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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  December 22, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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rachel washburn and all our servicemen and women. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir is back here tomorrow night. we leave you with the empire state building doing some christmas carolling above the big apple. good night.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. >> record-breaking high temperatures in the d c area. as we experience those temperatures, other parts of the country with snow and ice read -- snow and ice.
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are hours away from a critical deadline in the new health care law. and it is a familiar tune. so close, but the redskins could not pull out a win against the cowboys. more showers and storms are heading our way. let's get a timeline of what we expect and when. >> we have been busy in the weather center all afternoon. now we are watching the line of heavier showers that will arrive later tonight, dropping as much rain across the metro area. temperatures outside still about 15 degrees above average. 61 degrees at reagan national airport. 64 degrees at dulles international. look at the records. reagan national tied the record. degreesade it up to 71 and the same at bwi marshall.
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around charlotte, this will train our direction as it moves through the overnight hours, with the heaviest rain arriving during the early morning. it extends through tomorrow areas coveredthe include the district and prince george's county, all of southern maryland. fairfax and montgomery counties also included. we will talk about how much rain to expect and when it will come to an end and more importantly, what we can expect for christmas eve and christmas day in a few minutes. >> the winter weather slamming parts of the country am i being blamed for at least nine deaths. three people drowned in kentucky. lead to slickce roads, causing accidents. in the midwest, areas are seeing ice so thick that it is snapping off tree limbs.
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cancellations and delays, making holiday travel a tough one. be sure to stay connected with abc 7 news. we will have an update on the forecast in a few moments. the member to download our storm watch application as well. newre following some developments from south sudan, located in the middle of africa. fighting between rebels and the country's military has intensified. rubes of americans and citizens from other countries were evacuated. they were flown to safety in the capital. yesterday, 4 american troops were wooded when their military aircraft came under fire during an evacuation attempt. about 700 people have been evacuated in recent days. tomorrow is a big deadline for those wanting to sign up for health care insurance. if you want your coverage to kick in by january 1, you have to enroll by monday. workers at d.c. health link have been helping people sign up.
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>> at the good success christian prayer and morning, a push to get people signed up for health care. dropped by his insurance company seven months ago because of the existing health conditions. today, he worked to once again get coverage. >> it takes a lot of the burden off me. before, i was used to emergency rooms instead of getting the proper care that i need. i do not have money to pay for the emergency rooms, so i feel stuck. >> he is one of several people that will take action today before tomorrow's deadline. >> if it was not for today, i would not have signed up tomorrow. efforts continue to intensify. volunteers from d.c. health link are at community centers and hosting events to get people to
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enroll. 5000 in the nations capital have signed up. >> some of the people that we november, they understand that this deadline is tomorrow. is a call to delay penalties for those who do not get insurance. people need more time. >> 2014 will be a transition year to find out the nuances that we have to work for. to find out if the market can produce the products that we need. >> tomorrow's deadline is just for people who want to have their insurance by the first of the year. toy can still enroll up march 31. that is when the penalties will start to kick in. going to turn our focus to sports.
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another close game for the redskins. it came down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter. the redskins just could not get the win. continuing their losing streak. britt mchenry is here with a recap. >> finally, tony romo closes out a game. it is not the one game that you wanted. practically an institution in washington, one of the longest active laying streaks in the league, 255 games. fletcher announced this would be his last year. could the redskins give their defensive captain the more out their for a w against nemesis, the dallas cowboys? offered morris punches it up the middle for a t.d. 20-14, skins. he has his home run celebration to cap it off. dallas down six, tony romo buying time and connects with murray for the touchdown.
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they almost missed the extra point though. last chance for the redskins. cousins, way off the mark. not sure where he was going with that. the redskins lose again. they are now 3-12 on the season. >> anytime you lose an opportunity to win a football game, you are very disappointed. out, disappointed we could not get it done. we had a number of opportunities to get it done. they played hard. >> if philadelphia loses tonight, it is dallas' division. if not, they will play next week. not a good sign for the redskins. >> there was one bright spot during the football game. airing a timeout in the first quarter, the parents of javon hunter were allowed on the field
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to watch a video of him sending .est wishes he has been in japan for about three years. moments later, he surprised his parents and emerge on the tunnel. on skype him, we talk and all of that, but that is not anything like seeing our son. >> i am excited. i am overwhelmed. >> i was hoping they would not get a heart attack when they saw me. overwhelming, like they said. >> a lot of big smiles. days at the past three a hotel, trying to keep his return secret. hard to keepwas quiet, but he was glad he was able to pull it off. more changes after a reality tv star made anti-gay and racial comments. which restaurant is now reversing its decision just days after pulling some "duck dynasty " items.
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and what retailers are doing to try to lure some last-minute christmas shoppers. and what can you expect to pay at the gas pump?
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>> new developments in the controversial comments made by phil dynasty" star robertson. 48 hours after announcing it would pull items off the shelf, cracker barrel has reversed its decision. they announced the decision on their facebook page. attemptbarrel says it's was to avoid angry customers. has been placed on hiatus from his reality tv show after making anti-gay and racial comments to gq magazine. we are just three days from christmas and many people took advantage of this weekend's warm weather to knock out some last-
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minute shopping. several stores are offering some big deals. >> when time is this type -- tig ht -- >> it is a couple of days away and i'm so glad i'm finished. >> i will be completely finished. >> the mall was packed. people navigating this just days jungle before christmas. >> i'm going to have to use strategy and walk quickly. >> persuasion. >> happy holidays. we have lots of wonderful special today. >> most importantly, perseverance. >> i am a child magnet. >> one of the shortest shopping
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seasons in years. stores are staying open later than usual, some a full 24 hours, catering to the night owls and the early birds. demando have enough of a for them. >> the procrastinators -- >> i do this every year. i am not good at planning out my shopping. >> and the strategists. >> waited until the last minute to come out. >> helping shoppers beat the clock before the man of the season roll through town. is a lot with the children, to keep them entertained. >> the national retail federation expects that sales will be down about two percent before the holidays. dust in time for the holidays, gas prices are falling. $3.22tional average is per gallon, down three cents from last week. in maryland, it is $3.38.
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virginia is your best bet, $3.16 per gallon.
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>> in case you have looked outside once in a while, this is going to be a long storm system. >> it is a long process. we have to get through all of tonight and tomorrow morning and then things will improve. if you're looking for significantly warmer temperatures anytime soon, not going to happen. we did break some records today. we tied the record at reagan national. 64 degrees at the airport this hour. wins at 12 miles per hour. at 12 miles per hour.
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normally, we see highs around 45 degrees and nighttime lows at about 21 degrees. if you ever want to look at temperatures that are going to to cool-- this is going down quite a bit tomorrow afternoon. christmas eve, you will definitely feel the difference. alexandria at 63 degrees. there was a high earlier today of 70 degrees. 63 degrees for the current temperature downtown. silver spring now at 62 degrees. the 60s.res holding in gaithersburg and frederick still in the 60s. you can see where the cold front is located. pittsburgh at 59 degrees. compare that to detroit at 37 degrees.
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10 degrees up there. we are looking at a temperature colder thangrees yesterday at this time. the cold front is going to take its time as it moves our way. slowly but surely, it will move towards the northeast. all of this will lift our way and that will happen after midnight, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. "the morning "good morning washington" will be here to keep you informed. this is the heavy rain i am talking about. morning, areas shaded in orange. that is where the heaviest will be. through the midday hours and by the afternoon, wins will keep up out of the north and west.
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temperatures by christmas eve will only be in the lower 40s. moderate to heavy rain overnight. falling temperatures for the day tomorrow. with thehe range coolest temperatures coming during the afternoon-evening hours. the extended outlook shows a cold christmas day. highs only in the mid 30s. back into the lower 40s by thursday. >> thank you. we are hoping that we get rain. >> the season is playing out how you thought it would. there is one more game left. the redskins fought until the very end. it will be the end for some personnel very soon. redskinse most popular
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. no matter how difficult this season is for the redskins organization and its fans, dallas week is the type of spark and energy needed in quest of a moral victory. fletcher'sncentive, last battle. he will likely hang up his cleats after this season. so here he is. london fletcher coming out of the tunnel for his final home game, high-stepping, a little michael jackson move. possession,ys first puntels a punt -- fields a and runs all the way to within the 2. that would lead to a murray tou chdown.
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second quarter, tony romo avoids the rush and has all the time to find bryant in the end zone. 14-6, boysd. -- boys. third quarter, romo starts making mistakes. fumble the ball and wilson would recover. it is redskins ball. cousins goes over the middle to garcon. that is a touchdown. 14-13, dallas. tony romo is still tony romo. he throws to the sideline and it is picked off by hall. his seven december interception in three seasons. with hisinds garcon 107th catch of the season. that is a new redskins season record. morris touches it in. 20-14, skins.
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just a little over one minute ago. goal and tony romo buys himself sometime to murray. that would give them the advantage and this is the last chance for the redskins. cousins throws to no one. it is way off the mark and so were the redskins today. they lose, 24-23. they are now 3-12 on the season. >> i thought we had it. fourth and 10. would it havey been to end my career, with a defensive stand. of plays away from having it. this is the nfl. those are going to be runs in the future. >> it is very disappointing. the ups and downs of the game is what makes it a great game and makes it extremely frustrating.
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we have been on the downside. >> today, peyton manning surpassed tom brady's record for the most touchdowns in a single season with 51. after the game, i am sure brady will beat him next season.
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>> ron burgundy could not beat hobbit" at the box office. it earned nearly $32 million. anchorman debuted in second lace. -- place.
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>> we have rain and a lot of rain on the way. it will move through the overnight hours into the early morning. the temperature early tomorrow morning in the 50s. by christmas eve, we will only be around 40 degrees. christmas day, in the middle 30s for your daytime highs, almost half of what we had today. 72 degrees earlier this morning. >> thank you for joining us. we hope to see you at 11:00. a subaru...
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