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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> it sounds like a miracle. that is it for us at 5:00. the news continues. >> live, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a security alert if you work or do business in the federal building. after the navy yard attack a new report reveals thousands of guards may not be able to protect against intruders. has congress demanding answers. >> live outside of the reagan building with the findings. >> your tax dollars are paying -- the security guards they may not know what to do if someone comes in with a gun.
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>> navy yard shooter aaron alexis during his rampage, in an active shooter situation that killed 12 people. buildings prepared? a recent accountability office report finds many security guards who will be the first missing have not been trained for an active shooter scenario. there,ave an officer nothing here says that they will engage. >> the objective was to ensure hat >> the federal protective service police oversee security nationwide. inrode along as they trained 2010. the agency doesn't have the manpower to the cops every building.
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at the us hired 13,000 contract guards to man security checkpoints. many were trained as screeners. theirompanies reported guards were not trained to respond to an active shooter. >> if they engage the shooter, if they come into contact, they will engage. disagrees.rt they have limited assurance they are prepared for the threat. >> this is a huge hall in basic security. you are only as good as your frontline. if your frontline is not adequately trained and doesn't know what to do in a crisis situation, you have a big gap. from received a response the federal protective service. a spokesman telling us by e-mail , the agency has reviewed current active procedures,
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determining if enhanced training is necessary. >> thank you. the u.s. government needs to rein in its wide ranging snooping programs. they are analyzing the nsa surveillance practices. the panel says the court should sign off on individual searches of phone records, and a third- party group should store data collected from americans. it calls for the president to personally authorize methods used by the intelligence community. such as spying on other world leaders. president obama afforded the required tois not follow its recommendations. >> the senate has approved a budget compromise reducing painful cuts in the coming year. the plan is now on its way to the president.
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>> in three words, partial government shutdown. it blocks much of d.c. and workers paychecks to a halt. this, senate did not pass it was fear they could be plunged into a new shutdown for the new year. are 36.ays .> this felt was perfunctory on monday it was clear a filibuster had died. republicans supported the bipartisan bill. compromiseuld find a on how we move forward, then we billion facing a $20 hit. >> patty murray says that would have meant layoffs and uncertainty. this isn't a perfect
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compromise. >> harry reid lead with the senate to move the bill. a short-term increase in spending for the two years of the budget deal. the bitter, a reduction in pay for the military. even republicans testified it is consuming. >> these entitlements in the military are eating us alive. i don't have any doubt that if we were able to come up with an wouldriate pay form, it pass. >> this budget deal in is your emergency unemployment insurance at the end of the year. >> the shutdown has been averted. the real fight is expected in february. that is the debt ceiling deadline. lawmakers are going to dig in their heels on a range of issues. cuts65 billion in defense
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taken from this compromise. on the heels of the budget, proposing a change. legislation offered by the democrats would restore $6 billion in cuts to military pensions. they would come the form of reduced cost-of-living increases starting in 2015. they will block corporations who have tax savings overseas. and dow hit00 record highs today. the federal reserve announced it would reduce its economic stimulus. they fell to a 93 points to close 16,100. ben bernanke said the fed would lower its monthly bond purchases by $10 billion next month. it could lead to higher long- term borrowing rates in the future. turning to health care, people
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buying insurance under the affordable care act have 10 next or days to pay their first month premium. it will be due by january 10. the largest trade group extended the deadline because of the holidays and lingering problems with federal and state health exchanges. consumers must like the plan by december 23 to get coverage by january 1. >> the story very close race for attorney general of virginia has come to an end. claiming victory after a concession phone call from mark obenshain. his lead was insurmountable. >> it is a bit delayed, but the wind is just as sweet. it feels great. >> it was a vigorous and hard- fought campaign. it is over. >> herring is inspected to be the winner by sometime tomorrow. >> the proposal to increase the
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pay of police and firefighters in the district sets off a political firestorm. >> it is being blamed for a collision of a fire jet. blockades removed from the u.s. embassy in new delhi.
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>> growing concerns for diplomats in india. protesters demonstrated outside of the u.s. embassy in new delhi. they are upset about the treatment of an indian diplomat who was arrested on fraud charges. the indian government took -- put restrictions on american officials. secretary of state john kerry says he hopes the incident will not damage relations. >> the search is on for the second winner of last night's jackpot. this afternoon a woman from suburban atlanta claimed her half of the jackpot. she bought a ticket using birthdays and her lucky number. winner of san jose has not come forward. >> i know some people in san jose. we are waiting for a lucky
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millionaire coming forward. someone bought a ticket at highs convenience store. the winning ticket matched the numbers but not the mega ball. the collision of fighter jets inds that the fire -- that's -- the pilot needed more sleep. the second pilot was hurt but ejected before he hit the water. both pilots were assigned to the district base in injuries. >> kim doran, a 20 year veteran of the fairfax county police force has her be patient for supporting the officers. three years ago while helping a colleague with cancer, she learned she had: cancer. she not only stayed on the job
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but continued assisting her sick colleague. it was a great privilege of mine received the police award from law- enforcement officer who despite serious handicaps or illness continued their service. next, -- >> should police and firefighters be guaranteed an annual pay raise? that issue is a big dispute coming up. >> big changes in the temperatures in the coming days. when we can leave the inter- coast at home. latest, kirk cousins talking about the pressure, and a stable with the redskins is about to stay good by -- is about to say goodbye.
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>> six years since firefighters and police were given a raise. the mention of a pay increase is sparking controversy. >> the timing of the proposal has upset vincent gray.
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sam explains.c -- >> tommy wells is trying to buy the endorsement from the d.c. police and fire unions by offering unprecedented pay raises. police and firefighters haven't had a raise in six years, unable to agree with city negotiators. the bill would guarantee future raises tied to the cost-of- living regardless of whether they have reached a contract with the city. the mayor's office calls it pandering to unions. >> it is a campaign ploy. what do you think. it undermines our collective bargaining apparatus. >> there is more to union contracts than wages. d.c.'s police men and have not had a raise in 6-7 years.
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the administration is going to stall beyond this year, and not raise, keephters a them home. >> there are no other unions being offered such a deal. most others have reached agreements with the city. wells is one of five members in addition to mayor gray who were seeking the mayor's office next year. another council member has joined wells in introducing the measure. >> thank you. >> sam didn't look too cold out there. this was a breezy day. >> a lot of sunshine. tonight it is going to be very cold. another warm-up begins tomorrow. if you miss milder days, let's head to washington lee high school in arlington. clouds, andwarming little sunshine it knighted
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clouds. clear skies, cold across the area. 35 degrees in rock and laughter he high of 37 degrees. that is 36 and billy. for the forecast, we will stay clear and cold. sheltered areas, he could drop into the upper teens before sunrise. the warm spots locally, everybody dropping into the 30s. and 33, the actual high and low. we were very close average wise. tomorrow would begin a string of days above average to a lot above average. temperatures to the lower great lakes, 23 in detroit. , kansas city, starting
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to warm up. all that warm air is pushing our way. it is going to be around for a few days. partly sunny, after 50s on friday. front leadingd that great lakes air. that is going to go through the warm front. it will become a leading edge of a warm air mass. high pressure off the east. a steady push an increasing push of wins for the next few days. night, this will get close enough to come across the mountains, and we will see showers and rumbles of thunder on sunday night. showers last into monday morning. far as numbers go, here is what we see for you. to 30p temperature, 28 degrees. a 45 degrees at midday.
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50 degrees for midday -- for afternoon highs. saturday is the marking of the winter solstice, the beginning of winter. upper 60s to near 70's on sunday. clear and cool monday. sunshine on christmas eve, and 44 and christmas day. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> time to go for one redskin. >> it is time. you hate to see him go. say it ain't so, london fletcher. he is 99% sure that the next two games will be his last. likely retiring after 16 seasons in the nfl. he holds a record among active players for consecutive starts. he has played into under 54 consecutive games.
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alternate. his career statistics are a mirror image of ray lewis. those are incredible a compliment for a guy who was undrafted in 1998. >> we learned a lot. we will see. london is a special guy that you cannot replace. lewis and baltimore. the same kind of whole you will have to fill. >> if you didn't know, this is dallas we. it is a big ballgame. her cousin gets his second straight start. he is coming off the season high passing game. is there any extra pressure on you? day felt pressure from the i was drafted because you are an nfl quarterback and there are a lot of people who would kill to have your job. i'm in a position where i am not
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fighting to keep my job as much even perspective to learn more opportunities. >> the wizards are back in new blood: play the nets in -- to play the nets in brooklyn. take a look at this. 48 when he doesn't play. not to mention what he does as a leader in the locker room. he is a difference maker. he has missed the last four games and they need him back. blazers of the night, tied at 116. keep it simple. nailing the three at the buzzer. 36 points, shot of the night. portland wins. the cap slauson philadelphia last night, going to cause a
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hangover. this is what everybody is talking about. he had the puck and got hit into the board. then it broke loose. he didn't know where he was. wilson may now ride the time for a game. 42 minutes of penalties. on january 21, nicknames on the jerseys against boston. lebron will be king james. paul pierce will be the truth. name for will be the him in spike lee's movie. >> that will take up a lot of space.
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>> d.c. children will stay warm they should the generosity of local firefighters. the international association of , 36 needyrs local 36 general -- needy children. >> that is beautiful. some of the codes will not be needed in the next few days. >> we are getting a break from the cold weather.
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we are going to climb into 50 degrees with mostly sunny skies. that is just the beginning. by sunday. cold and dry for tuesday and wednesday. >> abc world news is coming up next.
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