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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> i told him i wanted the one with the colors on it. >> and then they share their very special holiday wishes. >> what do you want for your family? >> everything for my family. >> is christmas more than just about toys? >> yes. >> so we wish you a very happy holiday from all of us at "what would you do" from the kids -- >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> and of course from santa claus himself. >> merry christmas, everyone! >> i'm john quinones. that's our program for tonight. don't forget, you can connect with us any time. like us on facebook and follow
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us on twitter. so the question is, what would you do?
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc 7 rockette center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> $636 million in virginia alone. lottery officials estimate 12,000 tickets were sold every minute. we bring you the winning numbers coming up in just minutes. >> but first, before we get to that, developing news out of silver spring where a manhunt is underway for the person responsible for a violent sexual assault. the victim left her apartment on garland avenue where she was grabbed on friday. >> montgomery county police hope surveillance video from a store leads them to an arrest. >> we talked with terrified neighbors who heard of the attack for the first time this evening. >> tom roussey joins us live in silver spring. this allegedly happened a little ways down garland avenue here right near the border with takoma park. police say the woman who was
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something people all over the area do everyday. >> i trusted the neighborhood. >> police say all the victim was doing around 10:45 friday night was taking out the trash. they say a man wearing a ski mask came up from behind, knocked her to the ground and pulled her to a more hidden spot. he showed a weapon and raped her. >> you always have to be careful. the idea that you can't even go out to your curb to drop off the carpet, i don't know how you protect against that. it hadn't taken four days for residents to hear about the crime. >> i wish they would put some signs up around the neighborhood so we could be aware. a lot of people walk around here. >> today, police put out surveillance video of a woman they are calling a person of interest. they think she may know something that could help catch the rapist. she is seen leading what appears to be the prince george's plaza.
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back in silver spring, some like this couple say they will not change their habits on this arc section of garland avenue. >> a couple of the streetlights are down. >> very secluded. ifwe want to have both of us we are going to go out or anything like that. residents say they normally consider this area very safe. the neighborhood is not immune to crime. complex,his apartment an elderly man was beaten and left in critical condition behind a dumpster. crime does happen here but residents say the vast majority of the time, the worst they hear about is a break-in. live in silver spring, tom roussey. >> thank you, tom. if anyone out there has any information, contact montgomery county police as soon as possible. >> moving on now, it is time to grab your tickets. the winning number for that $636
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million jackpot is coming your way. >> our first number is 8, followed by 20. next we have 14 followed by 17 and the final white ball is 39. now for the mega ball, 7. if no one matches all six numbers, friday's jackpot will be $950 million. >> your odds of winning are one in 259 million. it isn't stopping people from buying in a big way. lottery officials in maryland estimate more than 13,000 tickets were sold every minute. jay korff joins us live tonight in arlington with more. you are more likely to be hit by an asteroid than actually win tonight. that didn't stop the millions from trying to win $636 million.
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>> the circle seven express in northeast washington has been the owner's life for 22 years. he considers his customers his extended family. regulars are buying much more -- they are dreaming like they never have before. the mega millions lottery stands at a whopping $636 million. biggest in u.s. history. the odds of winning, one in 259 million, are not stopping deborah. since mega millions may the odds are steeper in october, no one has been lucky enough to catch in.
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match doesn'tis find a home on this night, next jackpot could reach nearly $1 billion. store owner and 90 well is considering his options. >> if i do, i will marry you tonight. >> i wish everybody luck. those winning numbers in this 39 and the0, 14, 17, last critical number 7. those are your numbers in that order. give me a call. i would like to have the first exclusive interview. in case you did when. if you do take the cash option, you just walked away prior to taxes with about $341 million. >> i like how that sounds. thank you so much. we want to remind you that no
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matter what happens, double check your ticket. u.s. gaming officials say about $800 million in lottery winnings go unclaimed every year. some people don't bother to check their numbers when they hear that there is no jackpot winner. the lottery says million dollar prizes happen all the time. >> even to loudmouth women. they win too. about some other numbers. a chilly night out there but that is about to change. a warm-up is expected to come our way this week. doug hill here now to let us know. >> warmer later in the week but we are not there yet. it is going to get colder tonight. let's check doppler radar. snow falling across the eastern shore. some moderates know there. rain to the south. to the west, a developing area of snow we have been watching. that is headed toward the metro area. maybe some snow and rain showers during the next few hours.
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we are back to clearing skies tomorrow. 23 and hagerstown, 37 in quantico. it will get colder overnight. downright chilly as we drop between 25 and 32. look at the morning, partly cloudy. more details, the numbers on the for the weekd ahead in a few minutes. choir has11:00, a helped raise thousands for people in need and was targeted by thieves. it happened in the basement of a church while the group performed upstairs. >> the thomas circle singers are known for their charity work but now they are the victims of brazen thieves who stole from their church just days before christmas. it was their annual holiday benefit concert at st. paul's lutheran church and sunday,
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while the thomas circle singers were performing, thieves sneak into their warm-up room in the basement and stole 15 credit cards and several ids. gillian was walking home when her credit card company called. >> i got this call saying, did you authorize this purchase for $400 at a random supermarket? >> the choir members discover the thieves had racked up thousands of dollars in charges in just minutes. >> it is incredibly disruptive at the holidays to have to cancel your bank accounts and wait for new cards to issue. it puts all of your holiday shopping on hold. the irony of the whole thing is this concert that we were singing at was intended to raise money for people in need. timeis isn't the first this church has been hit. >> we spent a lot of money to put cameras on that entrance is to help people. it is a sad state of the way
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things are. know if the well- dressed couple seen on surveillance tape here in previous is connected to this one. police are investigating. the choir is asking anybody who saw something suspicious between 4:00 and 6:00 on sunday evening to call police. >> thank you. montgomery county police say the death of a person on the beltway is suspicious. police discovered it this morning on the right shoulder between georgia avenue and silver spring. one lane was closed for several hours. the person has not been identified. >> overseas, developing news out of afghanistan. questions about how a black hawk helicopter died. soldiers were killed when the helicopter went down. a seventh soldier did survive. the pentagon is investigating whether the crew died during enemy fire after the crash. >> after 17 terms, frank wolf
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announced his retirement. he is the dean of the virginia delegation. he has served in congress for 34 years. he plans to work as an advocate for human rights. his exit leaves a seat in the 10th district in the battleground state. >> guess who comes up on the scene? a week early for thousands of families and fairfax county today. first responders handed out gifts to children in need. firefighters and paramedics collected these hundreds of toys and games and coats as well. community groups also pitched in. this is the 16th year that fairfax county 20. it looks like a very successful one. coming up, thousands support the international space station -- the potentially dangerous solution proposed by nasa. >> the search for a man accused
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of sexually assaulting a young mother outside her child's cool.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> developing news from nasa. a series of urgent spacewalks are needed to fix a broken cooling line on the international space station. station managers say that two american astronauts will go out saturday to replace a pump. requiring twojob or three different states walks. -- spacewalks. >> in northeast, an intense search for the man who sexually assaulted a woman near an elementary school. the victim had dropped off her child at maude aiton elementary when she was approached by a man with a gun. her brother tells us the man responsible maybe a parent at that school. we talked with people outside the school today. they are shocked.
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>> we just heard about this. >> nowadays, it is not safe anywhere. >> if you have any information, contact the metropolitan police department immediately. >> alexandria police hope a reward will help catch a killer. ron kirby was found dead november 11. kirby, a senior member of the metropolitan council government was found with several gunshot wounds. alexandria police announced a reward fund. so far there are $5,000 but he -- $5,000. >> your facebook experience is changing again. maybe not for you. the website is offering a feature to advertisers. it will allow them to play videos automatically on your newsfeed. tapping on video allows the sound to be played and the video. facebook says that the ads won't eat into mobile data plans.
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whenideo ads only download the device is connected to wi- fi. >> the manager at a toys "r" us in sterling tells us a man was in the store buying toys and during the visit, he offered to pay the layaway bills of about seven families. these families were about to lose the toys because the payment deadline was fast approaching. >> it cheers you up a little bit because you want to do something unexpected for someone and show that warmth this time of the season. 7 ane mystery man sent abc anonymous message this morning saying he hopes his actions will prompt more secret santa is to appear next year. >> we almost take that he wants to stay anonymous. do nice things just for the sake of doing nice things and don't take credit for it. >> what about you? >> maybe later, not tonight. let's get started.
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tonight, we are not finished with the cold system. we hit 40 for a high. it really was a cloudy day. not much change during the day as the clouds hanging tough. towards nightfall, cloudy and chilly outside. temperatures from north to south, pretty big difference. south, very mild with highs hitting 61 degrees. temperatures in the lower 30's north of the city. the warm air is going to come up, just not yet. we get the system moving through tonight to kick the cold air in place but that its going to happen as we head through the overnight and early morning hours. eventually, we turned the corner by thursday. for the moment, the numbers tell the story. look at all the 20's to the north. they are holding in place just a bit longer. tonight, we are watching the pattern moving south of the
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metro area all night long with rain. some snow on the eastern shore and delaware. this new area of snow has popped up on the trailing edge of this other disturbance, a nice little patch here moving east. temperatures in some areas still above 40. the hope is that all this dough activity will get through the area before temperatures get below freezing. feature for the next couple hours as it moves east. it is the tail end of this disturbance moving through. clearing skies back to the west. satellite radar gives a better idea of the clearing. as whether watching, we will eventually after a chilly day tomorrow, high pressure will settle in. that will push a nice flow of southwesterly winds. upper 50's on friday and into the 60's on saturday. this cold front looks like it
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will wash out. it will bring temperatures in the 60's of a the weekend. it will bring clouds and a chance of rain on saturday and sunday as well. here is what we have in the forecast. breezy at times, lots of sunshine. a high of about 39 in the afternoon. the warming trend will begin thereafter. check out the next seven days. up to 50 degrees on thursday. 58 on friday, 60 two on saturday, 65 on sunday and turning cooler by christmas eve. the winter solstice officially begins on saturday. steve rudin is in for jackie in the morning. >> 62 degrees, the beginning of winter. crazy. is going on? what >> holy cow. another story involving the redskins. fans went to a fight tonight and a hockey game br avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk or up to you by your local toyota dealers. with hockeyt tonight. the caps on flyers in philly. you needed your big boy pants for this one. it was physical, high-scoring. pick it up in the second period, caps on the attack. the goalie can't get it. it was 1-0, capitals. his 29th goal of the year. caps were rolling. all h e double hockey sticks broke out. nine guys went to the penalty box. all the players got into it. tries to get up, can't get up. doesn't know he is in philadelphia. the flares use the power play to punish the short-handed caps. just over a minute later, four- to-philly -- 4-2, philly.
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flares beat up the caps tonight, 5-2. georgetown had a home game tonight. they go after their sixth straight win. elon led by one at that. go get him, big fella. josh slams it home. the secondst time in half, nate takes it right to the rack. up 11.a is georgetown hangs onto the elon. let's go to virginia. playing liberty. he is solid and had a solid game tonight. scored 24 points. 77-59. more drama with the redskins today. this time, bleacher reports citing sources in the organization that said rg iii's father was in the locker room several weeks ago and told leon harris a while back about
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questioning a play, now reportedly is lobbying for a change of direction and once rg iii's college coach to be the next head coach of the washington redskins. can't we all just get along? another buzzer beater. harrison high school, come on. three ball, two seconds left. buzzer beater, buzzer beater. two seconds left. throw it up, you got it. yes sir, he wins it. buzzer beater come a followed by a buzzer beater. for soccer fans, d.c. united has acquired u.s. national team striker eddie johnson. that is worth the ticket right there. eddie johnson can play. we got word from california lottery officials. >> are we in california? >> no.
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thereot one person out who did not call six numbers. >> san jose, did you buy a ticket in san jose? >> yeah, where were you during the break? [laughter] all right. throwing a subaru...
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>> a secret santa saves the day for several families. that is our top stranding story tonight on. a judge rules collecting phone records may be can't -- unconstitutional. and, our forecast. you can read it all on right now. >> one week from 10 out, lots of kids will try to catch a glimpse of santa in his say. those at the children's hospital got to see him up close and personal. look at that view. washednd two elves windows at the portland, oregon hospital. they say they are happy to do something to brighten the season. >> what they didn't say is that the reindeer got the place 30 in the first place. >> exactly. [laughter] i am sure the kids loved it.
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>> i just looked outside. it is snowing. i wouldn't kid about that. in from the west, it will be a quick mover. not much impact. we are off the air and 20 seconds. a cold day tomorrow. a warm up on thursday. especially warm over the weekend.
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