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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 29, 2014 12:35am-1:06am EST

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>> tonight on "nightline," state of the yuunion confidential. >> the president of the united states. >> it's the annual rite of democracy as you've never seen it before. >> wherever and whenever i can take steps, that's what i'm going to do. >> behind the scenes from the making of the speech. >> one or two examples. >> history's wildest presidential proms -- . >> and god bless america. >> so often go so horribly wrong. and as a state of emergency is declared across the country, americans are asking what is up
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with the wild weteather. >> this is the new normal america is going to have to get used to. world extremes. >> are we really facing a miniimini ice age? or just getting women impier ab winter. plus, everyone is in love with beyonce, even vin diesel. why he showed a softer side of himself.
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good evening. when the drafters of the constitution wrote that the president quote, shall from time to time give congress information on the state of the union, they had no way of
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knowing what a spectacle it would some day become. and tonight, we've got a look at the big speech as you've never seen it before. from the social media frenzy to the surprise guests from reality tv to history's strangest presidential promises. here's abc's jim avila. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states! >> reporter: barack obama's fifth state of the union address have all the weird trappings the american is used to. the long walk down the house center aisle to shake hands with congressmen and women who have been camped out for a full day to get that back slapping moment with the leader of the free world. handing manila envelopes containing the speech to the vice president and the speaker of the house that may never be opened since they can read the teleprompter from where they sit. the ups and downs in the audiences at applause line, a total of 40 standing o's on this night. it was all there. so what was new?
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besides five years of more gray hair for president obama? and one of the duck dynasty stars in the audience, snagged the attention of political satirist brett urlich. >> the president should go duck hunting with willie and then we can really start to end the partisan divide in america. >> reporter: this was president obama, the go it alone terminator, mindful he has only three years left. >> america did not stand still and neither will i. so wherever and whenever i can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more american families, that's what i'm going to do. >> not too much applause from the republicans on that line and evenless when obama told congress he plans on signing nearly a dozen executive action from minimum wage to internet for virtually all of america's schools. the president basically said to
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congress, if you're not going to pass many i agenda, i'll do everything i can on my own. >> why the new more combative president? he knows the presidency is on the downhill side and his power to persuade is shrinking with congress. this must be a very disappointing time for president obama? >> it's a very isolating time and a lonely time i think for the president. their ability to get anything done big is basically gone. he has three years left in his presidency and you basically have to face the fact do i have to sit in this office with little left to do? that's a very difficult time to be in. >> reporter: on social media, the top suggests westbound minimum wage, equal pay and climate change. the president's favorite word -- jobs or jobs. he said it more than any other president. 186 times in his five state of
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the unions. for obama, it must seem like he's said all of this before. we've certainly heard it before. minimum wage, version 2013. >> tonight, let's declare in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty. and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. >> that didn't work, so this year he raised the stakes. >> in the ocoming weeks, i will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10. >> reporter: immigration. he's been talking about this since 2008. >> let's get this done. send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months and i will sign it right away and america will be better for it. >> let's get immigration reform done this year. >> 2013 was supposed to be the year of the woman. well, maybe it it was 2014. >> and i ask this congress to declare that women should earn a
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living equal to their evidents and pass the fair paycheck act this year. kit's time to do away with policies that belong in a madman episode. >> there was a sports guarantee that not only will the u.s. team display america's diversity, it's going to win. >> not quite as wild as ronald reagan's still unrealized dream of a three-hour flight to tokyo. or president george h.w. bush's environmental vision. >> the money to plant a billion trees a year. >> of course, writing a state of the union is high stakes stuff. the white house released this video of last minute preps today and pictures of his copy fuelled chief speech writer looking sleep deprived and taking flak
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grooming.president about his >> ushd have trimmed that beard if you were going to be on tv. >> little known state congresswoman cathy rodgers. >> the president made promises that sound good but won't actually solve the problems facing americans. we want you to have a better life. >> some call that chance to respond a curse. it dimmed the presidential hopes of louisiana governor bobby jindhal. he didn't look presidential enough. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell indicted last week on bribery charges, and of course, last year, remembered most for senator marco rubio's mid speech thirst. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> but on this night, president obama ended his defiant ready to go it alone speech on an emotional note. turning to a wounded warrior sitting in the gallery.
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sergeant first class cory remsburg suffering from a roadside explosion suffered in afghanistan. the room silent and suddenly emptied of partisanship as the president quoted the brave soldier. >> my recovery has not been easy, he says. nothing in life that's worth anything is easy. >> part inspiration, perhaps part warning that the state of the union in 2014remains a struggle. for "nightline," i'm jim avila in washington. >> and we have one other remarkable moment to show you from tonight. this one much less inspirational. it came when a reporter from the local cable news station new york 1 was interviewing michael grimm and asked him act recent investigations into the congressman's campaign finances. take a listen. >> you're not man enough. you're not man enough. i will break you in half. >> a little tough hear that. but according to new york 1 the
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congressman threatened to throw the reporter over the balcony and said, quote, i will break you in half. the congressman has already issued a statement about it, pretty much unapologetic calling the reporter disrespectful. expect to hear more about this in the coming day. coming up here on "nightline" from the state of the union to the state of emergency. a storm paralyzing a big chunk of america tonight. and the ma whon sn who says we' entering a miniice age. is he a crack pot or a sage? and with the super bowl around the corner, meet the guy who claimed to have created the ultimate man cave. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> huge swaths of america are paralyzed tonight by a nasty winter storm. and many of these places are down south where they're really not used to this kind of thing. in alabama, impassable roads have left 1,200 kids stranded at their schools. meanwhile, some marooned drivers had to walk home from the highway. now comes a quirky weather guru of sorts who says this is all a sign that we are entering a new mini-ice age. nbc's nick watt decided to investigate. >> reporter: 140 million of you are right now shivering under winter weather warnings. and i'm not talking the usual northern suspects. we've got a state of energy across six southern states for goodness
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>> spent the night here in the airport. >> in birmingham, alabama, 1,200 students are sleeping in schools, churches and fire stations. and half an inch of powder predicted for new orleans. >> we're looking at the sleet, the freezing rain, the slow. >> terrible times like these, quite naturally, we ask ourselves, why? i mean, many in this country saw superstorm sandy as the prelude to the end of times. a british politician just claimed the floods over there were triggered when the government approved gay marriage. and of course, there's apocalyptic talk of global warming. so what's caused the coldest january in central park in 117 years? and those frozen oranges in california and the record snow the carolinas are gearing up for as i speak? >> now is not the time to take any unnecessary risks. >> reporter: we asked nasa what's going on. >> what we're seeing today across the u.s. is a pretty
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severe kind of me ander of the jet stream. >> allowing cold air to flood south. what we now all know as the polar vortex. we always quizzed piers corbin who works out of london's messiest office. >> the jet stream which really marks the boundary between the colder air in north and the milder air in the south, that is behaving in very wild manner. >> hooray, agreement. and they both agree this has nothing to do with global warming. yeah. but just wait. >> we are now at the early sfajs of a miniice age. >> what? >> this is the new norm. america is going to have to get used to world extreme, very cold blasts, hot blasts as well. >> interesting. i wonder what nasa thinks of that? do you want my polite reaction? that's fit for a family
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audience? there's been a whole bunch of people in history who say they can predict the weather through phases of the moon, fluctuations of the son, the entrails of their chickens. >> but piers corbin called this mini-ice age as long ago as 2006 without going near a chicken. >> the mini-ice age that we predicting are now developing. >> claims he's so good at predicting the weather that book makers now refuse to take his bets. >> i was i was winning too much. >> i interviewed him a few years ago, and all i really cared about was whether it would rain on my summer vacation to cornwall. >> you'll see a lot of thund rr places. >> unfortunately piers corbin was right. we're on vacation.
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believe it or not, there's a lovely harbor behind me and the sea and the weather is terrible. >> corbin believes all this bad weather at moment is to do with the big yellow ball. that's what's pushing the jet stream and the air masses it divides all over the map. >> particles coming from the sun, guided by magnetic fields. and they enter the polar regions of the earth. and then they, in fact, move the jet stream. >> it's a lot of fun, but it's on the par with your astrology horoscope in the funny pages. >> reporter: okay. so who can tell me it's going to be a hot summer? >> as we go into the summer we'll still have some big contrasts. >> of course you'll see heat in places in the next 25 kbreerps of course you'll see cold in places over the next 25 years. >> all right, then, mr. nasa, why is it 16 below and snowing in atlanta?
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it's warmer in anchorage, alaska, tonight. and why are cars skidding all over icy roads in austin, texas? >> about ten wrecks on the way here. an average of about 25 miles an hour. >> it snows in the south, you know, relatively infrequently. but it does happen. and it used to actually happen more often than it is happening now. >> i checked. he's right. it last snowed in new orleans just six years ago. >> the coldest it's been in new york city was minus 19 fahrenheit in the 1930s. we're nowhere near that now. >> right again. in 1934, the mercury dipped to minus 52 degrees in new york state. this winter, the lowest low so far, plus 4. . >> people forget what it was like 30 or 40 years ago. that makes them a little susceptible to people peddling nonsense. >> reporter: so he's saying don't listen to piers corbin.
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>> big extremes with very, very cold air at times. and this type of thing is going to continue for some decades. >> toughen up. this is no big deal. and that's easy for me to say from sunny, california. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> thank you, nick watt, for rubbing it in. and coming up next here on "nightline," vin diesel doing his best version of katy perry's dark horse. wait until you see his beyonce. ♪ [ female announcer ] if you're struggling with bipolar depression, there are treatment options. ask your doctor if once a day latuda, lurasidone hcl, may help you. in clinical studies, latuda has been shown to be effective for many people struggling with bipolar depression. latuda is not for everyone. call your doctor if you have unusual changes in mood, behaviors, or thoughts of suicide.
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>> all right, time for "feed frenzy." tonight, three hilarious examples of people pushing limits. vin sdee zell is perhaps best known for his role in the "fast and the furious" movies. >> i'm green, i'm going for it. >> but sometimes this tough guy likes to push the envelope a little bit. check out this video he posted singing to katy perry's "dark
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horse." then beyonce's "drunk in love." it's not the first time he's done this. last valentine's day he belted out "stay" by rhianna. >> to the delight of 63 million facebook fans. he has the 15th most popular page on all of facebook. here's another man pushing the limits. david stiller has created what he's called the ultimate man cave. >> we are standing in super bowl central. >>'ll amenities include 13 tvs, a snow machine and for halftime, a fog machine and 70 laser lights. but the craziest example of pushing the limits we found today, this new bra, designed to unhock only for true love. the wrong kind of man apparently has no hope getting this thing unlocked thanks to a built-in sensor that measures the woman's heart rate and sends it t


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