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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 2, 2014 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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down. wind of up to 100 miles an hour, uprooted trees, downed power lines and damaged homes and cars. up to a dozen homes damaged. no reports of injuries. >> this tornado was caught on video index ter, kansas. what is particularly frightening it happened at night. that giant funnel cloud, can only be seen during brief flashes of lightning. there is no word however on whether the tornado cause the damage or injuries. >> the same storm system that slammed the middle of the country is putting millions of people in the east on edge. >> let's check in with accuweather and meteorologist, jim dickey. good morning to you. >> good morning, reena, tahman. tracking a cold front toward the northeast. this system response bum fible severe weather. past two days. plains and midwest. now moving into the northeast, ohio valley. not quite severe weather threat here. a few storms severe. packing gusty went. packing large hail. the widespread concern for flash
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flooding, especially in the ohio valley. storms will be slow moving and packing torrential rainfall. meanwhile, tracking our newest tropical cyclone. tropical depression, drifting westward across the way of campichi. could become a weak prop cal storm. makes landfall wednesday in mexico. not going to be a direct impact to the united states. rough surf. heavier downpours to south texas. reena, tahman, back to you. >> a mother from colorado sharing a lesson for any one who texts while driving. 35-year-old, christina yanz was running late, sent a text message to a friend. glanced down for a second. her truck slammed into a guardrail. a metal pole almost 4 inches in diameter. plunged through the headlight impaling her through the hip and top of her buttocks. luckily missed her vital organs. expected to recover. yanz was traveling 20 miles an hour, and doing supposedly, safe voice text. be carriful out there. >> a hacking scandal rocking
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hollywood this morning and involves big stars, getting big publicity they never intended. kirk hopkins has the latest on this unintended public exposure. >> reporter: oscar winning actress, jennifer lawrence, supermodel, kate upton, and victoria justice, among the superstars whose private nude and sexually explicit photos were stolen and posted online. a user on popular photo sharing site, 4chan, posted numerous a list celebrities in undress. the alleged hacker may have accessed some photos from the apple icloud, internet storage program supposed to keep users' information and media private. >> when you delete them from the phone they continue to exist. >> lawrence's reps say the pictures on 4chan are real. this is a flagrant violation of privacy. after one selfie of kate upton,
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posing nude with justin verlander surfaced on time. her attorney said they plan to pursue any one disseminating or duplicating images to the fullest extent possible. not everyone says the pilfered pictures are legit. victoria justice, these so-called nude of me are fake. >> jeanie wolf says celebrities are more vulnerable to privacy, use than average computer users. after a high profile hacking in 2012, revealed scarlet johannsen, she says one thing is clear. >> people are now less sim pa thet -- sympathetic. it happened too often. apple is investigating the reports. the fbi is not confirming or denying looking into the case. kirk hawkins, abc news. >> lebron james congratulating kevin durant on his massive contract with nike. oklahoma city thunder star inked
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a deal that could make him up to $350 million from nike. durant was being courted by underarmor before deciding to sign with the shoe company. philadelphia phillies have had a poor season. an understatement. yesterday's no hitter came as the quite a highlight. pitcher cole hamils, six innings no hit balls. three relievers, tossed one inning each, keeping braves off the bases. phillies win, 7-0. first combined no hitter. first in the majors in more than two years. from a big moechlt ment in baseo a big moment in nature. courtesy of reena ninan. >> can't believe this. vacationing in maine. went hiking in acadia national park. gorgeous. top of the summit. i never go hiking. here is why. i almost stepped on this. a snake eating a frog for lunch. this is why i don't go hiking. >> is this your picture? >> why would i watch this when i can sit at home in my comfort watching "national geographic"
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television. >> which you do. >> which i would do. almost bit my leg. >> you are watching, national gee graphic. i watch "real housewives." >> you do? some call that dangerous >> frightening. >> how you spent your labor day weekend. >> this is true. coming up all excitement and anticipation as millions of american kids head back to school. >> ahead, losing weight by eating ice cream? no ordinary frozen treat. a special recipe to cleanse. wait till you hear what issen it. >> first, the royal couple, will and kate. trying to prove they're just like everyone else. commuting home by train. we'll show you it. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ ♪ i i'm so in love with you ♪ ♪ the little things that you do for me ♪ [ male announcer ] e little things we do... can make a big difference. every time you use dawn, you're using a brand that supports wildlife rescue efforts. experts trust dawn...
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♪ i'm so in love with you >> no more singing. >> oh, boy. my favorite time of morning. some royal romance with will and kate. feeling the love this morning. the couple seen stepping out on mommy daddy date night together. >> casually dressed. holding hands. left baby george at home for their low key dinner. lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: with lupo in tow, will and kate decked out in casual clothes with baseball caps pictured rushing through one of london's busiest train stations returning from their trip to the countryside. >> doesn't surprise me at all. i think they're very keen to do things in the most efficient way and cost effective way. and i think that they want as
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little fuss as possible. they think like other people. what's the best way to get from a to b. >> reporter: the two making the most of their alone time, going on a romantic night out. william reportedly driving them to a pub. the couple walking into the restaurant hand in hand. the royal couple had been staying in the country checking out their new digs and overseeing the final stages of their renovations. including a brand new kitchen, william and kate will be spending more time in their new country home. when the prince begins his job as an ambulance helicopter pilot. >> william is keen to continue flying. something he is coop to get back to. he is going to be spending a lot of time at the base training. they're expected to be spending the majority of their time in their country home so they can have a secluded family life, bring george up in a country setting and also thinking about more children. >> reporter: lama hasan, abc news, london. >> can't get enough royal news. coming up it is the sweetest new diet cleanse.
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a detox diet that sound way too good to be true. called the ice cream cleanse. it promises a sweet way to get healthy and shed pounds. >> how can eating all that ice cream really be good for you? does it actually work? abc's abbie boudreau gives us a taste. >> reporter: from the green juice craze to jay-z and beyonce's all-vegan cleanse. detoxes are all the rage.
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promising to rid your body of toxins. but have you heard about the first ever ice cream cleanse? yes, ice cream. >> how can this possibly be healthy if it is ice cream? >> it is healthy because it is super food ice cream. tastes like ice cream. looks like ice cream. it's beyond ice cream. >> reporter: kippy miller is not a nutritionist. just some one who loves ice cream and came up with a way to as she puts it "have fun while detoxing." >> we put raw fats. we put raw honey with living enzymes, b-vitamins. fresh organic fruit. >> reporter: the cleanse calls for five pints of kippy's raw organic ice cream a day. for three full days. kippy says you can lose between 5 and # pound. nutritionist, rachel beller says to be wary of too much of a good thing. >> it does have a lot of raw honey. and it does have a limited amount of nutrients. and it has the, fat in it as well. which, again, could be too much
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even if it is a good fat. >> wear's not saying you live off ice cream forever. we are saying for three days, you rebalance your relationship with raw fats. >> reporter: brent rose was one of the first to test kippy's ice cream cleanse. >> it sounded crazy to me. i still had to try it. >> reporter: he wrote about it for gizmodo, health and fitness column on line. >> reporter: did the cleanse work for you? >> technically i lost six pounds over the four days i did the cleanse. however i gained all the weight back in an instant in the neck weekend. >> it is delicious. >> reporter: it tasted so good. i had to try it. >> mommy's ice cream. >> reporter: after 12 hours of eating only kippy's ice cream. >> i feel like i have eaten a lot of ice cream. and -- i'm kind of desperate for some real food. >> instead of more dessert. i chose dinner. abbie boudreau, abc news, los
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angeles. >> you know, reena, the many reason to do one of the cleanses is to evacuate, release, you know what i mean? >> ice cream evacuation. >> i'm going to load up on the ice cream. >> hope you are washing your hand at the restaurant. >> and do some evacuating after that. >> are you -- >> no worry, not for me. >> what have we come to? please stay with us. no more potty talk. l. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't, and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and get max cleaning and freshness with every flush. try lysol no mess max. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts,
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for up to twelve hours of protection and good mornings. pampers. this is how it feels to hotwire. ♪ ♪ because it's your birthday ♪ because it's your birthday ♪ it's your birthday ♪ it's your birthday ♪ it's your birthday >> so, it's the moment millions of parents have been waiting for all summer. the first day of school, backpacks ready with new
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supplies. lunches all packed. that big yellow school bus, scooping up all its precious cargo. >> don't forget the crucial outfit for the first day. our "world news now" anchor david muir gets an inside look as the anticipation builds. >> i'm a first grader. >> reporter: we started out with a simple question on twitter -- are your children excited for the first day of school? some of them, most excite add but their backpacks. >> i have my star wars backpack. >> reporter: here is isabelle with her new backpack. and dahlia who is not entirely ready. >> as you can see i love sparkles. and i ned to got new shoes. >> reporter: we love joannah, future astronaut. >> this is my pants. this is my sweater. this is my backpack. and -- this is my water bottle. tah-dah. >> reporter: not alone, 3.7
2:57 am
million kindergarteners going to private school this year. if you are saving for college. jonah is graduating in 2027. that means, 2,340 school days before he graduates. and then there was julia, from rochester, new york, took us to the end of the driveway. >> i wait for my bus. >> reporter: we haven't forgotten all the pre-ks out there getting started too. just listen to how evan answered this? >> are you excited? are you happy? >> sure. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> what was your favorite moment about the first day of school? >> being out of home. away from the parents. seeing all my friends. yeah, classmates. >> i remember the smell of number two pencils. erasers. number two pencils. >> and crayons. when do your kids head back to school? >> monday. nursery school. my daughter is taking mandarin at 2, the only school we can get
2:58 am
into. i applied late. but you are going to be teacher at that school? >> look at that. yeah, there i am instructor bradley giving out detention. >> a tribute to einstein. >> very nice. more from abc coming up. >> that's the news for this half-hour. >> announcer: more
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this morning on "world news now" -- sneaking into america. 6,000 foreigners who arrived here and vanished. abc news investigation. >> for a lack of better term they have blended into the landscape. >> the terrorism fears and who is cracking down. >> soobcyberthreats, new fears wi-fi and what is stored in the cloud, what was stolen and how you can pre tekt yootect yourse.
3:01 am
>> later, quality time. mom and dads getting barely an hour with their families on busy week days. how do you make the most of it? >> every parent should go on a cell phone diet or iphone diet. >> advice for parents as more kids go back to school. it's tuesday, september 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. on this back to work tuesday. i'm tahman bradley. >> i'm reena ninan. >> welcome back. >> the audience has been here. weave avenue been gone. >> vacation in maine. i enjoyed it. >> reporting in london, jerusalem. >> yes, yes. you were in washington. >> washington, napa, ferguson. been all over. >> i hear since i have ben gone, possible interventions in syria, iraq, and president obama's closet. the tan suit talk. they called it taupe. >> going to go back to the standard blue suit. >> is that right? >> white pants too.
3:02 am
>> white pants too. interesting. interesting. well, we are actually going to begin this half-hour with the growing alarm over home grown terror. new scrutiny over four nationals coming into the u.s., to study. >> an abc news investigation found that there are 6,000 people who came to the u.s. on student visas and disappeared. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the story. >> reporter: for a downpayment of a few hundred dollars there is a much easier way than this for people to sneak into the country. here's how. get a u.s. student visa to go to school, and then disappear. as of off to day, u.s. authorities are investigating the whereabouts of more than 6,000 foreign nationals who arrived in the u.s. on student visas and have vanished. their intentions unknown. >> they just disappeared. >> reporter: that is just what happened with the 9/11 hijacker who flew the passenger jet into the pentagon. authorities say the problem continue thousands.
3:03 am
>> it has been pointed out over and over and over again. the fact that nobody has done anything about it yet. a very dangerous thing for all of us. >> reporter: a well-intention proed gram that allows more than a million foreign students a year to study in the u.s. but an abc news investigation found that homeland security also certifies 86 beauty schools, 36 massage schools, and 9 schools that teach horseshoing. all valid for a u.s. visa. why a horse shoeing school, what's the value in that for the u.s.? >> i'm not too sure what the value of that would be for the u.s., brian. >> reporter: the head of investigations for ice, immigration and customs enforcement. >> io agree it is a problem. they blended into the landscape? >> they have blended in the landscape. >> disappearing? >> virtually. >> reporter: agents brought criminal charges, against five stop administrators at micropower institute in new york where authorities say they
3:04 am
offered an easy path to u.s. visas for the price of tuition. none of the administrators would come out when we showed up. and they all pleaded not guilty to visa fraud charges. incredibly. despite the indictment, the operation remains, on the homeland security list of schools, certified for foreign student visas. >> here it is right here. >> right. >> how can they still be on the list of certified schools? >> brian, i can only say this is the united states of america. everyone has due process. >> in the whack ake of 9/11 att and training at flight schools, there were calls for reforms, and faa sert fi kaecertificatio schools. fully a third of the flight schools yet to be certified by the faa. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> schools giving ve saisas for tuition. people disappear in the world with all the ways you can be tracked with your cell phones. >> what i worry.
3:05 am
a legitimate program. getting people from other countries who are smart, successful. want to come to america to further their education. they might not have the same opportunities in their country. but you have to be proficient in english. you have got to show you are going to go back to your country. i do worry for those people abroad who are legitimate. this could be a crackdown for them. but pretty, incredible, thing brian ross. >> lot of pressure to do something. >> absolutely. you are totally right. president obama is heading to europe this afternoon. stopping in estonia. a show of u.s. support for the baltimoring allies worried about russian intervention in ukraine. it comes ahead of the president's visit to wales for the nato summit. expected to endorse they yaegs of a force in response to russia's actions. >> the president is facing pressure from both parties to come it we strategy to defeat isis militants. brit prime minister david
3:06 am
cameron is calling for a law seize passports of those suspected of traveling to join isis. >> dealing with this threat noise the just about new powers it is how we combat extremism. >> u.s. forces are still working to loosen the grip of isis in northern iraq. they conducted three more air strikes monday near the mosul dam, a total number of strikes in the month. to more than 120. >> the u.s. is targeting an islamist extremist organization, the pentagon is conducting anti-terror in somalia against al-shabaab, no details disclosed. the same terror network responsible for the mall attack in nairobi, kenya. killing 67 people. >> north of somalia, a marine corps helicopter crashed as it tried to land on a navy ship. the super stallion chopper like this one, hit the "u.s.s. mesa
3:07 am
verde." crashed into the water. a small boat rescued 25 people on board. all survived. one sustained a significant injury. all those hurt were treated on board the ship. >> five people rescued from a sinking ship off the southern california coast got a chance to personally than tick the members of the coast guard who saved them. deep sea fishing near san diego saturday night when their 30 foot boat lost power started taking on water. they radioed for help and started dumping water until coast guard ships and helicopter arrived. >> just started bailing the water out. we couldn't find anything. bucket wouldn't fit. dunking water bottles. >> the coast guard took minutes to transfer the passengers to their bet and get them to dry land. fortunately no one was hurt. >> the land is far from being dry across many parts of the country this morning. severe storms, driving torrential rain. golf ball sized hail, spawning
3:08 am
tornadoes like this one. hiding in the darkness. called on video. abc's ginger zee has more. >> reporter: as millions attempt to enjoy summer's last gasp. mother nature laboring on labor day. parts of michigan erupting with severe storms. an inch of rain, fast, filling the streets outside grand rapids. in worcester, massachusetts, sunday. >> i heard crash, crash, thought it was hail. then all of a sudden. boom, boom, boom, boom. crack, crack, crack, crack. and just destroyed two. >> a tornado, wind up to 85 miles per hour, ripping a path just under two miles long. >> it is incredible you. don't expect to have tornados in worcester. we don't live in kansas. >> it is actually the sixth tornado reported in massachusetts this year. but she is right it's not kansas. this was. the hail raining down, greg to golf ball size.
3:09 am
the sinister shelf clouds creeping acraw the plains. inside, gusts up to 80 miles per hour. at least five people from kansas to new york city struck by lightning. as everyone gets back to work and school. late afternoon and evening. an air y to watch from western kentucky. central kentucky even. all the way through western new york. for damaging wind. large hail, and the possibility of a tornado. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> florida wildlife officials have suspended their search for a large alligator after it ate one man's dog. the dog, a pit bull named king, was less than a year old. his owner was walking him near a lake in orlando early yesterday when the large gator struck. the man said it all happened so quickly. king didn't make a sound. >> i couldn't do nothing. i froze. i am like my god, that is a gator. my instinct. a gator eating my dog. i was look, i don't know. i was shocked. trappers searched for the gator well into the evening. dint didn't find it. children often walk around the same lake to got to school.
3:10 am
>> reena, bird are making a stink near houston. the cattle egrets made themselves at home, they're lowering property values. the bird smell. and there are feather droppings all over the place. egrets are protected under the migratory bird act. they can nest where they want without being disturbed. and yuck. >> animal roundup doesn't end there. an annual labor day tradition along the alabama gulf coast. 28th annual mullet festival. >> the main event. mullet throwing contest. the mullet fling. there was plenty of fried mullet served up. all joking aside. the whole day is really primarily a fund raiser for children's charity in the area. good for them. >> great cause. >> never eaten fried mullett.
3:11 am
>> that's very far. >> the 29th annual festival will most likely take place next labor day. you too can partake. >> you want to go. >> try them out. >> not so sure about the fried mullet though. >> coming of in the mix. feeling fantastic, short nap and cup of coffee. believe it. it works. >> celebrities private pictures sent to the cloud, made public. the type of cyberthreat that could affect you. ♪ somebody's watching me >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by cover girl. but more often, you feel it. girls can't rock. girls can't be strong. girls can't rap. (echoing) girls can't (echoing continues) (echoing stops) yeah, girls can. i heard that girls couldn't rap... i rapped. girls couldn't own businesses... i own my own business. i just learned that you have to be yourself.
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millions of you are watching us. >> i hope you don't have any naked pictures of yourself on the icloud. >> let me check. >> grab your iphone. a crack research team here. they do graphics. >> better do deletions. >> some of hollywood's famous faces are feeling like somebody is watching them. major headlines rari iregarding personal photos with men mum
3:16 am
amounts of clothing are hacked. >> as the fbi begins their investigation it has all of us thinking of our own digital privacy. abc's linsey davis investigates. >> reporter: an in vaevasion of privacy, personal photos of a list celebrities were report lead posted on site 4chan, by hacking cloud accounts, the huge server that can automatically back up every picture you take on your phone. >> even if you have deleted photos from your phone often times they have already ben uploaded into the cloud. they continue to exist. >> reporter: apple said they're investigating if their icloud service was breached. researchers say many of us are making it all too easy for criminals to access our most private information. we are cruising the streets of new york, scanning for unprotected wi-fi networks. >> currently 260 networks. traveled 1 yard. security expect chester winewski find a quarter of networks have
3:17 am
weak or no protection leaving e-mails, financial accounts, everything exposed. >> see instant message con ver sayings, photos they're sharing. >> reporter: when you are on the go, remember that free public wi-fi comes with a privacy risk too. is it safe for me to go on there? >> it is very easy for an intruder to see pretty much everything you are doing. >> reporter: an opportunity for hackers, some setting up fake wi-fi hot spts to entrap you. we set up free public wi-fi. >> throw androids, two iphones and a ipad. users were logging in. put the router in the center of your home. not near the window. accept software updates on your phone. watch the password. make them difficult. the longer the belter. >> jennifer. >> reporter: important steps to prevent any one from peeking into our entire lives. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> there are tips on how we can
3:18 am
protect ourselves. don't overshare on social media. make sure, that you are not ewing your birthday. and graduation day for everything. because of course we use those for password. if you are posting pictures of the days. people can figure out what the days are for you. type them in. also, you want to make sure you delete the social media accounts you are no longer using. so make sure you get rid of the myspace account, reena. >> of course. thank you for the advice. >> planning. >> coming up, power hour, 60 precious minutes. some parents only get with their kids during the week. show you how to make the most of the time so you can stop feeling look you are missing out. >> ahead in our next half-hour, "frozen" most successful animated film of all time. the characters and songs we can't just lot go. we'll give-up an exclusive look at how it all came to be. coming up on "world news now."
3:19 am
3:20 am
welcome back. summer comes to a close, millions of american families are getting back into the usual hustle and bustle of the weekly grind. >> when it comes to spending time with your children. it can be a challenge. creating the moments that make each day special can beachieved. abc's becky worley shows us how. ♪ >> reporter: a sad fact of life. some week days parents only get an hour each night of quality time with their kids. >> parents feel a ton of pressure these days. it's because in most households both the mom and dad are working full time. >> reporter: a recent article listed tips for maximizing this hour power with your kids. >> i'll come in a second. i have to answer the work
3:21 am
e-mail. omit distractions. >> every pattern should go on a cell phone diet or iphone diet. >> ask why questions like -- why is math your favorite subject? rather than what questions, what did you do in school today? am i an animal? >> yes. >> reporter: how about some fun? board games? >> what color am i? >> orange and black. >> am i a tiger? >> yes. >> yes! >> reporter: tackle a crafty project. it will create moms reand can be picked up the next day. >> that. >> reporter: my personal favorite. >> chores. we can fold laundry together. >> yea! >> reporter: bottom line, take time out to be a parent. connect. slow down. and you will all be happier. it might not get done as quickly as if you did it yourself. but, that wasn't so bad. right, guys? >> no bad. >> it was bad? ha-ha. >> reporter: becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> oh, i love that. >> too cute.
3:22 am
>> her kids adorable. true. i was on vacation in maine for a week. i thin mike husband did this in purpose. there is no wi-fi in the home. i was so much more eye to eye with my kids. pretty bad. my son says, mama, look at me. look at me. constantly on the iphone and blackberry. >> that's terrible. >> it's horrible. it is. well, stick with us. we'll be right back. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪
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now time for the mix. this photo. coming up. the soon to be parents may have the coolest ultrasound ever. take a look. posted to readit on august 28. see the baby, flashing a big thumb's up. and to his parents from the womb. people an calling this the fonzi fetus after the "happy day's" character that flashed the big thumb's up. isn't it incredible. the parent are from pennsylvania. they don't know the sex of the
3:26 am
child yet. but they're expecting twins in january. >> he or she is look all is well. just chilling here. doing great. >> already famous. gotten so many hits. famous from the womb. >> very cool. many are wrapping up celebrating labor day. one man is closer to her dream of raising awareness for our national anthem. the star spangled banner. want to show you jeannine stang, national anthem girl she looks to call herself. just completed the final state on her 50th state, to singing the anthem in each state. we think she will be the first person in history to dupe this. she is doing the to raise awareness of the song's 200th anniversary on september 14th. remember that, interesting. and she looks great. she sound great. she is also going to be honoring the song on, on, the 9/11 memorial and museum in new york city on september 12th. >> surprise noed one thought of doing that before. >> really net. >> interesting. >> anniversary coming up.
3:27 am
>> is that right? >> all celebrate the star spangled banner. >> sound great. how about the ultimate power nap. a study says there is a trick to getting an ultimate power nap. it involves a cup of coffee. apparently there is a molecule the brain that cre drowsy feeling. and coffee, inhibits that. prevents it from happening. the trick is you take a cup of coffee. drink it. take a 20 minute nachlt it takes 20 minutes for coffee to kick in. >> genius. >> yeah. so you have the nap. you have the coffee first. >> ned to try that. >> want to try it right now? >> just going to, going to be gone. little coffee. >> it takes 20 minutes to kick in. >> oh, i got to tell you about, we know that the president and the first lady go out of their way so they're not available to interviews, their daughters, we learned a little bit about what malia obama really is like. she visited a washington, d.c.
3:28 am
cafe. and we learned about this from a waitress who was there serving her. the waitresses name, becca, aparentally just like an ordinary girl. ordered frozen chai, eggs benedict. the friend left a tip, 20%. ordinary girl.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- extreme weather. today's damage from the midwest to new england after a powerful round of storms. the rare tornado thousands and the watches and warnings today. >> military collision. a super sized marine helicopter set to land on a navy ship. the terrifying crash at sea. and the rush to rescue troops from the water. >> boaters' nightmare. the couple stuck at sea for a week. no communication, no food and water. what did they do to survive? >> and later, fashion statement.
3:31 am
new details about angelina jolie's wedding day and the one of a kind gown she wore. the first pictures, getting some mixed reaction. that's in the skinny on this that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, september 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is world news now. >> good morning. it is back to work today on this tuesday. >> i'm tahman bradley. >> i'm reena ninan. >> good to see you. >> good to be back to work. >> have you seen the angelina jolie wedding dress? >> not yet. >> interesting. >> it's great? >> i have to say she was my fashion muse. a little heartbroken today. >> ooh, really? >> we'll explain. >> can't wait to see it. >> we'll explain. we'll explain. coming up. >> maybe i am wrong. maybe you will have a different take on this. we are going to begin this half-hour with the labor day holiday ending with a bang for much of the country. >> millions of americans found themselves in the path of severe weather, packing a punch with torrential rains, high winds. damaging hail and even tornados
3:32 am
like this one caught on video in, dexter, kansas. we begin our coverage with abc's caroline costello. >> reporter: severe storms moving through northern michigan, bringing dangerous winds and fast falling rain. in worcester, massachusetts, a clean-up is under way after a tornado tore through nearly two miles there, toppling trees, tearing down power lines and damaging homes and cars. >> most frightening thing i have been through. >> it's pretty wild, man. >> it's incredible. you don't expect to have tornados in worcester. we don't live in kansas. >> reporter: a different kind of wild weather in kansas. 70-mile-an-hour winds, and pounding hail. forced drivers off highways or to seek shelter under overpasses. in parts of iowa, winds up to 80 miles an hour. uprooted trees and unnerved neighbors. >> my first reaction was i hope everybody is okay. second reaction was make sure
3:33 am
there were no power lines near my general area. >> reporter: outdoor festivities came to an early end. outbreak of storms bringing dangerous lightning. this bolt captured above blackwood, new jersey. at least six people were struck across the country including three men on the beach in new york who were taken to the hospital. it was really loud. >> two boys struck by lightning swimming in a creek in philadelphia. one of those boys was killed. the 21st, known lightning fatality this year in what experts say is an unusual pattern. caroline costello, abc news, new york. we can expect powerful thunderstorms again today from the ohio valley into the northeast. >> as tropical storm dolly is forming south of texas. our coverage continues with accuweather's jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, reena, tahman. tracking a cold front. it brought severe weather out across the plains and midwest, the past few days. heavy thunderstorms now spreading on into the ohio
3:34 am
valley and northeast. not quite the severe weather threat. but a few storms will be heavy. packing gusty wind. packing large hail. upstate new york down into the ohio valley here and flooding, a major concern as well. meanwhile, tracking, tropical depression moving off to the west. you see it sort of spinning up here in the last couple of frames. it will make landfall in mexico wednesday. bringing thunderstorm activity to south texas. reena, tahman. >> thanks, jim. >> fire crews in northern california having a tough time getting control of a stubborn wildfire forcing evacuations and threatening nearly 700 homes. the fire burned 100 square miles, doubling in size in the last few days. it was sparked by lightning a month ago. this morning it is only 15% contained. >> concern is easing this morning over a volcano that erupted and released a monster cloud over iceland. officials concerned about pilot visibility raised aviation alert to the highest level. but the warning was lowered after no volcanic ash was detected. >> operations are back to normal
3:35 am
this morning on board a navy ship, stationed off the coast of africa. that wasn't the case yesterday. when a marine corps helicopter crashed while trying to land. abc's martha raddatz has the details. >> reporter: it was a super stallion helicopter just like this one, seen here approaching the same ship, ship, the uss mesa verde last month. see the landing spot on the deck clearly marked. but landing these big helicopters, in the wind and the waves, on moving ships, is challenging. an official says it hit the ship before it was about to land and then crashed into the sea. >> this was a shock. bang, bang, in the water. >> reporter: the ship immediately launched a small boat to help rescue the 25 on
3:36 am
board, all trained for exactly this kind of accident. >> they learned to overcome that initial fear. and understand that self control is what's going to be the key to survival. >> reporter: only one of those aboard sustained significant injury, but not bad enough to require evacuation from the ship. these super stallions are one of many types of helicopters at sea. as we saw during a trip to the gulf of oman. vital to missions around the world, especially the volatile mideast. they're not sure what caused the crash, whether it was mechanical or a crew error. but everyone is just happy that all are safe. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. also overseas, in africa, the military is targeting an islamic extremist organization. conducting anti-terror operation in somalia against al-shabaab network. no details about the operation. al-shabaab is responsible for last year's attack on the mall in nairobi, kenya. >> president obama headed to europe with focus on crisis in ukraine. the president will be meeting
3:37 am
with nato leaders in wales expected to endorse a powerful new tool to respond to russia's increased military intervention in ukraine. its new rapid reaction force will be capable of quickly deploying to eastern europe. the force of some 4,000 troops will be capable of moving on 48 hours notice. >> and, the president spent part of labor day in wisconsin using a campaign-style speech to rally union workers. he vowed to press congress to raise minimum wage. same way he courted his wife, never taking no for an answer. the minimum wage may not go up if republicans take control of congress. and he also wore white pants, reena. >> glad to hear that. on to depressing news from a health headlines this morning. not good another reason to switch to low carb diet. for decades we have been told to focus on low fat diets. a new study out of tulane, university, adds to the growing body of evidence that those on low carb, actually healthier for them.
3:38 am
the low carb group of dieters lost more weight, they decreased their fat mass, had significantly greater improvement in cholesterol readings. than the low fat group. i don't care. still sticking to my carbs. another study find tv viewers snack more watching fast paced program as opposed to leisurely paced shows. those who watched sci-fi thriller ate more snacks and consumed more calories than those who watched part of the charlie rose show. researchers suggest that viewers take steps to avoid mindless snacking by avoiding or limiting high calorie snacks. >> people, watching charlie rose, have to have coffee to stay awake. i love charlie chose. a great interviewer. what are people who are watching us, eating? >> beer, potato chips. >> beer this time of night. >> or pizza. >> tweet us. i would like to know what you are eating right now. >> let us know. here we go. moving on to true gluttony. exactly why this is our
3:39 am
"favorite -- out of practice -- "favorite story of the day." >> we'll get it right tomorrow night. >> we'll get it right. >> it comes to us from south sacramento, california. >> one donut shop, serving up ice-glazers, ice cream and donut sandwiches. >> nothing too scientific about this, a delicious combination of ice cream on a split glazed donut. mm. >> mm. >> they make them as they're ordered. only do eight dozen every day. you have got to line up and make sure you get some. >> that's why we don't have any on set today. all right, it's clear. the owners say they're busy all day. nonstop. until they're sold out. >> what will they think of next? >> yeah. >> so, they say they're variations on them have been popping of in bakeries all over town. the owners of the donut shop, what sets th apart is their very unique flavors. like asian-american background
3:40 am
which -- >> not kidding. >> thai tea, green tea. >> sounds kind of offensive. >> it does sound offensive. >> we'll just move on. coming up in "the skinny" -- and the superstar quarterback who goes on a childish tantrum, not on the field, but at home. >> even if you are the biggest fan of the movie "frozen" some secrets about the disney hit that could make you into an even bigger fan. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ here i stand >> announcer: "world news" weather brought to you by finish quantum powerball. weather brought to you by finish quantum powerball. they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good wow! finish is seriously good can't believe how great it works love love love finish it's a shine that's sweeping across america. finish delivers an unbeatable clean and superior shine versus cascade's leading detergent. look no ugly spots... and see that shine? you've got to try finish.
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with so many of you having returned home after this labor day weekend. there is one couple most thankful to be back from their vacation at sea turning into a nightmare. >> they were stranded in the ocean for a week. no food. no walter. no way to call for help. how did they make it out alive? here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: bo and elizabeth mccowski say they should be dead. for nearly a week, the florida couple floated aimlessly. ship wrecked ten miles south of the florida coast after the engine on their sailboat died. they shot this video of their harrowing ordeal, short on just about everything, eating their entire food supply on the first day. >> we had a full boat, small boat, water. we don't have a communication. >> reporter: that's right, no engine. no water and no way to call for help.
3:46 am
then the storms came. some how the mast had jammed the sail. which was now useless. back on dry land a friend became concerned when they didn't return home. alerted the coast guard and the search began. this video capturing the relief filled moment coast guard crews finally found them. and boarded that boat. >> we are going to tow your sailboat. >> they were very relieved to see us. very excited. but they were actually in good shape. they were moving around. they were in good spirits. the only thing they requested was a nice cold bottle of walter. >> they vow to return to the sea, but next time, they'll bring some extra water. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> some brave folks there. they're restoring their boat so they can head out next season. wish them the best of luck. >> he said he was really happy to be rescued, what was happier for what he was going to be getting from his bridge. -- getting from his fridge -- "a
3:47 am
nice cold beer." that's a quote. >> that's important. absolutely. coming up, the first photos from inside the brangelina i dos. >> what nfl star says he act
3:48 am
3:49 am
>> time for "the skinny." leading us off new details about brad and angelina jolie's recent nuptials in france. the private event very much a family affair with their six kids playing a big role in the wedding. most notably in the design of the bride's veil. embroidered with colorful hand drawings from the kids. >> the dress seen here on this week's edition of "people" magazine custom design donatella versace. but it really is all about the veil. you are getting a better look on "hello" and all of those illustrators were involved in the ceremony. walking mom down the aisle. serving as flower girl and ring bearers and the 10-year-old son, pax, baked the cake for less than two dozen on the guest list. we were not there. >> i have to say.
3:50 am
the veil, your kid drawings belong on the fridge door, not on the veil. what was she thinking? >> we don't want to get on her bad side. kind of look like she took it down from the curtain. >> be diplomatic about it. >> she is gorgeous. >> she is stunning. i think a woman really into her children. i love that, i love you for that. i can forgive you for the veil, all good now. still my fashion muse. >> all right. lots of celebrities use social media to show how they were celebrating. carrie underwood gave it a new meaning. >> her and her husband, revealing carrie is due with their first child. she is due in the spring. a long way off. 2 first, carrie will host the cma awards here on abc on november 5th. >> carrie made the announcement on her twitter page. a snapshot with her pooches, ace, penny. there they are. both wearing shirts signaling a baby is on the way. we wish them our best. >> fun to watch fresh-faced future celebrities before they were highly styled superstars. >> the latest, check it out, katy perry. from 2001. then, 16 years old.
3:51 am
christian singer, songwriter, katy hudson. this from videographer jemma strandridge, shows katy on a bus during the first tour. here is the sound. take a listen. ♪ ♪ >> hey, not bad. >> on the guitar. >> katy admits to getting nervous on stage. describes herself as a little kid from california who plays the guitar and sings. >> a shocking admission from an nfl football quarterback. this morning, on the field, he is a powerful presence. but at home, he acts like a kid. >> talking patriots' quarterback, tom brady. he gives man of the world magazine a little insight into his home life with supermodel
3:52 am
gisele bundchen. he says he likes attention from her. to do, he has to act in immature ways. >> there is a dress. >> he fits. pouts. whines. but she is now on to some of his tricks. interesting. >> she has caught on. >> didn't take long. and you have seen him on the football field. you might understand the antics. >> quarterbacks always get the girls. >> if you know what i mean. >> yes, that is very true. >> did you marry a quarterback? >> i did not. he is a quarterback in my eyes. he is a quarterback in my eyes. ! when the game's on the line... hit him with a hard count, see if they'll tip their hand. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to power their game day communication. they're blitzing up the gut! get out of the pocket! hut! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts,
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♪ let it go let it go >> oh, "frozen" the most successful animated film of all time. though it is summer we just can't let it go. >> the disney mega hit has become an instant classic. and if you are one of the few who has yet to see it. this behind the scenes look might win you over. abc's lara spencer gives us a sneak peek at tonight's abc special "the story of frozen." >> before there was the happy ending. before there was the blockbuster
3:56 am
song. before it became the most successful animated movie in history. some 600 people worked to bring frozen to life. >> in creating a character in, in animation, you have two people who are really vital. >> thank you. >> the vis voice actor and animator. >> you are gorgeous. >> wait, what. >> something kristin bell came up with. a some what awkward character. blurts things out. hoping to take them back. in comes the wait what? >> wait what? >> wait what? >> and when she came to the studio to visit, she talked to the animators. she was a little bit nervous. i was thinking, this is kind of like elsa. >> reporter: when she started singing -- all of that changed. you could see her, the power
3:57 am
making news in america this morning, president obama heads overseas with a cascade of international crises surround his trip. the worsening situation in ukraine, the isis threat and the new operation this time in somalia. we're live with the details. wild weather. storm systems spawn tornadoes bringing down trees and damaging homes. where the severe weather threat remains today. a brazen bandit with a high-powered weapon making his way from bank to bank. the new clues investigators uncovered bying looking at this


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