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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> >> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is breaking news. breaking news on a montgomery county where there is a heavy police presence following a police involved shooting. >> lots of questions this hour
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about what happened but what we do know is two are injured and they are family members. the centers on a home in gaithersburg and this is where we join tom with the very latest. >> we have learned that at least one of the people are dead injured in this neighborhood in gaithersburg. i will step out of the way i'm sure you the police tape. that is at the front of the lake terrace, and number of houses down, where this happened. here's video we took not long after this happened around 8:00 p.m. tonight. what we know is that an off-duty montgomery county police officer was in the home. both the people injured were his own family members. one person was shot and the officer fired his weapon. the person who was shot is deceased. another person described as a
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family member was taken to the hospital. say is what they had to when we spoke to them a short time ago. >> i cannot confirm but we have one party deceased and another transported in critical condition. >> very sad. >> police tell me that the off- duty officer who was involved in this was not harmed. they are not identifying who orctly the two people were the deceased. the officer usually stays here thathis wife and a son they describe as trouble. else, wern anything will certainly pass it onto you. live in gaithersburg, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> a two alarm fire in prince george's county leading to a
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massive residence in a laurel neighborhood. 7:00 p.m. this evening as crews battled the fire. six adults and two children are out of their home. roz plater is live in laurel with an update. thise fire chief called one a disaster waiting to happen. it broke out in a townhouse community where all of the homes are connected that the fire was moving so quickly it forced the crew into a serious firefight. the first 911 calls for help came around 7:00 p.m. there was heavy smoke and fire coming out of the front and roof of this three-story townhome. he immediately called in additional crews for help. while they battle from the inside until they had a major collapse of both the roof and the board. they had to evacuate the building, back out into the cold to work the fire from the outside.
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the bulk of the fire is now under control, but what they cannot is the freezing temperatures that make this an uphill battle. >> not only the health and welfare of the people, all of the watery put on the street , they will bealks laying down salt to help us make things a little safer. alexi salt and sand operation continues at this hour because they are still out there. they are still battling hotspots and flareups because of the fire. because is still under investigation. both of the townhomes likely a complete loss. are seeking shelter is a citizens group trying to help them. roz plater, abc 7 news. outrage targeting the district's top lawmakers after the controversial death of a
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longtime d.c. employee. he suffered a heart attack next to a fire station but no one inside would help save his life. jay korff is live with some new insight on what is being done about it tonight. tonight, me mary and other city leaders reacted with grave concern about the status of this case. sources tell abc seven news that he is one of -- she was one of several fire employees at the responsetion of the leaving cecil mills junior dead. they captured the tenant davis in the passenger seat of a ladder truck covering her face to avoid being seen. the 77-year-old collapsed in cardiac arrest across the street
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from engine 26 in northeast. the family said a number of people went across the street to ask for help but were told called 911. >> everything i have seen is just terrific. >> mill and came out of the firehouse to help this gentleman. the ambulance dispatched was to the wrong place. >> the protocol is heartless. it is heartless. watching thee entire thing and did not help. fireose who ran to the station were met by a rookie. he asked the lieutenant davis what to do and she said they have to call 911. we are told she then returned to the bunk room. has the embattled fire
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chief been during all of this? we are told he is working diligently behind the scenes to get to the bottom of this investigation but the deputy mayor and mayor will be handling talking publicly about this issue. in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. police tell us he apologized for his actions before carrying out the attack. his journal showed that he knew he suffered from mental health problems but cap this hidden from his family. the journal showed he wanted to showed heght about -- wanted to die a auntie thought about how to do it. >> 11, a candlelight vigil for a man murdered three years ago. friends and family gathered to
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braswell.don loopholesed 13 of the in the car. they hold the vigil every year in hopes of finding the gunman they are offering a $25,000 reboard. >> one of the busiest highways is also one of the most dangerous. the beltway between georgia avenue and rockville pike has an 260 documented crashes per year. it is likely much higher as many and spin outs go unreported. nearly a quarter of a million vehicles travel this every day. >> we have new information on the deep freeze in the south tonight. more than my thousand accidents reported in the atlanta area alone. the gridlock is beginning to ease up as they are working .round
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atlanta's mayor says the problem now is the abundance of abandoned cars on the highway. of schools, university, and business closings. --no snow but you can affect expect more of deep freeze into the single digits. culpepper, king george, caliber, st. mary's all with a two hour delay. >> it's going to be very cold. secondarye ground and roads will still have an issue. 15 in germantown. areas around two degrees ranging up to 14 with light wind.
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making some nice progress as temperature starts a rebound. it gets kind of unsettled. lots to share with you when i join you in studio in a few minutes, leon. tested watert samples saying that it contained formaldehyde. west virginia's top officials are calling the claims unfounded. >> tonight, passengers on board the nightmare cruise leaving hundreds sick and quarantined are speaking out. royal caribbean's explorer of the seas pulled into port and withassengers became ill what they believe to be the
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normal virus. >> vomiting, diarrhea. of doors.ed on a lot >> if they confirm the nuri l virus, it will be one of the largest out rakes in 20 years. it will be scrubbed and sanitized before its next scheduled departure which is friday. >> can they really do that? >> they are going to try. [laughter] -- a drive-is through drug ring? the secret code coming up next. a pandemonium outside of toronto police station.
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>> you are watching abc seven news on your side. crexendo donald employee is charged, accused of adding harrowing the happy meals. she used the drive through and ton the code, i would like
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order a toy. in exchange, they were given the drugs. they found 10 bags of heroin in a happy meal box and found another 10 on dennis. >> 7 is on your side with a .onsumer report now is the time to buy a big screen. bestediction website says buy and walmart offer special promotions leading up to the super bowl. some are just as good as black friday and cyber monday deals. facebook celebrated its 10th birthday today with big rockets. they said revenue was up $.55 to $7.9 billion. facebook close today at nearly
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$57 per share. >> more charges tonight for justin bieber and a friendly greeting him at a toronto police station to answer to charges of assault. jason nathanson reports. little?ou move back a >> 1500 miles apart and all in for ay, a bit much even pop star. he pushed his way through screaming fans and media turning himself into toronto police on an assault charge all related to an alleged attack on a limit driver back in december. you want to go with your family when they get arrested. you want to support him when they get out of jail. >> pleading not guilty and driving under the influence in the drag race between a lamborghini and a for
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ari. drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription drugs. he is set for arraignment but the law does not require him to be present. the singer is not an american citizen. a petition on the white house website has more than 100,000 signatures calling for his deportation. he is still under investigation for felony vandalism in los angeles over and negative thing -- over an egg tossing incident. attention lately for brushes with the law than his music. nathanson, los angeles. >> i bet you it sells magazines. that's the way it works. >> let's talk about the weather now. little relief in sight finally. >> it will start tomorrow and
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have a nice progression to the weekend. started first the potomac covered with ice and snow on top of the ice today, a cold day but managing 26 for the high, well shy of the average of 44. that does not tell us a thing about what's going happen. let's take it one day at a time and enjoy what we have here. lookmoment, let's take a at this big temperature difference across the country. -26. in l.a., 85. thisegree difference in stretch. we start to get big differences as the wind is hanging on to the first hint of a summer pattern starting in the far south and southwest. apertures ranging from single digits, 7 at this air station
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with five inches of snow on the ground. 16 in gaithersburg, nine in manassas, and if we look at the mid-atlantic some of like charleston eight degrees, seven in detroit. fairly mild given the time of year a van down the coast. we're still on the cold side of it here. we're seeing temperatures now that are 27 degrees warmer in omaha vin last night, 31 degrees warmer in minneapolis-st. paul. remind me not to stay there. let's just to be real. we are going to take this a couple days at a time to forget above average.
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it moves offshore, picking him more of a southwestern when dan day by day, getting warmer and warmer. is average height tomorrow still 44. we went from single-digit overnight into the 20's. topping out around 34 combining with the sun should do a bit of the melting of the snow fall. 34, 40 six, near 50 over the weekend and look at sunday late in the day. kind of an unsettled stretch been no major storms in the next seven days. i'm happy with that. more to talkhad about sunday. that is just silly. [laughter] you looked great. >> not going there. and >> we are going to college park though. istell dog as cold as it
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outside, it was heating up at the comcast center at the campus of the university of maryland. the terrapins came out of their
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> welcome back to the comcast center where the maryland terrapins played one of the best games they've played all year. they are on a pretty good roll but it was miami that went long distance and coming away with a 74-71 win. half of thehe first ball game the terrapins doing everything right. steals a, goes ahead. watching him go on top of the slam leading a 30-29 at the half. tied at 71.
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firing a three pointer straight away and he was perfect from the field tonight. n, finishing with 21 points. he was perfect in maryland wins 74-71. the first half, blowing the game wide open. they led the way with 16 points and four players finishing in double figures. 69-47 and they stay unbeaten at home. go to football because everybody knows we are just a few days away from super bowl xlviii. britt mchenry has been up there and she has this report. oferic decker is a huge part denver's success. the soon-to-be free agent caught for nearly 1200 yards sharply emerging as one of peyton manning's favorite targets but they are not in denver anymore and he talks about how he's targeting the challenges of a
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new city leading up to the big game. >> you have practiced 9:00 until 5:00 so you have all day. you have to do the things that make you feel comfortable and make you feel like you are at home. inis expecting a baby girl march. he jokes he told his wife to take her time getting here because the stress of having a baby in the super bowl on the same day would just be too much to handle. britt mchenry, abc seven sports. heat and nba, the kevin durant continues to dominate finishing with 33. blasting out the heat. the final 112-95 from miami. back to college park, maryland with perhaps its best performance of the season playing against miami tonight. from the field, beating
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miami the final 74-71. that's the story from the comcast center. back to you. with snow and ice hitting the south, one thing is for sure. >> they don't know how to drive -- bottom dollar. >>
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> there's a silver lining. lots of stories of people helping each other out. including this man. tojumps out of his truck help drivers get back down this hill. in some cases, he even volunteered to drive the car for them. tonight in pensacola, temperatures will be in the 20's. you might see more of this bearded lifesaver. [laughter] normally when you see a guy
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>> bundle up in a morning. >> at warming trend begins tomorrow. we will be in good shape.
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we will get you out the door tomorrow morning. >> that's it for us tonight.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- andy garcia. chef norman van aken. and music from broken bells. with cleto and the cletones! and now that i have your attention, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you.


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