovers at one point with both of these teams. on the day, the redskins turned it over seven times. 30 seconds left and he finds santana moss for the touchdown. the skins are down a point. they could tie and go to overtime, but they decide to go for 2. what would they do on this pivotal play? cousins throws and it is tipped
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off. the skins lose a heartbreaker, 27-26. >> the numbers at the end of the day do not mean a whole lot to me. .t is about winning it is the same thing here, it is about winning. i felt like i was given a chance to have success. room, them in the locker i do not think i have been involved with a team that has had so many turnovers. i am very pleased with the effort that they showed. just made some mistakes on the road and thought we had a chance to get that thing done at the end and we just fell short. >> less than a minute to go in of game, he fires his 27th the season, going to overtime. a shootout and nicholas baxter lights up the lamp. the capitals when -- win.
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in shootouts.-3 maryland men's soccer lost today in the ncaa championship game. maryland men's soccer lost today in the ncaa championship game. >> a tough loss, but today is the first time in a long time we go surfing while well rested. time for some 6 a.m. dunkin' coffee. #mydunkin dunkin' coffee, brewed to perfection
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while stopping at dunkin' donuts, so now i'm sitting in the bed of my truck, sipping a latte and smiling. #mydunkin enjoy a delicious latte the next time you stop at dunkin'. share your story. #mydunkin >> a great local nonprofit advocating to helping kids. it was founded by a congressional staffer and is run by a dedicated staff and 500 volunteers. today, there was a christmas tree giveaway in southeast. and donated dozens of trees lights to families across the area. all. to
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it is a great organization. >> absolutely. tomorrow, a lot colder out there. highs will only be around 35 degrees. maybe a few flurries on tuesday. look at the nice warming trend. ofr 60 degrees by the end the week. >> thank you for watching. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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