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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 28, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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russia's desire to take over portions of ukraine, reclaiming parts of what made up the ussr. a nato spokesperson is calling this the tip of the iceberg. the ground and satellite confirm what some call an incursion, and others, and invasion. rows of russian tanks and artillery entering ukraine. >> president putin and russia have repeatedly passed by potential off ramps. a president obama in situation room meeting with his national security team debated what the u.s. can do to prevent a full on war. mostly ait has been series of economic sanctions against russian banks and leaders. >> this is not in the cards for us to see a military confrontation between russia and the united states in this region. >> with the confrontation already underway between dueling , today, more shelling
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allegedly from russian artillery into border towns, buildings destroyed, cars burning, gunshots ringing out. demonstrators gathered outside the defense ministry in kiev pleading for reinforcements on the front lines. with the army outmatched and putin scoffing at sanctions, the big question, what can be done? the economic sanctions have provided some pressure. we have also been working closely with ukraine on the political front. >> president obama insists that russia is hurting, even if putin acts otherwise. he says they are losing billions because of the sanctions and being cut off by commercial and trading partners. he says that will take a long-term: the country. critics contend it is maybe not enough to be a deterrent yet for mr. putin. scott thuman, abc 7 news.
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at the united nations, american representative samantha power did not mince words on dealings with russia. >> at every step, russia has come before this council to say everything except the truth. it has manipulated. it has obfuscated. it has out right lied. >> in response, russia did not deny having a presence in ukraine, but its own u.s. ambassador claimed kiev is waging a war against its own people and demanded the u.s. stop meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. >> with the ongoing fight against isys and iraq and syria, president obama says he hopes to put discussions of airstrikes in syria before the congress. for junior senator tim kaine told scott thuman any action in syria must go through congress. >> a suspect is in custody for the murder and dismemberment of a laurel man. police arrested santos leonel mejia-yanes.
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today, police were called the scene where they found two bags of body parts. the victim was identified as jacinto perez. the two were roommates. police are looking for a second suspect, bayron cruz-vargus. >> closing arguments will come tomorrow in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. the final witness testified today about how much time bob and maureen mcdonnell spent together. was about the former governor claim that they weren't talking enough for him to know that maureen mcdonnell was accepting gifts from jonnie williams. bob mcdonnell says he is confident in his defense. >> 60 years to life, there are a lot of things i wish i had done differently. i am what i am. i am a human being. we all do things we wish we didn't do.
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attorneys and the judge wrestled with the jurors and structures -- instructions today. closing arguments are expected to last most of the day tomorrow. count on abc seven news to bring you the important updates in the trial as they happen. we will have live coverage tomorrow, and we will bring you the latest isn't as it happens on air and online at >> former d.c. council candidate jeff smith will spend 60 days in jail and pay a $10,000 fine for accepting illegal campaign contributions. smith admitted he concealed more than $140,000 of contributions from d.c. business contractor jeffrey thompson during his unsuccessful bid to unseat jim graham back in 2010. smith is the third candidate to admit to receiving dirty money from thompson. >> redskins nation is buzzing tonight. buzzing about the possibility of a new stadium for the washington redskins. team owner jim snyder told csn
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washington designs are in the works for stadium that could be built in d.c., maryland, or virginia. the idea instantly became the top trending item on twitter. horace holmes is live outside the beloved former home rfk stadium with what fans want to see. >> this is one of the likely sites. they would build the stadium right on top of it. a lot of people like that plan, but everywhere we went today in the district, maryland, or virginia, people were very anxious to give us their opinion. dan snyder'sr announcement that he has started the process of getting a brand-new stadium for his team has created a huge buzz, a lot of excitement among area sports fans, and a tug-of-war over where it should be built. >> it is the washington redskins, not the maryland redskins. >> he wants his stadium to be retro and have the field at the
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old rfk stadium mdc -- in d.c. this couple wants a new football stadium in their backyard. >> we love watching the games. a i also think if you have quality team that says they are from washington, d.c., they should probably play in d.c. >> nobody knows where it will go. >> keep it here. >> fedex field and landover. >> they basically just got this new stadium, and they want to build another stadium? >> the fight begins over where to put the new home. virginia, and d.c. politicians and residents are already lobbying. >> i can understand how snyder would say it doesn't matter. i that we can fill up the place. >> this stadium would be the last thing we need right now. >> it is almost a certainty that
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it is going to happen. when is the question. in an interview today with dz councilmember jack evans, he said if snyder chooses d.c., they could tear down rfk and have the new one built within five years. horace holmes, abc 7 news. redskins buildhe a new stadium, it would be the sixth stadium the franchise has called home going back to its first five seasons in boston. rfk stadium was by far the team's longest serving home. the team moved to fedex field in 1996. for answerss search is still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. see what happens only minutes after 7 on your side goes hunting for answers. why 300,000 americans could soon lose their health care coverage under the affordable care act. 's crucial role in
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stopping the deadly ebola outbreak. beautiful weather today, but some big changes on the horizon for the upcoming holiday weekend.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 -- on your side.
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>> bethesda will soon be the front lines in the fight to contain the ebola outbreak in west africa. the national institutes of -- willegins to land plan experience of trials next week. news of the trial comes as the world health organization estimates the number of cases will soon surpass 20,000. already 3000 cases have been reported, and more than half of those have proven fatal. >> more problems with hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of losing their health insurance. "usa today" reports people who signed up say they have to citizenshipve their before signing up for health insurance. if they don't, their insurance will decapitate it. collocating matters is the website -- it's glitches are kicking off people as they try to complete the appropriate forms. --still to come
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>> i'm kris van cleave. one family's syncing problem with the district. the hole in their yard is getting bigger, and the problem isn't getting any closer to being fixed. we will look into it coming up. >> clear skies, warm temperatures. what about the high later -- holiday weekend? >> the nationals try to adjust in seattle after what seemed like a holiday in philadelphia. the ravens are on abc seven tonight. i've got the very latest on kirk cousins. what a surprise this is as the skins play their final preseason game.
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>> happening right now, major headache for drivers on connecticut avenue. news chopper seven is live over connecticut avenue just north of the d.c. line. southbound traffic, a big problem. road crews are working around-the-clock to repay the busy street. complicated byn crumbling pavement uncovered inches beneath the roadway. emergency work on the northbound lanes was completed this afternoon. officials say work on the
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southbound lanes should be completed by early saturday. we hope some. >> seven is on your side and getting some results for a datay struggling to get out to repair a massive sinkhole that is swallowing their yard. >> it opened up months ago until minutes ago -- months ago. and until minutes ago, nothing was done about it. kris van cleave get some answers. >> it's not a great situation to have an enormous hole in your yard when you have a one-year-old. frederick erwin looks forward to the day that her son has a full run of her yard. most of it has sat roped off. the pipe taking run off to the thek broke, pipes that are department of transportation's responsibility to fix. the contractor dug in in july. when they got to the pipes, they realize the problem was bigger than first thought and said they would be back. >> we get bits and pieces of information, but frankly, it always comes with a, the crew
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will be there monday, and we kept her week, that has not been the case. >> leaving the family with a sinking feeling as the whole has come bigger and moved closer to their home, not to mention the porta potty in their front yard. >> i'm really irritated. this has been going on now since this opens. the scope of the problem required additional work in order to fix it. that was part of the delay. the agency acknowledged there have been issues with the city hired contractor showing up, but a spokesman says once the work starts, it should be a fairly quick process. late this afternoon, the family sent us this picture of some heavy machinery that had just arrived, a welcome sight for a family waiting to have their and thatback to normal porta potty gone. >> maybe next summer you can play over here. >> kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> what a headache.
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>> hello. >> we were talking about how beautiful it is outside. evenit is going to feel better tomorrow morning. 50's and 60's. it is going to get hot and sticky by the weekend. we want to get you started with a time lapse from the national harbor. i still have yet to get out to take a ride on the ferris wheel, but their climate controlled. maybe the ac was good today. that sunshine heated is up. fortunately, the humidity was pretty low. our average high this time of year, 85. just a degree above that. the humidity, really comfortable. at reagan national last night, we dropped down to 76. low 60's downtown tonight. it is 79 right now in gaithersburg. 78 in hagerstown. if you want to find the heat and humidity, travel to the south. 92 in nashville. is in the 60's.
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78 degrees in boston. 62 in maine. some comfortable air after the cold front sagged just our south during the overnight. on the very right hand side of the screen, you can see the hurricane that is churning in the northern atlantic, still moving farther out to sea. if you're headed to the beaches, it looks like the rip -- the rip current risk will be much lower. as we progressed through the next few days, this area of high pressure is going to slide farther to the east. that will give us an easterly breeze tomorrow and saturday. in the heat and humidity really return for the day sunday and monday as this warm front lifts to the north. i will say by saturday, with high pressure just offshore, i think we will be with thin cloud cover early saturday morning, maybe more sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid-80's. by sunday, we will tap into the hot and humid air mass off to the south.
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tonight, pleasant. 54 in the suburbs. breezy today. tomorrow, sunny uncomfortable. 82-86. it will be warm, but the humidity will be relatively low. the humidity is back on saturday. partly sunny skies at about 85. 91 on sunday with a 30% chance of the lake a storm. storms on labor day monday. the high temperature is around 90 degrees. keep an eye to the sky especially if you will be outdoors and looking ahead into midweek next week. at looks like we will stay in this hazy, hot, and humid weather pattern. and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. redskins do not wish to risk injuries tonight. >> that is exactly right. the redskins are in tampa to play the buccaneers, the final
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preseason game. the team tells us cold mccoy will get the start at quarterback and play the whole game. the plan is not to play kirk cousins at all. the redskins have decided to save him. jay gruden did tell us that the first team would not play. rg iii would not get into the ballgame at all. he sure thought that cousins would get his reps. we hear that cousins will sit. you have to wonder what the heck that means. he is a football player. he wants to get better. does it mean the skins are protecting him for a trade. does it mean that they know they will need him as far as rg iii doesn't get better? an interesting decision. i will keep you posted. right now, cousins is not expected to play. i told you earlier the nfl commissioner said he heard the outcry from the people about ray rice, his abusing his wife. punishment was handed down. he got two games suspension. the public was hurt when they scream that a two-game suspension was not enough for domestic violence. today, he announced that a
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first-time offender would be suspended without pay six games, and a second time offender would get a lifetime banishment, which they have walked back a little bit. they say the second time punishment will at least get a full season. for all of you ravens fans, they are in new orleans to play the saints. you can watch the game right here on abc seven. you will feel like you are in the game playing linebacker or quarterback. and baseball, the nets are off, but there is a lot of chatter about the nationals being swept in philly. they needed an off day after traveling to seattle. , unable to move it. gio gonzalez hasn't once since early july. this is the pennant chase. you really shouldn't be swept by the last-place team. if you do, you better turn things around quickly. they are recovering themselves to play to play the mariners tomorrow. our catch of the day comes from detroit. how about this fan? the foul ball, li na, go get it.
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our catch of the day -- good thing he brought his glove. that's a little this -- a little bit dangerous. sign him up. hex gordon, let's see how catches. how about this one? gordon will face plant into the fence, but gordon was still flashing leather, living up to his nickname flash gordon. now to the u.s. open -- ana ivanovic was ousted today. she had really played well. she loses today. everything else has gone with the truck. serena williams, really strong today. .he adjusted well serena williams sales into the u.s. open third-round. will return to sprint cup competition sunday night in atlanta. since missed three races striking and killing another driver on the dirt track race,
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but he is coming back. >>
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>> 86 degrees. one degree above our average. we had a record at 99 degrees. nothing like that in the immediate future. we have some 90's returning by the end of the week. partly cloudy skies on saturday. hot and sticky for sunday and
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labor day monday. >> sounds good.
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welcome to "world news" tonight -- no strategy. the president tonight with a acknowledgment about the threat against the terror group isis. heading into the labor day weekend. unfriendly skies. the passenger attacking a passengfright attendant over a seat. health crisis, joan rivers in critical condition tonight in a new york hospital, the can comic legend fighting for


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