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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 20, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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firesecurity guard opens at an apartment complex, shooting a man four times. we are live at the scene. the details on the man's connection to the property. can learnent now, we were the casino will come in prince george's county. we are live in baltimore were the commissioners are meeting. at theitical situation humane society. so many pets need to be adopted and they are available for free. record warmth for the upcoming weekend. not so great to the
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "breaking news." that breaking news is a security guard opens fire at an apartment conflict in the district. he shot a man four times after a struggle for a weapon. are live at the scene in northwest ec. the man who was shot had a history of the apartment complex? >> that is what we are hearing. police are still here on the scene and this is the mayfair gardens paradise section of northwest d.c. where the man was shot. according to police, it involved a police who has been barred from the complex about into a fight with the security guard. the guard shot the man multiple times. the man ran before collapsing from his loans. -- wounds. >> we're going to have to look at the forensic evidence, talk to the witnesses, try to figure
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out what happened. from all accounts, it looks like the security guard had no other choice. this section of northwest gun, it is long known for violence and drugs in the past, but it has been, in recent years. the man that was shot is in surgery and his wounds are life-threatening. sam ford, abc 7 news. senate majority leader harry reid is in the hospital. according to his facebook page, he was not feeling well this morning and went to the hospital as a precaution. tests show everything is normal, but doctorsre observing him. he is alert and resting and feeling better. he is 74 years old and suffered a mild stroke in 2005. president obama will face the
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press one more time before he heads on his holiday vacation. he has planned a white house news conference this afternoon. he will likely face questions of the health-care rollout and the nsa surveillance program. we will bring it to you live. captioned by the national captioning institute president obama is giving the military one year to improve how it handles and prevents sex assault. he has instructed the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to report back next december. he will consider more reforms if he does not see enough progress. a comprehensive defense of bill was sent to the president's desk. right now, investigators are focusing on a processing centers where target takes in credit and debit transactions. they are trying to figure out how thieves got access to information from 40 million customers. the secret service and a private team are looking into whether the attack came from overseas and if it might have been an
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inside job. we are hearing from the victims, including one woman who says the theft wiped out her bank account and she cannot pay her bills. >> those checks bounced. i had overdraft charges from those checks. else, if everything have these bills that i paid and that now the checks are bouncing. >> the secret service says target customers should check their credit reports and billing statements to make sure there is no fraudulent activity. >> arlington is cracking down on gifts that parents buy for teachers. there is a $100 limit. brianne carter reports that there are a couple exceptions to the new rule. some virginia students and their families will only be able to dig so deep into their pockets to pick a present. >> these teachers work hard. >> last night, the arlington county school board approved the problem see -- the policy to
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limit the amount to $100 a year. parents will be able to pool their money to buy bigger gifts. >> we can appreciate our teachers collectively rather than individually. i think that is what matters. thehe new rule is to curb potential for favoritism. it would not apply to classroom supplies, baked goods, or other supplies. don't know how they're going to track how much money these parents are spending because you could do $100 in one go or you can sneak in $20, 30.gif throughout the year. >> the teacher would be keeping -- responsible for keeping a tally. anything over must be returned. this is a happy story -- a
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local math teacher got a big surprise this morning. students asto his mr. bell and was named d.c.'s teacher of the year. mayor vincent gray made the announcement. he received a $5,000 check and says he is shocked by the honor. accept thisgh to award when i know there are so in d.c. liant teachers i think about the teacher of the year isn't necessarily the best teacher, but a teacher that -- i feel like i am working towards qualities we want teachers to have. >> what makes him so special? tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, we will go inside his classroom for that answer. fort is decision day commissioners on where to put a casino in prince george's county.
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they are deciding between three different conceit -- locations. one and national harbor, one at rosecroft raceway, and one in four washington. do we know who the favorite is right now? >> the favorite with certain appear -- would certainly appear to be an gm. we are in the actual meeting where the commission is going to decide where this casino goes. at this point, the chairman is offering his comments. we have heard all of the other commission members talk about what they see are the pluses and minuses of the three different locations, the three different companies that want to build this casino in prince george's county. seem to favor,l not all, but most seem to favor mgm and what commission members have said they have liked about it is the location of the national harbor right off of 95 with the road improvements, and
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they like the design. the casino mockups they have seen, sketches for the hotel, the money that it is expected that mgm will provide to the community and the state. these are things the commissioners seemed to favor. it looks like in second place is the parks casino that was proposed to be built and four washington. one of the commission members said that was her particular favorite and one of the things she liked was that would bring people deeper into the county. she thought it would give the county an opportunity to reap more in the way of economic benefit from people coming rather than people jumping off the beltway exit and getting out of the county. the third-place seems to be the rosecroft proposal. the bottom line is, this is a high-stakes decision and we expect to get that final answer within the next half hour or so. brad bell, abc 7 news.
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>> there are five other casinos in maryland. theis under construction in inner harbor. the biggest one is that marilyn live!- maryland >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the prince george george's county casino announcement. we are following the meeting on facebook, twitter, and we will be back tonight at abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the holiday travel rush is on. the weather could cause some problems for people all over the country. >> this is coming to us from salt lake city. up to eight inches of snow and ice caused a mess on the roads. it shut down the airports were a bit. what can we expect as we head out?
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>> it is a very busy travel day in washington. a lot of folks heading out of town and they're going to run into problems, especially north and west of the d.c. area. the national weather service has entered weather storm watches, winter storm warnings, if you have travels to st. louis, chicago, detroit, you can expect delays. here, wegh it is quiet have a lot of moisture. a funnel system that will stall out across the upper and great lakes area. that will bring measurable snow , milwaukee could see upwards of five to seven inches of snow later on this weekend. travel delays in chicago, nothing for bwi, we're going to look for travel delays to stack up as the storm system moves closer our way. >> thank you, steve. lundy -- london's
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west end is being checked out today after the serial link -- the ceiling collapsed at the apollo theater injuring up to 90 people. the mayor of london said he has been assured that safety checks are up to date at the 30 or so theaters in the west end. former culpeper police officer who shot an unarmed woman lost an appeal of his conviction. he is serving a three-year sentence in a death the patricia cook. he maintains a cook tried to drive away with his arm caught in the window. >> a lawmaker is saying but out. the new restriction he wants on cigarettes. it is about the environment. >> we will tell you which state is taking new steps to protect teens with hot -- teams with controversial names. to adoptld cost $170 this dog, but right now, you can take her home for free.
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>> a state lawmaker is proposing a measure to ban the sale of nonbiodegradable cigarette butts by 2016. the measure would include a fine of up to $200 per pack for businesses selling nonbiodegradable cigarettes. maryland would become the first state to ban nonbiodegradable cigarettes if it passes. for publicharder
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schools to drop tribal names. it wipes out all of the previous state orders for schools to drop race-based mascots. walker is concerned about free speech. --fallout continues made by after comments made by phil robertson. amd suspended him after he made comments about race relations and homosexuality. a&e new about comments he made before. thousands of people have signed petitions to bring phil robertson back to the show. >> humans are the only ones that want to go home for the holidays. the humane society is filled to the brim with animals ready for adoption. >> those pets are being given away for free. john gonzalez met some of the
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animals waiting for new home. is milky outside, we saw eight-year-old plush size. homes are desperately needed. >> 26 dogs alone at this location. it is beyond what we can handle as far it we have more animals coming in and we have going out. the hopes of making a christmas miracle, whas will be waiting adoption fees for all animals were christmas eve. for dogs it is $170 and for cap it is $80. >> that is completely waived? >> it is completely waived. office spacesing to house some of these animals. this time of year is often win more animals are abandoned.
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whether people go away and they do not plan to make accommodations for their pets so they surrender them, or trying to buy gifts. >> there is a $15 dog license fee for dog adopters. >> we make sure you are the right fit for the set -- right fit for the pet in the pet is the right fit for you. to soment to get breaking news just into abc 7. brad bell has just tweeted that at the national harbor has been selected to be the site to move forward with plans of a brand-new can see no. -- a casino. brad is still inside that meeting and we are hoping to get more information. check for the very latest on this story. >> the national harbor getting bigger. those rescue dogs make the
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best pets. i can guarantee that. they make great pets. we have great weather on the way. it is not going to feel like christmas time, the weekend before christmas, we are talking temperatures that are well into the 60's. close to 70to be degrees for the redskins's football game on sunday. pers are at seven miles hour. we'll get some sunshine this afternoon, but don't expect a whole lot. high temperature in springfield so far today is 51. radio, -- at wtop radio, 51 degrees. a little cooler off to the north. 33 in frederick, fredericksburg 58 degrees. the milder air at the south of us, well to the north, the last look at minneapolis, they are at
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17 degrees. chicago is at 34 and they are looking at freezing drizzle across the chicago area. for us, temperatures a little bit milder than yesterday. early this morning, we were about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. a good indication of what is on the way, an area of high pressure off because to south carolina and georgia, that will the southinds out of and southwest. the frontal system is going to slow down. flow rate -- flooding rains if you go to detroit, indianapolis, or st. louis. snow across more of wisconsin into the day on sunday. for us, winds out of the south. a breezy day for tomorrow. temperatures well into the 60's. out of keep the winds the south, but late sunday, the cold front will move through and bring us cooler temperatures for the day on monday.
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much colder air for christmas eve and christmas day. a high. for mostly cloudy skies. winds will be out of the south. partly to mostly cloudy skies for the night, temperatures will fall into the 40's. 62 to 67. we will see a great deal of clouds, but the game on sunday, look for temperatures at fedex to 68at just around 65 degrees. we could even tie or break records tomorrow and on sunday. receive and christmas day, for those that maybe -- christmas eve and christmas day, for those that may be traveling, it will be dry and chilly. temperatures will be in the 40's after the treat this sunday. jimmy loves it. >> thank you. a new poll on what is considering -- considered the most annoying were this year. for the fifth year in a row, the
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list.whatever" topped the it is the most annoying followed by like, you know, just saying, and obviously. >> pretty much everything from the movie "clueless here co. -- clueless." an
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>> chipotle is getting into the pizza business. to pizzawant to expand with a focus on service and speed. they are testing out the concept at a restaurant called pizzeria locale.
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fromll be the third brand chipotle in this area. the company owns shop house. they going to think of next? the fountain of youth may not be a mess in the near future. some scientists believe they may be able to turn back the clock by as much as 40 years. they identified a protein found in all living cells that is proving to rewind the effects of old age in mice. scientists caution there is more work to be done on this one, including exploring the long-term outcome of the protein and how it affects the mouse. still, there is hope. >> an embarrassment for the owner of the billboard in india. it was supposed to be dedicated to nelson mandela had the wrong photo on it. that is a fat -- a photo of morgan freeman instead of nelson mandela. freeman's photo will be replaced with the correct photo of mandela. with the correct photo of ma[ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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>> most of us are guilty of dozing off at the worst times, but a new device claims to prevent that. the device uses an infrared sensor to attract -- to track how alert you are. when it senses that you are getting drowsy, it vibrates, flashes a light, or plays a
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preselected music track. i protect there will be a run on those -- i predict there will be a lot on those by college students. >> we have a warm day today. we are 60, 65 degrees for the day on saturday.
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