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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 23, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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sarah and our guest co-host, jennie garth. everybody, have a great day. take a little time to enjoy the what? >> audience: "the view." >> "the view." [ cheers and applause ]
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>> live from the abc broadcast center, this is abc news at noon on your side. dealing with the rain and colder weather as we countdown to christmas day. across the nation, people are dealing with ice, snow, even some tornadoes. look at our first forecast. toit will actually start feel a bit more like the holidays by tomorrow. then, still in the 60's. we have a good bit of rain stretching along the i-95 corridor. been strong thunderstorms off to our south. we will get that in a little bit. our live doppler shows spotty showers in and around the capital beltway and around southern maryland. we are seeing a nice break over frederick and montgomery
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counties. fairfax is seeing a bit of a break. i think the most parts of the 95. will remain over east one -- andcations, 3/10 of an inch of rain at dulles. boy is it warm. 60 degrees in fredericksburg. 39 degrees in manassas. the cold air is on the way. let me show you those temperatures in the upper midwest. it is well below zero. it will not he that cold here. i will show you how cold it will be here. >> metro trains and police need your help finding a person of interest after a man is kidnapped at gunpoint and forth -- and forced to withdraw cash from several atms. >> john gonzalez has the latest on this case and how it is affecting other metro riders. suretro riders are making
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to take a good look at the trainrs today, along with information. this photo is on display and police are seeking assistance man -- in identifying the seen in the picture. >> i hope they find him quick. >> he is believed to be responsible for kidnapping and armed robbery that happened on friday night. the victim, an adult man, was taken from train to the waterfront metrorail station where he was forced at gunpoint to withdraw funds from several atms. >> i am going to take precaution, i am definitely going to remember to be safe. maybe less train rides around the holiday season. >> after driving around for a while the suspect eventually dropped the victim back at the road station. the victim was not harmed. -- at the rail station. the victim was not harmed. >> you hate to have to worry about something like that.
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>> the surveillance pictures are pretty clear and police have reason to believe there were a number of people in the trains around that time. they are hoping somebody recognizes this guy and comes forward with information. >> it is that time of the year, it is unfortunate. you have to be careful. >> john gonzalez, abc seven news. --normally on the green line this morning there was a delay when a train hit a deer. no one on the train was injured. a metro runs on a normal schedule today and tomorrow. on wednesday they will be operating on a sunday schedule. weather is delaying thousands of travelers trying to get home for the holiday spirit in some parts travelers coming to a standstill on one of the -- holidays. is comingrts traveler to a standstill. >> nearly 95 million americans
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are expected to travel today. many are contending with wicked weather. in oklahoma city ice is falling from above. from maine to michigan, downed power lines could leave hundreds of thousands to celebrate christmas in the dark. branches are falling on utility wires. >> it will be ongoing until the ice melts off the branches. -- s far north as canada >> probably one of the worst. >> didn't ice in massachusetts nearly cost this dog his life. the golden retriever had to be pulled to safety. high water in ohio stranded residents of a retirement home. had use rubber rasta pulled to safety. >> they had to raft up to my door. >> my grandmother -- >> read more were killed in kentucky when an suv, trapped in flood waters, washed downstream.
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but for many in the mid-atlantic state winter took time off for the holiday. of in washington dc, short sleeves replaced snow gear. temperatures were in the balmy 60's. in new york they hit a record 71, which did not deter skaters from enjoying a holiday spin. the warm spell is a quickie gift. by tomorrow the mercury will 30 to 40 degrees on the east coast. flights -- hundreds of flights are delayed and thousands -- hundreds of flights are canceled and thousands are delayed. >> we are investigating a deadly hit and run crash involving a pedestrian in woodbridge. it happened at 7:00 sunday night on a occoquan and vineyard way. scene. at the police do not have a description of the vehicle at this time.
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condition in critical after he was hit by a car in prince george's county. it happened after 6:00 in chillum. neare say he was walking the crosswalk but not in the crosswalk. the driver did stay on scene. around the country all eyes are on the website. today is an important website -- important day for those that want coverage under obamacare and wanted to kick in january 1. more now from washington. down forock is ticking the long-awaited milestone for obama care. today is the deadline for most americans to sign up for health coverage under the governance -- government's affordable care act onthey want it to kick in january 1. there is much optimism that this could be a turning point in a rollout that has been plagued so far. >> there have been a lot of glitches and problems but they
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are getting fixed. >> there is concern all round from consumers, insurers, and experts. will enough people, particularly to makeults, sign up the market place work. >> i don't think we can support this. i don't think the young and healthy are going to come in in droves to sign up. >> if shoppers do try to sign up, will be troubled website be able to handle a last-minute crush? the obama administration says yes. on friday president obama announced a million people have signed up so far. republican critics don't agree with such a positive assessment. the administration's goal is 7 million by march 2014. consumers have until the end of march to sign up or insurance without having to pay a penalty for lack of coverage. >> the bottom line is there is a lot of good things in obamacare that people like. the more people see that, the more positive it is going to be. >> the white house says president obama himself will be
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signing up for insurance on the market place by the end of today. abc news washington. newsming up on abc seven at noon, an early christmas gift for some. find out how 7 on your side was able to help fix this huge mess in prince george's county. >> 48 hours to go until christmas and we have a look at the last minute shopping deals and discounts. >> caught on camera, find out what led to to the -- led to -- to thistic dramatic rescue of a dog.
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>> a federal judge is set to consider and address in the gaye of utah to block
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marriage. in a judge ruled utah's law passed by voters in 2004 actually violates gay and lesbian couples rights given lawyers of the state want the ruling put on hold as they try to appeal the decision. cracker barrel is putting all items back on store shelves. this is a reversal for the company. on friday cracker barrel announced it was removing some suspended --nde for comments he made to gq magazine. they wanted to avoid offending customers but customers said they were offended that the items were withhold. 7 on your side this in with a consumer alert announcement from apple. the company said it reached a deal with china mobile to start selling the iphone. china mobile is the largest phone carrier. apple says the newest products products,-- newest will go on sale
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next month. it faces stiff competition from samsung and other chinese companies. residents snapped this picture of a huge mess in a rural neighborhood. residents called on prince george's county to get that junk cleared out. thanks to seven on your side but those county officials listened. -- 7 on your side those county officials listened. >> after sitting on the sidewalk for seven days, this neighborhood is getting cleaned up. >> a relief. frustrated weekend neighbors, tired of looking at the massive mess full of mattresses, tvs, and toys, contacted seven on your side. hours when our story aired, workers came to pick it up. neighbors say this all started workers came3 when
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in to empty out the home. the home has been vacant for a couple of years and went through a foreclosure possis. officials believe -- foreclosure process. officials believe there was an action ---- and even an evicition. day processs a 10 to find out who was responsible for getting it removed. that -- but this sat next to the street. >> residents say this could not come at a better time, just in time for the holidays when so many people have friends and family visiting. >> just in time for christmas. >> brianne carter, abc. >> the countdown to christmas is nearly over and the good news for last-minute shoppers out there, there are still some bargains to be had. in-store discounts are up an average of 13% this year. it is the highest level since 2000 and eight. -- since 2008.
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an ipad air is 30% off at walmart. chain is staying open around-the-clock the clock until tomorrow night at six. marion barry will hold the annual time -- annual toy giveaway for children today. it will take place from five to eight at the recreation that the fort stanton recreation center -- from five to eight at the fort stanton recreation center. for nearly three weeks this month hackers had access to the credit and debit card information of nearly 40 million shoppers. an oregon woman is suing for damages that could exceed $5 million. >> pay attention to your statements and if something does not look right, do not waste any time disputing it. >> chase bank says affected debit card members are limited to $100 cap what -- $100 cash
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withdrawals and $300 purchases per day. meanwhile, target and amazon are both refusing to sell beyoncé's self-titled album. they are protesting a one-week deal with itunes. it made $9.5 million for apple. although beyoncé did not comment on the boycott, she did make a surprise visit to a massachusetts walmart to pick up a physical copy of her cd and then she gave away $50 gift cards to every shopper in the store. it was a close call for a golden retriever and her owner in massachusetts. we want you to meet cosby. he fell through ace -- through a thin ice. his owner tried to rescue his dog but he fell through the ice too. >> i first try to slide across
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the ice and you can tell it was cracking under me. i got 10 feet off the dock and it broke through. as i broke through i climbed my way across the ice and clawed our way across and got to the dog. there.tayed calm both cosby and her owner were ok. a little cold but otherwise ok. the crew of the royal navy ship, hms protector, celebrated christmas early on the ice of antarctica. the ship is out there to carry out survey and patrol operations. bycrew members celebrated playing football and enjoyed a roast turkey dinner. the commanding officer said spending christmas in the coldest place on earth comes with challenges but it is a unique privilege. that but it comes with unique privileges. -- it is a unique privilege. are military, they are
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tough. >> they are. more power to them. thank them all for their service and what they are doing. for us, i feel guilty talking about 60 degree temperatures. they definitely want all the other layers for tomorrow. it will be drastically different. even though today is nice, it is gloomy. damascus, image from maryland. this overcast, some fog earlier, still some patchy fog out there. kind of a dismal day. but you cannot beat these temperatures. 58 in ashburn, virginia. look at how much rain we have seen. pretty much over an inch and a quarter. rain at the laurel .igh school annex a much warmer than average. as we show you the live super doppler, most of the rain is more spotty in nature.
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earlier this morning we had a pretty wide range shield across the region. now it is a little bit more spotty. i think most of the rain is beginning to ramp up and all this precipitation will continue tracking towards the east. look at these temperatures along the coast, well into the 60's. miami, 80 one degrees. quite a different story if you're traveling for christmas. take it from the midwest to northern dakota, that is where the cold air is. this cold air will start to filter its way in. so traveling today, along the east coast it will be wet. fortunately not a lot in the way of wintry weather. across the dash across this section of the country it is relatively quiet. it is the stream of moisture coming in from the gulf and extending all the way into new england. if your travels take you into new england, that is where there is some freezing rain and some snow. , that is whenht the cold air will start to move in. our futurecast does show some
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spotty showers. this is one simulation. i think more of that brain training in, especially east of 95 and over southern maryland. and then we will start to dry out overnight and temperatures will fall. 60 degrees now but i think falling to the 40's later this evening. turning breezy overnight tonight. it will be coldest temperatures fall into the 30's. 42 tomorrow, maybe a passing flurry. i am not getting excited about it. wednesday, christmas day, sunny and 37. it will feel like the holidays. give it a couple of hours. >> thank you. coming up next on abc 7 news at , the new fast and the furious movie will be released despite the tragic death of one of its stars. and we will have >> "fast and furious seven --
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"fast and furious 7" has a new release date. the death of paul walker delayed the release date. the new date is april 10, 2015. franchise star and good friend of paul walker vin diesel posted the news on his facebook page. ron burgundy was not the top story at the box office this weekend. "the hobbit" remains number one point $5 million in ticket sales. the film earned 400 $4 million worldwide in just two weeks. 2" was a close
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second. $404 millionarned worldwide in just two weeks. "anchorman 2" was a close second. hisne wade is set to wed actress girlfriend. he announced it on twitter and instagram. he posted a photo of a solitaire diamond with the caption, "she said yes." it will be the second marriage for both of them. >> that rain is almost nine carats. congratulations to her -- that ring is almost nine carats. congratulations to her. the redskins are still recovering from a nailbiting loss against the dallas cowboys. dayas a record-setting for the wide receiver p adam
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dallas quarterback tony romo connected for a fourth-down touchdown -- wide receiver. dallas quarterback tony romo connected for fourth-down touchdown. many thought he deserved a better ending to what is likely his final home game. on redskins head to new york sunday to take on their division rivals, the giants. >> so close. >> a nailbiter, for sure. still >> an update on the health care
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issues, "the washington post" is reporting the obamacare deadline is been extended until 11:59 p.m. on christmas eve, tomorrow. we will have much more on this change coming up on abc seven news at 5:00.
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