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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  WJLA  April 1, 2014 6:00pm-6:23pm EDT

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5:00. the news contins right now on abc 7 news at 6:00. sevene fromhe abc broadcast cent, this is abc at 00 on your side. is decisi day f democrat voters in the distri. d.c. residents are diding whher vincent ay should get a seconderm. the polls clo jsetwo hours from now. we are live at a polling site that has a history of pickgin the winners. >> at least, last time. precinc12t which is at frienhip baptist churc in southwest washgton. wher as you said, lastimin the 2010 election, the vote in the cy was for ncent gray. tommwells may get moreot here then citide, but
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vertheless, it ia reflection of.c. here and aother precinct, people will be voting until 8:00 this evening. >> it waa sea of yellow and green ts morningt andidate muriel bseowand r supporters launched theet out the vote effort. -- if people want a frh start inhe mayor's office, then vote for me. >> mayor vincent gray snt the daconvincing voters that despite possible indictment he is t best caidate. what is not dfent ithe opportunity to continue to serve people. and in a day when each sid spent the day thing you could out yell each other, former rion barry was outde his brg state calling on voterso vape -vote form gy and how mu he loves thgame.
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>> most of all, i love campaign. >> councilmember tommy wells and , and shall all, orange, lewis, a alan. among those we stopped, it seemed to be aboutray and wells. >> a tnd issue of turnout today across the city. when we looked at early voting, that was down e ird from four years a. he, 128they projected that 5 34 people would vote hertoy, but asf 5 p.m.,nly 281 have ted, less than half of projted. the day is moving right along. have til 8:00 to vote. >> fol will ve to get moving.
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news channel eight will be live on the air with e resus as they come in. coverage bins at 8:00 and will until t vote is over. will have reaction tight on abc 7 news at 11:00. d.c. police say t man acsed of kidnappin eight-ar-old girl has been dead for at least 3hours before his body was diovered. dead of fou tatum aself-inflicted gshot wound yesterday morning. his body w found in kenilworth parkn northeast washington. police have spent days trying rudd.elisha >> whave found nothing that lphe iour search for her. now we can focusn the search fo her. she expects crews will nish --earch of kennewic park nilworth parkside time morrow. ask police officer has been arrested, -- the son of a police
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ofcer has been arrested, accused ofaking a police car for a joride. he was seng in the car with the lights on and speeding when a state trper spotted him. later where his fathersed uniform shirt. he faces several charges -- arrested laterearing his father'unifor shirt he facesev sal charges. >> three ae complex was in the nal age as odistrict- th fin stages of cstruction when a firroke out. it took hundreds of refighters several hours to get under contl. buyers like tt one in rockville ow us w quickly flamesan spread to a lar building. that is why fireghters i dotngton where high-rises thlandscape, are taking extra steps to be ready. are live inrlingtonith wh makes this training so itical.
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if you spend any time in rosslyn,ondon, or lson, you know construction is happening all over the place. toxistingigh-rises an office buildings, you will fin new ones going up across the street. each of these ructures comes with their ownhallenges in dealg with a fire or ergency. especially, high ave ground. s nothing quite like the real thing. buthis is as read -- aclose as it gets. arlington re lieutenant fred call ski is helping coordinate this drill, simulating the rescue of a cotruction worker window waer at a high-ris is something dangerous. >> this exercise ione day. the department repairs to protect the most visle skyline in the region, onehat keeps high-rises are completed
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with 10ore under construction d 17 more inhe pipeline. but as these go up, our efficiency goes down. fromehallenge range communication to tenology brking down. arngton fire has its hands full. but i live on the eighth floor. i have thought about having to get o. >> allon injuries and likes kninghe- allison likes knowing the department is dng mohan just thinkinabout it. >> thais what you want to hear, at they are preparing r it and planning. growth toll of the my they have n had a big jump when it comes to fire calls, because so many of these newer ildings have a lot of saguards in place in the
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builng materials a sprinklers. theris a big concern, however that when it comes to construction pjects and the concerfor constructionorkers , soanof these projectsre still under construction ando not ha the safeguar yet in ace. >>hank you. ngress is expected to act within the hour to finalize leslion providing an economic bst to ukraineand adding additional sanctis against russia. presidenobama isxpected to sign the legislaon. the move comes hours after nato's foign ministers deord an end tcivili and military operations with russia. na also inructed its military commanders to find way to protect nato members whfeel threatened brussia's recent mo. state john kerry canceled a meeting with palestiainpresent mark amodei b -- my mood aas after mahmoud abbas after there was sh for recognionti after discussion
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of the releasef jonathan pollard. on the u. for israel. the white house sa that president ama has not decided whether to recpt -- release coming up on abc 7 ws at 6:, a ceo apogizes for a card efft leavi millions of cars dangerous to drive. >> andoming up nex a milestone that could they -- play big in congup elections. >> 6degrees and sunshine. i must begin my journey,
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>> tonight, the white hse says it has exceeded its goaofl signing up million americans for health ce. and why this uld ke i difference -- make a diffence in the midterm elections. >> president oma took a victory lap today. >> dpite proems with the bsite, 7.1 million america private signed up for inrance pls. >> announcing that, despite th enrlment, --ut
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despite e botcd rollout, and moment has passed the white house's own connotations. it is a major political mileone for e obam adminiraon and a key victory for democrats ahead ofhe midterm election but officials won'say howany of those who signed up are young d healthy. orreviouy uninsured. the scess. >> that breakdown is suffienci to i ftsction. >> the white houseredits the social media blitz and outside thbox pitches for st-minute surge sign-ups. monday'ea de saw long lines from georgia tcalifornia. >> it is exciting. >>ecord-breaking tnout cread an oine jacket jam -- traffi jam tm up plugging the site oe again. ose who re trying to eoll, but could not make it b
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midnig, were allow tedy agaitoday. >> at this veryoment, the board overseeing maryld's fraud help -- maryld health discussing its site. it crashed the first day when online and has had manproblems since. aders are thinking about scrapping the entire site and using technologysed in coecticut. next, dozen peopl killed in crashes due to a card effect.
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>>his afternoon, theeo of general motors apologized to federal lawmakers for an ignition scandal and cer-up
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that led tat least a dozen deadlyrashes. >> today's gm willo th right thing. that beginwith my sincere apologies to eryone that has been affected by this recall. toldryarra congressional committeshe does not ow why gdid not fix e problemore than a dede ago. but sh out. a 16-year-old was kille the airbag oher chevy cdeploy. her parents say she serves ste. >> what is it going to be in the fure? they need to be held accountable so this does not hapn to anybody else. >> gm has recalled 2.6illion fauyles to fixhe switch u yoll fd a complete lisof ose vehicles oour websit inconstruction began today the city of fairx. workerwill be ending the
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next six months or placement 87-year-old bridge. in the meantimwn tone la over te northbound traffured at whitehe. they will bud a sepate pederian bridge. us, shelike the rest of couldn't wait to go outside today. her mother was tre aths e cup took her first steps -- e tub ok her first steps outdoors this morning. eshilbe allowed outdoors evyder tt temperatures ar belo35 degrees. >> i do't think that below 35 is t much toout. -- is too mu of a concern. ink just fora bob. let's get starte lots of stuff to go arnd. even though there were a couple are talkingces, we
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highs in the 60's. are in good shape and we will navigate the rain for you. thiss at l haven country club early this morning. a beautil sunrise. high, thin clouds overhead. anlike most areas, the clouds moved out andlue skies to go over. a gorgeous eveng. mid-sixties in most areas. 72 degrees in culpeper. 67 in rongly. 63 and t play at. a -- la pta.ed tomorrow morning lill ben th30's. 63 in quantico. 65 is the repo out of reagan national degrees at ocean city. the wis are coming acrosshe water and bringing the temperature down. 62 and 42 are now the avege are theloudy skies tonight --
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part cloudy skies tonight. definitely milder anecent night. mid to upper 70' 79 in charlesn in nashua. in nashville and atlaa rit now. this is looking od. it has ring re might all over it. -- written all over it there is a disturbance coming tomorrow, moving in om the we. it will fo a bit of a cold front d you mayee sprinkle orwer, especiay north and west of the city. sunshine and near 70 in the afternoon. here is what we see in the clear sks and a few high clouds moving through e region. a couplef showers tomorrow, mainly to the north, and then we pushed tough the nighttime hours. aftnoon -- showers
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thsday morning andn the eving as well. fray, partly cloudy and near 70 degrees some precipition until we t the weend and then we will clear out nicely and now, theoyota sports sk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> this is gre datma are you concerned? >> it will be interestin shawn jackson was in washington fo almost all of th time was and with redskins ayers and front office psonnel. left the park this afternoon for a for 40 p.m. flight at dulles. -- for 40 5 m. flight at dulles. his agent apparentlyontinue scussis. the speedy we receiver spent theay at redskins pk before leaving. wasson's agentjoe siegel,
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at the park evidently. an insider told us that they made progress towa a deal. ckson has tweeted "never settle for less. n't just give up." congralations to alya thomas, menaall-american. the first three-me all-american and three-time acc playerf e year. in theay louisville little. the cardinals are io. --2-2. they're lookingor a ampionship game r the second straight year. their head coach knows what to expect. >> tt whole staff, includin jeff, was anmportant part of our success. it was a fun timfor us as a program. we've played each other twice noand we are one and one obviously, wknow whato expect. >> the caps ar
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