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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> coming up, you take the good news with the bad. the rain is gone, but here comes the cold. we have complete coverage as the winter weather makes its way back for the last burst of holiday travel. >> if you have made your list that you are running out of time
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to check it, we are on the final day of shopping before christmas. >> it is not how most of us would expect to spend the holiday. two americans getting ready to undertake a dangerous mission to hunter miles above the earth. -- 200 miles above the earth. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. i am jummy olabanji. >> i am autria godfrey. we have eileen whelan joining us this morning in the weather center with everything you need to know about heading out today. >> travel should be much better today. up and down the east coast, after the cold front slip through, you will notice this morning, the drastic difference in temperatures. it is 36 degrees downtown. lower 30's elsewhere across the region. that brings us to a angrtotal
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of 25 and 30 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday morning. you will notice the difference. we will see some sunshine this morning, but it will be mostly cloudy. highs only in the 40's. pre-breezy as well. as another little front -- pretty breezy as well. as another little front slide through, flurries are possible. don't be surprised if you don't see any. it will feel like the holidays with the colder temperatures. travel should be very good here in the nation's capital. let's continue our team coverage. is at reagan national. >> grandmom may have to wait a little bit, if we are traveling, holiday travel has been a their -- a bear because of the bad weather.
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now, on christmas eve, we are dealing with it again. bad weather, bad storms around the country. least 35ll you at states are being affected by winter storms and one of the hardest hit airports, if you can believe it or not, reagan national airport. it has seen at least 50 canceled flights in the past 24 hours and issues and other cities and airports are what is causing this rippling effect. in detroit, the thick ice caused slide off7 flight to the runway. no injuries, but all of the ice and flash floods have killed at least nine people. this bad weather is a dangerous, nation when you're talking about aaa predicting 94 million americans traveling, more than 50 miles of holiday season. if you are flying this morning on this christmas eve, check the status of your flights. many of these flights are headed to areas that are already in a
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bad weather or facing bad weather. we can tell you, there are a lot of delayed flights here. here to tell us more about the road conditions and what will happen with holiday travel, jim lavin. at 95 at a look franconia spring parkway, things are running well. a generally good trip through quantico, dale city, woodbridge, and newington. 66 looking good as you make your way through centerville and fairfax. there are some wind restrictions nothe bay bridge -- restrictions, window warnings. -- wind warnings. warnings mean that all you have to do is use a lot of caution and you will travel
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across the bay bridge at your own risk. >> thank you very much. new this morning, all lanes are back open after a serious accident in suitland. it happened around 11:30 last night on allentown road. on what caused the accident or the condition of the victim this morning. the scene has been cleared and police have reopened allentown road. it is over. it is the last day to get all of your shopping done. >> hopefully you are done, but i know a lot of you probably aren't. brianne carter is live at fair lakes mall in fairfax. good morning. it is the last minute scramble to check everyone off of your list. it is time to get out to the stores. retailers are doing all they can to make sure that people can pick up those last-minute items. kohl's. this
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24 hours nonstop. me --ave been here making making sure the shoppers get their last-minute items. understand over the weekend, seven percent less -- for stores across the country. consumers are willing to wait as long as possible, even if that means doing some of their christmas shopping after the holidays. out and about yesterday, a lot of people are doing it before the holidays. stores were packed yesterday. it was hard to find a parking space. stores thateveral stayed open around-the-clock until this evening to make sure you can get presents under the tree in time. today, the new deadline to
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sign up for health insurance at all of this is thanks to a last-minute extension. the deadline set by the affordable care act was monday, but the obama administration granted the extension because they anticipate a last-minute rush. they're also concerned with technical problems with the website. it has been plagued by several glitches. an incredible rescue to tell you about out west. >> wait until you hear about how close three skiers came to death after being caught in an avalanche. that story is still ahead. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas.
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abc 7'sre watching "good morning washington." wow. things are rocking along at this home in maryland. take a look at this. >> the music is our music. it all goes great together. it is gorgeous out there.
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thank you for letting us showcase your gorgeous light display outside your home. eileen, i know you are probably a big fan of this. >> i am a huge fan. i love these decorations. i was at theirn, home. they do this every year. they did the halloween decorations again, and christmas. you can see all of the lights. not only do they decorate the outside, but also the inside. i am sad i can't be there this morning with the storm chaser, but good morning to them. thank you for sharing your holiday decorations with us. hopefully you are getting in the holiday spirit. i am sure everyone else is as well. it finally feels like winter. 28 degrees in gaithersburg. there is a little bit of a breeze. it is between five and 15 miles per hour. it will pick up later today. this morning, wind chill values
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in the 20's. yours a quick look at holiday forecast. today, mostly cloudy. breezy and colder. 42 degrees. i think a few flurries are possible this afternoon. sunny,istmas day, mostly but cold. only around 35. below average. we go from the 70 degree mark on saturday and sunday to the 30's tomorrow. jim lavin joins us from wtop. >> things are running well across the woodrow wilson bridge as you see in our camera shot. we have no problems on the inner loop loop or outer loop of the beltway. ashburn farm parkway at ash bernal road, traffic lights are dark. treated as a four-way stop. 66, a good trip centreville all the way to the beltway.
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>> thank you very much, jim. important news this morning. >> following the massive information breach at target. that is coming up next. [ male announcer ] for every late night,
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>> this is "good morning
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washington," on your side. >> we are back and checking our top stories. lanes are back open after a ,erious accident in suitland maryland. it happened around 11:30 monday night on allentown road. one person has life-threatening injuries. isowerful winter storm causing a travel nightmare. michigan and new england are covered in a layer of ice. hundreds of thousands are without power on this christmas eve. the storm canceled or delayed thousands of flights across the country. at midnight, the new deadline to sign up for health insurance on that is if you want covered by january 1. the obama administration extended the deadline by 24 hours. he did not want a last-minute rush of people signing up to crash the website. a critical spacewalk today could fix a major problem on the
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international space station. suzanne kennedy is monitoring the situation and is on the live desk this morning. >> they will be working to repair and wrap up work on a faulty coolly line -- cooling line. this is the second time they have aimed to make this fix. the broken pump was removed on saturday. the second walk should have taken place yesterday, but was pushed back so one of the astronauts could switch space dudes. -- spacesuits. the broken pump jeopardizes operations onboard the international space station, so the fix is critical. thank you. so interesting every time they had out. >> are we going to talk about where santa is right now?
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>> oh, here we go. >> he is preparing for launch. he has a lot that he has to put in his sleigh. elves arere the working hard. i'm sure the reindeer are prepping, getting fuel so they are ready for their journey. hadhe last update was santa taken a look at some polar bears at the north pole. in the next hour or so, we will see if he has lifted off yet. >> traveling should be fine. clear skies tonight. it will just be cold. good thing he has his santa suit. he will be nice and warm. we are excited for his arrival. it is cold this morning. no white christmas for us. not to probable in.
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only a 15% probability. defined as having all onable snow f christmas day or at least one inch already on the ground. it will not be a white christmas for us, but i think a snow -- a few snow flurries are not out of the question. i feel like we went from spring him back to winter. to get these temperature changes over the past toy for hours. 33 degrees colder in gaithersburg and it was yesterday. i'm sure you'll notice that all up and down the east coast and the eastern half of the united states is much colder than yesterday. we had one cold front slide through and we have another one that will slide through later. it will be breezy with a few flurries.
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40 five hour afternoon temperatures. , mainly clearght and cold. for tomorrow, another cold day. 32 to 36 are hour afternoon high temperatures. we stayed dry. stay dry. >> as you make your way out, no scraping to do on the windows. that is a good thing. once you get going, 270 south out, you can see a wes montgomery out -- avenue, that is running very well. the headlights coming toward you on the southbound side. going to our maps, we have some problems in ashburn. ashburn arm parkway at ashbourne road, the traffic lights are dark. police have arrived, but you want to treat it as a four-way and follow the police direction. 95 northbound slow through
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quantico and then the delays are gone. autria, jummy, back to you. >> important tech news this morning. security breaches will continue and our credit cards are to blame. >> it is not just targets fall. the u.s. falls behind the rest of the world in payment card security. relying on an easy to copy magnetic strip. a couple of apple's recent acquisitions reveal that they and and --.broadmap sam sun is bringing finger
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gestures to its new line of smart tvs. the new devices will let users change the channel, select the program, and all you have to do is move your hands around. they will be unveiled next month in las vegas. those are your tech bytes.
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circuit court could rule on whether to halt same-sex weddings. state lawyers turn to a federal appeals court in their bid to put a stop to gay marriage. the state should not be a virus -- should not be required to abide by it. >> this is a story just have to hear. three skiers r.o.k. after they were partially buried by an avalanche at the oldest year
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area in utah. they were skiing on monday morning when they triggered an avalanche. crews dug them out and they were not her. officials at the resort are warning people to be cautious. >> it is nothing to play with. it is serious stuff. i'm glad everybody is ok. you do your best to control the environment, but it's mother nature and you cannot connect what will happen. the ski lift was temporarily closed after the avalanche. >> take a look at this. you need to see this. a rhode island teen is not letting his physical disability keep him from what he loves. he was born without arms, but he wanted to lay football. he is a kicker for the team in providence. eight handles kickoffs and extra points. joke that he likes to play defense, but he is not
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good at tackling. >> he has a leg on him. hope you enjoy the warm up while it lasted. it is out of here. winter weather is back. you'reup, whether shopping or traveling, we will tell you what it means as you head out the door. it is 5:26. 34 degrees.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is 5:30 in the morning and time is running out. this is your last chance to get out the door for holiday shopping. it comes as temperatures in the area start to take a dive.
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i am jummy olabanji. at >> i am autria godfrey. merry christmas eve. maybe today is the day to hit the indoor stores. >> we are just about 30 degrees colder this morning. >> a little bit of a change. >> if you are doing the last minute shopping early this morning or at any point today, make sure that you layer up. temperatures are very cold. .6 degrees downtown 30 degrees is what you are waking up to in the manassas. it is about 25 to 30 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. moreinds will pick up even over the next several hours, but windchill values are in the 20's. it is a cold start to the day and it will be cold for the day tomorrow as well. even colder. warty to. mostly cloudy -- 42. mostly cloudy.
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christmas day, sunny and cold. things look good if you are traveling out of the d.c. metro area, but across the rest of the country, it may be slower. we have team coverage this morning. national.s at reagan how are things looking? d.c.,is not bad in the but there is a lot of red on the monitors. holiday travel has been a bear. had a factor -- played a factor during thanksgiving traveling and this christmas, at least 35 states are being affected with winter storms. one of the hardest hit airports is reagan national airport. they have seen at least 50 canceled flights in the past 24 hours. this is become -- because of all of the issues in other cities and airports causing the rippling effect. in detroit, the ice caused a --ta sullivan 37 flight
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delta 737 flight to slide off the runway. all of the snow and ice, and flash floods have killed at least nine people. this bad weather during the holidays is a bad combination. 94 millions americans will be traveling more than 50 miles this holiday season. that is a little bit more than we saw last year at this time. if you are flying this morning, make sure to check the status of your flight. any of the flights are heading to areas that are being hit with mother nature on nasty christmas gift this morning., john we're going to send it over to jim lavin, who will tell us what is going on at the roadways. >> 270 is running very well, up to speed. we have some problems in ashburn. there is a traffic light out at
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ashburn farm parkway at ashbourne road. with the traffic lights dark, you want to follow police direction. they arrived on scene and they are taking care of getting people through the intersection safely. route 50 eastbound and westbound on the bay bridge, no restrictions as far as the vehicle or type of vehicle. wind warnings are in effect, so that means travel at your own if -- your own risk. eastbound and westbound, no delays. looking good. thank you very much. small and, another traffic mode for you. all lanes are back open after a serious accident in suitland. it happened on the 4800 block of allentown road. theperson was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. no word on the condition of the victim. the scene has been cleared and the road is open. the last day to get
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your shopping done. less your folks -- unless your ifts after their g christmas. have seen some arrive here this morning. stores are doing all they can to make sure people have time to get what they need. that even means staying open 24 hours. several stores are doing that throughout the day today. untill be open 6:00 this evening. they're trying to make sure they get as many shoppers in the door as possible. they are trying to make up for lost time. the shopping season was shorter because black friday do not happen until much later and closer to christmas. if you are coming to the mall or hitting the stores today, look out for those major deals. a lot of people wait until the
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last minute, hoping to get a great price on all of their say try to bargain with some of the sales associates. retailers are hoping to get people in the door, as many as possible, before christmas. some might wait until after if you're going to be getting them home and wrapped in time for santa, you have a few short hours. >> you are absolutely right. thank you for that report. today is the new deadline to sign up for health insurance through and make sure you get that insurance on january 1. all of this is thanks to a last-minute extension. the original deadline set for the affordable care act was on monday, but the obama administration granted the extension because they anticipate a last-minute rush. they're also concerned about
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technical problems with the website. today is a critical day for a family of a brain-dead girl in california. >> we will tell you about the heavy decision they are facing today. [ male announcer ] for every late night, every weekend worked, every idea sold... ♪ deserve a cadillac, the fastest growing full-line luxury brand in the united states. including the all new 2014 cadillac cts, motor trend's 2014 car of the year. get the best offers of the season on our award winning products. like a 2014 ats and srx. hurry in, offers end january 2nd.
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>> we love the prather house in temple hills, maryland. we are ok with them decorating. thanks for letting us come in of your holiday joy this christmas eve morning. >> they are all lit up. santa will have no problems finding the appraiser -- prather house. eileen was out there for halloween this year and they go through just as much work for every holiday. good job you guys. everybody is thinking they need to step up their game. wish ien is like, i could have the storm chaser out there. >> i really do. it was a tree that halloween going out meeting out darlene. they do such an incredible job there. like you said, i don't think
5:42 am
santa will have any trouble finding their house. it feels like the holidays this morning for sure. .emperatures are in the 30's 36 degrees downtown and 32 degrees in culpeper. we had all of the rain moved through yesterday and we are seeing some breaks in the crop , but more clouds will fill in throughout the morning. it will be bright -- quite breezy. will feel likeit the 30's. bundle up heading out and about today. if you see arised few flurries out there. how festive for the day. day tomorrow even colder. i will share that forecast and a little bit. how to the rose looked this morning? jim lavin joins us. >> ashburn farm parkway at ashbourne road, traffic lights
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are dark. police are directing to get you through those problems. when that warnings on the chesapeake bay bridge. no vehicle restrictions as of yet. we have problems on the metro rail. the blue line delays are caused by a train malfunction. just some residual delays. the problem has been taking care of. are runningk lines on a modified as scheduled. no service on the camden line right now. new word this morning after a deadly meningitis outbreak. after dozens of people died and hundreds more were second, the pharmacy at the center of all of that is taking action. violence andund of one of egypt's busiest cities. we will explain the stories and more. it is 34 degrees. [ female aleouncer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian.
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>> welcome back. at least 14 people are dead and dozens are hurt after an explosion at police headquarters in egypt. officials believe a car bomb caused the last. it happened at a city north of cairo. the government accused the muslim brotherhood of organizing the attacks. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. on a massive settlement after a deadly meningitis outbreak. suzanne kennedy that the live desk with more on everything you need to know. -- tookutbreak to break place about last year. 750 people developed fungal meningitis. 64 of them died. they have agreed to set up a victim compensation fund worth more than -- more than $100 million.
5:48 am
the company gave up its license and filed for bankruptcy after by hundreds ofd lawsuits from people who received tainted steroid injections. denies any says it liability or wrongdoing, but wanted to establish a fund for people who died or suffered. victims have until january 15 to file a claim. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> another compensation fund is being set up for the victims of in factory crash -- bangladesh. a number of international retailers have pledged to contribute to the fund. an independent expert is expected to testify in a hearing. fate of a decide the girl who is reportedly
5:49 am
brain-dead after having her tonsils out. jahi mcmath mother says that they're trying to pull the plug on her daughter. she has been on life support since december 12. a judge blocked the hospital from taking her off life support until a neurologist evaluated her. on n street, for men in a carjacked a camry person. lycée man held up the bb&t on fort hunt road. during each of the robberies, the suspect were a neon yellow jacket and a construction hat with the word joy on the front. if you have any information, contact alexandria police.
5:50 am
police are searching for suspects in an armed robbery near fort totten metro station. ,wo men came up behind her demanded her purse and cell phone. >> it is alarming. we heard about a few robberies, another guy got been really bad. it is like it is happening every three to four months. thefter the robbery, suspect used her card at another metro station. this is one of the suspects and they continue to use her card for the next eight days. >> we are getting results. the member this massive pile of trash? it is gone from once prince george is county neighborhood. county workers took away the pile after we aired a story on the problem.
5:51 am
this mound of furniture, mattresses, and garbage came from inside a foreclosed home and it sat there on the curb for 10 days. itghbors could not look at anymore. county officials say the process takes time. d.c.'sdren in southeast barry farm neighborhood are getting a special delivery. the interstate service group is partnering with the marine corps toys for tots drive. they will dress up as santa and and deliver christmas presents to about 800 children. coming up, a holiday travel headache. find out what led to emergency landings -- an emergency landing for one southwest lane after takeoff. thee will tell you about visit pope francis made. more to come.
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>> it was another rough night for the washington capitals. >> it is hard to believe it has they wereears since around the verizon. the capitals are we -- really from a loss. -- reeling from a loss. the goal. 2-1.on up the game-tying goal. what can they do now? less than 10 minutes left in the third. ryan stonewalls the rebound, home and light up the lamb. -- lamp.
5:53 am
it looked different. i don't think i made eye contact. i couldn't. >> you got to ms. bruce. the redskins are back on the field gearing up for the giants on sunday. >> thank you. time to talk the weather. eileen is joining us once again. finally in the holiday spirit weather-wise. >> that is the thing for me. i have a hard time getting into the spirit when it is 70 degrees. not that i did not enjoy it. you can bundle up. fire in the fireplace. there may be aat few flurries, how exciting is that? it will not be a white christmas for us, even if we see flurries.
5:54 am
i want to share this piece of info with you. this is what defines a white christmas. snow onasurable christmas day or having at least an inch of snow already on the ground. 2009, but inack in d.c., the probability is only 15%. that likely, but the possibility of a few flurries exists today. do you notice a difference this morning? even if you haven't stepped outside, you can look at this map and see, temperatures are in the upper 20's in gaithersburg. 30 in manassas. this morning, 25 to 30 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday morning. bundle up heading outside. hopefully you where -- you remember where the winter coat is. the cold front brought us a good bit of a run -- rain yesterday, but it has push offshore.
5:55 am
clear skies this morning. you will probably see brilliant stars out there. i noticed that this morning. as the next weather front approaches, it may squeeze out a few flurries, otherwise it will be breezy. high temperatures today between 40 and 45. the north a win that will be between 10 and 20 and it will feel like the 30's. 18 to 25 are our overnight low temperatures. and wenly in the 30's start to rebound back into the 40's for thursday and friday. that is good news for a lot of people that will be traveling. the last week about 2013 looks great as well. a mix of cloud and son both days. people getting an early start on the roads this morning, what can they expect? 270 coming out of frederick, running very well out of frederick.
5:56 am
problems and we are checking our maps. andtraffic lights are out police said they are directing is traffic lights and that that ashburn farm parkway and ashburn road. you will find a police direction and you want to use that as a four-way stop until you see with the officer want you to do. when that warnings on the chesapeake bay bridge. warnings on the chesapeake bay bridge. mark, pen, and brunswick line's mom -- running on a modified s schedule. jummy, autria, back to you. >> these are the stories we love to talk about. a big christmas surprise for two children in massachusetts whose
5:57 am
parents are in the off -- the army. they did not see -- think they would see their parents for the holidays. they sang "i'll have a blue christmas without you. was they thought the song being recorded to send to their parents, but look at that, they suddenly appeared. michigan is like crazy. you don't understand until they are gone. this is going to be the best christmas ever. >> a break sure hard. the -- it breaks your heart. the holiday reunion will be a short one, but the family is thrilled to be together for christmas. allk you to the parents and of our other service members for your service. getting so are
5:58 am
sophisticated that criminals want you to know when you're getting sick. >> we will explain.
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6:00 am
in the new world of data collection, total strangers are interested in you. we go to new york with that story. >> let's begin


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