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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[ laughs ] michael: what do you think of all this? it's awesome. it's awesome. is this the best christmas ever? yeah. high five. mwah! mwah! aww! i'm so proud of him. it's just awesome. it's great. this is about kids. it's about community and family. and that's why you do it. it is. congratulations, you are the winners of this "great christmas light fight!" merry christmas to all, and to all a good night! [ all cheering ] -- captions by vitac --
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast centers, this is abc seven news at 11:00. it is all clear in the district but that could be changing for parts of our area. meteorologist doug hill is here to let us know where and when. >> i just got a new bashing note a couple of minutes ago from woodbridge. even though it is just cloudy in washington. littletracking a few hints on the radar indicating some flurries. that is going to be pattern that's going to be the pattern overnight and into tomorrow morning. bigger picture shows the snowfalls. it is moving from the east and northeast and it is all head from this little disturbance. more than flurries and a few patches of light snow when
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i think i will be it for the overnight hours. temperatures will be 25 to 31 degrees. a touch of light snow in the morning and turning much warmer soon. a lot more comes your way in a few minutes. meantime, a shopping trip turns to terror as a woman is attacked by a half naked man and pushed to the ground. this all happened in the middle of a busy store. the man you see their was charged with attempted rape. tom roussey joins us now. >> it is a wild one. this is a very busy area and it happened at the potomac mills shopping center not far from here. this one where the alleged attack happened according to police. this did not happen late at night or early in the morning.
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it happened just after 6 p.m. on friday. >> it is shocking. >> customers at the potomac festival shopping center in woodbridge cannot believe what this man accused of. prince william county police say the 20-year-old's first name is jaguar. police say a quarter after six on friday night, i-year-old woman walked into the store with her boyfriend. jaguar allegedly ran up with his got onround her knees, top of her, and attempted to rape her even though people were all around. two little >> this woman is done this could happen in an area she considered very safe. >> that is a little too brazen for me. >> these days,, you never know. suspect -- police
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suspect he was under the influence of something. >> i can't think of anybody in their right mind trying something like that. i know there are crazy people in this world but tt takes the cake. >> as for jaguar, after you got arrested, he was taken to jail. police say the victim was understandably shaken up but was not injured. live in woodbridge. >> thank you. storytonight as a nine upon building catches fire and the flames spread quickly. it happened at 9 p.m. this evening in northwest. officials china figure out what caused the blaze. -- officials are trying to figure out what caused the blaze. roz plater has more. >>two people recovering from minor injuries tonight. one was a firefighter and the
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other was a man inside that the floor apartment when the fire broke out. he is being treated with smoke in relation. -- inhalation. all of this could've been a nightmare. this is video taken just after the fire began. tanya fesenko escape from the burning building and then grabbed her cell phone camera. >> i felt a terrible fire coming out of the window. terrible. >> this woman's son was home sick and they were sleeping. >> i heard the alarm. i thought, what was happening? in,s the realization set neighbors began to make their way to safety. >> i went to the lobby and everyone was rushing. a i got out, there was
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calling. there was big flames that was maybe two stories high. >> fire crews responded quickly and called for backup. the flames rapidly spread from the flip for -- from the fifth floor to the sixth. >> we have a resident inside of -- inside when the fire happened. >> atmospheres of china figure out what caused the blaze -- investigators are trying to figure out what caused the blaze. the red cross tells me tonight that 11 families are displaced. >> thank you. developing news from the vatican. picked thes says he cardinal for an influential
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position. replaces the former archbishop who is known for his conservative views. we have this just in from prince george's county. a county executive tells abc 7 that he plans on signing a measure raising the counties minimum wage. the council---unanimously approved to raise the minimum wage. the law goes into effect in october of 2014 and will rise incrementally for three years. at that incident outside the washington hotel means more trouble for chris brown. brown was out the w hotel when he got into a fight with another man who was trying to take a picture with him. he was on probation at the time for the beating of his then girlfriend rihanna. a judge has ordered him to stay and read that -- stay in rehab.
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today a federal judge says the nsa's collection of phone records likely violates the constitution. the ruling was the first of its kind for the controversial program and for now that injunction is now on hold while the government appeals to a higher court. >> a federal judge has finally pushed back in the saying -- and is saying no. without the phone records -- to get the records, it is not legal. >> president obama first defended the program saying it is a critical tool in the fight against terrorism. says the nsa's massive database of nearly every phone call made in the u.s. was unconstitutional. almost the program certainly does violate a
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reasonable expectation of privacy. it is an unreasonable search under the fourth amendment. he call the government's own data collection almost orwellian. >> nobody is listening to your telephone calls. that is not what this program is about. >> it has kept america safe. >> we know of at least 50 threats that have been averted because of this information. >> judge leon says there is an -- an utter lack of evidence that a terrorist attack has ever been prevented. this ruling is a victory for fugitive nsa hacker and word snowden. -- edward snowden. are questions tonight whether the judge's decision could lead to amnesty for snowden. legal experts say it may be tough to prostate someone --
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prosecute someone seen as a risk. new information on the case against the fire chief of staff. a federal judge ruled he can be released from jail and combined -- and confined in his parents home in maryland. he is not allowed to have any kind of access to the internet. he is charged with -- with presented -- possession and attempted dissolution of shopping artery -- distribution of child pornography. the largest jurisdiction and officials will be more time. prior to the recount, the democrat led the republican by just 155 votes. those numbers change as a result today's efforts. >> we have an additional 92 votes for the senator and an additional 183 votes for senator herring. that is a net increase for
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senator herring of 91 votes. >> election of it -- officials are reviewing ballots. the deadline for the state wide recount is midnight wednesday. from counting votes to counting dollars, if he don't have a mega millions ticket yet you might want to hurry up and get it. $586 million. now if enough people show up and buy tickets, it could go higher. this is one of the largest jackpot in history. it all started rolling back in october and since then there have been 21 straight drawings without a winter. they will have the winning numbers tomorrow night. it is those to keep you healthy, but could be hurting you? and your warning from the fda. >> of the washington redskins may be struggling on the grid
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. they try to put their better
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record behind them for a few hours, the washington redskins focus and give back tonight. tonight's event did some double duty. they help fans learn more about their favorite players and help the battle pdg -- theatric answer that -- pediatric cancer. washington redskins players gathered with fans at the team's aspirin facility -- asked burn -- ashburn facility. >> welcome. >> it is called a chalk talk. staff and players from the washington redskins shared a meal with hundreds of fans. >> it took me back. joinedrt griffin iii teammates in a casual coup -- q&a session. the team's foundation is donating 100% of the proceeds to an organization raising money for childhood cancer research.
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in founder passed away october with a brain tumor the size of a walnut. help and bring about research that will lead to cures. >> chris cooley's mother is a three year cancer survivor. >> the courage of a little girl go so far. >> she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and just last week, the house passed the bill named after her. rg iii says there is a lot to learn on and off the field from this inspiring little girl. >> it embodies everything that we are trying to talk about right now. she said you might have a bad day today but there are always -- there is always a bright spot to look for tomorrow. >> that now famous quote will be posted atop every player's
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during this sunday's a big home game against dallas. that players talked a lot tonight about how much it means that them during a disappointing season to get back -- to give back to fans. >> thank you. it helps to focus on something different. serious doubts the night about a product that many people use. deputy -- the fbi says there is no evidence using antibacterial soap prevents the spread of bacteria. it could actually cause health problems. exposure to antibacterial chemicals could affect hormone levels. companies will be required to show that there products are safe for long-term daily use. salesman's, car lobbyists, and politicians. they are in the running for the least honest profession.
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only eight percent of americans in congress have had a high or very high ethical standard. lobbyists and carcinoma -- car salesman all also told in single in singlepolled digits. i checked the list and i could not find meteorologist. good for them. >> we are talking about a few flurries tonight. minimal imct at all. rices out tonight and look at what is camera caught for us. a full moon. 100% at 4:00aches tomorrow morning. thank you for sharing. also a picture from the sunset.
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beautiful picture and sunset at arlington national cemetery. -- 39 andthe numbers 33. below-average temperatures which is interesting to see what our monthly totals look like. we jump into the 50's and 60's in the weekend. we are near 30 degrees in gettysburg, 32 in frederick. area, temperatures are really cold. -- is atis that fo four degrees. -- belowdegrees low fahrenheit. that is a cold pocket just hanging there but we are not going to get that cold at all. our immediate concern is what is happening out of the great lakes and parts of indiana.
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it will be toike the north of us here. a couple of flurries is all we will see as we head closer to the maryland pennsylvania border. computer how much, models are showing a little bit around the area. a half-inch around the border but little snowfall cannulation -- accumulation. patches of light snow in the overnight and morning. that is going to be the story. we will quickly warm-up. anything that falls will just melt. another opportunity late tomorrow night for -- some showers with a warmer temperatures could mix with snow in and quickly on wednesday.
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i will have more for you early tomorrow morning. >> the continuing saga of the redskins -- >> will he be back? shanahan? he talks about his quarterbacks tonight. to the garden looking for a rare win against to the garden looking for a rare win against t c i can impart one lesson to a
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this is what membership is. this is what membership does. >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the wizards have lost four in a row and travel to madison square garden looking to break that streak. that me take you back to manhattan. martell webster scored 30 but it came down to the final few seconds. he gets it back on the breaking here we go. this would be a great pass. upgets it in -- and get it and slams it.
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play,one minute to pratley deal -- the three ball ties it at 100. bradley beal again drives to the left with the bucket. still time for carmelo anthony to win. look out, it is over. the wizards win for the first time in madison square garden since 2006. heat and jazz. lebron james went off tonight. look at this move. are you kidding? he had 30 points, nine rebounds, nine assists. the heat cruise. huge buzz around bc today about the redskins on a lot of different topics. dan snyder, mike shanahan, how shanahan. it was the play of kirk cousins that blew up. interceptions, it seemed like everybody wanted to talk about his first half and
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his entire game. he had three touchdowns. it was just a great change of pace. the team needed a spark in he gave it to them. mike shanahan says easy, to not go crazy. >> let's not get carried away about one-game. that's all it is. we saw what robert did last year. acl, rehab thean whole year. he put up some good numbers this year. maybe not in comparison to the first year but let's not get carried away. >> our play of the day comes from the football championship subdivision in new hampshire. look at this. the scramble, slip to defend her, finds his receiver in the end zone for the touchdown. new hampshire would come back to win it anyway. holy cow.
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how about the scramble, the throw, and a touchdown. the caps were down in philadelphia tonight. the caps now have won six of their last eight games. we will see what they do against the flyers tomorrow night in philly. >> a christmas tradition at the medical center, we will take you
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>> special visitors at children's national medical center today. the first dogs along with first lady michelle obama shared some holiday cheer. andvisited with patients read stories to the children. that has tradition been around for years. to revealed what the president wants for christmas this year. she says he wants exercise clothes. the dogs were on their best behavior's this time around the
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middleburg. take a look at our next seven- day. flurries. snow and highs in the mid 40's. the warm-up begins over the weekend and the weekend will be tremendous. i am serious about playing some of those numbers and th ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was the camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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