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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 10, 2014 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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>> live from the broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we are going to start this half-hour with the crisis. it is declared an emergency by the world health organization and today, more than 50% of the 1800 people infected with the virus have died and efforts to contain the outbreak are getting a boost from virginia. we tell you how.
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>> this is been put together for a container that will go up next week. >> at the warehouse. sterile drapes and things we need. >> medical supplies are being prepared and their destination is liberia and sierra leone. these countries are at the center of the ebola outbreak. >> over 20 containers are going to liberia and sierra leone. protect gear and gallons and they are needed at clinics and hospitals battling the virus that has claimed 900. >> these are things that cannot be reused. >> receiving donations from medical hospitals and supply companies that would end up in a landfill at home. >> we have stepped up our
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attention and try to provide even more of the much-needed supplies. >> 40 foot containers are on their way to liberia and another left minneapolis yesterday. shipment will head out next week and more are scheduled in september in the hopes of preventing the spread of the deadly disease in the worst ebola outbreak in history. diane cho. >> we expect to learn of the funeral arrangements for james brady. in and after being shot assassination attempt against ronald reagan. we report that the shooting is brady'samed for james th, which metropolitan police call a homicide. >> nothing is over.
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andall reagan was wounded james brady was -- >> the death is ruled a homicide. >> the police if the autopsy reveals that the cause of death is a gunshot wound and the consequences of. >> he died of his injuries from the shooting. i think there is a case to be looked at. >> after the shooting, he suffer from short memory loss, slurred speech, and pain. >> it is not a surprise to us, given that brady suffered health consequences for many years. thehis is unprecedented, length of time between the pulling of the trigger and the death. guiltykley was found not by reason of insanity and there is a debate as to whether he
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should be tried again. an act of insanity and i do not think it would change anything. >> there is no statute of limitation for murder. >> the biggest problem is that he was already adjudicated as not mentally competent at the time of the pulling of the trigger. >> that was richard reeve. that johncall hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity and has been confined to a hospital. weeks a month for visitation at his mother's home. what a weekend it was. a person is dead and others wounded after a violent weekend in the district. 13 were shot in separate incidences since sunset on friday. one person was wounded in a carjacking early this morning on
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hartford street. six people were injured when someone opened fire before 2:00 this morning. none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. we want to take you back to the breaking news from the first half-hour. this is a live look of ferguson outside of st. louis. many are dressed in riot gear and try to keep order after a shooting of an unarmed african-american teenager over the weekend. there have been reports overnight and throughout this weekend of looting and vandalism. no reports of any injury. it appears that things are calming down a little bit more. we are told that even a news van was vandalized a little bit. we will have more on that as soon as we get it. hasmontgomery county jury
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convicted a man accused of a road rage attack and david goldberg was arrested in november after crashing his vehicle and stabbing rachel peterson and her fiancé. goldberg and the engaged couple had a kid in the car. >> lease keep them in your prayer during this trying time. >> family members from both sides apologized and hugged. goldberg will be sentenced in december. we will look at the week ahead and a milestone for a school damage i and east coast earthquake. east coast earthquake. where is pope francis heading this week? >> the supermoon.
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quacks a look at the week ahead. the candidates are set to debate. democrat will and face-off at george mason university's arlington campus. they are vying to win the august election. -- resigned in june to take a position and terry mcauliffe's
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administration. and mayor will hold a public hearing on flooding. evacuatere forced to when flooding hit the city. and damaged parts and several businesses. parks andged several businesses. and begins at 7:00 at partnership call on 5th street and laurel. some students will be in a building. ceremony at the new thomas jefferson elementary school. the school was damaged in an earthquake and had to be torn down. the students have spent three years in modular classrooms. korearancis will head to and it will be his first trip as pope.
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it will be his first visit to an asian country in three decades. a ferry asked and killed more than 300 and the pope will conduct a korean reconciliation mass in the capital of seoul. more on the search for an arsonist. ñoñí
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more breaking from prince george's county. the police believe that he is a two-year-old girl being shot this afternoon. he opened fire into a home around 2:00 this afternoon. arguing withe was someone in the home earlier. a bullet struck a young girl. we will have more on that as we get it. we returned to the weather department. there is a lot to talk about. there is the supermoon. it is bright. >> also, it increased clouds and some were able to get photos. we will start out with mike
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connor. thank you for sending this picture and this is another shot from arlington. i love this. especially the leaves in front shaheen'sd this is picture from earlier this evening. it was warm today. degrees in the suburbs. it was a typical august they and we did not have that high humidity. the temperatures were 68 degrees and it is still in the upper 70's downtown. at least he humidity is not all that impressive. it is on the rise as we head through the day. i will show you our satellite and radar and that is when clouds and showers were all weekend long. midwest, that gave us
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cloud cover and a bit of rain. ok and webe pretty should not have to worry about any rain. , throughout the overnight hours and into tuesday, this is 8:00 and a preview of what you can expect. the rain went on and off and there was nothing severe. the cold front will come through andarly wednesday morning it will filter in after that. it is quiet and comfortable and temperatures are in the 60's. there is a great view of the supermoon. for tomorrow, it starts off with sunshine and through the afternoon and evening. a few showers are possible later in the day and we will stay
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around 80 degrees for the day on tuesday. , shower early in the morning it depends on how quickly the cold front moves through. it is a spectacular and september-like days. it is a little bit cooler in the suburbs. >> 58 degrees in the city as an overnight low. >> i know. >> all right, thank you. in gaithersburg after someone tried to set five vehicles on fire. there was damage to other vehicles. it was minor and the residence say it is frightening. >> we were pretty much at the mercy of whoever wanted to do something to them. >> the detectives are never
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identified a suspect in the case. ahead on washington weekly, a chance to save money on
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>> the green light to operate in virginia on a temporary aces. it includes extensive background checks and rigorous insurance requirements. announced a new
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money-saving option. not everyone is on board. intoe vehicles blend traffic and the ease-of-use in a ride with the smartphone app sets it apart. get launched a service to less expensive rides and now, they are looking passengers of with other people going the same route. this driver expects them to keep busy. what is the reaction from the passengers? i use it a lot.
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group one. use a >> the jury is out on the new option. launched avices pooling service and they do appear to diminish the desire of their >> it is cheaper and you do not have to worry about parking or anything like that. it is a lot easier. it will be available to people in san francisco and should arrive to cities like d.c. in the near future. not so good news for bacon-lovers. takes sends the prices higher and high demand is leading to the highest prices in nearly 30 years. there are millions of pigs in 30 states.
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it is worth it.
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