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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> a face of comedy in front of the camera -- >> good morning, vietnam! >> tragedy behind it. tonight, the world remembers robin williams. a teenager grabbed by an officer by the throat. a whole loteady for
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of rain over the next 24 hours. my forecast as abc 7 news starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute loss, anda major oscar award-winning actor and comedian robin williams has died. county, california come insurers office believes that williams committed suicide. diane cho has more on robin williams' life and legacy. >> the entertainment industry was hit hard, many taking to twitter to express their love and condolences. 63-year-old robin williams was found unconscious in his california home monday morning. emergency crews say it was already too late when they arrived. >> good morning, vietnam! >> the academy award-winning
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actor and comedian was known for his energy, creativity, and wit inthe spotlight, appearing lighthearted films and playing more dramatic roles. youre way that he tugs at heartstrings in "patch adams," and his standup routine where he is running off the walls is very special. >> the managing director of the comedy spot said the news of his death came as a shock. >> he is a person who i think you can relate to because he has such a linkedin comedy. took his ownhat he life by asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation needs to be made. his professional success met with personal struggles. acknowledging drug and alcohol problems in the 1970's and 1980's. >> he may have had manic depression.
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i don't know that, but it's a possibility. is followedf mania by crashing more severe depression. >> his wife asked for privacy, going on to say, "as he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on robin's death but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions." >> he will be so missed. he already is. moving on, we are on storm watch as the area is under a severe weather warning. they could lead to a lot of rain. steve rudin is here to let us know what to plan for. inches of rain? >> one or two which is by the time we move to the midday hours of tomorrow. the cold front will push through. after that, really nice weather. take a look at satellite radar from the belfort furniture weather center, heavier rain earlier this evening. doppler radar, the rain is now the diminishing, scattered
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showers across northern montgomery county to frederick county. all of this lifts off to the north and east. showers move through the overnight. take a look at the impressive rain totals on the weatherbug network. this is just from earlier this evening until now, over half an fredericksburg, over a quarter inch in manassas and centreville. scattered showers continue overnight, falling into the 60's and lower 70's. heavier rain and a better chance of stronger storms tomorrow. parts of the area, a slight risk of severe weather. we will talk about that and what to expect in the next seven days. >> ok, steve. investigation is underway after our photographer captured this video and golfing -- involving a montgomery county police officer. the police are investigating what happened and if the officer reacted appropriately. roz plater has been following the story and is live with us in
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germantown. order the police telling you? >> we are told the videotape is being reviewed up the chain of command. our photographer said he began shooting at because the officer seemed a bit aggressive. tonight, we tracked down a teenager who told a very different story from the police. when the video begins, we cannot hear the conversation, but we see the montgomery county police officer circling four young men. shot theournalist video from a nearby restaurant. he said the officer appeared to pull something from a pocket of a teenager. then the officer grabs the teen by the shirt and pulled him towards the back of the building. officeroint, the appears to put his hand around his throat. >> i got him. teen, then the asks for identification. >> with emery county police say they got -- montgomery county
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police said they are calls of african-american males fighting. we were told the 16-year-old was arrested for failing to provide officerand because the found a cigar on him, but no drugs. we found one of the young men. he said they were walking into the shopping center from playing basketball when they saw the police officer make a u-turn and come after them. >> he was like, what are you guys doing? review doing anything bad, as usual? he was basically saying we was bad. the video to patrons of the shopping center, all of whom have questions about the officer's actions. >> there was probably a little bit of excessive force. not sure why. he did not show identification and the situation, it did not have the lead up to it in the video, though. was not resisting arrest, he is not being violent. him do you can see
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something to his throat. >> montgomery county police say almost immediately after receiving the video from channel 7, it was sent to the chief of police, internal affairs, and the district commander and a query has begun. tape in the officer's actions are being reviewed." we will keep digging on this. if you would like to see the entire tape, go to roz plater, abc 7 news. >> thank you, roz, nice work. breaking news from southwest washington. a woman was kidnapped and carjacked. the suspect is on the loose tonight. this happened just after 9:00: luther king avenue southwest. the victim was able to escape d.c. police are looking for a gold mercedes sedan with maryland plates. happening now in prince george's county at this hour, a manhunt for the gun man police say open fire at a home in landover
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killing a three-year-old girl. she was a month shy of her fourth birthday. the police are looking for this man, wallace. they say he is the person they believe pulled the trigger. i say that wallace got into a fight with somebody at the home over clothing. he allegedly went to his car, got a gun, and fired into the home in retaliation. cameras designed to catch criminals were installed just a matter of feet away from this home, but they were not working. there are 21 cameras across prince george's county. the police say they are essentially nonfunctioning. not collected any useful information from them in two years. the cameras were made possible by funding from several grants. once the money ran out, county leaders decide it was not worth it to upgrade or maintain them. a guilty verdict for a man accused of gunning down an honor roll student as he walked to school. ross died in the capitol heights
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neighborhood. robert lyles spoke with his mother. how was she handling the verdict? >> she is surprisingly up eight. imagine the unthinkable, you lost your child to murder. the police have found the weapon. sounds like a slamdunk, right? elizabeth ross, the mother, learned today the murder trial could be quite complicated. elizabeth ross has waited nearly two years to see this. >> i did not know whether they were going to get off or not. >> she spent a week staring into the eyes of travon bennett, on trial for her son's murder, but trying to scare in the hearts of jurors. >> i wanted the jury to see as well as i could see that he is guilty. >> proving the case was daunting. it was a robbery gone bad. ross reportedly flinched as travon bennett held him up.
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that one move by the honor student led to his death. for a month, no leads, no suspect, until the police on anothernnett robbery charge. prosecutors need a witness is to put him behind the gun. a case went nowhere until it in made agreed to wear a wire. prosecutors got travon bennett's own best friend to testify, saying -- >> he said he was about to bust a move. >> a straight reference to a robbery. with that, jurors deliberated two hours. >> they got all the answers right. >> guilty, second-degree murder is all that elizabeth ross heard before dissolving into treaters. -- before dissolving into tears. said i know he has his wings flapping all over the place. >> elizabeth ross says that she forgives travon bennett. prosecutors are not so forgiving. he will be sentenced.
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press a are seeking life without parole, plus 25 years. -- prosecutors are seeking life without parole, plus 25 years. the policeg from about somebody pretending to be affiliated with the department so they can take your money. the crime is called spoofing. alexandria police says the caller claims that you have an outstanding court are traffic fee and demand money. caller id shows the number of the nonemergency line. alexandria police say they do not attack you and demand money. encouraging news for the fight against the deadly ebola virus. and the e-mails of bob mcdonnell's sister.
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an experimental ebola drug, is on its way to liberia. the maker of the drug cautions
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it has a very limited supply. the drug is credited with helping save the lives of two american aid workers. more than 1000 people have died from the worst ebola outbreak in history in africa. more unrest outside of st. louis where the police used tear gas to break up a crowd, trying to prevent a second night of violence following the killing of an unarmed teenager by the police. they say an officer shot michael brown saturday. his family rejects claims that brown struggled with the officer and reached for his weapon. the fbi has watched a civil rights probe and the missouri governor has asked for an independent criminal investigation. >> the family has several witnesses that say it did not happen that way. am sure that will be coming out. >> the police and brown's family have urged calm in the wake of the shooting. a vigil turned violent last night when people riot.
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now the crisis in iraq. president obama praised the nomination of a new prime minister in iraq. he said he spoke with the new prime minister designate and urged him to form a unity government. nouri al-maliki, the prime minister, has vowed not to step down. as political turmoil comes the u.s. has more air strikes on sunni extremists. years of deep financial troubles revealed in the courtroom by a witness. as much as $60,000 per year, is connected with a family real estate business. bob mcdonnell's sister's ex-husband took the stand. he said in an e-mail between him and the governor, bob mcdonnell referred to jonnie williams as "the guy he was funding us."
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the real estate company received tens of thousands of dollars from william. with the attorney general as he left the courtroom. >> it's sad for the governor and his family. but we are close to the halfway point. we will begin our case sometime soon. former chief of staff testified today. he was asked about the infamous for ari road trip in 2011. he said it was a major security concern and he asked mcdonnell not to do it again. 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- barney's department store has agreed to pay more than half $1 million to resolve issues of racial profiling. shoppers and former employees complain detectives followed my nordic customers around the store and investigated their credit card use. in addition, barnaise will also hire an anti-profiling consultant.
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we are talking to our weather profiler. lot of rainss, a tomorrow. the umbrella is definitely in store. after that, looks a whole lot better. be prepared tomorrow morning, grabbed the umbrella. tomorrow afternoon it will be nice. >> bad news for the commute tomorrow morning. >> a lot of rain, a few which is not out of the question. the airport at this hour, the wind out of the southeast at 8. the high today, 85 degrees. the wind below average. 101 the record, 114 years old. weatherbug network, just a touch of rain in silver spring, currently 70 degrees. not a lot of rain at nationals park. they got the concert in this evening, 72 after a high of 83. arlington, glebe elementary school at 70, high in the lower 80's. cooler off to the west.
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middle 60's cumberland, winchester, martinsburg, 70 manassas, 72 fredericksburg, lexington park at 76. cooler air to the north and west. that is behind the cold front that will eventually make its way across the mid-atlantic tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. earlier today, showers pushed by. but of those just scattered. heavier rain across michigan, detroit, upwards of five inches of rain earlier today. all that moves off to the north and east. for us, the worst of the weather should be late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. slight risk of large hail, damaging wind, a possible tornado. to saying that is going happen, but be prepared late in the afternoon, especially north of d.c. youour travel plans take into western pennsylvania. doppler radar, showers breaking apart. they will fill in tomorrow morning for the rush hour. this is one projection as far as what we see as the potential of
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rainfall totals. upwards of one point five inches. further north and east, look at bwi-marshall, over 3.5 inches of rain. the cold front moves through tomorrow. the strongest of the storms in the afternoon and evening. once that moves out, the skies clear, high pressure builds overhead. absolutely beautiful late wednesday into thursday, friday, even the first half of the weekend. temperatures holding in the lower 80's. scattered showers tonight, otherwise muggy and mild, lower 70's. times,w, rain, heavy at along with embedded thunderstorms, 77-82. the extended outlook, i promised better weather come you got it, and of the week. a time highs in the lower 80's. tomorrow, jacqui jeras will update the forecast. >> we will give you a medical update on the redskins and a progress report on their
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quarterback as the team gets mp, ando break ca 40,000-plus held their bñoñí >> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. ok, just one more bit of business tomorrow, been the redskins can close down camp in richmond. they will go for a walk through the morning and head north. the focus has been on the progress robert griffin iii has made learning jay gruden's offense. what does coach have to say? >> i think he is coming along and just continuing to drill in his head that not every play as a touchdown and he has to take with the defense gives them, and sometimes that will give him anything. he has to make the right decisions. he has the keys to the franchise in his hand. he will take it a long way, so he estimate the right decision
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and we are counting on him to do that. >> no pressure on rg iii. [laughter] north, a goodads time to see who got banged up in richmond. the ella jo hall -- deangelo hall injured his back in practice. there is good news involving deshaun jackson, who is scheduled to make his redskins debut monday night against cleveland. the nationals had the night off to rest up and travel to the big apple for their three-game series with the mets. the orioles hosting the other new york a small team at camden yards. the big news from this game and in baseball, this at-bat in the third inning, manny machado tonging, the soft grounder short. he immediately went down in the batters box, clutching his knee. the trainer and manager buck showalter had to help him off the field. limoneira diagnosis, sprained knee.
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chris came in to sub for machado and all he did was that, to run home run. they beat up on the yankees, 11-3. the real concern is the health of third baseman manny machado. >> he seems in pretty good spirits. he has had some experience with it. so we are hoping for good news tomorrow. we may have dodged a bullet, we will see. >> cardinals-marlins, kolten wong with a deep fly ball, giancarlo stanton, watch this. a pair of home runs, quite a night as the marlins win 6-5. despite tiger woods' poor performance of late, the ryder cup captain tom watson said there were still a chance woods could make the chance because, after all, he is tiger woods. >> except he is not playing like tiger woods. >> i would just like playing
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like leon woods. >> and that's saying a lot. facebook users, stay tuned. the new way criminals are getting your personal informat
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the boards. there is a new fake app that allows people to change the color of your profile page. it is actually a virus that puts smartphone aur computer that accesses all of your profiles and spams your friends. so far, more than 10,000 people have been scam. >> soggy morning and heavier
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rain in the afternoon. one to two inches across the area. wednesday, the skies clear. first day, lower 80's, same friday and saturday. it will not feel like august. we are talking lower humidity, lots of sunshine, nighttime lows in the 60's. >> this summer has been almost too nice. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay -- director bobcat goldthwait -- and music from common with cleto and the cletones. and now, step back -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. that is awesome. i'm glad you're here.


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