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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> trying to get answers from one firefighter at the enter of the disturbing death. >> the i-team obtained adc fire department document which tells lieutenant side of the story. developments, and more from a witness who just came forward. people at the focus of this investigation are no longer working at this firehouse. helene davis and gary murphy
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have been put on leave. another firefighter is reassigned. the leader lieutenant davis' story. >> near the infamous fire station, she said last saturday concerned citizens rushed across the street and asked firefighter for help after cecil mills had collapsed on a sidewalk. no one from the station came. the top of her voice hollering. >> they were told the firefighters could not respond until they were dispatched by 911. the crew eventually arrived, but mills died. some believe they blame clean davis -- colleen davis. she told us to leave.
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she did tell her side of the story in this correspondence with ken ellerbee. -- she said she look for and found murphy in bed in the bunk room. she claims he didn't get back to her because an ambulance was on the way. later she asked murphy why did he not return with the address. -- mel -- flowers and candles mark the spot where cecil mills fell. >> it is right there. the fire station is right there. familiar with the
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investigation tell is firefighters merged versions of what occurred. the investigation is expected to wrap up next week. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> happening now in southeast washington, police are piecing together what led to a gruesome discovery inside a home on 17th street. officers were called to this home. relatives and the community have gathered wanting answers. roz plater is live with the latest. >> relatives have been stopping by here throughout the night, hoping that they might get some answers. investigators are still moving south to figure out what happened. relatives gathered just outside of the crime scene as they wait for word for investigators. just before 4:00 am the
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afternoon, police found a man and woman dead inside an apartment here on 17th street. >> there is trauma. i don't know if this could be a murder-suicide or something different. we don't know. quite she confirmed arriving officers found children at the crime scene. few details about what happened. both plainclothes and uniformed officers poured over the scene and interviewed neighbors. a good samaritan tells us this is the mother of one of the victims. ladyheard this young screaming. asked.out and she said she needed a ride. >> then he drove her here. quite she was screaming the whole time. going to say to
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someone who just lost a loved one? i pray for her. i said prayers for her. two grandkids, left behind. > another relative unharmed and in the company of child protective services. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> developing news out of southeast. bus collided a with a minivan. the injuries were not serious. abc 7 route updates on the story as soon as we get information. >> a vigil for the two people killed at the mall in columbia. hundreds gathered to remember rihanna and tyler johnson,
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gunned down as they worked at the zoo means skate shop. days after the deadly shooting, police say they had found no connection between the victims and the gunmen. >> and man accused of leaving her daughters alone in a car, reginaties tell us coleman locked the girls in the car and went to the mall to have her makeup done. temperatures were in the teens. she is charged with child neglect. children are in the custody of relatives. >> republican leadership is on immigration reform. john baeder's legal ship -- leadership team introduced at a leadership pretty. >> police have arrested two
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people in connection with the suicide bombs. more than 50,000 police officers and soldiers are in sochi two guard against attacks. officials warn the greatest threat is to soft targets in the city. >> a bombshell from an italian court room. amanda knox is found guilty for a second time. she faces possible extradition and decades behind bars. randy hicks reports. >> amanda knox is guilty of murder. that is the verdict once again from an italian court following a brand-new trial. announced she has been sentenced to 20 years behind bars. , we were shocked and upset. we are ready to fight. like she was convicted of killing her roommate in 2009.
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>> she is been acquitted. >> after spending four years in prison, her conviction was overturned due to unreliable evidence. kill meredith? >> no. year, overturning the acquittal and ordering a new trial. her ex-boyfriend was seething -- receive the same verdict. italy will use extradition treaty and pressure the u.s. to send knocks back to italy. to askcan they not ask her back to italy? they have a felon on the books. >> there is no way she is going back over there. >> this case can be appealed. randy
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-- >> you will hear from amanda knox or the first time since her conviction here on abc seven. she talks with robin roberts. says e-mail customers may be the latest victims of hackers. usernames and passwords were stolen and used to access accounts. they didn't say how many were affected. more than 81 million yahoo! accounts in the u.s. , but goodtemperatures news for friday. doug hill lets us know what the rest of the week into the weekend is looking like. >> we have a taste today of a warm-up. 24, 19 in fairfax. marlboro, they have a good
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cover of snow on the ground. early tomorrow, partly cloudy. 23.o a range of temperatures for friday. by monday, temperatures will drop. let's put it this way. it will be unsettled early next week. maybe some snow. maybe some rain. maybe freezing rain. a lot to discuss. >> something here does like the weather. a snowy owl spot in the district . he is recuperating at a wild half -- wildlife rehab center. he was found by police and taken to the national zoo and then brought the city wildlife. water, was given food, antibiotics, and painkillers for head trauma. owl talk with us about the
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recovery. >> i think it underscores the importance of us being here in washington. x-rays to see if any bones were broken. tonighttant information for toyota drivers. >> popular models are under a stop sale order. >> changes are on the way for amazon. got one shewoman didn't expect.
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>> abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> a startling delivery to a home in southeast washington. within seconds of signing for the package, she realized something was wrong. >> tom roussey is here with this story. trade,ou're in the drug and going to deliver your drugs by mail, make sure you send them to the right address. one person didn't, and a man is
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under arrest. >> at these -- this woman says the express mail package delivered to her apartment did have her address. >> i signed for it. my name was in on it. quite she was unprepared for what was inside. , inside containers, all this marijuana. easily thousands if not tens of thousands. as describes the smell awful. >> to come through the mail was shocking. quite she worked for the post office. she called police. they remove the pot from the apartment complex. they made an arrest of a neighbor who apparently would have received it if the sender hadn't put the wrong address.
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>> i had to tape steps -- take steps to do what is right. quite she is glad it never made it to the street. taken a toll on d.c. over the years. lesson. a >> the metropolitan police department tell us they have arrested someone in connection with this case. he is facing to drug-related charges. >> 7 on your side with a consumer alert from toyota. several popular models are off the market. a flammability concern. they have stop sale orders immediately. repairst clear when the will be complete. >> changes may be on the way for amazon prime service. it is now looking at increasing
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ae subscription fee to $120 year. right now it is $79. amazon says they do not expect to lose subscribers. costs for thel increase. especially by the weekend, it is temporary. we are in better conditions. let's take a look at our numbers. the top camera, a little bit of the ice broke up. 34 is the official high. 44 and 29 are the averages for today. at reagan national airport, 21 right now. lexington park, they have a good
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smoke -- no pack. you notice it is not dramatically cold like it has been. there is a surge of cold air coming across the border again. east, it isushes going to survive the airmass spreading eastward. we have a few days of temperatures heading our way. air, late onold sunday, the cold air will come in. it will not be this cold. not that brooded -- not that brutal cold. wins intoh to shift the low 30's. through the rest of the weekend, close to 50. 60 on sunday.
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wins, thising flow is the cold front that is coming. we will push warm air. .he cold air will come in the little disturbance comes into that cold front. 43 in the afternoon. as we look forward, look at the warmer air. sunday, groundhog day. we will turn colder and more wintry as we head through wednesday of next week. there you see it. a junk pattern. i think we have a high chance of snow monday, tuesday, and
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wednesday. [indiscernible] goodbye tosay columbus. [inaudible]
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>> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> going to the caps. they find themselves 20 points behind pittsburgh in the did -- in the division. there should be concern going forward. into the game. columbus jumped over washington. this was not all. combinations were bad. not much help on defense. columbus took advantage. the worst first all year. they could not dig out of the whole. xlviii is three days away. denver is a three point favorite. john fox is a sentimental favorite. mchenry has more on that story. >> even though the lights are shining, the team went through a
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shared hardship. john fox went through open heart surgery. his ability to weather the storm and king kong made a big impression on his players. >> he was in our prayers. if there is one guy will go to war for, it is coach fox. alreadyeattle coach is winning in one category. surveying nfl players around the league, he was voted the most popular. >> thank you. for basketball fans, the all-star team. he is in his fourth year out of kentucky. averaging 19 points and two
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steals again. his best year. the 63rd all-star game will be played in new orleans. he will be there. to fairfax, high school basketball. john's, a three ball. the lead was late. here we go. game set and match. 71-68. st. john's moves into number one. kevin kelly has resigned become the defensive coordinator at ball state. trimble hasmello been named the mcdonald's all-american team. there you have it. >> that is great news for him. >> thanks. >> and unusual addition to a
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phoenix shelter today.
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>> an officer involved shooting is our top trending story. the snowy owl spotted around the district recovering from injuries is also there. and the forecast for the weekend. read about them on
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>> an animal shelter got an unusual addition this week. take a look. the largest cat ever turns into the animal control. she weighs 36 pounds. she is too big to fit in kennels. she is friendly and can walk comfortably despite the extra pounds. they are working to get her to a rescue group that will help overweight cats get into shape. >> that is a meatloaf. that is the whole loaf. >> 36 pounds.
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>> a cold start, but a nice recovery. partly sunny skies. upper 40's.
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everything you need to know about the forecast in the garden morning watch. -- good morning watch. >> we are celebrating for sure. thank you. >> my pleasure. [indiscernible] >> thank you for joining us. >> seven great night.
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, zac efron. alison brie. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from sara bareilles with cleto and the cletones. and now, what else can i say, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ]


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