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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> as the jackpot grows. to stop and play, because i'm going to win. >> what happens if you win the mass of mega millions jackpot? drawing is now the second-largest jackpot in lottery history. >> is currently at 600 36 million dollars. could go up again before tonight's drawing. what are the odds of any of ?s winning >> my odds are very good, and everyone else's bad, because i have the winning ticket. but reality, it is about one in 259 million that you would win the jackpot. one in 15 million that you would win something. people are leading appear to
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take their chance to get that combination of numbers that brings home the gold. >> i am going to win. >> those in the words that are trending every store that sells the tickets. up to 12,000 tickets per minute were being snapped up. in arlington, it was hard to keep pace with the growing jackpot. >> it has turned into $530 million. thend is nothing to do with $586 million prize. >> by afternoon it was even higher, $636 million. the folks stopping by this capitol hill liquor store first upon higher as they tried to cash in. redskins.e a $1.2 exxon has sold
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million winning tickets can and a lot of smaller prizes. they've seen a steady stream of people hoping to see these machines pop-out the big winner. >> i always come here. >> and a lot of people talking about getting out of here, it must be the cold weather. we're going to be here until 2:00 p.m. combat talk about why it has been 21 drawings since there has been a winner. we can tell you that the drawing tonight, 11:00 p.m., you can watch it on abc 7 news. thank you. or what happens tonight, written -- make sure you check your ticket, you do not want to lose out on unclaimed prize. million of lottery prizes go unclaimed every year. no one bothers to check their tickets when they hear this no jackpot winner. prizes happen all the time, and they are often going unclaimed. grab your ticket, be upfront in
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front of the tv. we will have the drawing for you . >> temperatures still in the 30's, but things are looking up for later in the week. >> doug hill is standing by in the weather center with what you can expect. >> a couple of days, and we will be in the 60 plus and -- in the 60's for the weekend. most of the rain to the south and southeast of the metro area, a couple of showers moving into the district. keep an eye on that as some disturbance moves our way. we'll keep a close eye on even more developing on southern western virginia -- southwestern virginia. right now most of it to will say to the southeast of the metro area, but we'll will keep an eye on it for you. it will drop down back to the many overnight in mn
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areas. isolated showers to this evening, and overnight most everything will move out. our seven day outlook, we will give you a look at how high the editors will get as we move into the weekend. >> thank you. now to a story that you will see only on seven. these he believes are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman next to an elementary school after she dropped her child off at school. and happened this morning on 30th place in northeast bc. jennifer donnelly is live from that school with the latest. school is just about 20 yards away, this is the -- where the crime happened. she had just dropped the child off at school combat as she was walking across this bridge, which is not let except for our own light down here, she was forced at gunpoint underneath that bridge. and that is where police say the attack occurred. beer for all hearts outside this
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alleged school after hearing that a woman was attacked at gunpoint after she dropped her child off at school just hours earlier. if the crime were not shocking enough about the victims brother the us off given that attacker may be a parent at the same school. the mother did, not know her attacker, and the search for the man is underway. >> nowadays it is not safe anywhere. >> it happened when the mother chopped her three-year-old child off at school. just yards away the man approached her goal pulled out a forsterit -- and underneath the bridge, and sexually assaulted her with the gun pointed at her head the whole time. >> i met three-year-old, but i do not drop them off unless my husband is with me. >> police say it happened when the mother dropped her child off
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at school. he forster beneath a nearby bridge rated he sexually assaulted her with the gun pointed at her head the entire time. left she wentker to get help and call the police. easy public schools referred us to metropolitan police, and did not comment to the young minor -- comments. the young mother was transferred to a hospital for treatment rate >> a shocking twist there. the victims brother telling us that he said the attacker is a parent, a father at the school. we checked this with a lease, are investigating that possibility and working on this case around the clock. thank you. monterey county police are investigating a body found along a busy stretch of the beltway. it was discovered on the right shoulder.
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is lane of the outer loop closed so that the investigation can continue. the police are calling this suspicion at this point -- suspicious at this point. >> a news conference was just held to announce a reward to help track down whoever shot and killed rob kirby -- ron kirby. the police chief just a gallon that investigators are nowhere near identifying a suspect in this case, so he made an appeal for information, and for funding for this reward. the most emotional of these ppeals came from ron kirby's window. widow. >> fear lingers.
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>> people are worried about their own safety now. insidekirby was found his home with several gunshots to his torso. the killing of the 69-year-old gentleman baffles investigators and his widow. cannot imagine that anyone would want to hurt my sweetheart. >> with no leave, representatives from several organizations are pruning resources. >> we hopes that it will bring 70 knows about it to the surface. ago anotherears crime inside my home also remains unsolved. kirby's wife is desperate for information. she hopes this reward will lead to some answers. like to knowre
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what happened. i do not understand how anything like that, anyone would want to hurt him. takingstigators are another look at the dawning murder and comparing that to kirby. at this point they're fairly convinced that these two homicides are not related. >> thank you. chaos on the metro, the entire red line had to be shut down when a fight broke out and spilled onto the tracks. the violence erupted at the brookland station. they had to turn off the power to the third rail, and that stopped the whole line for about 10 minutes. a witness took this picture of a young person being carried out on a stretcher. metro says that several people were detained but no one was arrested. a house and monterey county was the and unsafe tonight after a car crash his throat and causes extensive damage. a search for the driver responsible. it happened this afternoon in
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the 13,000 block of valley would drive. the car, jumped into another vehicle, and left the scene. >> the fbi is moving its headquarters. today virginia leaders made their case for why the feds should set up shop in pringle -- springfield. >> this is the site in springfield, you have a vacant building on one side of this treat and you see grass, shrubs, brush, trees, and looks like this and a lot of virginia. it looks like it is perfect for a new fbi headquarters. bc officials confirmed they did submit a proposal for a new fbi headquarters and a pillar point in the south wiest -- southeast part of washington. not far from the proposed site in springfield, a café were this is has not been what it once
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was. >> and has been slow. penny says that the possibility of the new fbi headquarters bringing in thousands of new workers just a mile away would change everything.ery -- postel political heavyweights making the case for just that >> gave we are all in important prog >> this site meets all of the requirements to help the fbi. >> starting with convenience. it is close to highways, and write up the road from the fbi in quantico. the property sits right next to a general services administration site. >> this is an ideal location.
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prince george's county is preparing a site in greenbelt right next to the metro station. >> we feel really great about our proposal. i think we put together everything that the fbi has said that they want. leaders in both maryland and virginia say that many of the residents land -- worked for the guy, so moving the headquarters to their respective states would reduce the amount of traffic of people going in and out of the district. the gsa will begin looking at the proposals, and have a decision and the spring of 2014. live in springville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. a sentencing for child bernard recharges -- pornography charges. reacted weakly to catch a falling baby, and it was all
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caught on camera. >> during the height of the holiday season, a roaring
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? >> remember this seen here, where a woman's yard all decked out caused some problems? a judge has ruled what could happen for the hunted gardens -- gardens. keep thee ruled to attraction opened but for fewer days. monterey county not too thrilled with that ruling sought richard thrilled with that ruling so it sought to get up remotely shutdown. insanta is taking a backseat her front yard. it is now filled with controversy. halloweenomemade attraction has grown in size leading to numerous traffic and
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noise complaints. he is not a fan. >> people from outside the neighborhood are coming in here came duringople night one, and 900 and 80 came during night to. from arlington, areas.sburg, and other when you're getting coverage on the news channels, it is no wonder that people came to see what the fuss was about. tucked inside district court, whatever unexpected a ruling the judge pump the brakes. taking the matter under advisement. >> did you ever think that it would go this far? >> no. this is crazy. >> i would really like it to be over. the judge is giving it all thought.
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i hope you'll make the right decision. >> and case you're not keeping track, this saga has transcended itself,en the house -- thanksgiving, and christmas. a ruling is not expected until after the new year. >> this is not as time sensitive as it was in october. >> thank you. now we go to some breaking news. nasa just ordered a freeze of pacewalk to get out iss. and fix the the launch of supplies from virginia will be delayed until every because the spacewalk repairs are the priority. >> a hot stopping marke -- a
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moment, theng little boy falls off the table. there is a quick making security guard who dives to the rescue and catches the tight dust child before he hits the ground. the security guard did receive a salary bonus for his heroic action. immediately. here nice hands. >> good reaction. happened so fast. we have some changes coming. >> is going to be cold tonight. aboute been talking the warm-up, but right now we have some rain showers, so let's get to it. here is a timeline -- time lapse. today remaining in
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the middle upper 50's. -- what we have right now on doppler radar is an showers, and we will have them for the rest of the day. that is building to the southern portion of the area, from frederick burgess deford, and this is in the district right now. we are trying to figure out if there are some snowflakes mixing, that is possible. we are going to talk about the possibility of a few rain showers, baby simple -- no flurries or snow showers, especially in the upper air disturbance in the leading edge of the next batch of cold air that is across southwestern virginia. the track is like this, so some of it could affect part of our area tonight. snow showers and some spots possible, awesomely some -- possibly some sprinkles. 36, 39 right now in the nation's capital. it is going to be colder
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-- 29t, 21 degrees degrees by tomorrow morning. does, 50's in some spots. much colder in boston about very cold temperatures, but that cold air is good, and go starting tomorrow night. it will warm up on the day on thursday and friday, saturday, sunday we are off to the races. here is what the weather is across the country right now, 20's 30's and teens. boston logan has had about an hour and a half delay because of the snow and low visibility. only 23 there right now. southwest,o the because we're going to see this move through, the colder air is right here. with aoing to wind up fair amount of sunshine tomorrow, and the doctors will be mostly in the 30's and 40's.
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there's rain in southern maryland, but we will have some snow areas. notice how it quickly moves out to the overnight hours, and we will keep a partly sunny tomorrow but on the chilly side. here's a bigger view picture now with some snow showers across the lake. i pressures will be a big player here over the next couple of days. eventually, and will help slow down the cold front that will be approaching for the weekend. between those two that is going to be the part that drives temperatures up. 36 later tonight, some rain and snow shower activity including overnight. onck this out, if the thursday, about 50's on friday, lower 60's saturday, and the shower chances are straight through monday afternoon. >> this week's giveaway could really come in handy for the
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holidays. >> we're giving you the chance to win a thousand dollars. all you do is go to /facebook. we will announce the winner here on abc seven news at 5:00 p.m. >> i would like to have that $5,000 worth of tickets for the mega millions. more money, more money, more money. could not have come in a better time for some families who put gives on lay away. surprise from the pope. i
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>> minimum wages going up around the metro area. not all jurisdictions are getting in on the wage hike. >> prince george's county is the latest to move one set closer -- step closer. how him a higher minimum wage will affect everyone, . >> everybody is celebrating the increased minimum wage, from the manager -- >> they do a better job. >> to the employees. >> i can pay my bills now easier. already the law in
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montgomery county the d.c. council approved it today, and abc county -- and in prince george's county, a sign his wage hike into law. >> we want to make sure that they can have a quality of life. >> prince george's and montgomery county and the district working together, virginias wade wilson remained the same for the ppo -- virginia's minimum wage will remain the same for the future.ate of al foreseeable i would not be surprised if a lot of people see they can do better in maryland, and that would not help virginia out very much.
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>> innocent next step in a igher minimum wage, or in 2015. under the new governor. >> thank you. search -- theice fda revealing the truth about vitamins. >> adc pediatrician was sentenced today or downloading
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abc sevenwatching news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. pediatriciand.c. was sentenced for 18 months in prison today per child per zogby. >> his conviction cap the reporters away from the courthouse today. s 11sat in court here a people went to the stand to tell how this doctor had paid wendy thousand dollars for their mother's operation, or paid someone to read, or convinced a child that life was worth living. here he was about to be sends for downloading top or doug or feet. n outstanding
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doctor. you can call them at 3:00 in the morning and he is there. >> she is among the 11 witnesses who the stand singing be raises df the pediatrician who ple guilty to child productivity. quickly did so much for thousands of people paid we need to help him now. he was arrested last may after they got a tip about what he was downloading on his computer and him and authorities found 14 pictures of child per zogby. but according to this man robert alive with his son fivethe -- cystic fibrosis years longer than expected. >> he taught matthew to not worry about it, just do it. it was wonderful. >> he was a good dr.. my son went to him as well.
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i appreciate him. >> the prosecutors said that investigators could find no evidence that ever -- that robert dickey ever molested a child. disease, it calls for mental health. it is not intentional thing that someone does because they want to. sentence wasth less than a third of the recommended guidelines. dickey has already been in jail since may, which means that he would be free within months. his he had to give up licenses as a doctor. he will be a registered sex offender. he is 74 years old. thank you. time now for a look at the other top story. d.c. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a elementaryde an
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school in northeast. and happened this morning after a woman dropped her child off at school. the victim brother told abc seven news that the man responsible might also be a parent at the same school. >> police are offering a reward to find a person who shot and killed ron kirby last month. the transportation official was found dead in his home on november 11. he served on the government for 26 years. investigators are working with several organizations to find leads in this case. >> you'd still have a little bit of time to purchase a ticket for the mega millions jackpot. it is now the second-largest jackpot and lottery history. the odds are one in 259 million, but the lucky ticket holder will win the entire prize. you can watch the drawing tonight at 11:00. is there a science behind putting these big jackpots? about news exclusive airport security.
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youi diane, so nice to see rated either steady of uncovered something pretty surprising. >> we have amazing video coming abc newst, is an exclusive. in just one week, see what kind and how they found up to >> lottery fever is growing, and you will cover that too. tellnight, we're good to you the winningest stay in america. why is the state so lucky? be sure to watch tonight. >> you can watch those stories and more tonight on world news right after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> and waterman break in dupont -- after a water main break in dupont circle, d.c. crews are out there working on fixing it.
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break,actly caused that and how things are traffic wise this evening. rateangover from that earlier today? looking at blood spattered there. northbound on connecticut avenue all lanes are getting five. 18 street is getting that is open, the only affect is on the south bound side of connecticut avenue, and their is just one single lane open. we'll see if it poses a problem for tomorrow's morning rush. on the beltway we see a lot of volume and a complicated crash in the express lane. filled withoutis a break. -- theing missed heaviest is that newington. on 66 we have had a couple of 66blems, the delay on
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westbound, there is an accident, the headlights moving very slowly. we have some delays for the west out toward centreville where there is a crash. connecticut avenue crawling to us.n the side closest i-95, washington parkway about generally good. >> thank you. still ahead, hear what these got away with -- what we've got away with. francis said this year that landed him on the cover of another magazine.
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>> pope francis is having a pretty good year. first he was named time magazine's person of the year. the gay and lesbian magazine named him its person of the
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betweengnaling a shift the attitude between the community and the catholic community. the leader of the catholic church is being recognized in an unexpected way after being named time magazine's man of the year, the oldest gay rights i busy and -- magazine is following suit. >> i was very happy. >> it is a move that is being praised i'd dignity washington. >> he's making an effort to listen to people on the margins pulp offered a glimpse into his viewpoint on homosexuality, saying if someone is gay, and seek the lord with good well, who am i to judge? he advocate article says gives those who remain in the church more hope that things are coming.
5:42 pm
he said the advocate's on or may not set bubbled all catholics. >> i do not think it is what they should do. they should redoubt and find weight -- find ways to say you're part of our operation. >> all part of the churches move toward inclusion. preachesk at least he a form of acceptance. >> i think is a great thing. it is perfect. >> the vatican press office which said that the times man of the year honor was unsurprising, declined to comment on this on her. >> pope francis has named the washington archbishop to a powerful new post. he was appointed to the council of bishops. romell spend more time in
5:43 pm
because of this, but he will keep his position here in washington. >> coming up next, why target says it won't carry beyoncé's new hit album. >> what do vitamins really do for your health? >> and several families here in virginia are going to have a very merry
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>> seven is on your side with a health alert now. compared toully treat outbreaks of disease. the group looks state-by-state activation rates -- vaccination rates, and find a majority of score five or less out of the 10 key integrators -- indicators. one found that multivitamins are not help meant reigns as they age, another found that betemit did not hard -- affect heart
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disease in people who survived heart attacks. researchers say there are some exceptions to this editorial. women of childbearing age should take polling acid to prevent earth effects. >> interesting. a secret set you in loudoun county has made some wishes come true for local families. >> an anonymous person paid off a number of layla waits at the toys "r" us. more on this christmas angel. >> a true christmas angel, from what i hear. this guy walked into the toys "r" us earlier this morning and he said oh tell anyone who i am, i want to remain anonymous. he dropped several hundred dollars on seven local families. after buying some toys, a man went to the manager to do a good deed. >> several hundreds of dollars
5:48 pm
for six or seven families. >> very amazing. >> christmas spirit. seven families who put their toys on layaway were about to lose their children's christmas wish list because time was running out. they mystery man could not let that happen. >> it cheers you up a little but because you want to do something unexpected were someone and it shows the warm this time of season. >> the mystery man in out abc seven this morning with no return e-mail address. you wrote that i just paid off everyone's layaway items at the toys "r" us in sterling, virginia. it would be nice to report this, i just may be more secret santas will appear next year. merry christmas. signed, secret santa. >> he said it is on me, i want to remain anonymous apex i think it is amazing. >> what a neat thing to do.
5:49 pm
it really has gotten a lot of people into the holiday spirit out here at the top -- shopping center. i talked to the manager and she said they have called every single family to let them know today. one of the families. it was a crank call. true, so they're definitely going to have a very merry christmas with their families and their kids, all for free because of the sinker sent up -- this secret santa. they might want also get one of those lottery tickets today. >> what a generous person. thank you. >> not everyone is a fan of the historic digital album release, target has not -- has announced it will not sell the album in their stores. the major retailer says the exclusive digital release before its demandcd impacts and its sales projections. it says the decision has the beehive buzz thing that. some beyoncé fans are
5:50 pm
threatening to boycott target altogether. don't make the beehive matt. >> it has been a long journey for a district foster grandmother. at the age of 104 virginia is getting scott -- special recognition. withnt gray honored her the mayor's community service award or fostering children of special needs over the years. in 1909 and volunteers at the school in northwest. she walks to work every day. >> she is an inspiration to everyone. i helped raise the kids, and i was volunteer.
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>> she will continue fostering grandchildren as long as she can. we'll be keeping our eye on her. >> 104. >> that is setting an example. let's he was coming up tonight at abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m.'t match first a look at some video showing the people d.c. police elites stole $40,000 worth of equipment from it old dutch element or school. also, at community slams the brakes on red light cameras. we will tell you who refuse to bites these this machines. also, a u.s. senator releases a report. $30 billion of stupid. that is a lot of stupid. [laughter] that is all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you.
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let's check in with doug and find out what is going on with the weather. rain showers and some snow showers moving to the area. a little bit later tonight some colder air comes in, but they will be of little consequence. as long as the dodgers remain above freezing -- the temperatures remain above freezing. most precipitation will stay south of us, and it will be temporary. puterf our comm models has some snow, but it moves very quickly out of the picture. we're talking about highs in only the upper 30's. saudi, breezy weather tomorrow. 58 on friday. it will be a warm weekend, but
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there may be some rain. this --er stole so solstice arrives on saturday. we'll tell you what it is all about and why it will not be wintry this time at all. >> thank you. here's a look at what is coming up on abc seven a prime time. marvel's ages of shield kicks off at 8:00, and then what would you do. stick around for abc 7 news at 11:00. h one of those would fit with the redskins this week. you thought that things were starting to settle and, the stories of doom gloom had stopped, a website called the bleacher report comes out with a story that cited sources revealing -- within redskins park that confirmed what critics had claimed before. that rg iii is dismiss a book coaches command his fathers's to
5:54 pm
involved. we all heard the father question by leon harris after his injury. and now this report says that griffin turner is politicking to -- to hire the coach knew that coach tim before. santa's helpers work in full andful of players work handing out gifts and making sure these kids would have smiles on their faces. there will be a different mood in the locker room on sunday, the cowboys will be in town. are psyched for any game. rate take it for granted every game, even more so, we do teamant to beat anymore then we went to be dallas.
5:55 pm
>> the ravens are the defending super bowl champions. , andhave won four in a row in dramatic fashion again last night. longest field goal of his career, the ravens beat the lions 18-16. tucker asked all -- kicked all six field goals, from 61 yards out, the player of the game. most effective quarterback in the league, and tucker nailed it.
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>> would you believe that there roogesme real-life sc that tried to ruin the holiday spirit? usually there are two generators close to the offensive they can be used to
5:59 pm
power lights on the lot. when he showed up early, something was not right. >> they disconnected these rackets, and one of the generators was gone. they moved it through this area and out to the parking lot. off glendalesets boulevard. it is the first time in 20 years that something like this has happened. charity is from a like stealing from the poor. all of the money we collect here goes back to the community. providing hearing is to people, glasses to those with sight problems. sending kids to summer camps. please told them to turn off the lights of criminal stay away. for extra safety, they're just going to have to take generators property.bert e --
6:00 pm
to have to spend a couple thousand dollars to replace the stolen generator. that is money that could've been used to help people. it does damage to the community. >> they are working to sell all their trees so that they can do a better community. >> thank you. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m., we start now right now with abc 7 news at six. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute offerings noted is information on the government spy programs in exchange f


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