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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 28, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EST

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bravo! bravo! >> therowd is going wild! >> right side, 20. wiwillis is on had -- in on his first two.
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good morning, america. this morning, winter blast. a one-two punch, about to hit millions of americans. an arctic express, with temperatures of 40 below zero.
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and a rain and snowstorm moves in. on the run. leading police on a chase of a cross-country trek. where could they be headed next? ducks in a row. breaking overnight, after suspending the patriarch and star of "duck dynasty," for offensive comments, what made a&e change course overnight about phil robertson? >> that is how you carve a pumpkin. and christmas close encounter. it wasn't just santa who visited this florida family. what provoked this bear to do some of his own breaking and entering? good morning. also coming up this morning, big, new developments in that
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massive target data breach. the company saying, yes, some debit card p.i.n. numbers were stolen. target insists customers shouldn't be worried. but some experts we've been speaking with, not so sure. >> it's a huge deal. the second-largest data breach in retail history. 40 million customers. on a lighter note, i guess. we'll introduce you to this beautiful ultimate fighting star, defending her title tonight, after appearing in not one, but two hollywood blockbuster movies. we begin with more nasty weather this weekend. and all of the new year's eve revelers who will be slivering. we have bill evans, from wabc, right next door, here with us. >> we're looking at very cold air, now surging back into the northern portion of the country here. it's going to be coming up around 39, 40 below, from minot to fargo on sunday morning. this is an area already, seven days ago, had a big winter storm.
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power's been out. that power's going to be out in a lot of spots. you see in fenton, michigan, a lot of problems with the power out. a lot of snow and ice. you see the power trucks getting the power back on. as we get into tomorrow, these windchills and the cold air coming back in could knock the power out again. then, this major storm will cut across the great lakes and go into the northeast. look how the temperature drops in the next four days. 24 in fargo, to below 12 new year's eve. bangor, maine, 7, by new year's. and boston, 24 degrees. very cold air across the country. we're going to talk about the new storm and what that means for new year's eve, coming up. new, to the new developments in the target data breach, with the company pulling on a about-face, and admitting that p.i.n. numbers were stolen. what does it mean for target customers? also, word of another credit card hack. aditi roy is covering it all from los angeles. good morning.
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>> good morning, dan. it's been a rough week for target. now, the retail giant is doling out more bad news to its customers. the company says p.i.n. data was stolen during its massive security breach. but target is reassuring customers that their p.i.n. numbers are still safe because they were encrypted. target now admits p.i.n. data was lifted during the massive security breach between november 27th and december 15th. earlier this week, the store denied a reuters report that said debit card p.i.n. date that may have been among the information stolen during the hacking incident. in a statement, the retailer said through additional forensics work, we were able to confirm that strongly encrypted p.i.n. date that was removed. >> once they remove that date that, that means that everybody's credit card accounts and bank accounts is potentially vulnerable to being used, to being hacked, by these individuals. >> reporter: overnight, a second credit card heist was reported. this time, hitting a group of upscale boston restaurants.
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in a statement, the breyer group says between october and november of this year, hackers stole tens of thousands of credit card account numbers from its location in the boston convention center. meanwhile, target is reassuring customers their p.i.n. numbers are safe and secure. saying the p.i.n. information was fully encrypted at the keypad. and remained encrypted when it was removed from our systems. >> those systems can be compromised relatively easy. >> reporter: the stores say they don't have the encryption key, some banks like jpmorgan chase are putting limits on cash withdrawals and debit card purchases of affected customers. around the measures target has taken, the retailers has doubled its call center staff to answer customer questions. and offered free credit counseling to customers. dan and bianna? >> as you said, a tough week for target. even tougher for its customers.
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>> couldn't come at a worse time of year for the company. now, let's check on the morning's other top stories. >> merry christmas to you. we begin with that manhunt for a bank robber who killed a police officer in tupelo, mississippi. it appears that the suspect was -- tried to rob another bank hundreds of miles away, only hours earlier. the fbi says the man seen here, about to rob a bank in tupelo, mississippi, was robbing his second bank that same day, while fleeing the bank robbery in mississippi. he allegedly opened fire on two police officers, killing one of them. investigators say these bank surveillance photos released overnight, show the same suspect 280 miles away, trying to rob a bank in the atlanta area. that attempt was unsuccessful. >> we have great images from the bank here in atlanta that match up with the bank surveillance photos in tupelo. same individual. same day. it's a violent robbery.
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>> reporter: and the suspect's car, a light gray sedan, matches the car leaving the tupelo bank's parking lot, after the robbery was there. >> the timing is such that he had enough time to make it. 3:00 p.m. in tupelo, he was robbing a bank there. >> reporter: sergeant kevin gael stauffer was killed and another wounded when they confronted the suspect on monday when he was stopped at a railroad crossing. the fbi has launched a massive manhunt, as far away as chicago. >> we have a detail of the clothing, the weapon, of the vehicle, that i think somebody will come forward. >> reporter: this morning, officer morrow remains in serious condition. on friday, sergeant gale stauffer, a father of two, young children was laid to rest. and the reward for information leading to the suspect's arrest, now up to $200,000. turning overseas, where four american military personnel assigned to the u.s. embassy in
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libya were detained for several hours by the libyan government but later released. the u.s. defense department said the four were taken into custody after an altercation in sabratha. unemployment benefits for 1.3 million americans are about to come to an end. the federally funded long-term extended benefits program will expire this weekend. the program, which was put in place, has been in place since the 2008 recession began, provides up to 47 weeks of emergency benefits beyond the initial period of unemployment. president obama is asking congress to extend the payments to the unemployed. and a legal victory for the domestic telephone surveillance program. the nsa's massive collection of phone records is lawful and critical to fighting terrorism. this ruling comes one week after a federal judge in washington, d.c. ruled just the opposite,
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setting in motion the likelihood the issue could end up before the u.s. supreme court. the aclu, which filed the lawsuit against the nsa, is appealing the latest ruling. now, to california. look at this video. a firefighter being interviewed on television. and then, the burning building behind him collapsing. that's amazing. he was one of the fire crews battling that blaze in a vacant hotel in portersville, california. an adjacent building also burned to the ground. no word on what sparked that fire. a fireball streaking across the sky in kansas city is causing quite a stir. meteors like this aren't rare. but they don't usually pass over densely-populated areas, especially on a clear night. much like ufos. weird, isn't it? finally, in cincinnati, a would-be robber met with the wrong woman allegedly, that is.
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cheryl arnold was working at the rental car office. when a man hit her three times in the head with her gun. arnold says she seized the opportunity, saw her with that spray, spraying him in the face with the fire extinguisher. the suspect ran off empty-handed. police are looking for him. congratulations to her. >> good for her. >> thanks, ron. we're going to turn, now, to the minute-by-minute drama playing out on the frozen high seas. a rescue mission to free a ship trapped by thick ice in antarctica is running into trouble this morning. conditions too rough to reach the stranded ship. wait until you see how the scientists onboard are making the best of it. gio benitez has been following this. >> reporter: good morning. rescuers are trying to figure out how to get to the stranded ship. one of the rescue crews got stuck, too. and another is at the edge of the ice but can't get through. this morning, in the midst of
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brutal storms, this chinese ice breaker sent to free the stranden ship, ended up in the same frozen mess and couldn't get through. forced to turn back. leaving the 74 tourists and researchers onboard trapped by ice. >> we're perfectly safe. but we can't make it forward. >> reporter: they're enduring low temperatures and 50-mile-per-hour winds. chris turney, joining us from antarctica. >> it's frustrating that we can see hope and help. but at the moment, we're just in an isolated position still. >> reporter: they were so hopeful. >> on the horizon. >> that's the ice breaker coming to rescue us. >> brilliant. >> reporter: those penguins in the foreground, the chinese ice breaker in the back. now, the hope is another ice breaker on the way from australia, can make it through the ice. the stranded ship first got stuck christmas morning, on the way back to australia, after visiting a legendary polar
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exploration site in antarctica. when the ice first forms around the ship, open water was just two miles away. now, that ice field has grown dramatically. the ocean is now 13 miles away. ice breakers need to be strong enough to push through all of that ice. is there any part of you that is just really concerned about what's happening right now? >> some of the australians are complaining about the amount of beer we've got left. but overall, i think we're all pretty good. just looking forward to getting home. >> reporter: trapped in unbelievably harsh conditions. instead of panicking, these explorers are, what else? doing more research. >> we're keeping busy. >> reporter: an amazing spirit there. you can see the bad weather still in the area during our interview. the australian ice breaker could take days to reach the stranded ship. they have seven weeks worth of food just in case this goes on and on. >> do we know, gio, do they have
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beer on the australian ice break center. >> out of beer. >> wow. okay. i see an airlift in their future. turning to a health alert this morning. we're seeing a jump in the flu across america. ten states are seeing widespread outbreaks up from just four one week earlier. let's go to dr. jennifer ashton in boston this morning. good morning. how severe is the flu we're seeing at this point in the season? >> well, dan, in terms of severity, it's the same severity we've en seeing so far. the flu season hasn't peaked yet. what changed recently is how many states are affected. as you said now, ten states reporting widespread flu activity. that's up from four. and if you look at a map, it's everywhere from alaska and wyoming, to new york and right here in massachusetts. >> interesting to see how spread out it is. what flu strain is predominant? and what are the signs and symptoms of this particular strain? >> so far, what states are reporting to the cdc and to
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their local health offices, are the influenza a, h1n1 strain. this is the strain that caused the pandemic in 2009. it is contained in this year's flu vaccine. it's well-matched to the circulating strain. and the symptoms are not subtle. this causes high fever, severe headache, chest pain, body aches, cough. you can remain sick for a week. and remain contagious up to a week after that. there's been deaths. unfortunately, dan, we expect there to be more. >> if you get the flu, you're not going to be questioning whether you have the flu. it won't be subtle, as you said. >> correct. >> here's the question we have all the time, especially when we get to this point of the season, is it too late to get vaccinated? >> absolutely not. it is not too late to vaccinate. the flu season goes up until april. there is plenty of vaccine available. about 145 million doses were made this year. it does take about two weeks for you to get that immune
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protection. you should talk to your clinic, your pharmacy, your doctor, about getting that vaccine right now. we have to remember, this is not a bad cold. i actually had h1n1 a few years ago. i do not smoke. i do not have asthma. i thought i was going to die. it is very serious. it needs to be taken seriously. >> i think i remember that. it really knocked you out. dr. ashton, thank you very much. and to hammer home that point, it's not too late to get vaccinated. dr. ashton, thanks again. >> especially for the young and elderly across the country, as well. we're going to turn to the bear who felt left out during christmas. what does he do? after he got a whiff of deep-fried turkey one family was cooking. >> justifiable. >> have you ever had it? delicious. the resourceful bear ended up taking matters into his own paws. and abc's sara haines is here with more. hey, sara. >> it's one thing when you're at a zoo looking at a glass dividing wall. when the glass wall is in oyour
7:17 am
own house, the experience hits a little close to home. >> he's a big one. he's going to get that turkey. >> smelling a pot full of turkey, this hungry black bear broke into the porch of this florida home to see if he could snatch up any leftovers. >> i heard a loud crash. i ran downstairs. and didn't find anything going on. i went to the back porch. and i saw what ended up being the bear's behind pressed against the glass. >> reporter: much to its dismay, it was the leftover oil enticing the bear to the patio. >> i brought the grease inside the porch. he wanted to break through to investigate further. he looked at it, realize there wasn't any turkey and went back out. >> reporter: regardless to the damage of his patio screen, he has plenty to be thankful for. >> i thought he was going to tip over the pot and spill the oil
7:18 am
on the ground. but he was polite. >> reporter: this hungry beast is the latest of a parade of bears. like when these guys turned a florida pool into their very own water park. when this bear went dumpster driving in washington in colorado, walking away with a pretty hefty haul. gaines took all of the blame. >> it was totally my fault. the bear was being a bear. if i smelled some turkey, i would want to check it out, too. going to get that turkey. >> and gaines lives on the edge of a natural preserve. this is his third run-in with the bears. he estimates this bear is about 6'3", his height. the bear didn't stick around to do a back-to-back height test. >> very conscientious bear. didn't require any cleaning up. >> as long as it's a polite bear. >> it's his fault. >> a compassionate homeowner.
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i love tremendous maamaine gain. now, to the female fighter giving new meaning to the term knockout. she's attempting to keep her undefeated title in a grudge match tonight, as her popularity among fans soars. at the same time, as she's taking calls from hollywood. and reena ninan is on the story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. ron ronda rounscy has several fights under her belt. and tonight, facing off against one she calls one of the hardest and prepared fighters. if you mix the power of "rocky," with the girl power of "tomb raider," you get close to rhonda rousey. at the young age of 26, rousey is the first woman to win an ultimate fighting championship. >> i need to keep thinking of things that people say are impossible because it's a little addicting proving people wrong.
7:20 am
>> reporter: and not just an knockout in the octagon. she showed off her physique in the body issue of 2012. and made "maxim" magazine's hot 100 list. it's her larger-than-life charm that makes her hard not to watch. like in this "sportscenter" interview thursday. >> i'm extra violent. you have to let me know when to be cuddly. >> reporter: tonight, rousey is defending her title against her bitter rival. >> i think she has to hate someone in order to be able to fight them. >> reporter: and the two have captivated fight fans and reality tv fans alike, with their trash-talking on "the ultimate fighter." >> i'm going to break this girl. >> reporter: and her cage fighting dominance is undisputed. now, rousey is looking to outgun some hollywood's toughest action heroes in "the expendables 3." and "the fast & furious 7." >> i think women should be in
7:21 am
every career. be able to be fighters. they should be able to do anything. >> reporter: don't let her busy schedule fool you. >> i call it the prefight chaos. i need it. >> adding to the tension, she's never done a rematch before. that takes place tonight. and rousey's opponent says she wants to win by brutality. >> what? >> scary women. >> i'm scared to watch. >> it reminds me that show "glow," remember that? >> you watch that? >> let's -- your tv viewing habits -- >> i'm sure bill evans has seen "glow." gorgeous ladies of wrestling. >> in new york, we call that rush hour. happens all the time. if you're down south, there's a lot of rain coming in from a coastal storm moving into the atlanta area. this is coming in from
7:22 am
ft. walton beach, west of auburn, into northern georgia. here's a live look from atlanta from wsb. hotlanta. it's cloudy there this morning. there will be rain coming your way. georgia and alabama, been a very wet year. one of the wettest on record. our future cast, our storm animation, will show that while cutting up the atlantic coast, that's going to come into the carolinas. will continue moving up the atlantic coast into the northeast, bringing an inch and a half to two inches. the cold air goes flat into the atlantic early. if this were coming in, what a blizzard in the northeast and new england. that's going to lose out. the cold air comes in behind that. out west, we're going to look at big winds. 50-mile-per-hour to 70-mile-per-hour winds. all the way out to los angeles across the country. a quiet day on this saturday before the storm gets going down south, heading >> washington forcaster dave zahren here.
7:23 am
it loo like another nice day today, but a saudi into the weekend. enjoy soggy thisis why you can. y weekend.-ogg enjoy this while you can. a astal storm f for tomorrow. 50 yesterday wehould do even bettetoday. tomorrow, a >> why do they make the guests stand on this show? >> you're in my personal space. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. told me that all morning long. >> right. coming up here on gorgeous ladies of wrestling, the teen body and clyde. the pair on an alleged cross-country crime spree with a couple of friends in tow. and the real fear about what
7:24 am
could happen next with these two people. >> a good show, dan. family reunion. "duck dynasty" star phil robertson's suspension for his anti-gay and racist remarks are lifted. and he will be back on the show. we have reaction to a&e's overnight decision. and britney's bonanza. highlights from her sold-out vegas show last night, coming up in "pop news." ♪
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zahren he. it wasas a delightful dayy yeststerday.y. todaday, and e encore perfmance and then a soggy and to the weekd, so enjoy today. 36 in frostbur dirty three in collegege park. the winds a calm. southerly breezes will dinate today. a few clouds in advance of a low-pressure center that will turn into a coastal storm tomorrow. yesterday, 50 degrees. today, we will do even better. 52-57. winds continue all l of the southwest. chilly and breezy and only in the low 40's.
7:30 am
the four new year's eve to be only in the 30's. new year's day, also low 30's. also some light snow coming our
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got a baby roar. and then, he tries again. and it's -- but that one's really mustafa. >> dan, i have your christmas present for you right now. >> this is a great one. >> this video, cuteness alert.
7:32 am
everybody get ready. one, two, three. playing the parts of simba and mufasa from "the lion king." we'll have more in "pop news." also coming up this half hour, the petitions, the write-in campaigns, the complaining, it all worked, apparently. a&e reversing the suspension of its controversial "duck dynasty" star. but it's far from over. >> a huge moneymaker for them. we're going to begin with a teenage bonnie and clyde on the run with two of their friends. >> the suspected car thieves managed to get away from police during a high-speed chase. and now, the reason to find them may be more urgent than ever. linsey davis is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: she's been missing since monday when her boyfriend and two other male teens. briana gomez is 15, she is wanted by police and has diabetes. each day she remains on the run is all the more critical.
7:33 am
this morning, police in at least two states are on the hunt for 15-year-old briana gomez and her boyfriend, spencer lindell. gomez's grandfather is making a plea for her safe return. >> i don't want to lose my granddaughter. >> reporter: police say the couple's alleged bonnie and clyde-style crime spree began on tuesday, near eau claire, wisconsin. authorities say they stole a car and then fled. they were next spotted outside of denver, colorado, on thursday, where officials say the young lovers led deputies on a 30-mile high-speed chase, through logan and morgan counties, before allegedly ditching that stolen car and stealing a new one. wisconsin police say while the teens could be headed anywhere, one possible destination is southern california. >> her boyfriend's father has a fishing boat out in riverside, california. >> reporter: police say the stakes in this manhunt are higher than just grand theft
7:34 am
auto. while searching the car abandoned by the teens, investigators found that gomez, a diabetic, left behind the insulin she needs to survive. >> there's going to be consequences for what you have done. we don't care about that. we love you no matter what happens. we want our granddaughter safe. >> reporter: gomez was recently released from six months from juvenile detention for various run-ins with police. her grandfather says they know they will have to pay the price but they want her back. she is prone to seizures. she needs insulin. without it, she could die. >> this is a dangerous situation on many levels. >> very dangerous. she did bring the insulin with her. she left it behind in one of the getaway cars. >> painful to see how upset her grandfather is. linsey, thank you. let's get back over to ron for another check of the morning headlines. >> hi, bianna and dan. in the news, target is admitting that debit card p.i.n. numbers were among the information
7:35 am
stolen during that massive security breach. but the retailer says it says the stolen p.i.n.s were incrypted, which reduces the risk to customers. a fire inside a passenger train in india this morning. 23 people were killed and 67 others were injured. officials say most of those who died died of smoke inhalation. and utah's state attorney general is planning to take the fight against same-sex marriage to the u.s. supreme court. he says he will ask the justices to block a lower court ruling earlier this month that struck down the ban on gay unions. since that ban, hundreds of same-sex couples have married in utah. an epic dunk by lebron james lands him in the record books. here it comes. he rang up his 21,819th point in his career, in the game between the miami heat and the sacramento kings. that pushed him past larry bird. his 33 points in that game, they weren't enough. the heat lost. and lebron was injured in the game but not seriously.
7:36 am
>> wow. now, over to the weather and wabc's bill evans. if you can name the number one all-time scorer, you win something. >> wilt chamberlain? >> keep trying. we could be here for hours. >> as we look across the country, from the northeast to the midwest, it's going to be calm on this saturday before the storm gets going. temperatures, 49 in new york. pittsburgh 47. nice day today, as we ease into winter. there's a storm brewing down south. near the gulf of mexico. that pulls up a ton of moisture. from i-10, to i-20, through birmingham, alabama. up the atlantic coast. and present a lot of rain. the cold air is running out ahead of it. it's going to be mostly rain. when you get to upstate new york, upstate vermont and new hampshire, the ski resorts are loving that. there's plenty of snow as it moves into the atlantic. the cold air that would make this a blizzard is up in the great lakes. and it comes in behind this, as we go into the first part of
7:37 am
next week and head toward the new year. the temperatures really get cold. 1 below by new year's eve in minneapolis. 15 in chicago. new york city, 32 and 23 in boston. when the ball drops, it should be about ten degrees in new york city. as we look out to the west, a little air stagnation as you go on the eastern side of the mountains here. you see that the air quality and some fog here along the pacific >> washington forcasteter dave zahren here. mostly sunny today. another delightful day. 52-5 a soggy into the weekend.. >> this weather forecast is brought to you by abrea. >> kareem abdul-jabbar. >> what did he win? >> a handshake. >> a kiss from ron. >> it's a good day.
7:38 am
>> a developing bromance. this is great. thank you, guys. coming up on "gma," the reversal. "duck dynasty's" phil robertson back on the show now. what led to this sudden turnaround by a&e. and britney's big gamble. the pop star making her las vegas debut. did it pay off? that and more coming up for you when l a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. [ female announcer ] only with abreva. knock it out! fast. using stilts to take down the lights? not good. going to the kmart winter sales event? good. get up to 60% off winter apparel,
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this news may way -- the landed overnight. a big about-face for cable's most popular reality tv show. >> a&e reversing the decision over phil robertson. saying he can start taping next season's shows already. rachel smith flew all the way in from l.a., for such an important story. we've been talking about this for weeks. >> this controversy has been a much-talked about topic for nine, ten days now. now that the family that prays together, to a reported 30 million viewers on average, will stay together for a fifth season on television. the ducks are all in a row. the cable network a&e announcing
7:43 am
they are reversing the suspension of phil robertson from the megahit "duck dynasty." saying in a statement -- after discussions with the robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, a&e has decided to continue filming "duck dynasty" later this spring, with the entire robertson family. >> there was talk of cancelling the show. with a billion-dollar property like "duck dynasty," that's going to be impossible to see through. >> reporter: a surprising reversal on the two weeks after the 67-year-old patriarch was sent on hiatus for making controversial comments to "gq" magazine. said the show would not go on without the dark commander. >> i think the robertson family made a power play by telling a&e, if he goes, we go. these guys made a bold move. and it worked out in their favor. >> reporter: the backlash was swift and immediate on both sides of the debate.
7:44 am
responding to robertson's reenstatement, glaad, one of the first to condemn robertson, said the fight is not over. writing in a statement, if dialogue with phil is not part of next steps, a&e has chosen profits over african-american and gay people, especially its employees and viewers. >> all of these guys are going to get a crash course in publici publicity. if anything, the "duck dynasty" guys will have duct tape over their mouths. >> reporter: all of the controversy didn't stop the channel from airing a marathon of the highest-rated cable show in history on christmas day. abc is a part-owner of a&e. and allen robertson, one of phil's sons, spoke to local press. he says the family is excited to make quality tv for their dedicated fans. and thanks them for their outpouring of support and prayer. >> the family made a risky bet, saying they're going to stick together and not let the show drive them apart. and it paid off. >> thank you. and coming up on "good
7:45 am
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time, now, for "pop news." and sara haines. take it away. >> britney spears first broke her big news right here on "gma" three months ago. she was going vegas. and last night was her big debut. here's a tape for you. ♪ ♪ i took a sip >> that's a little "toxic."
7:50 am
>> oh. >> "oops i did it again." >> oh. wow. >> and check out who was in the audience. miley cyrus in the front row, cheering her friend, britney on. we hear katy perry, adam lambert. >> i think she thinks she's part of the show. she is kind of. when you're miley cyrus, you're part of everything. >> that's what they do when you go to shows. you twerk in the crowd. >> britney will be performing 50 shows a year through 2015. and it's a dubious distinction. and "game of thrones" is crowned king. >> bring me his head. >> joffrey. for a second year in a row, the hbo drama tops most pirated tv
7:51 am
shows. downloaded more than 6 million times. the so-called honor is better than an emmy since it leads to more paid subscriptions. coming in second, not surprising, "breaking bad," over 4 million downloads. and followed by "the walking dead," with 3.5 million. and bianna is now walking "breaking bad." >> i love it. "game of thrones," the woman with the red wedding. that episode -- >> i cried and watched it three times. >> you watched it three times? really? >> it wasn't sinking in. all of the people -- >> yeah. >> joffrey, by the way, is an extremely skilled bad guy. >> he's an angry little dude. and he has the face of a 12-year-old. thank you, ron, for that segue. did santa leave you what you wanted under the christmas tree? a girl named bella thinks she did. and her reaction is priceless. >> what does it say, bella?
7:52 am
[ screams ] >> santa? >> what is it? it's lady gaga tickets? concert tickets? are you kidding me? >> oh, wow. >> those tears were happy tears because the tickets were for gaga's concert. and santa nailed it this year. >> how do you top that? >> we just did. we've seen our tears through videos. but this one may be king. as in "lion king." check out this adorable remake, starring much tinier kitties. >> mufasa has a baby named simba. and rafiki puts him on his head and holds him up for all of the prideland to see. ♪ it's the circle of life >> that was a solo by bianna. the cutest part is the kitties
7:53 am
are the cutest part? >> i think dan and bianca, would watch this in awe. >> it would be in a solid loop around our house for days. >> that's one of the best of the year, the videos. >> i agree. good job today. >> thank you. >> pirate that video. we'll be right back, with more "gma." keep it here. ♪ ♪ maybe i'm wrong ♪ ♪ and nobody ever says goodbye ♪ ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact
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all right. we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! form, a big treat. spider-man shows us he has no fear of heights as he does testing for the big ball drop in times square. >> going to be cold out there. >> live, from the abc seven rod
7:58 am
casts center, this is an abc seven news update. >> seven: 56. taking some of the stories topping the news in our region, montgomery county police are looking to a fatal two-car accident. it happened on columbia pike in silver spring. police have not released yet and the of the victim. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. millions of american households are facing tough news today. long-term unemployed benefits are set to expire. monthlyll move a stipend of $1000. president obama plans to push congress for an extension after the holiday break. of the forecast.
7:59 am
>> what mother nature -- mother nature's gift giving continues below at the beautiful blue skies out there. day, a chilly start to the 28 in bethesda, 31 in culpepper. 34 here in washington. light winds out of the south. a high-pressure overhead but down to the southwest the gathering storm is going to be coastal tomorrow. rain, early in the morning and into the afternoon. 44 is the season norm. we can beat that. 5257, great day to be outside. onlyy chilly and breezy, in the lower 40's. the chilly air comes up for the end of 2013 on new year's day, only 37 degrees and down into the 20's. maybe light snow by the end of the week. >> thank you for watching. have a great morning.
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