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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we stick together, we get the job done, and... all: we won! you know, there's a lot of people that do this, and, you know, they do a great show. and, you know, you always question yourself, do i have what it takes? but obviously we do. you do. you do, yeah. we do! i-i-i'm speechless. um... uh, it's -- i love you. it's unreal. it's totally been life-changing. so much emotion going on inside. i am so proud of you. thanks. we love you guys so much. yeah. yeah. thank you for sharing this not only with your community, your neighborhood, but with us, too. it's been fabulous. yeah, we've had a ball. thank you. this is gorgeous. merry christmas, you guys! yay! merry christmas! yes! thank you! sabrina: you guys deserve it. congratulations. absolutely. news at 11:00
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p.m. >> the weather create a mess on a busy travel day. cancellations at the airport all because of a weather system headed our way. the 70 degree temperatures we enjoyed on the weekend are a long way away. back to normal. >> temperatures of it before -- below normal. the cold front, the storm is out of the picture. still lingering on the eastern shore. temperature starting to fall as well. 37 in gaithersburg. -- this morning we were at
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64. temperatures are falling. running colder than they were at this time last night. you will have some gusty winds to do with. disturbance could and some snowflakes to part of the area followed by much colder temperatures. could it be enough to give us a white christmas? we will find out and a couple of minutes. >> lots of people traveling and we will have to do with the weather. delays out of washington airports have not been that bad but it is a different story to the west of here. we have an update. >> i cannot tell you how much colder it is right now than it was at this time last night. i was not wearing a jacket and tonight you need a winter coat and then some. it is not the weather around here that has been causing delays for airline passengers. it is weather elsewhere on the
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road has a set of problems on its own. this was i-95 and howard county. bumper to bumper in both directions. one family was trying to get home to new jersey after a trip south. >> coming back is brutal. >> it is time to start thinking about changing. hit any traffic his entire trip until that is the d c area. >> stop and go the whole way. stop and go. 495, 295, and other interstates had major issues tonight. >> it is crazy. i cannot explain them. >> accidents, people getting pulled over, rubbernecking. thisst times we fly but time we decided to drive. i do not think we will do it again. >> airports were having issues emma two. bwi cell big crowds.
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she was trying to make it to her layla'sfor her baby first christmas. there were a lot of delays but most appeared to be an hour or less but to the south at reagan national, in some cases, the delays were pretty bad. a big ice storm that has hit michigan, upstate new york, and new england is completing things. it did not help travelers to detroit when this plane flew off the taxiway. no one was -- slid off the taxiway. no one was hurt. >> even at this hour, look at the traffic at the airport. it has been a very busy day. the delay situation seems to have improved as the night has worn on. aaa tells me the expected today to be the busiest travel day of the christmas season. things are kind of bread out this year so tomorrow is expected to be almost as bad. >> thank you.
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u.s. park police are looking for these people you see here. they are accused in a brazen and 5 -- violent robbery. they took a woman's verse and a car they used her wallet could lead to their arrest. we explain how this works. >> investigators got a break here. they forgot to key roles. -- rules. theras are everywhere and technology is getting better and better. after it :00 p.m. u.s. park police say a young woman was footpatht a popular when she was robbed. two men with a gun came up behind her and demanded her purse and cell phone. >> we have heard about a few robberies. happening maybe every three to four months. >>
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investigators do not have much to go on. this time the got lucky. card.sed the metro -- park police say the that these are the perpetrators. residents are still using the cut through. >> it saves me at least 10 minutes. >> is best to go when you're with someone. if i am not with anyone i usually take the 80 bus. >> lighting helps but you cannot depend on it. >> we spotted a light that was intermittent and a temporary gas powered light that did not come on. eric smith brings his own .eadlamp >> when i go through here i tend to pick up my pace. >> we have seen a number of police cars patrolling this
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area. police wants to know if you have any information. >> this coming in from the at 4:30. this happened a.m. an active search for a small gold sedan is underway. closed whileas police investigated. it has reopened and there is no word on the condition of the person who was hit. police believe the same man robbed three banks over the past 10 days. at 2:45 p.m.nt today. during his robbery the suspect wore a neon yellow jacket.
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and a construction hat with the word joy on top of it. if you have information, alexandria police want to hear from you. the department of justice called the security breach at target the second-largest in u.s. history. was stolen between november 27 and december 15. target says it is cooperating with a probe by the department of justice. more than a dozen people have filed class-action lawsuits. some claim that target was negligent and should have done a better job protecting customer data. a last-minute extension means you have more time to help -- sign up for health insurance. the deadline is for those who want insurance starting january 1. the deadline was to be today but it has been pushed off till december 24. the obama administration granted the extension because it anticipates a last-minute rush. they are concerned about technical problems with the website which has been plagued with leeches.
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of thes another example administration worried about the implementation and to critics another example of unilateral thege. >> if you do miss deadline you can still sign up. health coverage must be in place by the end of march or you will face a penalty. after months of revelations from the nsa edward snowden says mission accomplished. interviewin person since arriving in russia, a washington post exclusive. goal wast was -- is for americans to have a say and aw they were governed. federal judge recently ruled is likelyollection unconstitutional. neighbors next to an eyesore called on abc 7 to help. a massive pile of mattresses, tv's, toys, even if he and i was sitting in the front yard of a house on old colony arrive in
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upper marlboro for days. it could -- they said took our cruise to get action. >> at this time last night there was a massive, enormous pile of junk on this front yard that came from that and townhouse unit that had been dumped here. some tenacious neighbors around here and some good folks with prince george's county. this mess is no more. marlboro of this upper neighborhood are thrilled. they can finally see the grass in front of an abandoned townhouse. >> great job. quick sunday night our camera captured a huge pile of belongings, furniture, clothing, even in old p&l littering this yard. neighbors say 10 days ago someone pulled this mess out of the vacant property but never cleaned it up. >> is all gone.
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>> the view from old colony drive is much more aesthetically pleasing. >> i am so happy. thanks to channel 7. nine on your side. >> in the hours after our story aired, a crew from prince george's county responded by completely removing his eyesore. >> the reason they came here is because [inaudible] side informed officials of this dilemma. this case was so disconcerting officials from the department of permitting and inspections and enforcement expedited the process. community can spend the holidays in pleasant surroundings. it. >> weeciate should point out that county officials tommy this process
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takes time. the first they may have to do is figure out who the property owner is and give that owner 10 days to clean up the mess. they're thinking about streamlining this process so the candy like -- deal with things like this quicker. >> good work. another day in the dark. an entire city is coping with a massive power outage. teen girl whoa went in for routine surgery and suffered massive cardiac arrest. >> the
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girl is in the hands of a neurologist. she was declared rain dead after a tonsillectomy. since then her family has fought to keep the hospital from removing her from the ventilator. they insist she is responding to their touches. i am praying on it.
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just give him more time. >> a judge appointed an independent neurologist to re- examine her brain. the california attorney general said her office is monitoring the situation. thanks to toys for tots and a former d c mayor, hundreds of d.c. kids will have some presents to open up on christmas morning. this happened in an area where nearly half the children live below the poverty level. event it slated for three hours but in time and it's the toys are gone. -- in 20 minutes, the toys were gone. for hundreds of kids who thought up until now said it was not stopping at their homes for christmas. these strangers delivered holiday cheer at no cost to
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their parents. >> [inaudible] sandy is a mother of five and still grateful -- so grateful for this generosity. >> stuff like this gives us hope. >> people like marion barry. his animal -- annual toy giveaway to place this year. >> it makes you feel sad to some extent to know that as rich as the city is, as rich as america airs -- is [inaudible] >> 40% of children live below the far -- federal poverty line. for theirout grandchildren who lost their mother. not something to smile about the season. she and many others were on the receiving end hoping to give next year.
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>> i have been through it so i understand. it hits my heart. >> >> montgomery counties -- county's to us for tots tripled the number from last year. a major ice storm moved through last weekend damaging trees and power lines. the city is asking for outside help to clear tree limbs and get the power grid repaired. we know they are paying. >> we had more of that system coming in for tomorrow but we are talking snow flurries. what is a white christmas officially? whether we have measurable snowfall on christmas day or there is one inch of pre- existing snow on the ground. the last time that happened was in 2009.
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seven inches of snow early in the morning and we got -- most of it melted off. be the day that we get some flurries. zero chance of having a white christmas because it will be bright and sunny on christmas day. temperatures in the lower to middle 60's. the front came through and temperatures have been dropping. 30 plus widespread to the north and west. temperatures will drop areawide by tomorrow morning but to show you the effect of this cold front, take a look at temperatures now and we will contrast them to last night. 42 at reagan national. 18 at indianapolis. zero in chicago. these numbers represent a huge degrees colder than it was last night. the cold air continues to press and from the north and west. high-pressure is touring to build and clear. these are the numbers, the departure -- this was 18 degrees
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colder than it was this time last night. he for the main core of high pressure moves in, something to keep an ion. this will come flying through tomorrow and we will start with sunshine in the morning but then the clouds at -- increase of their could be some patches of snow for flurries -- snow flurries. we get to midday and the clouds roll in and we're stopping at -- with rainn the showers blowing through. nothing to do except to say, look outside, it is snowing in a few hours. or you can look outside it is raining. --you live in areas outside it will be colder tomorrow through the day. somit will be a bit warmer
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on thursday. a bit of a warming trend coming our way. >> a warming trend but and i see situation -- an icy situation mike shanahan. is it over? hear what the redskins coach has to say about his impending future. we will tell
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$1000 sitting on the seat and tries to give it back to their owner. of the man's wife heard about the story and prompted him to turn it in. the rightful owner lives in chicago and he says he is going to give that money to samantha night for christmas -- knight
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♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrapt up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> hours away from the big day.
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breezy.clouds and maybe a few afternoon flurries. some snow showers in spots. christmas day, sunny and seasonally cold. over the weekend it is nice. partly cloudy and a warming trend. dry pattern. kimmel is next.
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