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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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abc's senior political reporter is live outside the district court in northwest washington. scott, what did you learn about gonzalez and the security breach? >> well, we knew he had a troubled past, that according to family and friends he suffered from ptsd following some stint in iraq. we did not expect these types of revelations, ones that prosecutors today said clearly indicate their thought that he is a danger to the president. at district court today a closer look at the man who made it all the way inside the white house after hopping the fence and a closer look at a very recent, very alarming set of accusations. while president obama today publicly expressed faith in the secret service -- >> the secret service does a great job. i'm grateful for all the sacrifice thest make on my behalf and my family's behalf. >> behind closed doors there is certain hammering up learning
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gonzalez's past. prosecutors revealed in court he was arrested in wythe county, virginia in july for eluding police during an attempted traffic stop. when they searched the iraqi veteran's vehicle they say they found a sawed-off shotgun and several rifles including a sniper rifle as well as a map in a bible. circled on the map the white house and masonic temple in alexandria. a month later officers stopped gonzalez while walking along the south fence line of the white house with a hatchet in his rear waist band. his vehicle again searched, no weapons, just camping gear abtwo dogs. >> everybody out right now. >> then friday night after the frantic run into the white house supposedly shouting that the atmosphere was collapsing and he had to tell the president, gonzalez again let officers search his car. they found more than 800 rounds of ammunition in magazines and boxes, two hatchets, and a machete. neighbors and friends back in texas. >> he's a good guy. what he did, just kind of out of his character. >> now, he is going to be held
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here at least until october first when he'll go before a judge again. with all that talk about his mental health, perhaps a bit surprising. is defense attorney said his mental health is not in question at this moment. he is well aware of his surroundings and situation. scott thuman, abc 7 news, outside district court. >> the secret service calls friday's breach unacceptable and says it is reviewing protection of the white house grounds as well as staffing and threat assessment policies. members of congress are questioning why the white house portico door was unlocked, the door gonzalez got into, and why k-9's were not deployed. the secret service maintains deadly force wasn't necessary because gonzalez did not appear to be armed or carrying a backpack. meanwhile, three afghan soldiers who went missing over the weekend are in custody tonight. the three were found at niagara falls on the canadian border. the afghan national army
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officers disappeared while participating in a training exercise at joint base cape cod in massachusetts. military officials believe the three soldiers were trying to defect and posed no danger to the public. you might remember that last week abc 7 first reported the disappearances of two afghan police officers while they were visiting georgetown. they were found on friday and sent back to afghanistan. we are also following late breaking developments in the search for missing uva student hannah graham. the young woman disappeared two weekends ago and police have intensified their search to find a person of interest who fled from officers over the weekend. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has been following the story since it broke. jeff is live in charlottesville with the new clues that police released today. >> maureen, police are carrying out a second search warrant at the apartment of jesse matthew today. they did find specific items though they won't say exactly
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what. matthew has not been called a suspect in the case but is the last known person to see hannah graham. police say they need to speak with him. police have made jesse matthew the target of a massive regional manhunt while the search for hannah graham continues in charlottesville and surrounding areas. >> it's a sad thing, a sad day. >> i can't even begin to imagine. i'm a parren -- parent myself. i have much younger children. it's gut wrenching. >> this afternoon investigators searching matthew's charlottesville apartment leaving with several bags of evidence. landlord frances vandell describes matthew as generally kind and pleasant but not always. >> he got pretty demanding and would call at night kind of late. that was not too friendly with me. >> police believe that matthew, 32 years old, and a patient technician at uva medical center, was with hannah graham on the downtown walking mall early on the morning of saturday, september 13th. police say this past saturday matthew came to the department,
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asked to speak with a lawyer, and then abruptly drove off at a high rate of speed. authorities gave chase but suspended it in the interests of public safety. >> family members have been spoken to. i won't go into who has been cooperative or not. needless to say he is not here. >> police say they didn't arrest matthew on saturday because they didn't have enough evidence connecting him to graham's disappearance. now he is wanted on reckless driving charges and police believe he could be just about anywhere including where he has known associates -- maryland, new york, pennsylvania, virginia, and d.c. >> he is the last person we can show with hannah graham so he has to have information we need. >> police say this is his sister's 1997 light blue nissan sentra with virginia tag vac 4575. and efforts in the search are expanding as the national center for missing and exploited children has requested that pictures of
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hannah graham be posted on billboards throughout virginia. live in charlottesville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jeff. meanwhile, the father of two missing montgomery county children says he has no interest in revenge. he just wants his children back. police say catherine hoggle abducted 2-year-old sarah and 3-year-old jacob two weeks ago. hoggle who has schizophrenia was found a few days later. she is under arrest but will not tell police where the hildren are. >> i have no desire to press charges. i just want my kids safe. i'm not looking to get revenge on somebody for anything. i just want my kids home safe and healthy. if you drop them off at the library or police station or hospital, i don't even need to know who you are. >> a $20,000 reward is offered for any information leading to the whereabouts of these children. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 the search for a hit-and-run
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driver. family members want the person responsible to know. and a new threat from the terror group isil this time directly involving american citizens. >> i'm doug hill in the weather center. gorgeous outside. partly cloudy and 66. coming up the forecast for the final evening of summer. if you want a german engineered compact sedan that's fun, fuel-efficient, and affordable, there's only the volkswagen jetta. like this one, 36 highway mpg. well, except for the 42 highway mpg jetta tdi clean diesel. oh, right, and the 48 highway mpg jetta hybrid. and if you want all that variety in another compact sedan there's...
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>> new at 6:00 the terror group isil is calling on its followers to attack civilians. in a 42-minute audiotape the group spokesman says it is ready to fight a u.s.-led military coalition and he also called on followers around the world to kill civilians in any nation that joins the coalition. an al qaeda splinter group is threatening to kill a french citizen unless france ends its air strikes against isil targets in iraq. and today the head of syria's western backed opposition called for immediate u.s. air strikes against isil in syria. the call for help comes amid growing criticism of the obama administration policies in both syria and iraq. we'll go to the newsroom for more on the story. >> there are some concerns that the president is trying to rewrite history. critics and historians may examine the president's decisions regarding iraq yet we talked with a policy expert who believes it's the balance of power in washington that is in
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need of scrutiny. the chaos in iraq has put the terror group isis under the world micro stope. how the group came to power in the first place is also being examined and debated. >> there is such a division between the republican and democratic parties right now. it gets a little frustrating after a while because they are so different. >> after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> there are critics who say the president's decision to pull u.s. troops out of iraq left the country in shambles and gave life to isis and other terrorists. >> obama never ended the war in iraq. he abandoned the war in iraq. >> the administration argues it had to pull out of iraq because the iraqi government was opposed to a status of forces agreement that would have protected americans serving in the country. while mr. obama has his share of critics, he also has supporters like former president bill clinton. >> the president's strategy has a chance of succeeding because
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the iraqi government is now more inclusive than it has been since the fall of saddam hussein. >> i don't think he wanted to reengage in iraq. >> this woman is an associate professor at american university and has written a new book specifically about the authorization for military force after september 11. >> you have a president who came into office, articulating how he wanted to respect the role in foreign policy and now he seems to be trying to skirt around the congressional wall. >> dr. murray says she is less worried about the president rewriting his history with iraq and more concerned about presidential powers in the future. >> the debate rages on over exactly what to do in iraq. some are saying what is really critical is that the balance of power be maintained in washington. >> i think it's time for the congress to step up and to pass an authorization to debate it and then pass an authorization
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specifically to isis and to sunset for the 2001 authorization of use of military force. >> dr. murray believes the reason for some of the dysfunction in washington has been the inability of the administration and congress to work together. >> thank you, kai. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 the push to crack down on illegal dirt bike riders in the district after a woman is seriously injured. we hear from her family, ahead. and we're in the final hours of summer. chief meteorologist doug hill tells us what to expect as autumn begins. >> kirk cousins says he has to get better. de'angelo hall definitely has to get better. the city of brotherly love was anything but yesterday. forget the cheese steak. it was a baker who got salty. we'll hear from chris baker later in sports.
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>> only on 7 tonight the family of a d.c. woman nearly killed by a dirt bike is speaking out. the victim was in the crosswalk when an atv rider ran a red light, slammed into her, and then sped away on wednesday night. her family says she may never
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walk again. meanwhile, the suspect is still on the loose and tonight the victim's family has a message for him. >> if you are out there and looking at this, if you did it, just turn yourself in. >> it is illegal to ride dirt bikes on d.c. streets and d.c. police chief cathy lanier tells abc 7 her department is putting more resources into shutting down these riders. what a shame. a beautiful day today. lovely weekend. >> last day of summer. happens every year this time. we go from summer to fall. yeah. it looks like generally pretty good. wednesday night, thursday, a couple chances of rain. but first up tonight, take a look at our graphics. because fall begins at 10:29 tonight. and as we celebrate the transition from summer to fall, our friends in the southern hemisphere will be making the transition from winter into spring here. so yes. crazy how that happens. in any case we'll be in fine
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shape weatherwise through the evening. looking down the river, a few high clouds getting a little bit west an hour from sunset right now. 72 degrees reagan national. winds will diminish. 76 the official high. very close to the average of 77. the morning low of 65 degrees. cooler tomorrow morning. we have a head start on falling temperatures with the sun angle lower and soon after sunset temperatures will drop more quickly. still 72 degrees in fredericksburg and reagan national. 64 in gaithersburg. 66 degrees in gaithersburg and germantown. we're watching some cloudiness to the south starting to spill northward. weather wise, wednesday and thursday it's all going to be predicated on this irya of low pressure developing and moving up the coast. some computer models bring rain in. we include the mention of some showers late wednesday night and thursday and let's show you as we get through kind of the computer model how it may work out. at the moment chilly. the core of the cool air to our north northwest over eastern
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sections of ontario, western quebec, and the cool air and gusty winds will shift offshore and we'll see a pleasant day tomorrow with light winds, lots of sunshine after a chilly start. we'll get back to the 70's tomorrow and high pressure is really the reason for all this. the high is going to move out of the way just enough that we'll come under the influence of the southern storm. we'll zoom in right now and give you an idea of our computer models, a closeup version shows us that by tomorrow evening just some high clouds. as we get through the day on wednesday more cloudiness comes up from the south and according to this, we'll' not buy it hook, line, and sinker but a single line of rain making its way through the area wednesday night into thursday. the truth lies somewhere in between. that model with a lot of rain or missed all together. in our forecast we'll mention some showers, definitely something to keep us busy watching. through the day tomorrow it'll be spectacular. sunshine, comfortable weather climbing out of the 50's into the 60's and as we get through the afternoon and evening hours here we'll be in fine shape.
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tonight we'll cool down through the 50's and tomorrow right back into the 70's again. there are the numbers. 45 to 52 overnight. tomorrow 70 and 75 with sunshine. clouds increase late wednesday with a chance of showers especially south and east of town through the day thursday with clearing skies friday and nto the weekend. >> i guess some football fans are happy that this past weekend is over. >> i know you were very upset yesterday. you were throwing things at the television set. >> i was i'm sorry. i can only take so much >> come on. this is a short work week for the redskins. they play the giants thursday night at fedex field. while the loss to the eagles does still hurt it got worse today when doctors told deangelo hall he would miss the rest of the season with a ruptured achilles decemberon. the defense gave up 37 points. supposed to win when you score 34. they didn't get there. the defense has given up a ton
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but d. hall was one of the best on the team and you certainly give up a lot of swagger if he's not in. hall said he didn't think he was hurt that badly and certainly didn't think it was a season ender. > i mean, i didn't know. i kind of had a calf strain or something. and it wasn't until the doctors -- let me walk off of here. so, you know, --. >> deangelo hall. by now everybody that cares knows kirk cousins showed up, showed out, and proved he can play in the nfl. he passed for an incredible 427 yards, completed 30 of his 48 passes in a hostile environment, three touchdowns, although he did have the one pick. to me, his only real failure was not being able to get the first down at the end of the game and make something happen. if you're going to be a big-time nfl quarterback you have to be drooling at that situation and you have to somehow get it done. the ball game was his to take.
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the eagles and redskins have history and there was a lot of talking going on. the game got chippy from the get-go. that's what everybody is talking about. baker's hit unfolds. at the risk of being criticized, folks, i understand it. condone it? no. i know how the rules in the game have changed. but i understand it. interception, whatever the call is, you turn, look for somebody in a different color jersey, and you block him to the ground. >> all i saw was that and he could have got in the end zone and the next thing you know, a white jersey who could have tackled. if i could do it again i would. it was a football play and what i've been coached to do since i started playing football. >> all right. our play of the day comes from the cleveland browns. kyle shanahan, remember him with the redskins? now with the browns. acting like he is talking to johnny manziel to set him up as a wide receiver. a trick play. you can't do that. it's against the rules to deceive, confuse an opponent by sneaking a guy into the game.
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come on, man. all right. now for the washington nationals, nlds playoffs, went on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. for the home game. they sold out in 17 minutes. way to go, washington. 10:17 the park was sold out. it's becoming a baseball town. if you don't believe me the team returned home last night. the four-game sweep of the marlins. there was a nice crowd at the stadium to meet them coming home. great stuff. and in case you missed it earlier ravens owner steve business scotty says a lot of the espn reporting on the ray rice situation was manufactured. it came from rice's attorney and his agent trying to build a case for reentry into the nfl.
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>> we have been so fortunate the last few weeks and our good luck continues. >> a little longer at least. tonight clear and chilly as we make the transition into autumn. 45 to 52 degrees by morning. tomorrow another great day. bright and sunny. not as windy. 70 to 75. >> sounds good. >> fire in the fire place. >> not yet. no, no. "world news tonight" is coming up
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welcome to "world news tonight." this evening, new videos showing the increasing danger to americans from isis. three american cities where they've seen -- brian ross is rear. and the armed intruder, running across the white house lawn. what was discovered in his car. were warning signs ignored? and what the ravens are now saying after claims they tried to cover up this video.


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