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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 26, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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christmas is over but outrage remains. paid $30 to have it shipped overnight. >> fallout from the shipping delays as ups tries to explain what went wrong. someoliday came with disappointment this year. thousands of americans are waiting for the anxiety ordered for christmas. are scramblingx to answer complaints. we are live in springfield with what caused the nationwide delays. chimp -- shipping companies are blaming it on the weather and overloaded systems. consumers don't care the reason, they are unhappy it impacted their holiday. >> i'm still really angry. >> this woman spent christmas eve scrambling to get her son's a gift. she paid $30 for next day wouldry so that the train make its way by tuesday.
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but late that afternoon she was told by a company rep -- >> it is not getting shipped today. -- when he arrived, five minutes before closing, he found other >> customers. there were dozens of people. just kind of coming in with their slips. >> this person was disappointed when his order never arrived and he had to go to this ups facility today to pick up the gift. >> i talked to them on the phone. i was there for hours. we had a lot of arguments. but they told me i have to come and pick it up. >> upses said -- fedex told customers -- aurie says she would try to get
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her money back for the expedited shipping. the experience leaves are frustrated by the lack of customer service. >> i think their attitude was really poor. i think it still is. and i think, how could you not have been prepared for the season? are trying tonts make good on this situation. amazon will offer gift cards and refunds for those impacted by the ups shipping situation. as for fedex and ups, neither has said whether they will do anything to make consumers feel better about what happened. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. americans took the day after christmas to go back to the malls, he getting up post-christmas sales or returning gifts. post-christmas sales or returning gifts. busy, youeyond the
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can tell, from behind me. one guy says he pulled into the parking lot with his wife and he wanted to pull out because it was so packed. his wife convinced him to stay. i think a lot of people understand why. because of the deals. and one way you can save that you probably did not think about. challenge for shoppers the day after christmas? finding a parking space at the mall. how long did it take you? >> about 45 minutes. >> a little annoying. big discounts and deals brought bargain hunters in and new data shows people are ready to spend. holiday spending on christmas eve was up 2.3% from last year. that is a relief for retailers who reported sluggish sales during the shopping season. have you found bargains today? >> we have here.
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80% off. 50% off. >> december 26 can be unknowing for some shoppers who bought full price items before the sales kicked in. we have a solution -- credit cards might have you covered when the price dropped. mastercard and citibank help you recruit the difference through price guarantee programs. how infuriating is that? >> i know. i fell there was more stuff on sale. sales for the first time. >> there is a lot of sales here, i have been looking around. i have to do that and a consumer reporter. it is all part of the story but don't just buy what you see on sale. there is always a coupon you can get. you can ask the cashier and that is what a lot of people are doing. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> thanks. one of the best things to buy
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after christmas, and in tauscher will be back to tell you what to buy now and how much you can shae -- the tosha -- nata will be back to tell you what to buy now and how much you can save. >> police had to close down the lanes for several hours. authorities said that snow and poor visibility were to blame for most of the wrecks. us, we did not get any snow but we did get cold temperatures. >> very cold. need the sbase no -- now. you seeing?re >> a beautiful day after yesterday. the official high was 33. today was about 45. we have a nice stretch for a couple of days. but some changes on sunday. 43 right now in arlington.
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41 degrees in arlington at the moment. 39 in frederick. 46 in fredericksburg. this evening, we are going to enjoy these mild temperatures. -- but how warmer it is. sunday a storm system will come up. for this night, clear and chilly. a little bit later and overnight, 21-31 degrees. we will look forward to the weekend and the beginning of the new year in a couple of minutes. >> d.c. police are looking for the person who shot a man dressed as santa. it happened during a toy giveaway tuesday morning with our cameras there. continueanted to giving away presents but the paramedics insisted he get to the hospital. he was shot in the shoulder and
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is recovering. police are looking for the person who shot him. policeher member of the forces in trouble with a lot tonight. a former detective of the year pleaded guilty to secretly videotaping a family member. detailsa look at the that were just released on this case. tom? about twol started years ago and happened over nine months. in the marvelme writing neighborhood. here is a picture of him. this comes from when he was named one of the detectives of the year. according to the metropolitan police, he had served since 1990 but tonight he is suspended without pay. the cell allegedly happened in his home. there was a female relative who had fallen on hard times who had moved in. one day she discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom where she took showers and she also
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discovered another camera in the basement where she slept. detective wasthe charged with 50 counts but he did reach a plea deal in which he cleated guilty. he was given a five-year suspended sentence which means he did not have to serve time and had to plead guilty to five of the accounts. the police say he is suspended without pay at this point and they are still deciding what to do as far as his future. he had been with the department 23 years. thank you, tom. it has been a rough couple of months. this is the latest in a long list of issues. was charged with attempted murder for attacking his wife. nhill is accused of pimping young girls and mark washington was accused of taking pictures of a teenaged girl.
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he died after being pulled out of the river one day later. >> water crews are fixing a broken water main. the pipe broke overnight at michigan avenue and irving street. it is coming -- causing disruptions in the area. east on michigan avenue is now closed until the repairs are complete. water hopes to have the pipes fixed by this evening. >> new developments surrounding the 2011 kidnapping of a man. it is a new video handed out by al qaeda. he is sending out a plea to help to president obama. i have been forgotten. >> the u.s. government is working to verify the authenticity of this tape shows ron weinstein. >> you are a family man.
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deep mentalnd the anxiety. >> it is a cry from help to the white house and proof for the first time in over one year that he may be alive. a development expert from maryland, was kidnapped two years ago while working and living in the pakistani city. since then, you of -- u.s. officials believe he has been taken to the terror breeding grounds along the border between afghanistan and pakistan. officials also believe he is being held by the new leader of al qaeda. the video toased the washington post yesterday. it is not clear when the video was made but his tone is desperate and urgent. he suffers from a heart may no longer be in good health.
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al qaeda also released this letter. the fbi has confirmed it is in touch with weinstein's family. his last words were to them. he said he misses his family every minute of every day. >> thanks. a bill was signed by president thea today changing how military handle sexual assault changes. commanders can no longer overturn jury convictions. and you can convicted also -- anyone convicted also faces dishonorable discharge. the president also signed a two- year budget agreement passed by congress. >> the man suspected of gunning in lostsa officer angeles pleaded not guilty today. he is charged with first-degree murder. hernandez was killed and three others wounded in the november for shooting. he is scheduled to go on trial
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february 11. thearget has tried to take sting out of millions who had their credit card information stolen. where the fbi is searching for a bank robber. check out what he wears. >> and a local person robbed on christmas eve. what the suspect it inside. >> i am kris van cleave in the newsroom.
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tripholiday shopping turned into a scary afternoon in bethesda. injuring adoor fell passerby. apple is responding to what happened. kris van cleave has the latest. >> a couple of days before christmas so you would expect the prices to be falling, not glass. but that is what happened. the pictures we are going to show you bring a new meaning to apple computer crash. thought it was a recent construction. >> a blackboard covering a mark on the bethesda apple store. a heavy door that used to be
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toe reportedly weighing up 800 pounds, came crashing down, injuring a passerby. pictures on social media show the shattered door and the man on the ground being attended to by witnesses. this person could not believe it. >> that is terrible. you would have thought they would see the door was off the hinges. that is terrible. >> i don't now. we will see what happens. it literally fell out of its hinges. it just came down. >> hopefully they inspect it. i hope the guy is ok. >> the man was treated for serious but nonlife threatening injuries. he suffered a broken pelvis.
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not a holiday to remember. >> it is very unfortunate. i would not want a door to fall on anybody. or anybody hit by a car or anything like that. it is the way the world this. us wepokesperson tells work hard to make our store is a happy and safe environment for customers. we have reached out to the family to express our condolences and we hope for a fast recovery. a friend of the vick and said the man is recovering -- of the victim said the man is recovery and has spoken to an attorney. >> target said today it has no evidence customers' pins were stolen by hackers. hackers had access to the democrat information of 40 million shoppers. some customers are suing the retailer. chase bank could security restrictions in place. it is now easing those restrictions, allowing customers to make larger purchases. someow is falling and
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places are trying to get the power back on. tens of thousands are in the dark in michigan and maine. large outages in canada as well. utility crews worry additional snow could slow their work. it is blamed for 27 deaths in the u.s. and canada. i guess i wanted snow but not that kind. >> not at all. week, temperatures are going to be in the single numbers. things happening. a pleasant stretch and then on sunday, we have a storm. first up, we will take you to an elementary school, we have a time lapse. i want to show you what happened. a band of snow showers moved through. and then it quickly went away. that area of snow quickly diminished and that was part of the same pattern that went through portions of pennsylvania.
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we showed you the scene outside of philadelphia and with that did to the traffic this morning. high pressure moved in fine shape. chilly temperatures, 40 three in college park. 40 degrees in chantilly. a couple of spots, 20's. really dry and cold air. now we will do it all over again. temperatures in the 40's right now. 43 at reagan national. about 23-31 by tomorrow morning. clear skies and light winds. as far as temperatures around the country, some cold stuff, caribou at 13. detroit 25. the cold air is coming in. the cold temperature are pushing through the carolinas and you can feel the difference as the air today warmed up just ahead of this system. 12 degrees warmer right now at reagan national airport. yesterday we had a thought -- a high of 33.
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not quite as impressive because another batch of air is moving in. the colder tonight, probably about 43 for a high again. we will warm up on saturday and then we will see a system or on the coast. if you look across areas of south texas, that area of low pressure with the rain, that is going to move to the east and then run up the coast on sunday and we expect to see rain for sunday. pleasant until then the clouds on sunday and it looks like the track will take it offshore monday morning and that is all we will see, rain around the area. our computer model shows high- pressure keeping us bright and sunny with seasonal temperatures where they should be. and then as it moves off to the east on saturday, we will get mild temperatures, 50 degrees, a cold front to the north and this area of low pressure will run up the coast, giving us a chance of rain on sunday.
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clear skies tonight. 36 late tonight. 28 in the morning. 40 degrees midday with sunny skies and close to 50 degrees on saturday. chilly but not terribly cold. monday, clearing skies and then on new year's eve, looks like it is going to get chili with highs around the freezing mark for tuesday and wednesday. we will start off 2014 on the chilly side in this first couple of days might be a preview of the kind of weather we are going to have in january. that is just sunday. we will have more chances. >> today is the first day of kwanzaa. the weeklong nonreligious holiday was first observed in 1966 celebrating african- american culture and tradition. kwanzaa calls on the observers to focus on seven principles including unity and responsibility. once a run through new year's day. runs through new
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year's day. /20" is onal "20 tonight and the new season of downton abbey and then stick around for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> how about favorite movies of the year? arch campbell is going to show us. >> this is a microcosm. a watchdog investigation into the city of rockville. >> who would want to rob a moose lodge?
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>> firefighters have been busy womanoliday, rescuing a from her home. cruise is saved to several pets rews savedr -- c several pets but some of them died. someone tied up an employee and robbed them. the search is on for the suspect, who was caught on camera. >> horace holmes is live from
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frederick with the details tonight. was the onlyee person inside of this building when the robber forced his way in. that robber was wearing a mask, a military back act and he was carrying a gun. and he was carrying a gun. on christmas eve at closing, he came through the members entrance at the moose lodge and asked to be buzzed in. was here for a reason. >> the nighttime bartender was closing up the evening. he said the suspect bounds of the employee with tape and jumped over the bar and rifled through the cash register. >> it is a horrible thing. >> members were shocked. fortunately the employee was not hurt and the robber left quietly
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but there are cameras everywhere in the lodge and they captured everything. >> i guess you would have to be desperate. >> those cameras everywhere inside will actually help police but the robber was wearing a mask. so they do need some help. homes, abc 7 news. >> still ahead, a christmas surprise for some airline passengers this morning. some deeply discounted flights. mistake. it is all a so will delta honor those mistakes? health alert to avoid holiday heart syndrome. >> a man is wanted for a string of bank robberies. he is getting attention for what he has done and what he is
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling, and tim brant in sports. this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute in search of a bank robber tonight. >> he has struck three banks but there is something interesting about the way he is dressed. we are live at the sight of the first robbery. >> each of these robberies
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happened in the middle of the workday with the banks filled with people. the man is calm and patient and now the target of an f b i investigation. his disguise the stands out, does not blend in, unlike the bank in this strip mall. >> i was shocked. it is a quiet neighborhood. >> it happened monday. the man walked into the bank wearing a construction uniform, a blackg a helmet and mask, not a ski mask, pulled over his mouth. he waited in line like everyone else and gave the teller a note demanding money and implying he had a weapon and then he took off on foot. the fbi is in pursuit. >> it was like, wow. thing happened at this wells fargo. right next to a pizza shop and right across the street from a police substation. >> everybody says how can he do
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this? there are so many policemen. >> the first of the three robberies happened on friday the 13th on duke street. >> we believe the suspect may have been armed and considered dangerous. of these police cars come down the road. >> alan nightingale was working on monday at a barbershop. days later, he is still surprised. >> yes. so close. theolice report that witnesses in these crimes inside of the banks say they did feel like the man did feel out of place but they did not say anything to employees so police are's urging ending -- are urging everybody, it to report this information to bank tellers or employees as soon as possible. and of course if you have information about the crime or the suspect, you are asked to call police as quickly as you
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can. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. the top take a look at stories. a police officer in trouble with the law. toth tabron pleaded guilty taking pornographic photos of a family member's. yeareceived a five- suspended sentence and five years of probation. >> retail analysts predict the day after christmas will be better than originally thought when it comes to sales. shoppers are not the only one in full force. arethird of consumers returning at least one holiday gift. >> fedex and ups are scrambling to deliver packages they should have arrived before christmas. ups aside in bad weather and overloaded systems. neither company said how many packages were late but said it was a small share. is also working on
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what led to the delays and has customers outraged tonight. david gave us a peek at what to expect. up, more on the ups christmas nightmare of sorts, packages not making it in time and how ups is explaining this and was some major retailers are offering. and also the new video the american kidnapped and the plea to the president to rescue him. and where you can use a gift card. i have no idea on this one. and behind the scenes, coming up. >> you can watch those stories tonight and more coming up right after abc 7 news at 6:00. uck overturned this morning, spilling mail all over the interstate. we were over the scene as other drivers got by on the shoulder. no one was hurt. it took several hours to move
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the truck but they did manage to clean up all of the mail. as for the traffic situation right now, how does a look out there? >> we have a lot of highway holiday long stretches of it in both directions. incidents reported, at no overturned trucks. that is the good news. but if you're waiting for somebody to get home, it is going to take a while. let's check out with the brake lights look like, that does not look so good. up,hov lanes are backed everybody is below speed. on the beltway, traffic is better than average. light traffic of that region bridge and around the interlink toward college park. no delays. that is the way it looks.
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back to you. up, information about holiday heart syndrome. it is caused by drinking too much alcohol. it can happen with people who heart -- no history of problems. and you should avoid overeating. it can actually cause your blood pressure to spike suddenly. so if you want to fight it off, how about this, go for a walk. there is a national program to start americans on a healthy in 2014, called first day hikes which begins on the first day, new year's day. more than 22,000 people hiked across the country. a coming up on abc 7 news, menorah stolen from a yard. why it is symbolizes so much more to this family. movies is it like a the
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this year? i have tend to remember. -- i have 10 to remember. >> and breaking down the guidelines to help you
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>> 2013 is almost in the books and that means it is time for the list of the top 10 movies. here to tell us, his top 10 >> what did you like? they were all animated. i still have yet to see "gravity." be a13 turned out to better than usual year. here are 10 to remember. the butler.s >> mary poppins. >> number nine, "saving mr. banks." story behind the story of mary poppins. jasmine," a desperate woman deep in denial.
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number seven, "enough said." six, "the great gatsby," the version gatsby himself might have made. philomena," a woman seeking closure. pay $1re authorized to million. "nebraska," a sweet and sour family story. a deep space a drama. "12 years a slave," a powerful portrait of human dignity. favorite movie of 2013, "american hustle," a con told so
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well you do not want to to stop. you can check those 10 and 10 more if you go to i think most of them are going to turn out to be in the oscar race. is a think the oscar race three-way contest between "12 years a slave" and " american hustle." >> you just saved me time. a friend of mine said "the wolf was not good." >> it has been an interesting year. >> i have to get out there. >> all right. coming up, the big online mistake that meant discounts for air travelers. >> how delta plans to deal with it. >> and a soldier's surprise. how he surprised his mother.
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>> and a watchdog investigation into a study that cost rockville thousands.
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>> city leaders in rockville $200,000 to survey the happiness of their employees. >> the study was ordered in 2011 after several workers filed lawsuits claiming sexual harassment and racism. >> in this investigation, the reporter kevin lewis explains city leaders are now refusing to reveal the study's findings. i would say denied access to it. >> in 2011 all this person was madeayor, city employees strong allegations of racism, sexual harassment, and age discrimination. should seensel, we what the problem is. >> the study, which cost $190,000, was never released to
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the taxpayers. was this a waste of money? [laughs] that's what you consider money valuable for. wrongmind, we have the form of government. >> this is a microcosm of what is wrong with government. >> two years later, this newspaper says rockville is violating the public access laws. >> the people who make decisions about where you live are hiding information from you. it is like my kids saying i know don'tid for this but i have to tell you what is going on. give me a break. >> a judge ordered rockville to release the survey. rockville, however, has appealed
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the ruling. >> why not release them? >> the city should do something about it. >> thank you for that. at least two city managers have reviewed the study. we contacted city hall multiple times for a comment but we have yet to hear back from them. if you see guesstimate -- government wasting your money, let us know about it. we will get right on it. ofand check the happiness rockville after this. delta will honor tickets sold online at discounted prices. website andused the expedia to display incorrect prices. one of them was a round-trip ticket from philadelphia to honolulu, $75. delta says it has fixed the problem. mcdonald's has shut down its employee assistance website.
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it recommended people avoid fast food. the company said it came from a third-party vendor and included a guide for how much mcdonald's employees should tip their house keepers and their personal trainers. mcdonald says employees can access important services they need by phone. madeu.s. army specialist it home just in time for christmas and just in time to surprise his mom at work. she ishe hospital where a nurse gave her a letter from her son and then, as she was clutching the letter, and even bigger surprise was behind her. the son dressed up as santa a nine-e has been on month tour in afghanistan and was not supposed to be home until march. >> christmas, for me, is family. family is everything to me. had to hide form his
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mom in order to not reason -- ruin the surprise. he will have 21 days before he goes back to kentucky. on that up beyoncé helping a girl battling an inoperable brain tumor. she had front-row seats for the recent concert in las vegas. they on say hugs the 12-year- old, look at that. together.o sing >> you know that has to give her some strength. that is beautiful. just see what is coming up ahead at 6:00. >> maureen bunyan is here. >> a lot of stuff for you tonight, especially people interested in shopping.
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posted shopping, christmas shopping rush is on but others good ashe deals as advertised? natasha barrett will take you to the stories and tell you which items are the best deals right now and which ones are not. we also have a new video showing a man being held hostage by al qaeda. where he is and how his community is reacting at 6:00. see you then. >> in the meantime, folks out there tomorrow, trading in some gives for hats and gloves. i tell you what, it is chilly, tuesday the least, especially these temperatures that were so warm for so -- to say the least, especially these temperatures that were so warm for so long. the potomac from our studio in arlington, some cloudiness this morning but then skies cleared and it turned into a beautiful day. very few clouds, temperatures in
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the 40's. 43 at reagan national. 37 in fredericksburg. the numbers will continue to drop. 23-31 with clear skies and light wind. on the satellite and radar, you outsidethe storm system of philadelphia, skies are clear, high-pressure bridging area, as ithis next moves across the gulf coast and northeastern toward our area, so until then, it looks nice. beautiful tomorrow. then a sunny day approaching 50 degrees on saturday. chilly rain, just rain, we think. clearing skies on monday. sunshine and 33. and then new year's day, happy new year, a high of 32 degrees
5:53 pm
with sunshine. that is the latest. >> thanks, doug. this time of year everything should be quiet and it is relatively until monday. the 30th. keep an eye out for that. mike shanahan not being here in washington to ring in the new year. washington has its last game of the season against the giants and if you think the game means nothing, think again. could cousins has one chance to put his work on tape as a starting quarterback. the skins are projected to have the second overall pick in this upcoming draft and of course it is going to the rams. the organization can maybe get something in return, like a second rounder. those ideas floating around or maybe cousins makes a bid to compete with griffin next year. uncertaintystand and a lot of turnover is part of
5:54 pm
playing in this league. it is not surprising it is a part of this game and we understand the locker may look different. i think we have enjoyed one another. chemistry, andd i think we all want to put together a product we can be proud of. the former cowboys cornerback, signed again by the team to backup tony romo. a nice chunk of change for a week's worth of work. but get this, he is not keeping it. he plans on donating it to the high school where he currently works as a teacher. hopefully everybody enjoyed opening all of their holiday presents but i am not sure if any of you had quite the same reaction as this 11-year-old in alabama. god!, gmy yes! >> what is it?
5:55 pm
tickets to the national championship. >> weird, i had that same rejection -- reaction. two tickets between the auburn tigers and florida state next month. rg iii asked santa for this tickets and he delivered. no wonder why they are so strong. --next >> a giant menorah taken from th
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avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at sisigni, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today
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family wasntown stunned to find their holiday decoration gone. >> someone still a five foot menorah from their yard. why it was more than just a decoration to that family. everybody tells us how much
5:59 pm
they love it. >> i enjoyed building it. i enjoy bringing it out. >> in this case, a symbol of a bond. >> hours and hours, tweaking it. >> computer-controlled. >> it meant a lot to me. not only for the holiday, but the symbolism of a bond between my dad and me. >> she and her dad built it, five feet tall with lights that dance. a display in the front lawn of their home. fit in a car. you would need a pick up truck. >> who would think to do that? takeny think it was christmas eve day. >> i wonder why. of all of the things to take. >> they started searching. turns out the menorah had been .umped in another neighborhood >> it was all banged up.
6:00 pm
you can see how the cables were exposed. >> hope it was just a prank and not a hate crime. but they don't know. >> it is not just a piece of property. >> they don't know if they will rebuild or start from scratch. but it will be bigger and better on their front yard. are working with detectives and are offering a reward to anyone who may help find those responsible. atthat is it for abc 7 news 5:00. continues right now at 6:00. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> the deal hunting is underway. i almost said deer hunting. the post holiday shopping rush begins. >> easier to find a deal, believe me. but some deals are better than others.


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