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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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so, now i must thank the fascinating people who have made all of this possible -- you at home, watching. your support of this program made it one of the most successful franchises in broadcasting history. 20 years ago, i set out to do a program that celebrates people and their accomplishments. i'm proud that i stuck to my original plan and grateful that you stuck with me. good night. no, that's my makeup artist. i make her do all the angles. okay. that was good. now, would you mind taking a picture with the group? no. [ chuckles ] now i'm gonna give up two and half hours... [ duck call sounds ]
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-- captions by vitac -- i was smiling! [ chuckles ] that's my smile. proposedanges being
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captioned by the national captioning institute abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> topping our news at 11:00, a winter warm-up. lots of bundling up tonight but that is about to change. >> the temperatures could be in the 70's. doug hill is in the weather center with more on that. >> it will be close to 70. it is possible to be in the low 70's in spots. we will show you where we are at the moment. 35 in the district, 25 in bethesda. we are going to keep on dropping. we get a lot of encouragement looking at these late-night temperatures, at 11:00 eastern time, 50 nine in dallas, 55 in oklahoma city. that is the airmass that is heading in our direction. it will be cold in the morning but look at this warm-up. 62 degrees with sunshine on saturday. 68 on sunday.
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a record high of 72 is not out of the question. the morrow morning, get ready for the cold and then enjoy the warm-up. >> ok, doug, thank you very much. developing news in the case against bob mcdonnell. the washington post reports the governor and his wife were going to be charged in connection with the gift scandal but at last- minute appeal to laid the decision. his attorneys made a face-to- face appeal in washington. mcdonnell and his wife are accused of giving special treatment to a dietary supplement maker who is chief executive gave the couple luxury gifts. is not expected before january. >> new fallout from the edward snowden scandal. the man who exposed how the government may be spying on you now just days after a judge ruled that the nsa violates constitutional rights, the president wants to make some big changes. jay korff is live with a look at what this could mean for all of us.
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panel did not favorably on the administration's spy programs. the national security agency needs to do a better job balancing the security of the nation with the privacy of its designs. the task force made dozens of recommendations including calling on congress to ban the nsa's bulk collection of telephone records. panel member's agreed that court approval should be required for phone and internet data searches. they said surveillance of foreign leaders should only be considered in extreme cases. one member of the panel says gathering everyone's phone records is not making this country any safer. >> we think the so-called metadata program has not been essential, has not contributed significantly to the prevention of terrorist attacks in the united states or abroad. >> the president insisted the
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surveillance programs save lives. importantogram is an tool in our effort to disrupt terrorist bots. >> a judge ruled the daily collection of americans phone records as likely unconstitutional. some view these findings as a measure of vindication for edward snowden. the former government contractor who has been leaking information that has exposed the size, scope and appropriateness of spying techniques you live by the u.s. government. >> the nsa has run amok. it has been systematically violating the rights of privacy to millions of americans. >> we should stress that these recommendations are not binding. the president can ignore them if he would like. he is expected to make a decision within the month. outside the capital, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a symbol of the university of maryland torched. a tradition may be to blame. tom roussey live in college park.
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long before i was a student here it has always been good luck to go up to tetsudo the terrapin and rubbed his nose. the tradition has expanded and then leave him lots of things. two of the things that were left very early this morning just simply did not mix. tetsudo always gets his nose rubbed, but during finals he gets offerings. everything from the state flag to a phone. since the fire, he has been getting band-aids, get well messages, flowers, even burn relief pads. >> i left some healthy skin -- >> there is probably no school in america that loves terrapins more than maryland. this is the most important one. he has been around since 1933. >> a huge centerpiece. all the tour guides take tributes here. >> students were aghast to see
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this. university police say it was an accident. one student share this picture of candles burning in a croissant last night. either they or another candle caught a lampshade on fire. >> probably somebody hit the lampshade with a candle. >> sophomore roger perez came out to clean the bronze statue. >> i know a student out here who said -- you are probably going to failure exam. >> as you can see, even late at night because this is finals week, there are a lot of people hanging around. a lot of people witnessed this very early this morning. over the years there have been students from junior -- virginia that have stolen the statue. as far as we know, this is the only time he has been engulfed in flames. as you can see, he is doing ok.
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live in college park, tom roussey. >> [laughter] thank you, tom. for the first time in a long time, congress passed a budget. they did it before the deadline by a vote of 64-36. the house approved their version of the measure last week. supporters acknowledged that this agreement isn't ideal even if it does prevent another government shutdown. >> this bill is a compromise. that means neither side got everything they wanted and both of us had to give a bit. >> it is not a compromise for the american people because what it really does is increase spending and increase taxes. >> the budget replaces the next round of sequester cuts with additional sources of revenue and future spending cuts. president obama could send his measure as soon as tomorrow. >> following a razor-sharp race and a statewide recount, republican mark obenshain conceded the race for virginia's attorney general. a recount showed that mark
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herring's lead triple. open shingle his senate seat. in will keep his senate seat. a -- a&3 suspended duck dynasty star phil robertson. in a statement to entertainment said that it is extremely disappointed. onertson is reportedly hiatus from the show in definitely. speaking of duck dynasty, the show actually made a list of barbara walters 10 most fascinating people. now, we have our own take on that. we want to share with you our choices. the most fascinating people in the washington dc region. >> our choices run the gamut with a few surprises. >> number 10, celebrity chef
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hosea andres. restaurant,h his and advocate for the less , thenate, patty stonesofer former microsoft executive was the founding ceo of the bill and melinda gates foundation. at number eight, we went in a different direction. we chose the new panda cub, bao bao and her number -- mother mei xiang. number seven is the woman at the center of the irs scandal. >> i have not done anything wrong. the directorr was of the irs office that oversees the applications of organizations seeking tax-exempt status. the irs a positive -- apologized for targeting the party groups for additional tax scrutiny. number six, the fascinating development already brewing in the race to become maryland's
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next governor. in one corner, lieutenant governor anthony brown who has stayed away from the spotlight. in the other, the attorney general with some unwanted spotlight. pictures of doug gansler surfaced at an underage drinking party. a bumpy start in a campaign just getting started. at number five, the man also on barbara walters list, edward snowden. some call him a hero, others a traitor. all agree he has changed the course of history. number four, the man vowing to clean up corruption in the district. u.s. attorney ron mei chin has en has been at the center of an investigation. the investigation remains open. number three, the team with a fascinating new challenge. amazon founder jeff bezos. ceo katharine weymouth is staying with the post. their task, to change the paper
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for generations to come. our number two, david rubenstein who has donated millions to the kennedy center, the national zoo and has now given millions to repair the washington monument. our choice for the most fascinating person, robert griffin iii. 2013 started with such promise. a devastating knee injury followed by a disastrous season. from the toast of the town to the bench. rg iii grows from here may be the most fascinating thing to come. >> you can watch part two of the barbara walters special, a look at the newsmakers of 2013 tomorrow night on abc 7 starting at 9:00 p.m. >> technically with now that we should say the most fascinating mammals. bao we should say the most fascinating mammals. an airline is moving cell phones to get the in-flight ok. they are banning calls no matter what.
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>> new information about the crash that killed paul walker. we are going to tell you what investigators did not find. on th know who will be
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> new information on the crash that killed actor paul walker. investigators found no evidence the porsche he was in had mechanical problems before the crash. the investigation ruled out claims that road condition caused the car to crash into a light pole. the los angeles county sheriff's office is looking at speed and speed alone. >> controversy tonight over the u.s. winter olympics delegation. for the first time in seven olympics, it does not include a president, a member of the first family, a vice president or a former president. >> what is significant is who is going. two openly gay athletes, one of them a legend. what this all means -- >> a white house says the
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president has a scheduling conflict but this is widely seen as a major snub designed to send russia a message. with the 2014 winterland vix begin in sochi, president obama won't be there. neither will the first lady nor the vice president, no cabinet members either. two openly gay athletes will be part of the u.s. delegation. former olympic tennis coach early jean king and olympic ice hockey player caitlin. at this social outing for a group of local gay athlete, that move is prompting high-fives. that thek it shows united states is taking a stand on human rights. >> it sends a great message not only to russia, but people everywhere around the world. >> the white house denies this is about taking a stand. >> i would simply say that is send message we would
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through this manner. we have been very critical and very clear that he finds it offensive. >> as for the delegates themselves, politics don't seem to be on their agenda. >> [indiscernible] >> we are going to make this world a better place. whether it is through tennis, through music, whatever. just help humanity. partllie jean king will be of the opening ceremony delegation. caitlin cahow will be part of the closing ceremony delegation. >> thank you. decide, cellt they phones and calls won't be allowed on delta flights. the airlines ceo sent a memo to employees today saying customer research shows allowing phone calls would be "a disruption to the travel experience."
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southwest recently released a similar statement. >> they had to conduct a study to figure that out? >> it is the worst. >> i was the quietly tonight. that's good started in our coverage here. this is our almanac page. in the background, a time lapse from our rooftop camera here in roslyn. lots of sun and a very chilly temperature tonight. 44, the high, 33 below. at this time of year when the light gets so short, we turned the corner and suddenly get a lot happier. here are some numbers to back this up. it will be weekend, the shortest amount of daylight in the whole year. as we get into january, it gets longer and longer. six months from now, we will have 14 hours and 54 minutes of light. between now and then, we will gain five and a half hours of
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daylight. that makes me happy. the longer the nighttime hours, the colder the temperature. we are in the 20's now across the area. we are not alone. the entire northeast. we are seeing temperatures in chicago rise the past few hours. they are rising in indianapolis all because of a big push developing in the southern plains. that is headed here. that will be the source of a big warm up as we head through this upcoming weekend. warm air from the gulf of mexico, low pressure in the northern plains. high pressure will shift off to the east. as it does, we will see this warmer air get closer and closer. over the next few days, high- pressure will be out in the ocean. this cold front that is bringing colder air will be more of a warm front the next few days. as we get to late sunday, that
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will wash out in the cold air will start to come in. we will show you how that looks in the seven-day. 50 degrees in the afternoon tomorrow. a bigger improvement, 57 on friday. saturday sunny with highs of 63. we will also mark the winter solstice, the astronomical beginning of winter. on sunday, 68, the record high for washington. that is not out of the question. we will turn a bit clearer and eve and 44christmas when we get to christmas day. i am wondering, what does santa have in the box? we will have to wait. >> you can have it. >> it depends on whether you are not a are nice. >> all right, thank you doug. naughty, one of
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it!
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♪ mom's posting pictures on youour wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the wizards were back in new york tonight after beating the icks monday. they were back after missing their last four games as well. he makes a difference. let me take you back to the berkeley center. 45 points off the bench and he has 17 of those. you think he doesn't make a difference? just over a minute to play, watch this. he will find bradley. fires the three ball, he had 21 and six. underzards win 113-1 seven. a season-high, 32 points.
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the heat trailed most of the game and they were frustrated. look at lebron. he said, i was wrong, my bad. lebron james was settled a lot of the game. king james still had 24. the heat with a great comeback, they win at the final 97-94. that's talk about the redskins. london fletcher said today that he is 99% sure he will retire after these last two games. he is 38 years old, play 250 four consecutive games. more consecutive starts than any active player. if you look at his career stats, they are a mirror image -- london fletcher has a super bowl ring and will be a hall of famer. he is a better person than he is a player. it has been a great run and he will be missed. the media from
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his locker. he never does that. he speaks once a week at the podium because he has to. today he wanted to say all that stuff about his dad, let those who really know him be the judge. >> it is unfortunate if people misunderstand, the people that know me know what goes on all around here. night,shout of the bobcats, kendall walker at the buzzer. charlotte beats toronto 104-102. get out of canada with the wind. our play of the night. heading south, come on back. -- in chapeltball hill. as for hockey fans, tom wilson of the caps may receive a five- game suspension for his hit last night in philadelphia. >> all right.
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>> we have all seen those pretty extreme
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millions winners in california and georgia. that is our top stranding -- trending story tonight on a fire in theniversity of maryland. the forecast for the rest of the
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>> the warm-up is going to be a nice change. >> temperatures in the 20's, low 30's in the city. it will climb to about 50 in the afternoon.
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a very pleasant day. even warmer on friday. lower 60's on saturday. sunday you could see clouds, up or 60's perhaps over 70's. a good chance of rain by night. clearing out monday afternoon. partly cloudy unseasonably chilly for christmas eve and christmas day. >> not a white christmas. thanks.
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