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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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as we learn of other closings we will pass them along. you can check out the full list on few more daysa before temperatures go above freezing. >> doug hill begins our team coverage of the deep freeze. >> right now, 17 degrees outside of the weather center. temperatures here and everywhere else will drop quickly. let's show you the numbers. well degrees in hagerstown. 19 at reagan national. moderate temperatures, eight is the current windchill. the wind is diminishing. snow on the ground and other factors will allow temperatures to drop. two above to 12 above. there is the timeline. an average temperature to the region, the next is a cold front on the way. maybe a snow shower tomorrow afternoon.
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temperatures in the mid-20s. our forecast for tomorrow, cloudy and cold. as we get back to a chilly, blustery pattern. >> thank you. this is the worst time imaginable to be without key in your home. that is what elderly residents are dealing with at an apartment complex. >> the contractor spent the day trying to get heat into the complex as those without heat day with a good to stay warm. horace holmes continues our live coverage. >> we were out here during the last cold snap a couple of weeks ago. reporting wind hypes burst in this building. forheet and no hot water residents. residents are unhappy. they are worried.
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theire residents are in 80's. they do not have heat in their apartment. say they are not sure how they are going to make it through this cold snap. >> no water, no heat. >> heat is out again. >> my he has been out for two weeks. oven. and use my stove or >> broken pipes a been a problem. >> [inaudible] to be withoutme heat. it is too cold. for her car.o cold >> it is so cold and frigid. it numbs you. >> with the snowfall over, a big job his love for homeowners who have to shovel not only their sidewalks, but the ice underneath. >> it is freezing.
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>> moving ice and snow was the order of the day. for those that to be out, trying , or just trying to survive cold temperatures we aren't used to was the order of the day. back here live, residents tell me the contractors were able to get the heat back on late this afternoon in most but not all of the apartments here. they are wondering how long the heat is going to stay on in most of this building. horace holmes, abc seven news. >> yesterday snowfall is causing problems and other states along the i-95 corridor. accidents and tractor-trailers, airlines had to cancel and delay thousands of flights.
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many children have the day off from school. not in new york. schools open today. that sparked debate. seven in as we follow the deep freeze. doug will return with a check on the forecast. sam ford shows us what is being done to keep people out of the dangerous cold and d.c.. >> the information the criminal case against bob mcdonnell and his wife. a judgey they will face on charges of illegally accepting gives. scott pohlman is in the newsroom with more on the investigation. governor mcdonnell asked the judge to delay that hearing. he said his attorney was out of the country. he wanted it to be held next week. the judge denied that request in what is shaping up to be a case of injury. with no delaying the inevitable, his court appearance will come
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friday. let you speculation on his strategy. if you notice this statement tuesday was singular. >> i did not try to hide or deceived. i never promised orton to to influence. just histly claims innocence, speak a little on behalf of his codefendant, his wife. >> you can see a defense that would take advantage of the notion that is why it may have been up to things that he wasn't aware of. the spouse may be up to a few things at the other spouse may not know about. >> an interview with the mansion's former chef focuses on issues of the why. wife.the she pouted, screamed, and would swear at you and call you names. while the indictment is scathing, it paints marine as
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the one pushing for print quote well --print go also being scrutinized, the timing of the indictment. with the senate majority of for -- s, democrats >> this will be a heavy-handed legal fight. mom -- bob mcdonnell has a team of attorneys. his wife has her own. so does jonnie williams and his company. arundel county police identified the woman found dead on a golf course. diana hester was found by a man walking his dog at the golf course this morning.
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she was not wearing shoes. some of her clothing was unfastened. police are investigating whether this is a cold weather related death. thousands of people gathered to protest the 41st anniversary of roe v wade. the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. they march for life kicked off with a rally then protesters marched along constitutional avenue. organizers say the theme of the event was adoption. pope francis indicated his support for the march. he sent prayers to the marchers and asked god help us respect all life, especially live of the most vulnerable. up, recommending changes to ease long lines at the polls during the national election.
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>> after voters endured liaoning lines in the last election, a commission has come up with recommendations to reduce the wait time. the commission on election administration gave its recommendations to the president today. among the suggestions, expand early voting, expand online
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voting and registration, and use more schools as polling places. enforcing these ideas will be difficult since no federal commission can force changes to validate. appeared on the verge of can training -- any control on the state senate. the seat mark haring gave up when he became attorney general. if a democrat survives, they will take control of the bridge in a state senate. -- the congressman says he will seek reelection to the house of representatives. he had been considering a run for governor for several months. if he had decided to run he will have gelling anthony brown, doug gansler, and heather mizer as to credit candidates.
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the forecast,n when we could see snow flowers -- snow showers. all therd sherman, and business of the cold.
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>> we continue our coverage of the deep freeze that has gripped the region. >> officials are taking steps to keep residents safe. sam ford is live in northwest to explain. >> the cities cold weather emergency, additional food and shelter for the homeless will continue through tomorrow. the city is trying to return to normal. >> a sound heard round the city as teams of workers tackle the snow and ice left over from the storm. folks like ron harris out
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clearing the sidewalk. >> its exercise. it keeps you in shape. >> most of the main streets were clear. some side streets were not. time to clear the cars for some, and deliver the mail for others. because of the extreme cold, they are providing warming shelters for homeless. we found folks taking precautions like this 85-year- nothingsaid this is compared to the ukraine where he once lived. >> it is mild. we get three months of this in the ukraine. >> with school out a second day, young people went to city rec centers. after a weekend and now two snow
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days, -- >> the snow day is getting boring. a 10th grader. he will not be bored tomorrow. d.c. schools reopen in the morning. reporting live, sam ford. now. have breaking news news chopper seven is in the area over the subway restroom on georgia avenue. drove into the front of a subway. you can see the damage to the entrance. we did not have any word of injury. we will keep you posted on that as the evening goes on. you have to be careful out there right now. >> a lot of the streets were exposed to direct sunlight.
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areas in the shade will be frozen for a few more days. this is not that far across the river. a beautiful day, snow on the ground. around. will stick watching the sky for a few clouds. that is about it. mostly clear at the moment. too much is continue to fall. in gaithersburg. 13 in upper marlboro. this is an improvement. windsor diminishing -- wins are diminishing -- winds are diminishing. the average, way below the average. what would it feel to be outside
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at 76 degrees? it will happen, just not soon. reagan national him of the high was 19. the coldest temperature we've had. now we are at 11 degrees at morgantown. .he temperatures will fall we are going to fall by tomorrow morning. .hat is the latest report for above in michigan. behind that, colder air is going to come in. in thegoing to see it satellite images. look at the cloud cumbers -- cloud cover. this is another cold front. we become greasy. he we will be milder in the 20s. maybe a chance of snow flurries
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or snow showers. e to is a possibility du the early evening hours. onwe head into the day friday, the wind will turn southwesterly. it will be up and down for the future. single digits climbing into the mid 20's. then we will have another chance of light snow as we head through saturday. look at the weekend temperatures. turning sharply colder as we go through the early part of next week. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> let's start with the nba. a huge night for. the fourth time they have been at 500. they are trying to climb over
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it. the celtics are in town. they have lost 15 of their last 17 games. to go to 500 for the first time since 2009, they will have to play solid defense. >> we have to beat richard coming out. that will give us confidence moving forward. we are on a wind -- win streak now. durant went 6-8. it is the fourth time this month he scored 40 or more points. durant, speaking of d.c., this is the time of the year fans start yelling. they have lost six in a row.
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here is the deal. alex ovechkin is here. somehow, he fixes in a hurry. this is the time of year where i think of when the redskins were winning super bowl's. instead, everybody is talking weather. not in this story. the players and fans may be in snow. the super bowl, that is a couple of paragraphs a way. he is the nfl best cover. he has been analyzed, scrutinized, scrutinized and criticized.
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he spoke about his personality. i study the old school game more than i studied the new school game. i play it that way. it robs people the wrong way. after a true speech game is old school football. >> tonight, tennis fans are .alking about roger federer he advanced to the semifinals by beating andy murray. now he will play no and all -- nadal. signed york yankees have a japanese righthander. deal witheven-year 150 million dollars.
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>> i
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>> bundle up. >> it is going to begin to be cold tonight. see you at 11:00. world news is comi
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welcome to "world news." tonight, deep freeze. the biting cold has people tumbling. cars sliding. 25 states under alert. and stranded passengers becoming survival experts in the airport. the olympians speak. the star athletes hoping to concentrate on this. and this. talk to us about the worry over terrorism at the games. new twist. the older man who shot a young father texting during the movie preview. tonight, a shooter's defense. and "real money." is fast food really faster and cheaper than cooking at home? >> here we go. one, two, three. >> take the challenge with us, tonight.


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