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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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property. to have to spend a couple thousand dollars to replace the stolen generator. that is money that could've been used to help people. it does damage to the community. >> they are working to sell all their trees so that they can do a better community. >> thank you. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m., we start now right now with abc 7 news at six. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute offerings noted is information on the government spy programs in exchange for
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sylum. -- a the argumenting intensify over what is more vital, people's personal privacy or the government's ability to monitor phone and internet activity in terms of safety both here and overseas. the white house defending the latter. if we have aing copy of the house of cards? president was a true life drama himself. the main character, edward snowden. a federal judge ruled against grams.nitoring pro he wrote to a brazilian newspaper.
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>> we believe that mr. snowden ought to return to the united states, where he faces charges. program's paint and ability to cross-reference massive amounts of data now hangs in the balance. the most recent ruling almost assures it will be challenged in imperial court and lightly -- likely supreme court. the washington d.c. police chief say it can save lives. ? valid uses for this type of information. as long as it is managed well, i think it gives us safer. isthis renewed legal debate
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a huge development, and the judge's ruling goes against the 15 judges on the foreign intelligence surveillance court. they found no constitutional problems. they are at odds, and we will continue to see this argument play out. >> six american service members after aother injured black hawk helicopter crash in afghanistan. possible engine failure, the troops came under fire once on the ground. the pentagon is backing off that report, and military has not identified those killed or their branches of service. >> lawmakers are considered -- considering additional service changes insecurity wake of the navy yard shooting, worker.g every questions have been raised state himxis's mental
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and how he got a firearm despite previous arrests. >> today 12 republicans joined democratic senators to overcome a filibuster over the compromise plans to it has already passed the house and the final vote is expected no later than tomorrow. thehe senior member of congressional delegation will not run for an 18th term rate in congressman bank constituents for their support. he has been serving since 1981. president obama won it in 2008 bought -- while mitt romney carried it in 2012. >> the prospect of instant wealth has expanded tonight's mega millions inventory -- lottery.
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it is the second biggest prize in u.s. history. we've been talking to lottery players all day. >> the gas station where we are right now has sold 1.2 million dollar tickets in the past. not be is a prize that people keep coming up here. they been doing it all day, hoping they get the waiting to get -- the winning tickets and cash in bank. it will not be easy. denies megamillion jack pot climbs closer to the biggest ever. that is giving people like kevin 600 and 36 million reasons to dream th. >> i have good luck. >> he is going to need it, because mega millions changed again, increasing the number involved in the drawing which decreases the chance that the
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chances of winning. this lotto has been growing sense october 1. longest streak was back in 2000. eventually, someone will win. >> the higher the value is, the more interested in playing. there is a decent probability of a winner. hopeat is a sliver of a purchased a dollar at a time. >> i'm going to do something with it. tonight on abc seven news at 11 p.m. you will see the winning numbers. if no one wins here, some are saying that i christmas, you can see a million-dollar jackpot. thinking about what you do with all that money, that is a prize we can all win, and that prizes free.
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abc 7 is your home for the mega millions drawing but watch for the winning numbers tonight urged on abc seven news at 11:00 p.m. governor up, a major puts the brakes on traffic cameras. what one senator calls stupid government waste.
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>> new at 6:00, this is new surveillance video of last month burglary added -- at a elementary school. the video shows three men driving up the car, and then rummaging through the school. the burglary took an hour to has been and the radio released after community groups demanded more action. >> the governor is using the final days in office to push for
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mental health reform in virginia. , he'ss final appearance but the first 20 was discussing -- is $38lion-dollar million budget plan. gusts indeed stabbed his father before taking his own life. this happened one day after gus had been released from an emergency mental health evaluation. >> it is a tightknit community, and when you have a loss like senator deeds, and it affects everybody. >> governor elect terry mcauliffe supports the overhaul. >> the recount in the general release -- race has expanded to the entire state. requirement requires that each ballot be required -- recounted by hand.
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the recount ends tomorrow night. companies involved in the health care exchange happened -- extended the health care deadline enrollment -- enrollment deadline by almost a week., and the state run websites have had problems. they work to fix the website this week. >> the troubled launch is just oklahomale of what the senator says was excessive waste this year. of stupid, poor judgment. >> he picked apart more than $28 billion, and wasted spending. million from health
6:13 pm next, red light cameras, are they coming back to fairfax county? >> temperatures in the 60's by the weekend. it comes at a price. chevy year end event is a great time
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this holiday season, chevy's giving more duringng the calendar year end evt. trade up to the all-new 2014 silvero all star v6 for a total value of $5,250. see your local chevy dealer today. >> new at six, fairfax county leaders are rejecting a proposal to write to that resurrected red light cameras. greta kreuz is in fairfax tonight with the reason behind this. you, red lightll camera haters are a celebrating tonight while some jurisdictions are jumping on the bandwagon to add cameras, fairfax county said
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today that it is too expensive and right now those red light cameras are dead in the water. a northern virginia, red light alexandria,ington, the city of found facts, and falls church. >> it drives me nuts. >> i think we need more. >> that won't happen anytime soon in fairfax county. today the transportation county next any thoughts of putting in the camper is. >> two-putted program in place that causes muddied rather than helps us to gain revenue to deal with the problem would be a mistake right now. in 2005 the general assembly did not reauthorize their use. half $1 million on the venture. when they greenlighted to cameras, and added costs and new regulations, but cap best-kept defiance at $50. it was not worth it.
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we need larger fines and less, and it would be productive. right now we worst getting a tool that is not useful. >> i think it is a way for the county to make money. >> do you think it changes the bulls behavior -- people's behavior? >> yes. i watch every time. >> the county's own study edge -- in 2004 votes show that red light cameras decreased the rate of accidents and injuries by one third rate at the same data show that the cameras increased rear end collisions i up to 70%. >> on december 30 the district will begin issuing tickets caught on 132 cameras.
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through november with a one-month grace period for drivers. we have a little rain outside our building tonight. >> maybe a little snow shower activity raty. t andgoing to ge then by the weekend and will be mighty warmcold. warm. a little disturbance coming through tonight, we will have some rain and cloud cover. showerse a few little coming through washington right now. we had a few here, and we will have some snowflakes mixed in. this all continues to off to the
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south and east. temperatures the are plenty cold out there right now. fallast no showers that are going to melt on conduct. the high are actually and low, and 46 and 32 are the averages. theeratures across most of mid-atlantic are cold, colder the further north you go. austin continues to get hit with snow, kind of a mess there. farther south you get the 50's. little upper air disturbance coming in from the west that we will have to deal with that know shows up on our satellite radar. pretty light precipitation expanding. showermention of a brain or snow shower later tonight as above that colder air comes in. is is leading into the next cold air mass, but this will be out
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of here. --s will be clear tomorrow the skies will be clear tomorrow. watch how fast they cleared overnight, we will get rid of it and have sunshine tomorrow. the numbers will be very movingive, high-pressure across to these coast and staying in place and pumping of warmer temperatures. we are going to deal with a warm front moving in up from the southwest over the weekend. that will push us into the 60's and bring us a chance of rain on saturday and sunday. partly cloudy and breezy tomorrow, and then watch the next several days. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. you do not want to start this
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by talking about football? let's talk about hockey. since doug did not give a size, we will talk about it. >> the flyers were just beat here on sunday, and now they have them back to back. started since the first time they posted them on the 10th. recharges battery, and he has worked on his position in the net. >> my knees hurt for a couple of weeks, and missed a couple of chances to play. enough for some tough decisions. we are in that boat, we will have to figure it out. >> they face off tonight at 7:30 p.m. this is dallas week in
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washington. despite the redskins's record this is like the redskins's playoff game. this is their super bowl. if kirk cousins ways well -- plays well, it does not put pressure on rg iii. >> he has a lot of confidence, and he will get better every day. that is one of the reasons we decided to not play him anymore ames,.e last three gea . give himself a chance to get better. >> terrific game with a lot of different reasons. ands the unimpressive effective cornerback that does not make any mistakes. 61 yard field
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goal, and tucker squeezes it in. he made all six yield goal attempts. win, and thevens defending champ's are in the hunt. how about the wizards? they beat the knicks last night season first time in the in madison square garden. he will take it down, desperation of the other, how did the knicks lose that one? 24 seconds left, filed again and all of the timeout, the wizards take it. old miss and tennessee, let me see michael jordan do this. office just, off his head, into the bucket. that is our shot off the day. fans, d.c. united has
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teamred the national attacker at a johnson a change for allocation money rate of united needs eddie johnson, but they need the goalscorer and they got one. >>
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>> we are not going to have a
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white christmas after all. >> i am so sorry. rain outk about some there, a few rain showers and snow showers if the air is cold enough. we'll have an update for you tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> have a good night.
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