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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, this is abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. >> enjoying warm weather that broke records. nature made it a miserable weekend for other parts of the families. football fans battled rain, snow, and ice. and imagine having to deal with this mess. what local county officials are saying about cleaning up that big ice storm. important deadline is approaching if you want health insurance. on storm in less than an hour, a flood watch will go into effect for some parts of the d.c. region. steve rudin is here to explain what we can expect. >> it has been a wild weather
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.ay with record temperatures it is the second day in a row that we saw warm temperatures. old record, 72 degrees at reagan. 67 at dulles. it was taken in downtown d.c. temperatures are slowly cooling. still well above average for this time of the year and this time of the day. .3 in dulles look to the south and west of us. charlotte in bristol, all of the moisture you see south and west moving our way. that is why the national weather service has issued a flood watch. it includes the district of prince george county and montgomery and fairfax. how much rain could be see? by the of 1-3 inches time the system moves on out of
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here. lots to get through over the next 24 hours. coming up, we detailed the forecast and will talk about what to expect christmas eve and christmas day and beyond. >> we will see all of that precipitation. the first full weekend of winter is bringing a wild mix to the country. it felt more like spring in d.c. , but snow, ice, and flooding slammed other states. team coverage continues with tom ramsey. we are three days before christmas. look at this. no jacket on. it is not the least bit cold. we have seen folks out here enjoying one of the last warm nights very likely to see for a while. a lot of folks out tonight. watch turns to the flood watch that steve rudin mentioned here it for now, folks are enjoying the warm temperatures. >> i'm getting my last minute christmas shopping. >> you saw a wide variety.
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like it was winter, which technically it is. >> is the jacket necessary? >> no. it is a beautiful evening. wore a t-shirt and shorts and was not the least bit cold. >> it is christmas time and we have got beautiful weather. you can hang out with their friends. >> it is nice to go out and not have to put on five layers. >> despite a little rain, d.c. enjoyed a warm weekend. aher areas are dealing with mess. this video shows sheets of ice falling off of the roof of an oklahoma city shopping center. ice also cause trouble on the great lakes to the england, even affecting canada. >> probably one of the worst we have had. >> to the south it is snow. other midwest states were hit as well. in other areas, flooding is a problem.
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rescuers in columbus, ohio had to evacuate a community. they are tugging national water from a flooded creek swept this suv away. >> a came down on top of me indicates. 2 tornado rips through. one woman died from the twister. here, today was 27 degrees above average. yesterday it was 27 degrees above average. that makes six days in the month of december were we were above average by double digits. that said, the whole month has not been warm. there are three days where we have been below average. along the waterfront in georgetown, tom rouse the, abc 7 news. -- ramsey, abc 7 news. >> stay with abc 7 news on steve will have another look at the forecast in a few moments.
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burlington county arefighters -- there was ceiling that collapsed in a church. it happened this afternoon on south 20ce fourth rd. no one was injured. bye-bye to the building is structurally safe. -- firefighters say the building is structurally safe. >> a neighbor snapped photos of this. have calledents county officials, pushing for action to get the junk cleared out. we have a reporter who is in that neighborhood. scene. is a remarkable this massive pile of junk pulled out of that unit and dumped onto the sidewalk. everything from a foosball table and entertainment center and
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furniture and clothing. there are some things that could even get people hurt. here is shattered glass from a shattered piece of artwork. neighbors want someone to clean this up. it has been out here for 10 days. >> it is hurtful to even look at it. it is an eyesore to the community. >> people who live along old colony drive -- >> they need to respond to this asap. >> they are frustrated over this. what really has residents fuming -- >> i can't believe it. look at the stuff. >> is that back on december 13, almost 10 days ago, much of workers -- much of that junk inside house was taken out and then the workers left. >> dirty mattresses, like five of them. not --closure are
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>> the suspect whoever owned the town house arrange for the jump to be cleared out. >> it is ridiculous and nasty and unsanitary. >> they are asking the county officials for help. they say it could take time. i'm sure if this was in front of the account executive office or their home, it would be gone a long time ago. >> residents hope would christmas a few days away that thatwill not be the view friends and family have when driving by. >> there is trash outside. >> it makes your home feel like a dumb. -- dump. the collection of bulk items pick up for these types of items -- it is not the responsibility of the county.
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it is the responsibility of the homeowner when it comes to situations like this. even with sa, the county said they are looking into the situation. they will try to get to the bottom of this and clear this mess out as soon as they can. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> a lot of people hope that is the case for real. thank you. d.c. police are looking for a person responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened early this morning. when officers arrived, they found two men had been shot. michael davis of north east died at the hospital. the second victim is expected to make a full recovery. was methodist pastor who preaching in d.c. this morning said church leaders must show support or the lgbt community. god'shad to treat
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children in the ways that he asked us to treat them, with the wayand accept them the creator has made them. >> a church jury gave him 30 days to decide whether he can abide by a ban on same-sex weddings. he said he could not do it. his credentials were removed. he plans to appeal that decision. >> a big deadline with the affordable care act is coming up . if you want help insurance at the start of the new year, you have up until tomorrow to enroll. volunteers with d.c. health link spent the week trying to help people sign up. they showed up at a church in northeast this morning. >> it takes a lot of burden off of me. i do not have money. i'm still stuck. >> if you do not mind having health insurance after january
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1, you can enroll anytime. if that deadline is missed, fees will kick in for those uninsured. >> more fallout from the national security agency program. leaders are demanding from the u.s. why a company reversed its decision to pull an item. >> and the redskins lost again today. fans sti
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. need your help in finding a person of interest in a kidnapping and armed robbery. officers are looking for a man seen in this surveillance photos. on friday night, the suspect took a victim to the waterfront metro working was forced to withdraw money from several atms. metrobber returned to the and took off. the victim was not physically hurt. >> d.c. police released
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surveillance video from a school robbery. hope information will lead to an arrest. it happened at the excel academy school i martin luther king avenue. this is one of 16 school burglaries in the district since classes began in august. >> we're following developments from overseas in south sudan. conditions in the war-torn country are continuing to deteriorate. about 15 americans were evacuating today here. as it is under siege as rebels continue to fight the government's military. president obama may send more u.s. troops to the region. are lashing out at surveillance program. they want the u.s. and britain to stop spying on israel. eavesdroppingthe was done at a facility in england.
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the reports are based on documents leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. indicates e-mails of some of the isreali former top leaders were intercepted. >> new details following anti- gay and racial comments made by a "duck dynasty" star. has reversed its decision to pull items off of shelves. it was announced on its facebook page that the intent was to offending customers, but customers say they were offended. was put oncharacters a after making controversial comments to gq magazine. mobilee will allow china to sell the iphone. apple says its newest product iphone 5c 5s and
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will go on sale in china stores next month. it has stiff competition from samsung and other chinese companies. >> in sports, the redskins couldn't snap their losing streak, but the day turned out to be a winning one for one couple. they thought their watching a video from their son who is stationed in japan, but he's apprise them by emerging from a tunnel. his parents were overjoyed. >> it has been seven years since we have seen him. that,k on skype and all but that is not like anything like seeing our son. >> i'm exciting. it is like i just had a birthday. >> i was hoping they would get a heart attack when they saw me. it is overwhelming. >> got to love all of those smiles. he spent the past three his and h try to keep
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return a secret. he admits it was hard to be quiet, but glad he was able to pull it off. a deluge came on quickly. 72 degrees. and then toward the end, boom. outside we go. skies are cloudy. rain on the way. heavy rain after midnight. it could cause some slowdown for the rush-hour commute. amanda will be here tomorrow morning and will a you on the traffic situation. 60 degrees right now at reagan national airport. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. the record is 72. our average is 45 degrees. our average low is 31. look at how cold it fell.
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three degrees. not even close to that. 16 right now in silver spring. a third of an inch of rain has fallen. we will add to that overnight. alexandria, safety nine. 60 in downtown d.c. 61 in martinsburg. hagerstown and 59. 56 in culpepper. a cold front is on the doorstep. 35 in detroit. colder in chicago. 10 degrees in minneapolis. subzero readings across dakota. once this front moves closer toward us, temperatures begin to fall. skies will begin to clear. are now seven degrees colder at reagan national airport.
11:21 pm what is on the it moves toward the north end of -- and northeast. we could pick up a few inches of rain with the better chances east of d.c. it is quite on the doppler. notice the showers begin to pick up across southern maryland. these are the areas that are going through the heaviest of the rain as he moved through the next 24 hours. this is what our model show. 3-4 inches of rain. lesser amounts toward the west. still, quite a bit more will fall during the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. this is the futurecast. the heaviest rain at 3:00 and 4:00. this will lift on out of here later on in the day. skies will clear a little bit. temperatures fall and it will
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get cold out there. moderate to heavy rain overnight. of rain andriods falling temperatures. temperatures 50-63. the cold air will move through the afternoon and evening. the extended outlook, a cold christmas eve. christmas day, highs will be in the 30's. nighttime lows falling into that 20's. the careful tomorrow morning. school is out. a lot of people are still going to work. it will be busy. it will still be a mess. we are still here. >> exactly. >> the redskins and the ravens, they got schooled. one team did not show up and closer to home, the redskins did. >> the ravens are known to show
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up late in games, but not showing up at all? romo'se about tony fourth quarter.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. earlier this season and the redskins were rewarded in a stand against the chargers. past, ita few months might as well be ages ago. the redskins continue a downward spiral of drama and the inability to close games. the outcome was a somber feeling for one famous redskin in his last turn off -- last hurrah. london fletcher did his best to fire up the crowd one last time. this 16 year veteran has played in many consecutive games and
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says he is 99% sure he is retiring after this season. >> 16 years ago i came into the league. he knew what we had at stake. we put our heart on the line for the guy who showed us how to play professionally. >> the redskins tumbled out of the gate early. michael fielded the cowboys first punt of the game. insideyards and spied -- the redskins five. execute that move. >> in third quarter, the washington defense rallied around its captain and mate to game changing plays. aler fumble the ball after hit by josh wilson. the redskins recovered in dallas territory. eight yard touchdown. only one. trailed by
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romo fired one to the south lines. romo is picked off by deangelo hall we stepped in front. they were back in business. garcon made a little bit of history. he set the record for receptions in a season with 107, passing an art of -- hall of famer. later, running into that red zone for another skins touchdown. 20-14 lead. in a season of disappointment, it became more disappointing. trailing 23-17. late in the fourth, the cowboys were faced at this gains 10. murray at that touchdown. dallas wins 24-23. the dreams of a comeback came rushing down.
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the redskins lose a heartbreaker to their nemesis, 24-23. they are three and 12 on the season. disappointing. we could not get it done. we had a number of opportunities to get it done. >> it was an enormous part of my career. everybody tried to get at it. try to get away next week. >> the patriots looked pretty good, sure. champ in yearst good. dominated.s -- intercepted by wilson. look at this man go all the way to the 74 yard touchdown.
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41-7 the score. in college roots, george mason loss to iowa state, 79-67. >>
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iiers decided to
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play dress-up. they just in costume. they received free lift to get at a resort. great idea.
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>> it has been one of those days in the area. >> it has been wild. i think today would have been in the middle 70's. we had the rain in the morning. fall fromtemperatures 60's into the 50 degree range. tuesday, we have a slow system. flood watch in effect for the area. 1-3 inches of rain by the time this is all done. >> still at rain event for the next few hours. experienced the worst year of his presidency?
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