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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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from friday night, not unheard of for people to hop the fence. it is the first time we have seen this were the 42-year-old veteran made it all the now, what we learned in court today from prosecutors, it was just two months ago that gonzalez was in wythe county, virginia when police received rorts of someone driving err at cli. they approached his vehicle, got behind him, he kept going despite red lights and siren. when they stopped him and searched the vehicle they found a sawed off shotgun and other rifles including one a prosecutor called a sniper rifle. he was arrested at that point and there was one other item that seems to be more disturb k than the rest. a map inside a bible and circled on that map the white ouse and masonic temple in alexandra. now fast forward to one month ago. he was stopped by officers
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along the south lawn fence line because he had a hatchet in his waist band. they asked to search his vehicle. he said sure. they found two dogs, nothing else alarming. he was let go, not arrested. then of course friday night's incident when he hopped the fence. he gave consent to search his vehicle and they found more than 800 rounds of ammunition, some in magazines, some in boxes. they also discovered two hatchets and a machete. the president asked today about his confidence in the secret service. here's what he had to say. >> the secret service does a great job. i'm grateful for the sacrifices they make on my behalf and my family's behalf. all right. thank you very much. >> the president as you heard expressing confidence. we expect to hear much more from the white house and will have that later tonight. in the meantime omar gonzalez is going to be held until at least his next hearing in district court october 1. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you, scott. we ask now, is anything new
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being done at the white house tonight to protect the president and his family? we'll take a look at security around pennsylvania avenue coming up tonight new at 5:30. >> also tonight we're tracking new developments in the search for the man police are calling a person of interest in the disappearance of university of virginia student hannah graham. this wanted poster was just released and police want to talk to jesse leroy matthew jr. they believe he was the last person seen with graham. northern virginia bureau chief goldberg is live in charlotte tonight. police visited matthew's apartment again today, right? >> that's right. police are carrying out another search warrant at the apartment of jesse matthew and still awaiting results from the state crime lab in terms of evidence submitted after the search of the apartment and car on friday. this is the downtown walking mall in charlottesville, the last place in which anybody saw hannah graham in public. the search for her is still focused in charlottesville and
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surrounding areas, while the man hunt for jesse matthew is focused around the entire region. investigators leave the charlottesville apartment of jesse matthew with bags of evidence. the search for matthew continues across the region. >> well, he got pretty demanding and he would call at night kind of late. that was not too friendly with me. >> frances lee has been matthew's landlord for the past year. she says matthew, a patient technician at uva medical center, became kinder over time and his link to hannah graham comes as a surprise. >> a little bit, yes. i didn't expect that. >> today charlottesville police are releasing this wanted poster for 32-year-old matthew, who they believe was with graham on the downtown walking mall early in the morning of saturday, september 13th. police say this past saturday, matthew came to the department, asked to speak with a lawyer, and then abruptly drove off at a high rate of speed. authorities gave chase but suspended it in the interests of public safety.
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speak ainly we want to to him. again, he was the last person we can show, we know was with hannah graham. >> police say they did not arrest matthew on saturday because they did not have enough evidence connecting him to graham's disappearance. now he is wanted on reckless driving charges and police believe he could be anywhere including where he has known associates -- maryland, new york, pennsylvania, virginia, and d.c. meanwhile, the desperate search for hannah graham still has delivered no answers. >> it's tragic. i think people are hoping she's safe. that she'll come home. >> here is the vehicle description for jesse matthew. police say it is his sister's 1997 light blue nissan sent ra with virginia tags vac 4575. now, we have learned that matthew lived in rural areas
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around charlottesville and we've been speaking with people out there and hearing that in the past week or so investigators have been searching those areas. obviously we're following the story very closely and will have an update tonight at 6:00. until then live in charlottesville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> police are asking anyone with information about hannah graham's disappearance or jesse matthew's whereabouts to call 434-295-3851. and for any updates on the case, you can always go to any time of the day. >> a fire at a nursery plant, plant nursery rather in fairfax county, is now out. this was the view from news chopper 7 shortly after crews extinguished the fire this afternoon. flames damaged part of the nursery and garden center. no one was hurt. investigators are looking for a cause. >> we turn now to the weather. a cooler day around the metro area. a little bit breezy. we're preparing for the official beginning of fall, which is later tonight. >> how does a chief
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meteorologist celebrate the official start of fall? >> a good question. >> 10:29 tonight could be in my first rem cycle. all depends. 10:29. that is the time it goes from summer to autumn, the autumnal equinox. very cool and clear right now. lots of sunshine in arlington. temperature about 70 degrees. a few high clouds but nothing more than that. 74 at reagan national. 70 degrees at winchester. 75 the warm spot in fredericksburg right now. through the evening we'll see a couple conditions here. the sun goes down just a little bit after 7:00. it'll be comfortable and clear and chilly overnight. 64 degrees by 9:00. down to 59 in the city by 11:00 and by tomorrow morning we'll see temperatures range between 45 and 52 with clear skies and far west from the metro area the first frost advisory of the season from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. over western sections of allegany county, maryland, garret county, and adjacent sections of west virginia and pennsylvania.
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the chillier air the story this week or a warming trend? we'll let you know in a few minutes. >> thank you. well, there is a controversy brewing around the principal of largo high school. some prince george's county ouncil members want anolik simpson marcus removed from her position after complaints and a lawsuit. she has the support of many students and parents. we'll go live to largo high school with what the controversy is all about. brad? >> well, it's about complaints of racism and harassment. and tonight the president of the prince george's county chapter of the naacp is joining the call for this principal at largo high to step aside or be fired. it's a push being led, as you said, by a council member. in a highly unusual situation, prince george's county council member mary lehman is making strong demands about largo high principal dr. angelic simpson-marcus. >> i want her to be terminated, taken out of that building. >> simpson-marcus has
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repeatedly been accused of racism in her treatment of white staff at the 1100-student high school. in august, a jury awarded a . red teacher $350,000 he alleged he was targeted because of his race. last week the county settled another lawsuit for an undisclosed sum. in that case a former school secretary claimed simpson-marcus openly despised white teachers calling them poor white trash and bozo. the secretary, herself african-american, claims the principal called her the slang terms chicken head, bird, hood rat, and ghetto. >> it is deplorable what is going on at largo high school, and is continuing to go on the fact that pgs is standing behind the principal right now. >> the school ceo kevin maxwell did not respond to our request for comment today but sent lehman a tersely worded e-mail saying, quote, i will not
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tolerate racism in any form. but simpson-marcus remains on the job her secretary telling us by phone she will not resign. she seems to have support of at least some of the staff and students we spoke to. >> i've never seen her be racist. i've never seen that. >> this is my second year here and i think she is just a strong principal. i hope she does not resign. >> now, we reported that a jury ordered a $350,000 settlement to one teacher who won his lawsuit. the school system had said they're going to appeal that and hope to get the amount lowered. but one expense that cannot be lowered is how much was paid to lawyers to defend the principal over the years. we asked for that number today. we have not gotten a response from the school system. the council member said she, too, wants that number and is going to be demanding answers. at largo high school, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> we have breaking news tonight. the ravens are addressing an outside the lines report about who, what, when, about the ray rice case.
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>> sports director tim brant here with what the ravens own heard to say. >> he said his integrity and character was challenged and that's why the steve owner called the news conference to answer any and all questions with regard to the ray rice case and the way the ravens organization handled the situation and the way it's being reported. he says that he is sorry that he didn't get the video of the assault sooner but he disputes what espn had reported about downplaying the incident or asking for lenience for rice or getting the video earlier. he says the ravens didn't see the video before it was released and he said idiosyncrasy that -- he said that the people in his organization handled the whole thing properly and no one will lose their jobs over this. he said he is responding with the facts and he knows, as he knows them to be. the ravens owner says most of the information that is getting out there is coming from ray rice, his attorney, hi agent, and that they are making a case for ray's reinstatement into the nfl. he also said he has been interviewed three times by network correspondents and answered every question honestly. he went on to make the case
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that james brown of cbs asked 34 questions and cbs aired only five answers. so his side of the story, he says, was not getting out. >> i wish that they had at least acknowledged that during their fact finding they were getting the majority of this ory from people who are paid to work to get ray's suspension overturned. >> now he did say that this is the worst crisis that he's ever been involved with. he said you can take all the crises together that they've had with the ravens and it wouldn't be as big as this. he also said as soon as he saw the video inside the elevator they released ray immediately and rice will never play for the ravens again. >> so will we hear from the coach? >> i don't know if you will. he has already made his statement. i don't think he'll be out again. i don't think steve will be out again but espn came out quickly
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to say they stand by their story. >> okay. all right. very interesting. >> thanks. >> see you soon. >> all right. now meantime, the redskins are dealing with a new player in the team's name debate. >> you have no right to use our name to get attention. >> still ahead, some reaction to "south park's" commercial that aired during the redskins game. >> plus, in a 7 on your side consumer alert how public wi-fi could get some of your private information at risk. >> and the new steps paula deen has taken to get her reputation back. >> and a hit-and-run victim is still in surgery tonight but her family has a message for the dirt bike rider who struck her.
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>> on abc 7 tonight the family of a d.c. woman nearly killed by a dirt bike talks about her horrifying ordeal that nearly killed her. >> her family tells us she is in the middle of a 12-hour surgery to repair her leg. we spoke exclusively with the live 's family and roz is with their message to the dirt bike rider still on the loose. >> she is still in surgery and there is no guarantee that she'll be able to walk again.
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she is just 23 years old. her family is heart broken but they're also angry and demanding something be done. a warning some of the language used to describe her injuries is a little bit graphic. from northwest to southeast and everywhere in between, it seems more and more atv and dirt bike riders are illegally taking to d.c. streets. last wednesday night on alabama avenue southeast, a dirt bike rider popped a wheelie, ran a red light, and crashed into a 23-year-old woman in the crosswalk. witnesses say he laughed, hopped on another bike, and sped away. >> we're outraged. we're hurt. >> she says her niece is on a second round of surgery. >> her knee was pretty much nonattached to her body so they had to go in to reconstruct that area so she would be, hopefully be able to walk again. >> her family is concerned that with so many bikes out there, this could happen to somebody else. >> especially when at night -- >> kevin necessary bit says friday night a group converged
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on the u street corridor. >> just back and forth down the street doing wheelies and all kinds of crazy stuff. >> police were short on specifics but according to a community list serve a, quote, scooter tactical unit moved in and caught one of them. d.c.'s police chief told abc 7 her department is putting more resources into shutting it down. she says the laws need to change so officers can pursue the riders. >> their hands are tied. it's like what can they do? >> and to the person who hit her niece and left her for dead -- >> if you did it, just turn yourself in. >> police have said they can't do a pursuit or chase policy because of safety to the community. the chief did assure us on friday her officers are using undercover tactics and remote surveillance trying to do a crackdown on this. live in northwest d.c., roz plater, abc 7 news. >> thank you, roz. nearly two dozen wildfires are burning out of control across the western u.s. tonight, most of them in california where one fire alone has scorched 437
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square miles of forest and brush. it destroyed three dozen buildings and threatened thousands more. fire crews made progress over the weekend but hotter temperatures and strong winds are forecast for this week. the picture you saw a second ago was the man charged with setting the fire. he pled not guilty to arson on friday. >> meanwhile, here it's hard to believe how long the pleasant weather stretch has lasted. >> not to be a downer here, but listen, i've done this for a long time. i've seen over and over again we get to september, october, long stretches of incredibly beautiful weather and sometime in november or december it catches up where we do the exact same thing, week after week of terrible weather. so let's enjoy it while it lasts. >> all right. we will. >> maybe we'll have a cold or something by the time -- let somebody else tell you about it. it's fine. just high pressure. this is a great time of year. year after year, september, october, in the area here offers some of the most beautiful weather of the entire year and here is proof pozz.
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all during the afternoon our time lapse shows beautiful, blue skies. a few fair weather clouds as we look from the roof top camera down the potomac river looking southward toward reagan national airport and i think we'll stay mostly clear through the evening hours. right now 74. dew point 43. dry air. northwest winds at 18. still kind of gusty but the winds will diminish and with the dry air in place it is going to be mighty chilly by the morning. pollen count, everything in the moderate range. at least it's not the high range. that's good news here especially for ragweed sufferers. that has been the past week or two the worst offender. 74 at reagan. 70 degrees winchester. 73 quantico. 72 over in easton on maryland's mid shore. chilly temperature. a little pocket of chilly air across the great lakes and parts of ontario and western quebec. gusty winds coming from that will shift to the east overnight tomorrow and tonight. tonight will be very chilly. the chilliest night of the week tonight. and the gustiest winds we've seen in a while will diminish as well. the warm air pushed well to the south and the southwest. only a few hot spots.
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mostly in the far western part of the country. high pressure is the dominant feature. the winds as we get through the overnight and day tomorrow will be less wind to deal with. it will be cool but another beautiful day tomorrow with high pressure in control once again and the strongest core of winds will in fact shift off to the east here as we move through the day tomorrow. the high pressure pretty much filled with sunshine, temperatures holding lower 70's tomorrow as we get through the day on wednesday we'll turn our attention to the south because computer models make a pretty good case that an area of low pressure will be developing off the coast. the key here is whether the moisture from this is going to push back to the northwest toward our area or stay just offshore. both are possible. we've included a 30% chance of some light showers late wednesday night and thursday in the forecast. but i think that would be especially south and east and southeast of the metro area. if it stays far enough offshore then the whole area stays dry. in any case i think by friday we're back to sunshine and very pleasant conditions. chilly overnight. 10:29 tonight is the moment of the autumnal equinox.
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45 to 52 degrees tomorrow morning. beautiful tomorrow. not as windy for the first day of fall. 70 to 75 with sunshine. then you see nice weather continue wednesday with the late night shower chance of a 30% chance of showers on thursday, clearing on friday, and right now the weekend if you can deal with this, if this works out, how about mostly sunny skies with temperatures around 80 on saturday and sunday? >> wow. >> can you take that? >> take it. >> we'll accept that. >> really nice. thank you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, find out who tops the list of the most powerful women in the business world. >> plus, you can call him the horse whisperer. we'll tell you how he is using animals to build trust and save military men and women suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. >> the redskins' name today was taken on by a popular animated tv show. coming up we'll tell you which show and why redskins fans were so surprised by it all. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. >> so the redskins' name fate has taken on a new twist tonight now that comedy central aired a redskins themed commercial for its show "south park." >> fastball fans that saw the commercial for the first time during the redskins eagles game yesterday join us now with reaction to the commercial. what did you hear?
5:25 pm
>> as you guys know sattire is the center of what "south park" has done. the show is not afraid to take on hot button topics so they tackled the redskins name debate in this commercial right here at a time that frankly surprised fans watching yesterday's game. >> i can't believe they even put something out like that. >> jasmine williams and george were at their favorite pub with a group of friends watching their favorite team the redskins take on the eagles yesterday when in the fourth quarter this commercial for one of their favorite shows popped up on the tv. >> stop using the name --. >> -- >> the commercial for the popular animated show "south park" beginning its 18th season is creating buzz around town. "south park" is known for sattire. >> they poke fun at every politician from all sides, every serious issue, every star when they're having their problems. it's part of free speech. >> this minute-long commercial pokes fun at the redskins' name
5:26 pm
debate and the federal government's decision not to renew the team's patent on the redskins name. >> it's offensive to us. >> i think it's untimely. >> the commercial features an animated version of the team owner dan snyder, coach jay gruden, quarterback robert griffin iii and one of the show's main characters hartman. it shows a commercial -- we showed the commercial to people around town who hadn't seen it and people on both sides of the redskins name issue at least got a chuckle. >> it kind of gets the point across. >> it was funny but at the same time we're so tired of this. we're just tired of it. just play some football. >> okay. we're told the commercial only aired here in washington. but the makers of "south park" have put it up on youtube. we've had no response from the washington redskins about the commercial. >> well, they are irreverent as always. >> it made people laugh. >> still to come here in a 7 on
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your side health alert two things you could be doing every single day to fight off a heart attack. >> and a shocking white house
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>> more now in our top story about the white house security breach and new details that came out in court today. >> iraq war veteran omar gonzalez is accused of scaling the white house fence friday night and getting into the home. >> tonight abc 7 has learned that authorities found weapons and ammo in gonzalez's car after he was caught at the white house. >> rich, what is security like there tonight? >> a lot of changes out here. you see pennsylvania avenue. this section in front of the white house. this is closed to vehicular traffic but for a while they pushed us back to lafayette park this way. now check it out. behind me now people are hanging out. once again leaning against the fence. a lot of changes now. some people are asking, is it enough? the white house under close security scrutiny today. >> somebody was asleep at the switch i think. >> three days after iraq war veteran omar gonzalez scaled a
5:31 pm
fence and sprinted through an open portico doorway -- >> i think the security guys are probably going through a bit of introspection these days. >> -- some immediate changes along closed pennsylvania avenue, an uptick in uniformed officers, k-9 units, marked vehicles, and protective barriers. >> i think it is a little concerning. >> a secret service spokesman has called the breach unacceptable and now an internal investigation is under way looking into protection on the grounds and outside. a review of staffing and of threat assessment policy. >> failure of so many different layers of secures at the same time. >> former secret service agent done bongino who served five years at the white house questions why security dogs trained to bite or knock down an intruder weren't released. >> why it wasn't released, i will guarantee you, in the exhaustive analysis they do on the security failure, that has to be question number one right now. >> but there are other questions. why would the portico door be
5:32 pm
unlocked? why wouldn't agents just tackle gonzalez? visitors say they're concerned. >> i don't think anything is enough. if somebody really wants to get in, they'll get in and figure out a way. >> agents say they didn't use deadly force because they did not see signs of a weapon or explosive or backpack on gonzalez. various ideas being floated now about how to improve security, higher fencing and also maybe check-in areas at least a block from the white house. live from the white house, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thanks, rich. time for a look at the other top stories. charlottesville police want to talk to jesse matthew jr. investigators say they believe he is the last person to see hannah graham alive. the uva student disappeared september 13th. police searched matthew's apartment again today. investigators don't know if matthew is still in the area. he has contacts in virginia, maryland, new york, pennsylvania, and d.c. >> also tonight, there are growing calls for the principal of largo high school to resign or be fired.
5:33 pm
angelique simpson-marcus is accused of harassing and bullying white staff at the school. a jury awarded a fired teacher $350,000 in one case and just last week prince george's county schools settled another lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. >> the city council members voted overwhelming to reject the current plan calling for building a nearly 78,000 square foot walmart at the intersection of annapolis road and glenn dale road in bowie. many people say a walmart there would have a negative impact. walmart says the store would create hundreds of new jobs while filling a retail space that has been vacant for years. we'll check on the traffic situation this evening. how is the monday evening looking, bob? >> pretty uneventful so far. not too bad a ride heading west on 66 from the beltway out toward centreville. had a couple earlier issues long ago cleared.
5:34 pm
inner loop up in the dulles toll road, just volume getting up to 270 and then again through bethesda and silver spring. the same deal there. 95 headed south toward dumfries and toward quantico a little slow here and there. not too bad on i-95 traveling south from springfield. let's look at some cameras. things look good here in fact on 395 as you head south from landmark. a couple slow stretches headed south from the pentagon but lanes are open. pretty standard stuff for a monday afternoon. 270 northbound here at montgomery village avenue, germantown up into clarksburg, but no incidents to report along the way. >> okay, bob. thank you very much. well, best known for her role in the harry potter films actress emma watson is turning her attention now to human rights. she delivered an emotional speech on gender equality to the united nations over the weekend. >> if men have to be aggressive in order to be accepted women
5:35 pm
won't feel compelled to be submissive. if men don't have to control, women won't have to be controlled. >> watson introduced a new ampaign aimed at getting men involved in stopping violence and discrimination. the u.n. named watson a good will ambassador this summer. women in business continue to rise to the top, leading some of the biggest companies in the country now. "fortune" magazine released its list of the most wonderful women in business. ceo of ibm tops the list followed by general motors' ceo mary bara and pepsi's ceo indra nooyi. see who else made the top 10. go to >> very impressive. coming up what you need to know to protect your personal info from public wi-fi spots.
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>> here's david with a look at what's coming up on "world news tonight." >> more on that story right there in d.c. the man who got through the front door of the white house and tonight what we learned. what has been discovered in his car before? more on the urgent nationwide man hunt here in the east. schools closed for a fourth day. the explosive press conference a short time ago in the nfl. then those extended warranties. you know when you buy something do you buy the extra protection or risk it? tonight what we discovered and it's eye opening.
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>> prince william county police are investigating an assault at the godard school in woodbridge. police arrested 24-year-old theresa brown who is a teacher at that school along with the owner nadia choudhry. brown is accused of biting a 13-month-old boy and is charged with assault and battery. choudhry is charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect. the incident happened september 11th. however, child protective services was only anonymously notified a day later. >> a man who used to be the treasurer for d.c. is still missing. tonight his friends' fears are
5:40 pm
growing. >> he hasn't been heard from in days but now police are weighing in on this missing persons case. >> d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live on the story for us in northeast washington. sam, what's the latest? >> well, leon, we are outside what is called the mojo house here in northeast washington where friends of lasana mac are gathering this evening to exchange information and learn what they can. neither mack nor his 2013 gray ford explorer have been seen in nine days. in his northeast d.c. neighborhood flyers are posted. 51-year-old lasana mack the former d.c. treasurer has not been seen since a neighbor saw him drive away from here september 13th. family and friends don't know what to think. >> i really just don't know. the family just does not know. the community just does not know >> she said mack had been focused on opening his company called appeal incorporated, which pushed to get black people more involved in finance
5:41 pm
and savings. he was creating a credit union. before that he served as d.c. treasurer for three mayors including former mayor anthony williams. >> did a great job for our city. i thought he represented our city and our improvement in the bond rating, representing us on wall street, custodian of our funds. he comes from a great family. >> mack was also involved in d.c.'s music and culture scene at places like the san copa book store with his music group called black notes. >> i have performed in several venues where he has performed musically and also done some things with the realty. >> really appealed to the community at large. if you hear or see anything, you know, let the police know. >> d.c. police spokesperson gwen crump said this afternoon police do not believe foul play was involved in mack's disappearance, but they're not saying more than that. >> and this is the umoja house. the gathering is set to begin
5:42 pm
here at 7:00 this evening. again, friends of his are here. lasana mack is a divorced father of three. his mother is gladys mack the former chairman of the metro board. friends say he was expected at a family dinner eight days ago and did not show. by friday police had put him on the critical missing persons list. gwen crump of the police department would not say why police say they believe no foul play is involved. reporting live from northeast washington, sam ford. abc 7 news. >> o. thank you, sam. >> awful. >> very strange. hope for the best there. coming up next a 7 on your side health alert tonight. what you should be doing now to prevent a heart attack in the future. >> changing the lives of veterans and not knowing it. how one man and some horses are helping veterans dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome.
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>> the department of veterans affairs reports up to 20% of veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. while many receive medications to fight their symptoms, one man says he has a drug free solution. monty roberts' method is about building trust with a horse.
5:46 pm
alicia watkins had very limited experience with horses. she's a city girl from d.c. but in just minutes, this horse is following her every lead. >> oh, my word. that is emotional for me. >> this moment is called join up, a term coined by horse whisperer monty roberts. >> that moment when the horse decides to be with you rather than away from you. >> roberts grew up with an abusive father who ran a riding school. he says he found his healing by joining up with horses. now he's teaching veterans with post traumatic stress syndrome the same method so they can heal, too. >> ptsi. not d. there is no disorder. >> he says it should be called post traumatic stress injuries. injuries he believes can be healed by learning to trust again. >> when we make an army to put them on the battle field we wash trust out of them. they can't trust anything. >> horses by nature are the
5:47 pm
same. >> they do not trust human beings at all under any circumstances. unless you earn it. >> during join up -- >> we go through a specific set of maneuvers to engender trust. >> it is better than medicine. >> watkins served in iraq, afghanistan, and was in the pentagon on 9/11. >> i went through traumatic brain injury, also within my military service i was sexually assaulted or raped. >> she isolated herself and became homeless. >> i couldn't sleep. i had nightmares every night. i contemplated suicide. >> then in 2011 she spent three days on roberts' farm joining up with horses. she calls the moment the first horse chose to follow and trust her the reason she is still alive. every ne moment, to wash horrible every
5:48 pm
memory with one horse following me into a pen and trusting me --. >> watkins says joining up gave her purpose and leadership and allowed her to trust again. listen to this. in is now a harvard student massachusetts 2014. roberts' goal is to expand the three-day nonprofit program nationwide and try to help as many veterans as possible. >> that is absolutely amazing. >> great story. >> i love that. thanks. now at 7 on your side, quitting smoking and eating healthy foods are known to reduce chances of heart attack but a new study finds walking or biking just 30 minutes a day can reduce one's risk even further. researchers also say drinking one glass of alcohol per day can help. the swedish study's authors say making the simple changes can prevent four out of five heart attacks. great news tonight for 2
5:49 pm
1/2-month-old hudson bond. this morning doctors at duke children's hospital performed a life saving heart transplant. here is a photo of the family after the operation. hudson's parents say they are praying for the family whose loss made the donation possible. we told you about hudson a few weeks ago when his father created a facebook page that created controversy. facebook said it was too graphic and took it down. the company reversed course and joined others in donating to hudson's care. now he is getting the care he needs. >> such a good ending. let's turn on over to the weather now and this beautiful streak continues, doug. >> yes, ma'am. we are in fine shape with a lot of sunshine. 67 degrees. outside our studios in arlington. let's give you a look around the area. 69 degrees in alexandra at the bell haven country club and just spectacular with a few, high clouds. winds are slowly diminishing. that trend will continue tonight. with cool temperatures in place we expect when you wake up for
5:50 pm
the first morning of autumn to feel like it. 45 to 52 degrees. clear skies. that's the range. winds out of the northwest at 3 to 6 miles per hour. tomorrow another beautiful day. sunny. not as windy. the first full day of fall. temperatures will remain a little bit below average between 70 and 75 degrees. as we get through the next seven days there is one opportunity here late wednesday nto thursday where we'll see low pressure off the coast. a few light showers late wednesday or thursday southeast. that's not a done deal at all. some areas could remain dry throughout. then by friday and the weekend looks like sensational september weather will continue with temperatures warming to the 70's to near 80 degrees. more coming up at the top of the next hour. back to you. >> thank you very much, doug. well, paula deen is cooking up her comeback. the southern chef has purchased all of her old shows from her time on the food network so the re-runs along with new material will be featured on her paula deen online network.
5:51 pm
the interactive cooking website is set to launch wednesday. fans have to pay between $8 and $10 a month for access to the broadcasts and the recipes. >> you know what? yesterday we came this close. we thought the skins had the recipe for victory in philadelphia. >> $8 to $10 to watch that game again. >> good game. it was a great game. here's my thing though. the redskins have to learn how to win. they have to learn how to win. the players put themselves in position to win but they can't close the deal. even when you talk to them about last year, they talk about the 3-13 season and say, well, every game was close. well yes. but you got to win it. this has to stop. the skins have to learn to put the hammer down because this season is going to go by fast now. they host the giants thursday night and you don't want this season to slide away. >> the redskinss were back at work today essentially putting in overtime getting ready for football's version of the quick turn-around play. >> you got to speed up, kind of
5:52 pm
everything we do through the course of the week and make it work within our four days. >> the redskins are still reeling from sunday's physical, emotional, and feisty test against the eagles, a game the redskins tied in the third quarter courtesy of this kirk cousins to desean jackson 81-yard touchdown. >> very emotional. i'm proud of my guys. >> one of the lasting images from sunday's slugfest was this hit by redskins defensive tackle chris baker on unsuspecting eagles quarterback nick foles. >> if i had to do it again i would do it again. it was a football play and what i've been coached to do since i started football. >> a brawl ensued and the eagles went on to win by a field goal. today the redskins got more bad news. although it was expected, de'angelo hall out for the season with a ruptured achilles tendon. >> the coaches, the owner, you
5:53 pm
know, everybody kind of con solling me like i'm dying. look, y'all. i'm not on suicide watch. i'll be all right. you know, like i said, man, it could have been a whole lot worse. it is what it is. you know, i feel good about it. i'm optimistic. >> so d. hall is on his way back to start rehab. as for chris baker he says he'd do it again because he's been coached that way as a little kid and he was and i was. but now that rule has changed and you cannot hit the quarterback. he says he turned, saw a white jersey, and blocked him thinking the return was coming. >> one more first down. that's all they needed. >> they have to learn to win.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require or steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd.
5:56 pm
breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. >> an abc investigation found that some privacy gaps are out there when it comes to free public wi-fi. >> if you take advantage of the public wi-fi some of your personal information could be put at risk.
5:57 pm
7's on your side with what you can do to protect your information. >> well, we've been hearing a lot lately about the naked celebrity photos getting out there. that of course was horrible. just as worrisome and easily stolen is your credit card and banking information. public wi-fi hot spots offer quick and easy internet access everywhere from coffee shops to airports. but that free connection may have a hidden price. hackers intercepting very private information. just to show you how easy it is, hacking specialist caleb hoff created a hot spot in a public park. others quickly joined and in minutes he could access everything they were doing online. >> i'm setting this hot spot as a lure. >> he didn't peek at strangers' activities but did see this reporter's. what can you learn about me now? now we're connected. >> right now you went to >> he also saw her e-mail user
5:58 pm
name and password as she entered it. >> from this point i can log into your inbox, get personal information. >> and see everything, even personal photos. >> that's a private photo of my daughter and you're able to open that up in my computer. >> right. the industry is trying to provide protection for all these things but there are so many different vulnerabilities that in fact it would be almost impossible to plug them all. >> how to protect yourself? verify the connection is legit before signing in. make sure your settings are set to private not public. don't use the same password for every site in case it's ever stolen. >> they can be hiding any place in any hot spot. >> the trade association wi-fi alliance says public hot spots can be secure. the risk is low but clearly hacking is a lot easier than many of us realize. live in the newsroom, greta kreuz, abc 7 news. >> thank very much. >> i think the rule is always expect the worst with your
5:59 pm
data. >> be prepared. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up right now at 6:00, ammunition, hatchets, and a machete all found inside the car of the man accused of jumping the white house fence and making it inside the building. what we're learning about his past now. >> plus a push to find the last person seen with missing uva student hannah graham. >> and a plea and a promise from the father of two missing children. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> frightening revelations about the man accused of jumping the white house fence and getting inside the executive mansion. we now know omar gonzalez had several run-ins with law enforcement in the past few months and at the dime of his arrest this weekend he had hundreds of rounds of ammunition inside his car.
6:00 pm
abc's senior political reporter is live outside the district court in northwest washington. scott, what did you learn about gonzalez and the security breach? >> well, we knew he had a troubled past, that according to family and friends he suffered from ptsd following some stint in iraq. we did not expect these types of revelations, ones that prosecutors today said clearly indicate their thought that he is a danger to the president. at district court today a closer look at the man who made it all the way inside the white house after hopping the fence and a closer look at a very recent, very alarming set of accusations. while president obama today publicly expressed faith in the secret service -- >> the secret service does a great job. i'm grateful for all the sacrifice thest make on my behalf and my family's behalf. >> behind closed doors there is certain hammering up


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