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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 1, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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director. in a briefing that wrapped up a short time ago, the white house said the president believes the resignation was in the best interest of the secret service. as far omar gonzalez, he appeared in federal court today and said nothing. his attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf to read gonzales will remain behind bars on no bail until trial. attorneys are waiting to find out if he will have to undergo a mental evaluation. his attorney says his client is confident and does not need that screening. we will have much more reaction from the white house on these developments coming up on abc 7 news. >> they get very much. in light of the resignation and the controversy surrounding the recent security breaches, many of you at home or voicing your frustration with the secret service today. in. lot of reaction coming we are now hearing from people about julia pierson's
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resignation. here is a comment we found on social media. >> who did not see that coming? just asys, probably well. however, questions need to be addressed as well. we would like you to join our conversation with going to our wjla facebook agent telling us what you think about julia pierson's resignation. >> our senior political reporter was in the courtroom for today's hearing. we will get some perspective from him on what he saw and heard, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. tothe first death connected a rare respiratory virus sweeping the nation. staff died from a infection associated with enterovirus d68. combination is very rare.
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this is an isolated case, which obviously led to a tragic outcome, but it's not something we expect to see again. >> enterovirus d68 oestreich and more than 450 people in 41 states, including maryland, virginia, and the district he read the department of health said only a small number of people infected will experience symptoms be on runny nose or a fever. >> there's no doubt in my mind we can stop it in its tracks. quick strong words from the head of the centers for disease control and prevention after the first case of ebola was diagnosed in the u.s. person is being monitored after having close contact with the first. what we know right now. >> it is the first case of ebola ever diagnosed on u.s. soil, the treated patient being in isolation at this dallas hospital. officials have identified the apartment complex as well as
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12-18 people who may have come in contact with him after becoming infectious. some were released from koran teen and sent home after testing negative for ebola. they and others who might be at risk will be watch closely for three weeks. texas governor rick perry and health officials spoke this afternoon. >> it -- today we learned that some school-aged children having been identified as having contact with the patient are now being monitored at home for any signs of the disease. liberiaan left september 19, pair may already infected with the disease, but not contagious. >> with ebola, you are not infectious until you have symptoms. >> the man landed in texas september 20 and began showing symptoms on the 24th. on the 26th, he came on his own to texas health presbyterian hospital. dr. said his illness did not seem unusual and sent him home.
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on the 28th, the man was rushed back to the hospital. on tuesday he tested positive for ebola. dr. richard messer reporting from the front lines in liberia for the second time said everyone who flies out of that country is thoroughly screened. even whens us that you're doing the right thing, infected people can slip through. >> the cbc will not release his flight itinerary because they say the patient was not sick while he was traveling and therefore posed no risk to people on the flight. >> let's talk about the weather here. the sun came out for about 30 seconds today and then hightailed it out of here. >> doug hill is in the weather center with more. transitionind of in now with clouds moving through every couple of minutes the sky changes. let's give you look at what is going on around the area right now. outside they
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weather center studios here. most of the time it will just be cloudy with the trend toward the clearing side a little bit later this evening. 75 at reagan national. martinsburg, 78 in fredericksburg. through the evening, mainly cloudy. stray showers will in and drop into the 60's. a lot of weather changes. i will plotted out in the seven day outlook coming up in just a bit. morenight where learning about the connection between two bodies found in potomac late yesterday afternoon. one was in a car near the intersection of piney meetinghouse and near river road. the second at a house where there was a small fire inside just a mile away. us?, what can you tell >> allison, this is where all of
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the violence began, in this big house in that garage, the two-car garage door on the right. you can see it still has sit and smoke on it. there are tire marks that go across the yard and the fence in the front of the house is also broken. what police are telling us is that when they got to this house yesterday, they found a woman inside, her body had been set on fire. we can show you whole picture, picture, noww your we know her name. she is carolyn mattingly. she is a real estate agent out here in the potomac area. the man who was found in the car , police say he is 42-year-old andrew racca. this is apparently what brought them together. worked for mattingly's husband at the cystic fibrosis foundation in bethesda. on monday racca was accused of death -- accused of theft in the
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office. police believe he came back yesterday to exact revenge on his boss for what was going on at work. richard mattingly is the name of the man who was the chief operating officer of the cystic arthrosis foundation. racca was the i.t. or computer guy out there. he had an automobile collision on friday night in saint michaels. we are told the issue with theft is not a huge number, it was something to do with goods in the office. we will have much more on this coming up at 5:00, but the bottom line, police are telling us to people dead in a murder suicide issue that had to do with a man seeking revenge against his boss. bell, abc 7 news. >> can store just county police
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say they know who they are .ooking for he is accused of shooting and killing a man right next to a high school. it happened yesterday afternoon at the bel air sports and racquet club. police say they found -- dead on mitchell the ground. he was trying to break up a fight among teenagers. police are just wrapping up a press conference on the case. we will get an update in just a few moments. the d.c. police are investigating what they call the undetermined death of a 13-year-old boy. the incident happened about 7:30 last night inside an apartment on downing street. sources say the teenager was shot and killed while he and another juvenile were playing with a loaded handgun. police are waiting for autopsy results. jennifer will have more in a live report tonight at 5:00. >> the search for hannah graham is headed to the air.
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they will be launching a drone to search for any sign of the missing university of virginia student. the last person seen with her live, jesse matthew, is due in court tomorrow. we'll have more on him and the search coming up at 4:30 right here. , a falls church man already out of jail but finds himself arrested on another illustration charge. honge massive protest in kong may be reaching a breaking point.
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>> the federal communications commission is in the middle of a debate over the name redskins. >> they are considering a petition to ban the name from all broadcasts. filed bytition was local law professor who has been at the center of many high profile legal battles over the years. he is a law professor at george hasington university and
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decadesvotal suits later about cigarette advertising. now he wants the fcc to stop broadcast or's from using the ame redskins in one he calls repeated and unnecessary manner. >> we ha alleged, for example, that these broadcasts calls violence against children. it is hate speech. aside from the fact that it's derogatory, it's what we call fighting words, which are words that are not protected by the constitution. .> that's what the name is it hasn't been changed. >> coming up at 5:00 we will hear more about that, some interesting comments from the head of the sec, and reactions from redskins fans and others. debate is always a hot topic.
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>> the latest twist is proving to be just as controversial. kai jackson is here and says of opinionsshortage training on social media. >> people are really passionate about this. we are finding most people who comment pick a side. few are on the fence about it. >> sandy says this is absolutely ridiculous. so many other issues in this country and this is what they worry about. by the way, we should point out that the united indian nation continues its push to have the name redskins banned from the washington football team. we invite you to join our conversation on this latest twist in the debate on our
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facebook page. >> it goes on and on. >> no matter what their name, most people would agree that this washington football team has not shown a whole lot of spark this season. , thist has us wondering week in particular, which are you more excited about, the redskins regular season are the nationals postseason? our question of the go to our facebook page and ellis what you think about it. we will share some of the answers later in the show. >> i will let you know late monday night. >> what is in store with the weather? >> we have been waiting for it to clear out all day and then it clouded over again. it's going to be partly cloudy for a couple of days. it still looks like friday night we could see rain across the entire area with a very strong front.
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in the meantime, he said with anticipation, take a look outside in alexandria at the belle haven country club. comes out and then it goes back in. 72 degrees is the temperature right now. throughout the entire area we are seeing similar scenes to this. saudi skies giving way to a little sunshine. in berkeley springs and morgan county, .7 inches of rain. almost a half inch in germantown. at this hour it's 75 at reagan national, 75 in fredericksburg with a little shower moving through. a comfortable afternoon, just a bit on the cloudy side. it will be partly to mostly cloudy and we could have areas of fog as temperatures drop from the lower 50's to near 60. anfar as satellite radar,
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area of low pressure bringing rain in from the atlantic ocean. in our area, this is the satellite image and there is not a lot of difference between cloud temperature and air temperature, so you don't see any wild indication of cloudiness. the strong cold front i alluded to will bring range many parts of the area on friday evening. there is the next system gearing up and get -- getting ready to come through chicagoland. and weair behind it, will be the recipients of that cooler air just in time for the weekend. at the bust up for thursday morning there will be some fog in the area and cloud cover, 53-60 degrees. at recess time it will be partly cloudy and temperatures in the mid 70's. it should be a very nice afternoon. a lot of stuff going on friday night so we will keep you up-to-date with the rain chances. right now, plan on rain.
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bugs were following more breaking news from prince george's county where police say they have a strong lead in a murder investigation. >> the just wrapped up a press conference. kevin lewis was there. what have we learned this evening? >> less than 24 hours after that homicide took lace, the first homicide there in about two years, police have named the suspect. i will step out of the way so you can take a first look at 19-year-old eugene moran of upper marlboro. police say war and shot a father .- eugene warren a man by the name of mitchell writes, a 39-year-old man, was coming to pick up his high schools son. his son was involved in an altercation. tried to break up that altercation. anwarren pulled out a handgun
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and tried to help that father. that gunshot killed the man, wright.l righ police are asking for your help to get this man behind bars. they believe he is still in the area. if you have any information, contact homicide detectives in prince george's county immediately. live, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> moving on now, the official handwritten manuscript of the star-spangled banner is visiting virginia for the first time. georgean on display at washington's mount vernon estate in honor of the 200th anniversary of francis scott key's famous point.
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you can see that manuscript through the end of the month. now on as a follow-up story we first brought you back in august. we want to congratulate the lucky couple receiving the wedding present of a lifetime. marlboroe from upper one the perfect match wedding giveaway contest. they will get an $80,000 wedding completely free. includes the ceremony, cocktail hour, a reception for up to 175 guests, all at that the editor in southwest d.c. are told a happy couple plans to tie the knot january 2. don't worry, there's no storm coming yet.
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>> we are following a developing story out of northern virginia where a falls church man has been arrested once again on a molestation charge. >> michael gartner has already been convicted of molesting two children, and now he is also
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accused of molesting a member of his own family. >> it was in this falls church neighborhood at 4:00 this morning the police arrested michael gardner, charging him with aggravated sexual battery of a child. member,im, a family came forward recently to say she was assaulted by gardner in 2009 when she was younger than 13 years old. the allegations came right after gardner was recently released from prison after his conviction was overturned by the virginia supreme court related to charges of molesting two girls. 5:00, we will hear from the chief of police in the city of falls church about how the new allegations came to light, and her message to members of the public. >> again, gardner was sentenced to 22 years in prison after being convicted of molesting those two young girls at his daughter's birthday party. ago,party was three years but that verdict was later
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overturned and gardner was out of jail waiting for a retrial. both sides of, those massive protest underway in hong kong.
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>> updating the breaking news from the top of the newscast, julia pierson, the head of the
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secret service, has resigned. >> julia pierson was brought in to revamp the agency in the wake of a scandal involving agents. now she is stepping down after an intense hearing on capitol hill yesterday. lawmakers were calling for her release after they say she could not adequately explain massive breaches that impacted the president and the executive mansion. she was part of the secret service for 30 years and she offered her resignation earlier this afternoon. it was accepted by the director of homeland security him a one day after she took questions in that heated congressional hearing. lawmakers wanted and asked nation for how someone could jump the fence at the white house and get inside. initially the secret service did not disclose that someone had made it all the way into the east room. now the white house says she offered her resignation saying she believed it was in the best interest of the agency, and the president agreed. >> we have seen reports raising questions on the performance of
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the agency, and they president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required. >> the former special agent in charge of the presidential protection division will step in to lead the secret service until a new directors chosen. a white house spokesman said the -- an independent panel will weigh in on potential changes in security. >> meanwhile, tonight police say they are going to start using a drone to try to find any sign of the missing university of virginia student. tom has the latest on the search for hannah graham. >> more new developments today. the last time we know that anyone saw hannah graham, she was with the suspect, jesse matthew. a woman who was working down the street solve them walking in this direction towards charlottesville's downtown mall.
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from there were not sure where jesse matthew or hannah graham went, but we know he is in jail, charged with her abduction. authorities are hoping this will help in the search. this is a picture of a new drone they showed us this afternoon, owned by virginia tech. folks from that college will be using it starting today in the search for hannah graham. they say it can go places that helicopters cannot go because it is smaller and can go places it is tough to get an atv into. there are certain areas they have not been able to search well that they think the drone will be able to search well. that said, the old-fashioned search on the ground continues as well. off route 20rching south of charlottesville today, going through barnes and brush on the side of the road, looking for any sign of hannah graham. the search has been going on for almost three weeks at this point, but authorities say they will do it as long as it takes.
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>> as long as we keep getting good information and we have something we can do, we will continue to pursue it. >> jesse matthew, the suspect in the disappearance, was supposed to have two court appearances tomorrow. now we have learned he's only going to have one. one of those court appearances, the one everyone was most interested in, was supposed to happen in charlottesville district court. that one is related to the abduction charge. thatst learned moments ago it will now be moved into early december. so that one will not happen, but there's another charge he faces involving alleged reckless driving. police say he was fleeing this area before heading to texas where he was on. that hearing will go forward. a video link will take place tomorrow morning. roussey, abc 7 news. >> jesse matthew will be in
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court tomorrow on those traffic charges. we will have more on what happens in the hearing tomorrow right here at 4:00. >> the sun finally started to peek out this afternoon. >> doug hill is in the weather center with more. will see a little more clearing tonight. this is the first day of october. the average high today is 74. by the end of the month, it dropped to 64. the wettest october on record in 2005, over nine inches of rain. in 1963, barely a trace for the entire month. 18 92 was the earliest oh fall on record. we keep losing daylight hours, down to 10 hours and 35 minutes by the end of the month. couple of showers will diminish and skies will turn partly
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cloudy. looking ahead to the next seven days in a couple of minutes. >> it's hard to believe the city of editors bert is already preparing for winter. take a look at this, the department of public works held what it calls its annual snow rodeo today. navigator driver and competing in truck inspections and an obstacle course. an awards ceremony is held after the event. >> you may still have some fall gardening to do outside. if you live in arlington, the local library can help with more than just a book on how to. borrow go there and garden tools from arlington central library. they will be available in a garden shed their between march and november. that is a unique and neighborly thing to do. greatakes some place of
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neighborhood? what makes a great neighborhood, someplace i can get a good meal. -- award goes to adam morgan the organization was impressed with the night life, restaurants, festivals and farmers markets. they were impressed with the -- they included planting trees, pedestrian spaces and bicycle lanes. the organization said pennsylvania avenue is one of forbest places in america public buildings, monuments, and of course the white house. in adams morgan, one of my favorite places.
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>> there are a lot of good restaurants there. >> that video was a columnist and quietest i have ever seen it there. mest and quietest. >> here's a question, if you have tried to drive the visit arlington neighborhood lately, you may have noticed the construction. >> it is the tallest building in metro d.c. area. it has been open a year, and as such, and has been completely empty an entire year. it's a shining example of the problem with the commercial real estate market in northern virginia. what's behind all of this? we will tell you, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the next move by pro-democracy protesters in hong kong could be an occupation of government buildings. thousands of demonstrators are warning they will take that action if the chief executive
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does not resign by the end of the day tomorrow. today is china's national day. protest leaders are vowing to stay on the street until they get what they want. a rightwe want is just that we should all enjoy and that's it, no more, no less. leaders inpe the beijing will be able to listen. >> the government in beijing has said little beyond declaring the protest illegal and supporting the efforts of the hong kong chief executive to end them. he is refusing to resign. >> lots of folks watching what is happening there. signs of pink showing up all over the place for rest cancer awareness month.
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back now with birthday wishes for former president jimmy carter. he is 90 years old today. he celebrated in atlanta with
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family and some friends. he was born about six months after president george h.w. bush. for some, the cost of health care could be going up. >> christine takes a closer look plans used advantage by millions and how it is tied to a obamacare. there's plenty to love about medicare advantage plans. just ask retired schoolteacher janet trimble. she is among nearly 16 million older workers who will see some not so love will change his in 2015. >> right before we left on this trip, our 2015 book came to our house and it said changes. i always hate when i see the word change. >> many retirees will pay premiums for the first time, or pay more for them. many of those plans offer fewer
4:41 pm
choices of doctors and hospitals. isn't a death knell, but it certainly doesn't help. department for the of health and human services before joining the american enterprise institute. will have to be offering options with premiums because of the money being taken out of their hands by the obama administration. >> cutting federal subsidies is helping to pay for the affordable care act. according to the congressional budget office, the cuts will add up to 160 billion dollars by the year 2022. by retirees signing up will not inl it so much, not at least 2015. >> i'm sure we're talking five or $10 a month. >> or a couple of gallons of milk and bread each month. , find out how it
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connected to a big day in transportation history. >> another look at our question of the day.
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-- trending now, we're asking you how you show your support for washington's baseball team. this was shared on our facebook page. pretty cute. post your videos or photos on her facebook page for us to share throughout the week. tonight, finally the nationals learn who they're going to face in their first postseason game. >> more importantly, which team do you want to win the wildcard tonight, the pirates are the giants? because the giants, they've already proven they can beat the giants. >> i will go with that. itwhen you talk about it, will be determined tonight. natwildcard game, get your
4:46 pm
on.e i think most fans want the giants, like you just heard right here. the stats between the two clubs butalmost identical, pittsburgh is young, quick, and hungry. the bucs are playing with a great deal of confidence right now as they prepare for tonight's wildcard peavy pittsburgh knows it has one of the most dangerous hitters in the national league in andrew mccutchen. you don't want to play the pirates, they finished the regular season is one of the hottest teams in all of baseball. the nats 119, they 117. you saw what the home field it for the royals last night in kansas city. the only thing about the san francisco giants that causes me pause is there playoff success in the last few years. he is a time-tested, successful manager. that should also tell you
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something. meanwhile the nationals are playing an inter-squad game today. say they don't have a preference, but they do say after last night's american league game, watching with the fans in kansas city, they want their crowd here in d.c. to be even louder and be a difference maker for the nats. pirates and giants, i think most fans want the giants. >> they had to go out and play san francisco in san francisco, and they swept them. >> without a doubt. the giants really struggled down the stretch here the last two weeks of the regular season. teaching was up and down, they made a few errors. it's going to be interesting. that would be the team i would want to play. >> see you later. redskins could be taking
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a bit of a backseat, which is unusual. >> kai jackson is here with some of the answers. this is one of those situations where you have to look at the facts. washington definitely showing off its natitude. here are some the thoughts you shared with us on facebook. even a philadelphia sports fan is backing the nats. redskins haven't shown any excitement yet. >> everyone who has commented so far has chosen the nats. we don't think that is a big surprise. perhaps if it was game one of the redskins season, it would be a little different. >> if they squeeze out a win on monday night, then every thing changes again.
4:49 pm
tracking the championship this october. and autria holmes godfrey at 7 p.m. for look back and what wen ahead hope is to come our way. >> more excitement coming up at 5:00. tommy mcfly sent -- spent the morning with the nats head groundskeeper. we will see what it takes to make that field look perfect and how they plan to handle some rain that's coming our way a little later. a big move from the makers of clorox. the sicker the company is now revealing to its customers. all that coming up for you here at 5:00. a couple -- the secret the company is revealing. but let's start with the oldest, back in 1908, henry ford introduced the first model t motorcar. it was the first automobile to be on the market.
4:50 pm
next in 50 years ago, japan introduced the world's first bullet train between tokyo and osaka. it could get you there and four hours. >> today marks 30 years since the first car traveled on the dulles toll road. the first vehicle was driven by then governor chuck robb. underan average of just 48,000 vehicles use that road every single day. nobody likes to sit in traffic. >> a washington state woman try to speed things up for herself, but it didn't quite work out the way she planned. take a look at this. drive-year-old tried to in the carpool lane with a giant teddy bear as her passenger. state police say she was speeding and had no insurance. she now faces a $680 fine. not very bright. >> i'm sure that happens once in a while.
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>> when the hov lane started, people were getting manikins from stores. >> now we have sunshine outside. it's been a crazy day. every time you look out the window you see something different. five minutes ago when i left the weather center it was sunny. lots of sunshine, blue skies, a trace of color in the trees now. with the shorter days and cooler tempter's, we will see the colors speed up. it's a little early to make a call about how vibrant the colors will be. i'm not really good at forecasting that ahead of time. feeling do have a good this year we will have some incredible fall colors to go with the changing season. 75 with partly cloudy skies at reagan national. easton.ederick and we will have this partly to
4:52 pm
mostly loutish sky until later tonight. the skies clear bit and temperatures drop to the 50's with patchy fog for late tonight and early tomorrow morning. cool temperatures up and down the east coast, 63 at lepore you and only fit -- at laguardia. the back of the high-pressure is much warmer as you head back through the central and southern plains. the cool air in the jetstream will cut all this off at the pass. days, midouple of 70's for highs, then a lot cooler. the storm system off the coast spinning around in the atlantic, and we're just waiting for the system to clear a bit. then all eyes turn to the west and the cold front that by friday night, according to this model, will be west of the mountains. up, rain will be in the forecast. whenever it passes, it will bit
4:53 pm
loudly and breezy and rainy. here is as dory as we head through the day tomorrow, partly fridayskies in the 70's, ght showers clearing in much cooler over the weekend. very cool temperatures. >> thank you very much. day ofy marks the first breast cancer awareness. >> you may be seeing signs of pink popping up all over. we will show you how
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>> october is breast cancer awareness month and as you can see all of us here at abc news are going pink. abc newsg us now is medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. thank you joining us. one thing our viewers want to know is, what is the word in terms of prevention?
4:57 pm
>> i think when we talk about rest cancer, we need to use the term risk reduction. we don't have a way to prevent the disease yet, but we do know there are things that all of us can do right now that have been associated with a dramatic reduction in our risk of breast cancer. that is exercising, keeping our weight in the healthy range, and minimizing or avoiding alcohol consumption. that's something that even teenage our young daughters of women battling this disease can start to do right now to empower themselves, to minimize their anxiety that this will be their destiny also, and it's good for your entire body, not just your breasts. this pledge on the website right now that people can go on and take. is it mean if you decide to take this pledge? >> i took the pledge and i invite you to take the pledge with me. acronym that stands for
4:58 pm
pledge. i've been taking a lot of questions on twitter all about breast cancer awareness and i've been getting some incredible questions. take the pledge, you can dedicate it to someone you know. today and all month, men get breast cancer also. there are more than 2000 cases of male breast cancer diagnosed every year, so it truly affects all of us. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much for being with us. captioned by the national captioning institute julia pearson offered her resignation today because she believed it was in the best interest of the agency to which she had dedicated her career. house security breach fallout continues. the secret service director is out. a new fence is up, and questions about the men and women
4:59 pm
protecting the president and his family continue. >> julia pearson submitted her resignation late this afternoon, and the president accepted. >> what does this mean for the secret service at this point? >> it means a man who had retired from the secret service is now headed back to lead the agency. a woman tasked with cleaning up the damage stepped down. julia pearson offered her resignation one day after she was bombarded with critical questions and jabs from lawmakers who wanted to know how a man could scale the white house fence and gain entry to the executive mansion on her watch. explanations were not enough to quiet leaders, including maryland congressman elijah cummings, who called for her to step down. pierson was brought in to revamp the agency, clean up its image in the wake of a sex scandal involving agents. today she headed in that resignation, saying it was in the best interest of the secret service. the white house agreed but stood
5:00 pm
up to vouch for pierson's dedication to the job. >> she took responsibility for the shortcomings of the agency that she led, and he took responsibility for fixing them. that is a testament to her professionalism and her character. the formerncy, special agent in charge of the presidential protection division, is now the acting director. the deputy secretary of homeland security will be doing a review of the september 19 white house breach, with its findings headed over to an independent panel. at the live desk, josie sturman, abc 7 news. that prompted this investigation into the secret service in the first place pleaded not guilty today after officials say he jumped the white house fence and got all the way to the east room. scott thuman continues our breaking team coverage from the white house. scott? >>


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