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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  August 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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she was yelling at me stressed about what lay ahead." he then spoke of a phone call from president barack obama that morning that began with the president saying "hello bob, this is barack." he described it as a nice generous friendly conversation. the president saying "we've got to work together." and after that conversation governor mcdonnell saying "it was now donning on me i was entering a new phase of my life." he was one of five children growing up in the mount vernon section in fairfax county. his time at notre dame and private practice and in the house of delegates and his return for attorney general and governor. he had in the run for attorney general it was a real eye-opener, realizing a state. wide race was taxing on families, putting a strain on the marriage. the governor releasing an
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astonishing figure when he began being asked about raising money. he said in the last eight years he estimates he's raised $57 million between the races for governor, attorney general and for the republican governor's association. he was asked about his philosophy when talking about donors. of course jonnie williams, the unspoken name in the courtroom at this moment. the governor saying if you can't take somebody's munning and not vote -- money and not vote against their interests the next day, you can't be in this business. yes, he says he took money from jonnie williams but never gave him any special favors. that's what we can expect to hear in the testimony going into tomorrow. we expect court will wrap up at 5:30 or so,up0et we'll expect te governor to leave court every day -- as he has every day and speak with members of the media. we hope to hear what it was like on the stand beyond the first
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day and bring it to you at 6:00. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> breaking in virginia tonight, the u.s. supreme court has just ruled that same-sex marriages in virginia will not start tomorrow. kendis gibson is outside the courthouse with the breaking details. >> the announcement that supreme court ruling wasn't a surprise but the timing was. there were many county clerks offices throughout virginia who were already prepared to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses here tomorrow, including arlington here. i spoke with the county clerk here today and he said he was planned to be prepared to issue them to couples who had been calling all week long and were anticipating perhaps the supreme court would not make a ruling. in fact they even printed out some licenses that said spouse and spouse as opposed to bride
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and groom. but the announcement came with a stay and an appeal, basically blocking same-sex marriages from taking place here in the commonwealth of virginia. the state would have become the first southern state to have same-sex marriages, but the support allowing that stay -- the supreme court allowing that stay, and knowing that this case and many others will be heading to the supreme court probably as early as next spring. reporting from arlington, kendis gibson, abc7 news. >> we are also on storm watch tonight as some people in the area are already seeing some rain. meteorologist steve rudin is in the weather center with a first check of the forecast. >> a busy afternoon in the belfort furniture weather center. we're tracking showers and even a couple thunderstorms. a couple were severe in the day. those watches and warnings have canceled out. straight to the torpedo factory, the skies beginning to darken in old town alexandria, we are
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going to look for showers and thunderstorms to dot the radar as we move through the evening and even into the overnight hours. look at the temperature difference between dulles and reagan national. 70 at dulles and 84 at reagan national airport. the reason why, we have a band of showers and thunderstorms just to the west of the d.c. metro area. we'll head in just a little closer to south whiting into southern loudoun county and fairfax and north prince william county. this is a very slow moving, a sluggish storm system that's dumping a whole lot of rain and we're likely to see a whole lot of flooding as we move through the next several hours or so. for the evening and into the overnight our temperatures will eventually fall to lower 70's inside the beltway, upper 60's outside the beltway. and we'll look at the next seven days coming up in just a few minutes. cooler weather is on the way. >> president obama had some strong words for the terrorist group claiming responsibility for the murder of a u.s. journalist. james foley was captured two years ago in syria, and
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yesterday isil released a video of his brutal killing. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom with the new details on this developing story. >> today an emotional press conference with reporters. the parents and one of the brothers of reporter james foley said it was his older brother who would protect them -- protect them all and keep track of them all instincts. >> family and friends say reporter james foley felt it was his calling to expose oppression and tyranny, even if it meant returning to dangerous conflict zones. >> we're very proud of jim. he was a courageous journalist. compassionate american, the very best of america. >> foley's family says they want their son remembered not for the horrific video of his beheading, but instead for the way he lived his life as a free-lance reporter.
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>> we know god's work, and we know he's in heaven. so we're so proud of him. you have to be happy for him. he was an inspiration for us. >> fox news channel, conner powell covered many conflict zones with foley as an inbed in afghanistan. he said that foley didn't crave danger, he's faced danger to expose evil in dangerous places. >> he wasn't doing it for the thrill or the rush. he wanted to tell it from a point of view. >> president obama promised a strong response to the foley beheading even as isil leaders warn that it could lead to the beheading of a second american. >> all of us mourn his loss and we will do everything that we can to protect our people and the timeless values that we
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stand for. >> family members today admitted they were upset when foley returned to dangerous assignments after he was held captive in liberia in 2011. today a close personal family friend told me it was typical of jim foley that the first thing he did when he was released from that libyan abduction was have a fundraiser for another journalist who was killed by highs side. we'll have -- his side. we'll have what's next in the response and some criticism of president obama's handling of the crisis so far. rebecca cooper, abc7 news. >> the toddler killed last week when a gunman sprayed a prince george's county home with bullets was laid to rest today. the search meanwhile for day -- davon wallace continues. he's accused of killing 3-year-old knijah bibb. brad bell with what bibb's
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family wants done. >> they want justice. they want this man to be turned in. they tell us they believe people in this community are actually sympathetic to this alleged gunman and may be sheltering him. the police say that has to stop. so they're making an appeal to the community for more information. and this comes on the very day this little girl was laid to rest. >> she lay in a open white casket in a bright white dress. a tiny little girl, so young her dreams were of disney world, yet so bright she had learned spanish in her bilingual school. >> she would jump into the classroom and tell her brothers it's time to go. ♪[ music ] >> knijah bibb's funeral was emotional. crowded and a mix of sadness over the loss of a 3-year-old child and rage at a culture ripe with gun violence. >> if somebody does something to your children, it's going to make a change happen.
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so knijah bibb's death was not in vain. because it's time for us to make a change. >> knijah was killed august 10 when according to police 25-year-old davon wallace opened fire on a house where knijah bibb was visiting. he was in a rage because someone inside had been wearing some of his clothes. at the funeral he called on politicians to help bring change. >> we need programs. we need a partnership with a government. >> as for devon davon wallace. he remains on the run and some believe that people may be helping him hide. >> if you offer him a place to sleep you will be subjected as appropriate to criminal charges. >> well as for mr. wallace, a bibb family spokesperson said today they understand he too may be hurting because he allegedly took the life of a small child, but they're appealing to him to
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turn himself in, because they say they can't begin to heal from this loss until he begins to heal as well. in landover, brad bell, abc7 news. >> there is a new voice in the fight to find out exactly what happened in ferguson, missouri. the top law enforcement officer in the country, attorney general eric holder is there now. today, for the first time a grand jury is hearing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. senior political reporter scott thuman joins us now with the latest developments. >> leon, attorney general holder has been spending time this afternoon at the f.b.i. field office getting briefed from agents. earlier in the day he went to a community college and talked with students about their feelings of the unrest and their interactions with police in the past and he assured them that change is coming. >> in a rare display of hands-on involvement, attorney general eric holder flew to missouri today bringing other justice officials, and he hopes a sense of calm. >> we want to help as best we
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can. and we also want to lisser. >> his work -- listen. >> his work cut out for him, outside a courthouse today where a grand jury weighed probable charges against -- possible charges against police officer darren wilson. >> especially when a reporter showed up and was whisked way. >> protest and protect her, but they will not protect us. >> what do we want? >> justice? >> when do we want it? >> now! >> any decision according to the prosecutor also under fire now because he has family members who are police officers, may not come until mid-october. >> we're not going to rush anything. we don't want to rush anything through. right now the man is still under forensic examinations. >> those angry over the death of michael brown have flooded the white house website with a petition to force all officers to wear cameras.
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many in the same group are calling for president obama to visit ferguson himself. though for the same reason president bush didn't instantly go see damage of hurricane hurre katrina, the white house says it would take away important resources needed to tamp down any chaos. >> our partners at abc news, reporting the injuries that officer wilson suffered during the struggle with michael brown, more severe than thought prior. he had a serious facial injury. >> still to come on abc7 news at abc7 news at abc7 news at 5:00. how did a stranger get inside a secured apartment building and sexually assault a woman in her apartment. police have a new lead. >> hear where the redskins fall on the list of most valuable teams in the nfl.
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>> a family is grieving and a community is in shock after a woman collapsed in her yard while she was gardening. >> she later died and it was
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because of a hornet sting. stephen tschida just spoke to the woman's husband and he's live from annandale with the story. >> melodye creason didn't know that she had a hornets nest just feet from her front door. she also was not aware that she was allergic to these bee stings. this is something that eventually led to her death. >> you could see she didn't finish here and the nest is back here. >> she decided to trim the azaleas in her front yard. melodye creason didn't know these bushes concealed a hoard of killers. white-faced hornets. >> they followed her into the house, and super-aggressive and just kept coming at he and her. >> in minutes creason collapsed. >> she went into anaphylactic shock and seized and there was nothing i could do but wait for the ambulance to come. >> her throat shut depriving her of oxygen.
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neighbors are stunned to learn bees killed their neighbor. >> i saw the ambulance and the fire truck when they went by and i had no idea that's what happened. >> creason had been stung before. apparently the body can react more violently when stung a second or third time. increasen's family -- creason's family says she didn't know she was allergic to bee venom. >> shocking to think a hornet would do something like this. >> tonight while so many mourn, richard creason says if anything positive can come from his wife's death, it would be spreading the knowledge about just how dangerous a bee sting can be. melodye creason spent a week on a ventilator. >> i had to make the most difficult decision of my life to take her off life support. two days later she hung on and fought and finally passed. my family is devastated. i'm absolutely heartbroken. >> and to add to that, richard
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creason learned his wife's life insurance policy had run out. there is a website where they are trying to generate funds to cover the medical expenses. if you had like to -- if you would like to help, you can go to our website,, and find the link. >> so tragic. thank you. >> we move on now to a cleanup that's underway in southern arizona. this after some communities received more rain[r#y than >> let me tell you they got pounded and more on the way. for us at home we're looking at
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showers and even heavier downpours. this is from our roof camera in rosslyn obesity looking the -- overlooking the city. 84 at reagan national airport. the winds are out of the south at just around 7 miles per hour. our high yesterday made it up to 86 degrees at reagan national airport. middletown, maryland 71 degrees, and 0.60 inches of rain. hardly anything has fallen at children's hospital in the district. the >> almost an inch and a quarter for chantilly and the rain is going to continue to add up at least for the next hour or so as the cell moves towards the east.
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almost 15 degrees between reagan and dulles. that's because of the rain. the heat and humidity to the south and west of us, that moves our way for the day tomorrow. we have a funnel system overhead and that's why we have the unstable weather in the forecast, not just for this evening, but for the overnight, and tomorrow into the day friday. finally we're clear out just a bit just in time for the upcoming weekend. satellite and radar. here's the showers and the thunderstorm activity that developed earlier this afternoon. very, very slow moving. doppler radar shows the showers have not moved a whole lot around manassas into southern loudoun county. and now moving into fairfax county. as we head in just a little bit closer, we'll show you what's going on with our futurecast. this is over the next 48 hours. we will look for temperatures to rebound into the middle to upper 80's for the day tomorrow. and a better chance for showers and storms as we move into the late afternoon hours with temperatures in the 80's, we could look for storms to become
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strong. we had a severe thunderstorm warning this afternoon, it didn't amount to a lot. fortunately no warnings out there right now. friday we will see showers and thunderstorms develop again. but once this moves out of here we're talking cooler temperatures for the upcoming weekend. by saturday and sunday, highs will only be in the upper 70's to just around 80 degrees in town. cooler to the west and the mountains. for the overnight, scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue. 67-72 degrees. winds out of the south and east at 5-10 miles per hour. for the day tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds during the morning hours. temperatures will eventually rebound to the middle and upper 80's. showers and thunderstorms late in the day and into later in the night. i promised cooler drier air. you got it. upper 70's to around 80 saturday and sunday. we stay dry next week. we'll continue to watch this cell over fairfax and loudoun county. >> coming up in a 7 on your side
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consumer alert. is there a nutella shortage looming in the u.s.? >> say it ain't so. to the store for the essentials? a new service has customers sitting back and relaxing at home. >> i'm joce sterman. coming up a new tool that lets you track crime right from your stone. >> fist here's a look -- first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc7 primetime. we'll be right back.
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>> alexandria police are going high tech with a new way for residents to protect and educate themselves about crime in their neighborhoods. >> joce sterman live in alexandria tonight with a look at how a new app is helping connect police officers to residents there. hey, joce. >> before if you wanted information about a crime in alexandria you could use this clunky web search engine they had, or you could ride to the police department and tell them about the incident you were looking for and they could try and pull up a report for you. now you just need your smartphone. >> when you want to hash out the headlines, tanisha's coffee in alexandria is a neighborhood hub. >> it's the scoop all day. >> the scoop here is more about coffee. it's about sharing the news his
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customers might not know about, and now he's got a new tool to find it. he's reacting to a map that shows every crime in alexandria dating back two years. it comes courtesy of raids online, a tool alexandria police use to analyze crime stats to determine how to best police the city. now you can use the app too for free. >> you can look up anything that's reported to the police department. >> so after the flashing lights and yellow crime scene tape you can find out what happened and when. it's public information in the digital age. everything from death investigations to burglaries. >> it's stuff that's happening. so i'm not scared either way. it's nice to know if there's one concentrated area, i may not go that way at night. >> those concentrated areas use heat maps to highlight areas with higher crime. >> it's good for residents to see what's happening and where
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because there's often a perception there's no crime in a place than there actually is. >> jessie says he will share the stats along with the coffee. >> right now there are only two other jurisdictions in this area that use this same tool. the district of columbia and new carrollton. while you can get a lot of information on your smartphone or online, there are a few exceptions. you will never find an exact address of a crime, just block numbers. if they are under active investigation, you will know what happened when and when where, but you won't get the full narrative. >> coming up just ahead, which nfl team's worth on paper now tops $3 billion. >> we've been talking a lot about these lately. the pop-up houses in d.c. are they eyesores or benefit to the city. >> you need a key fob to get any
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any entrance in this building. so how did a
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>> a quick update on a severe thunderstorm warning that was just issued by the national weather service. straight to abc7 live super doppler radar. you can see the areas impacted, northeastern orange county, southeastern culpeper and the city of fredericksburg.
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you can see the cell moving towards stafford at around 10 miles per hour. the bigger story here not only the gusty winds but the potential for the heavy rain. we'll keep you updated throughout the evening right here on abc7. once again severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect until 6:15 for fredericksburg. >> we'll be checking back with you frequently. >> the search is on tonight for a man who got into a secured apartment building and sexually assaulted a woman here. >> this is the man police say somehow got into the building on georgia avenue in northwest d.c. and pushed his way into a woman's apartment and attacked her. >> jennifer donelan live on the scene with reaction who live in that apartment building. >> leon and alison, as we all know, d.c. is filled with what are supposed to be secured apartment buildings and condo buildings where folks use keys, key fobs and garage clickers to
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get in. so what happened here? it's a case that has residents and police on edge. >> this is the man d.c. police are desperate to get off the streets after he somehow got into a secure apartment building in the petworth neighborhood of northeast d.c., broke into a woman's apartment and raped her. >> i didn't know anything about it. i have not a clue. >> this four-year resident of the three tree flats on georgia avenue is not alone. other residents are clearly shocked as well. >> i can't understand the thought of how can a person come into our apartment like that. into our apartment like that. the investigation. you have to use a key fob like this one for all entrances into the building. >> for everything, like even to get on the elevator you have to use your key fob. >> police tell us they are trying to figure out if the attacker knew someone in the building, had access to a key fob, or if someone just let him in, just like someone let me in
5:33 pm
after i walked in the front door. >> someone got assaulted in this building, no i do not feel safe. >> police say after he gained access, he forced his way into the apartment, raped her and then stole some of her belongings before he walked out. >> we tried to talk to building management. >> if you speak to our corporate communications. >> a notice was sent to everyone in the building warning people to never allow strangers in the building, but there was no warning that a resident has been raped and robbed. >> we didn't get any response to our phone call to corporate offices. law enforcement officials sources with whom i spoke expressed serious concern about this case. and as we said, they are desperate to get this attacker off of the streets. if you recognize the man in the photo, call d.c. police. i'm jennifer donelan reporting from northwest, abc7 news. >> a memorial fund is being set up for local restauranteur matt
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hailey. he had overcome his own substance adduce issues before starting a restaurant. turns out he died in a motorcycle in india. he was on a six-week humanitarian expedition in the region. >> the maryland state highway administration is now ready to take the next step in improving safety for pedestrians along route 1. the agency lowered the speed limit between guildford road and berwyn drive last month after three pedestrians were hit and killed near the university of maryland campus in just seven months. now it's starting to build a fence to stop pedestrians from crossing outside of those intersections. that work should be done by the end of next month. >> bob immler is in the wtop traffic center.
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is the rain causing some issues? >> absolutely, leon. must slower than normal as you might expect on a rainy day like this. on the inner loop out of tysons to 270, both ways from bethesda and silver spring and traffic on 66 in both directions between the beltway and centerville and eastbound into falls church. canal road has been worse today because of two crashes. one is outbound out of arizona avenue and that has traffic out of georgetown very slow as you might expect. dale boulevard before triangle is making the commute home towards stafford county much slower because a of a truck in the stalled in the road. montgomery village, germantown up through clarksburg, travel is running smoothly with the travel lanes open. also quite slow on 66 westbound off and on out to centerville. some pretty heavy rain in some
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spots. that's the way it looks. bob immler in the wtop traffic center. >> thanks, bob. the nfl's regular season hasn't kicked off yet but the dallas cowboys are winning, at least when it comes to value. for the fourth straight year the cowboys are worth the most of all 32 nfl franchises. forbes says the team is worth $3.2 billion, making it the first american franchise to -- american franchise to top $3 billion in value. that's followed by the redskins with a value of $2.4 billion. >> the new uber delivery service now available here in our area. >> we can make a difference. >> plus how this week's harris' hero is helping children of military families coping with very difficult situations. >> and coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, the fate of a deputy who shot his own dau
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>> now we know that summer is winding down but we still want to tell you about a special camp. this is for children dealing wi specifically difficult issues in military families, and the camp is completely free. this week's harris' hero is camp
5:40 pm
corral. >> caitlyn and tristan valenza struggled at times finding friends. >> friends and teachers didn't always understand some of the struggles and the issues that we had as a military family. >> their mother kathy is a disabled veteran. she served in the air force for 14 years and then worked a special duty assignment in d.c. >> i couldn't really talk about where i was going or what i was doing. so that was confusing and scary for them at times. >> i had a different childhood experience than others did. >> but since 2012 they have found a place they fit in perfectly. camp corral, a week-long summer camp for children of service members. 75% of the kids who go have a parent who was wounded in action. >> they want to give something back to the people who serve us. >> they have typical things like swimming, high-rope and archery.
5:41 pm
but there's also a day dedicated to military heroes and military and family like counselors available to talk. >> we have it available in case they need it. >> caitlyn was hesitant to come the first year, but now she can't wait for camp, especially to see her friend stephanie. >> no way i could have met her were it not for the camp. i'm shy and she's not, she's very energetic. and we've kept in touch. >> and it's unforgettable to have friends who truly understand. >> it was neat for them to experience that. >> it doesn't matter your age, it's especially therapeutic to talk to someone who knows exactly what you've been through. about 200 campers attended this camp, but more than 3,000 across the u.s. attended all 20 locations this summer. >> lots of new friendships there. thank you. 7 on your side with a health alert tonight. a new study finds cold and other
5:42 pm
minor infections might temporarily increase stroke risk in children. while the overall risk is extremely low in children, the studies found the risk of stroke was increased in a three-day period from a visit to doctor for signs of infection and having a stroke if children were already susceptible to having a stroke. >> teen birth rates continue to drop according to the vital statistic said report. the rate -- statistics report. it is about 9% lower. it's also less than half what it was in 1991. teen pregnancy rates are lowest in the northeast and the highest in the south. the biggest decrease in teen birth rates was among hispanic girls. >> coming up next on abc7 news at abc7 news at 5:00. >> on buchanan street, u street
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and here on
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>> these pop-up houses are going up all over d.c.
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just yesterday one partially collapsed during construction. >> there are a lot of opinions out there about these structures and now there's some serious concerns about this modern day housing and the choices it brings to neighborhoods. sam ford is live in northwest to explain this. >> yes, we're in front of 19th street baptist church where within the hour a meeting is scheduled on what to do about pop-up houses. they're popping up around the city and particularly raising neighbors. >> on euclid northwest they're working on a pop-up house and the neighbor next door is livid. >> they have already put a hole on the side of our attic. the noise, the banging, everything. it seems they pick and choose what regulations they want to follow. >> valerie wheeler insists the city is ignoring her complaint and letting the owner convert it into a four home pop up.
5:47 pm
>> this law was surveyed by my surveyor. it protrudes on my property five eighths of an inch. >> homeowners claim the city is not providing proper oversight. >> i heard this huge, boom and then the brick falling and the whole house was shaking and a large section of fence was smashed. >> that bulldozer yesterday on p. street apparently did no structural damage to her house, but she's upset about it, as saundra lussein on buchanan northwest who learned of the pop up construction when jarred from her bed. >> we have no life when it comes to people coming. >> this builder insisted the pop up industry is doing d.c. a favor. >> we took a one-dwelling unit and now making it four condominiums. those buyers will probably not have school-aged children.
5:48 pm
it does help expand the tax base for the city. >> his argument is that d.c. does not have the space to expand horizontally and so it must expand vertically. although people attending this meeting tonight will probably be asking for tougher regulations and some would like to see pop-up houses banned completely. from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. >> a reunion this morning for a teenager and the people who helped save his life. 16-year-old jake starrab was hiking along the potomac river in seneca park when he decided to go for a swim. the water was more shallow than he thought and he hit his head on the ground. but two 16-year-olds sprang into action and got him out of the water and were able to get him breathing again. >> i owe my life to every single man in uniform, and these two boys here and even the people
5:49 pm
who told these guys how to handle a situation like that. i will permanently be indebted to all of them. >> he's going to be wearing that collar for a while. he cracked his head open and cracked a vertebra. they were honored with the fire chief's commendations for their actions. >> what an effort. so many people there. >> way to go. >> now let's get back to steve rudin who has his eye on some pretty heavy weather. >> we're watching a cluster of really slow moving thunderstorms well to the south of d.c. we have warnings on that cluster, and we'll talk about that in just a second. first the wider view here. the entire metro area, the district, arlington, alexandria, and also prince george's county looking at lighter rain at this time. but the further south you go towards fredericksburg, that's where we have some stronger storms. this is our warned storm until
5:50 pm
6:15 it includes, fauquier culpeper and orange counties as the cell moves towards the east at 10-15 miles per hour. the bigger story with this besides the wind is the heavy rainfall that we've seen over the past three hours or so. over an inch and a half in centerville. the further west and south you go, that's where we have the heaviest rain. we will see these showers and thunderstorms continue throughout the evening hours. if you have plans to head over to nationals park, definitely be forewarned it will be wet for at least for the next hour or so, and we will see these showers and thunderstorms continue throughout the overnight, although they will diminish in intensity. tomorrow another round of showers and thunderstorms, mainly during the afternoon and into the evening hours. 83-88 degrees. and finally a break from it haheat and humidity -- from the heat and humidity. we're talking highs only in the upper 70's come saturday and sunday. we'll keep an eye on the storms and give you an update coming up
5:51 pm
at 6:00. >> thanks so much. >> redskins hard at work today. >> it's good to see the redskins back on the field and see the coaches teaching. they're not up there like -- well i'm not going to name any other names. jay gruden is using the brown's video for some strong teaching point. rg3's inconsistency, the turnovers, but most of all they want to get the reps to be offensive second nature. they have stayed somewhat vanilla and used the games to get into a rhythm and really for the coaches to evaluate the talent. but i know jay gruden was really pleased with the defensive effort specifically the first team defense. it's been really solid. the starters have played six series in two games giving up only 74 yards with two first downs and no points. the guy gruden seems to love is
5:52 pm
rookie beshard breelin. >> i love being on contact. and that's something i'm trying to work on as well. that's my goal coming in. as i go along. that's all i want. >> the redskins/ravens game will be seen on abc7 starting at 7:00 in h.d. saturday night. so carve out time and get a good beverage and tune into abc7 to watch the skins and ravens. >> the nats play the diamond backs tonight, weather-permitting. they are trying to win their ninth straight game. the suddenly surging atlanta braves have won five in a row. so the nats' lead in the east is still six games. >> hold on. the most talked about baseball player in the country may be 13-year-old mone davis of philadelphia. she's the star of the little
5:53 pm
league world series and she's expected to pitch tonight. 5'4" 100 pounds with a whip for an arm. she's been beating the boys since 7 years old. will she continue to play baseball? maybe. but she wants to play basketball at yukon and play in the wmba. way to go mone. >> i am knocking on wood now. no sport illustrated cover gigs for her. >> it always happens. >> look what happened to braxton miller of ohio state. >> there you go again with the conspiracy thoughts. >> i'm just saying. >> coming up next on abc7 news at 5:00. >> i'm kris van cleave in northwest washington. how uber is trying to bring the corner store to your do
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>> in consumer news, nutella lovers can rest easy. the new jersey-based company that makes and distributes that
5:57 pm
popular spread says a shortage does not look likely despite bad weather affecting the hazelnut crop in turkey. that's by the way where 70% of the world's hazelnuts originate. consumers were worried a shortage could cause prices to surge. >> uber is increasing its role here in d.c. the car service is going to be delivering essentials like over the counter medicine, snacks or toiletries right to your door. >> i'll go for uber. uber! >> diane mack is just one of the ride-sharing apps many friends in d.c. and that's maybe why the company is trying out its corner store in the district. the just-launched service allows you to summon a rolling convenience store to your door. we waited five minutes for this silver uber suv to roll up,
5:58 pm
stocked with more than 100 products. >> ice breakers, gift bags. shampoo. soap. >> tell the driver what you want, and your order is immediately filled. >> we've seen a lot of people like stay at home moms with newborns and a lot of diaper needs or people who are sick at home during the day and want a snack. >> you wake up and realize you're out of deodorant. do you have time to run to the grocery store the c.v.s.? probably not? you're probably already ten minutes behind. >> uber calls the corner store concept a test that they're running in d.c. for a few weeks trying to gauge how much interest there is in the service. he doesn't love it. his corner store at 14th and corcoran already took a hit when trader joe's opened a few blocks down. >> do you think he gonna go out
5:59 pm
to buy some stuff? so like in one way or the other way, going to kill business like this. >> a business battle between old and new being waged at the corner. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >> something tells me that could be really positive when it starts snowing around here. we'll see. that's it now for abc7 news at 5:00. right now at 6:00, we're following three big stories. virginia's former governor takes the stand in his own defense. new military action is ordered after a journalist is murdered. and a supreme court makes a major ruling on same-sex marriage in virginia. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc7 because cast center -- broadcast center, this is abc7 breaking news. >> and we'll get to those big stories in just a moment. but first we're on storm watch. >> that's right. let's go to meteorologist steve rudin tracking it from the
6:00 pm
weather center. >> heavy thunderstorms now just to the south of d.c. take a look at abc7 live super doppler radar from the belfort furniture weather center. the thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:15 including stafford and spotsylvania counties and this is slowly moving to the south and east at only 10 miles per hour and dumping a lot of rain and gusty winds upwards of 50. 60 miles an hour -- 50-50 miles an hour. the heaviest activity north of fredericksburg and it will continue to track towards the south and east. as we move through the evening hours, our temperatures will fall into the 70's, eventually the upper 60's. we'll continue to track these storms and give you an update, coming up shortly. >> thanks very much steve. now to the breaking news from richmond where a former virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, is detailing his life in the executive mansion under oath. >> that's right. the former governor took the stand this afternoon a


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