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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 17, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning -- the jumbo jackpot could make for a very merry christmas. but the odds of winning, tougher than ever. people forced to flee as flames spread through a popular tourist area. the wildfire destroying homes. dirty secret about anti-bacterial soaps. are they safe and effective?
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this morning, the fda is raising doubts about those questions. and holiday magic. a unique light show you have to see to believe. good tuesday morning. we begin with megamillions fever across the country. the giant jackpot's drawing less than 24 hours away. >> the big billboard says it all. $586 million. people have been lining up at stores to get their tickets, hoping for a christmas miracle. that's $586 million jackpot would mean a $316 million payout to a single winner. there's been no jackpot winner since early october. >> 11 million tickets an hour will be sold today in states where megamillions is played. abc's tahman bradley on the frenzy.
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>> reporter: how about $500 million payday for christmas. >> if you're not in it, you can't win it. >> reporter: $586 million is up for grabs in tonight's megamillions drawing. one of the biggest jackpots ever. the megamillions has people in a frenzy. >> i would pay my tithes. and then, me and my family would disappear, from everyone. >> reporter: coast-to-coast, ticket sales are soaring. stores love the excitement. >> the lottery brings business. we have a lot of instant tickets that win. classic lotto. >> reporter: if tonight's winner chooses the $316.5 million cash option, he or she would have a net worth higher than singer, beyonce. but the odds of winning are worse than ever. just a 1 in 259 million chance. megamillions recently created new rules for how numbers are chosen. five of the six balls used to range from 1 to 56. they now go from 1 to 75.
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>> we have gone 21 drawings, now, since october, without having a jackpot winner. >> reporter: the statisticians say, someone's got to win. eventually. >> normally, i'm scratchoff. but at $550 million, you know, it's worth it. >> reporter: if nobody wins tonight, there will be another drawing on friday. if nobody wins then, the prize could pass $1 billion by christmas eve. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> that got your attention, i'll bet. how much money are you spending on megamillions tickets? tell us about your lottery ticket buying habits at weather is the other big story we're following, starting in the west. where a wind-driven wildfire is tearing through the big sur area of california. destroying at least 15 homes. and the smoke could be seen miles away. so far, about 100 people have been forced to evacuate. and firefighters are facing
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another day of windy, bone-dry conditions. >> it's probably the driest year, like many other parts of the state, that we have in the history of monterey county. big sur is historically one of the wettest places in california. and we've had virtually no rain here this season. on the east coast, commuters facing a challenge from a second snowstorm in less than a week. the same system that dumped snow in the midwest, will hit during the morning commute here in the east. >> new york and philadelphia will see snow this morning. boston could pick up five inches by this afternoon. washington, d.c. will get a messy, snow/rain mix. warm for south texas and southern florida. seattle and portland will be in the mid-40s with a few showers. and 20s and 30s from the upper midwest to the ohio valley. >> snow on the runway will cause that jet to slide off a taxiway on the airport in wisconsin. madison, wisconsin, to be
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specific. it happened after it arrived from minneapolis. everyone had to be taken off the plane and driven to the terminal. the white house is on the defensive this morning over the nsa program that collects data on millions of phone calls. a federal judge ruled that it is almost certainly unconstitutional, even though the president has said that it helps keep america safe. experts say its strong rebuke to that claim. >> a federal judge is finally pushing back. is finally saying to the nsa, no. in fact, mass collection of phone records without individual suspicion, is not legal. >> the judge's ruling does not take effect immediately, in order to allow the government to appeal. and president obama's job approval rating, holding steady after several months of decline. 55% of americans polled by abc news, disapprove of the president's performance. that's unchanged from last month. a poll shows that fewer americans oppose obamacare. that's evenly split. looks like the senate could
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approve a new budget by week's end. test vote scheduled for today. the bill would restore about $63 billion in across-the-board cuts, scheduled to take effect in the current budget year and the next one. the house approved the spending plan next week. a methodist minister says he's not going down without a fight. the reverend frank schaffer has be told to give up his pulpit by thursday because he performed his son's same-sex wedding. but schaffer says he has no suspension of doing that. he says church officials will have to defrock him if they want him out of the ministry. and more fallout over the fake sign language interpreter. he's accused of being part of a mob. setting two men on fire and burning them to death. a relative and several friends of the bogus signer said he was found mentally unfit to stand trial. now, to north korea, where solemn remembrances are being
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staged to remember that country's former leader. kim jong-un had a ceremony for his death. he was put to death after an alleged attempt to overthrow that government. meantime, former nba star, dennis rodman, preparing for his third trip to north korea. he's expected to arrive there on thursday, for a likely meeting with kim jong-un. rodman is expected to leave north korea on monday. doctors are calling it a waste of cash. why some medical experts are sounding the alarm about something you're likely to have in your home. and new details about the holiday shopping trip turned tragedy. a man shot and killed outside an upscale mall. and attention, shoppers. what caused a car to crash through a store, narrowly missing people inside.
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welcome back. overseas stocks have been following wall street's lead and moving higher overnight. u.s. stocks staged something of a rebound yesterday on some positive news about the economy. the federal reserve begins its final meeting of the year today. analysts almost unanimously believe the fed will not change its stimulus program just yet. general motors about to spend $3.7 million upgrading some of their plants. the company says its investment will create or maintain about 1,000 jobs. consumers may be spending a
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whole lot of cash on supplements which don't live up to their claims. two, major studies found popping multivitamins does not protect aging men's brain or help heart attack survivors. the experts took it one step further. advising that healthy people don't need to take vitamins. beyonce's new album, now, the fastest-selling album in itunes history. >> her album, dropped completely by surprise last week. it sold 320,000 copies in its first few days. over 617,000 sold. congratulations. one store chain that won't be selling beyonce's album is target. >> the company says it won't be putting it on the shelves because it was released online first. that impacts demand and sales. the album hits other stores on friday. interesting. >> a little bit of hate.
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so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? michigan, that a freighter carrying coal got stuck in the ice. normally muskegon lake does not freeze up like this until after the first of the year. now, for a look at the morning road conditions where most of the problems are going to be in the east. there will be a rain/snow mix from d.c. to southern new jersey. and the commute could be a challenge in philadelphia and new york because of snow. >> if you're flying, delay possible in philly, new york and
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boston. trying to track down two carjackers. >> the 30-year-old was gunned down sunday eight after christmas shopping in the wealthy suburb of short hills. and those who knew him well said he died trying to protect his wife, not his expensive range rover. the suv was abandoned in newark a few miles away. keep your valuables with you. that's because there's been a rise in thefts by baggage handlers. you can see it in action on the surveillance video obtained by abc news. experts say they take cash, credit cards, jewelry, computers and other expensive items from checked luggage. >> take the time to open that bag and remove your valuables and take them to the seat with you. >> authorities believe such thefts are underreported and happen routinely across the country. northern california teen could be taken off life support today.
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jahi mcmath had her tonsiled removed. a few days later, she went cardiac arrest. her family wants to fight to keep her alive. the government has a warning to the makers of anti-bacterial soaps. they have to prove their products prevent more infections than plain old soap and water. the fda is worried that the soaps lead to anti-bacterial resistance. >> assuming the regulation is approved and there's 180 days for that, the companies have a year from today to make their case. if they can't do that, they have to either change their product or change the label. but in the meantime, remember, washing with soap and water for a full 20 seconds is always the best way to go. >> the soapmakers argue that consumers should be allowed to choose which product they prefer. some outrage growing this morning about this story. a high school student in georgia
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says he's being unfairly punished for showing affection. video shows sam mcnair put his arms around a teacher. that teacher alleges that he kissed her on the neck and cheek. >> i have five months left of my senior year. i don't see why they would take that away from me. >> he is a senior. he plays football. and you're stripping him of an opportunity to get a full scholarship for athletics for college. >> the school district says, case officers take students' past disciplinary history into account. he has a record that includes previous suspensions but not for sexual harassment. a woman in massachusetts is facing possible charges after driving backwards into a hardware store. surveillance cameras caught the incident on sunday. >> she hit the gas instead of the break. she may be charged with negligent operation of the vehicle.
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she was using a homemade gas pedal extender. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame announcing its class of 2013. peter gabriel. hall and oates. kiss. gabriel and hole and oates, fir first-time nominees. >> also going into the hall, nirvana and linda ronstadt. time for sports. and the ravens kicker has a banner night on "monday night football." >> and a name-biter between the detroit pistons and indiana pacers. here we go. neil and stan at espn. >> good morning, america. look what we did over the weekend to the set. huh? we're in the los angeles "sportscenter." he's stan. i'm neil. >> we have "monday night football." the ravens and the lions. and a big night for the ravens' field goal kicker. fourth quarter, lions down 15.
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matthew stafford and joseph forter. you think you can dance. it's a one-point game. justin tucker from 61 yards away. not only that. it was his sixth field goal of the game. he scored all of baltimore's points. they're in the sixth spot. paul george and the pacers hosting the pistons. george had a big task, defending josh smith. smith drives by george. three defenders converge on smith. and smith hits the shot. pistons, 79-73, after the third quarter. pacers would make a comeback in the fourth quarter. pacers down ten. george makes a nifty pass. pacers down eight. under one minute left. pacers down four. david west has the driveway attempt. pistons win 101-96. pistons, 20 offensive rebounds. >> it wasn't all bad for detroit monday night.
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>> no. >> the basketball team won. i think they wanted the football team to win more, though. >> i think so. >> that's all we got. back to you. coming up next, it's "the pulse." we're talking the lottery. but not the megamillions. why one man doesn't need the jackpot he won. and a lot of people talking about this painting. it's expected to fetch a lot of money. it's not the price getting all the attention. it's not the price getting all the attention. it's who painted it. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three... unlike warfarin,
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[ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. what will you gain when you lose? also available in nourish nutrition bars in the diet & nutrition aisle. time to check, "the pulse." and we start with an extremely charitable lottery winner in calgary, canada. tom crist wore a hot and sunglasses to have a picture taken by lottery officials. >> back in may, he won $40
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million. he didn't tell everyone about it. not even his kids. he says he's going to donate every bit of his winnings to charity. >> through my career, 44 years with the company, i did very well for myself. i've done enough that i can look after myself, my kids. so, they can get looked after in the future. i don't really need that money. >> crist lost his wife to cancer nearly two years ago. he says cancer charities are at the top of his list. what a guy. you can soon own artwork created by george zimmerman. the painting done in shades of blue, with some of the wording from "the pledge of allegiance" has been listed on ebay. >> the former neighborhood watch captain found acquitted of shootingng trayvon martin. a comedian may have found a payback for people who have loud cell phone conversations in
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public. >> he tries to be more annoying than them. check him out at the airport. >> a girl next to me, she's talking. okay, perfect. talk to you later. great. okay. love you, too. bye-bye. okay. >> i'll text you. >> great, text me. text me and i'll text you back. sounds perfect. >> is that your sister with you? >> i don't have a sister. why do you ask? >> i'm answering the same question. >> i'm sorry? >> i feel like you're answering my question. >> no. i'm talking to somebody. >> that's great. no surprise, his cell phone crashes have gone viral. this is my favorite. the guy moves over. >> yeah. good stuff. now, to a christmas display that could double as a heavy metal stage set. it includes those, flames. not to mention synchronized strobe lighting. all of that set to a rockin'
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christmas medley. >> it's set up along the jersey shore. thousands come by for regular scheduled shows on weekends. they are asking for donations. all of the donations go to local charities. >> how would you like to be the neighbor? and the music and the flames are lighting up your dining room. >> the good thing is, it's just a show. it's over and done with after a while. it's not on all the time. ♪ hanes. a perfect fit for every body. now in colorful new styles.
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♪ waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®.
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i'll tell you what we do. i want you to go out on the field and look for anything with an "o". we will win this for mother russia! coach, eat a snickers®. why's that, chief? you get a little loopy when you're hungry. better? better. now let's go for it! [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry®. snickers® satisfies. checking our top stories. tonight's megamillions jackpot stands at 586 million bucks. that's expected to climb before the winning numbers are drawn at 11:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. a wildfire burning in the big sur area of california has destroyed at least 15 homes. 100 people have been evacuated so far. officials say it could be several days before it's contained. the federal government expected to appeal a ruling that the nsa collection of cell phone records is constitutional. and looking at today's
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weather. snow to start off the day in new york and philadelphia. the midwest, though, is mainly dry. and it will be dry and unseasonably warm for some parts of the california. finally this morning, the children of the king of pop, out of the shadows and in the spotlight. >> michael jackson's kids are in a new documentary. it's revealing how sheltered their lives really were. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: we know him as blanket. but we've never seen the youngest son of the king of pop like this. >> i would try to help like africa. that's a very poor continent. >> reporter: he's 11 now and speaking publicly for the first time. >> people will be killed by poachers and stuff. i want to help endangered species. >> reporter: it's a documentary about michael jackson, told by those who knew him best. >> i took him when he was 6
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years old that he was michael jackson. he was always dad to me. >> we didn't know a lot of kids our age. we were more secluded. we didn't leave the ranch that often. >> it was kind of like a zoo. giraffes. lions. you probably herd about it. we had a chimp named bubbles. >> reporter: the movie, executive produced by matriarch katherine jackson. it can be viewed on a website by fans who pay online. >> she wanted to fund it without asking any of the people around her. >> reporter: and what they'll see, kids who have shed the masks, talking about their father. >> he promised me he would teach me you to moonwalk. never got around to it. >> reporter: who they say was sometimes misunderstood. >> it's not like privacy like that. >> he wanted us to be what we want to be. just be greater at it than in tib else has ever been. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> interesting to get to know the other


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