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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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mountain, where the welch family once owned property. >> we are asking people to come forward. it's now time for you to do the right thing. step forward and assist law enforcement to help us bring closure to this heart-wrenching matter. >> here now, a picture of sheila and catherine lyon. they believe there is "a good chance" that the lyon sisters are on taylor's mountain in bedford county. authorities have a lot more to say. we will have more information 5:00.u at until then, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> we want to get a more information about the lyon sisters. police say they left their home sometime between 11:00 a.m. and noon. they were seen between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. walking down a street of what was then called wheaton
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plaza. police were called around 7:00 p.m. they haven't been seen cents. >-- since. >> the lawyer for another man convicted of killing a virginian teenager wants to take a closer look at the case. he wants to know if there is any dna evidence that jesse matthew, jr., may be involved in the disappearance of alexis taylor, who disappeared in august of last year. her body has never been found. lawyer says there was dna recovered in his case which was never matched to his client or anyone else. >> we are also following breaking news out of alexandria. a judge has just ruled in the case of a man accused of shooting a police officer in the head. was in stephen tschida the courtroom today and is live with the verdict now. ruling adge made his short time ago.
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he says he sympathized with the victim in the case, officer peter lavoie -- peter laboy, who will spend the rest of his life suffering from the head injury. he cited the testimony from six mental health experts, including forensic psychologist and psychiatrist, -- forensic psychologists and psychiatrists, all of whom diagnosed pesci bashir -- diag with severe bashir mental illness. he ordered bashir back to a mental health facility for evaluation. that will take about 45 days. at that point, bashir will be back in the courtroom. the judge will then determine where he goes next. he could be sent to the state mental hospital, sent to prison, or possibly, since he is taking
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antipsychotic medication, released. when the verdict came down, laboy wasie -- peter in the courtroom, just feet away. he dropped his head, lifted it resignedly when the verdict was read. a very extreme reaction from his family. his wife wrote down in tears -- broke down in tears. >> moving onto the weather. chris out there. risp out there. nice, fall day. >> a lot more sunshine than yesterday at this time. 73 outside the belfort furniture weather center. out live across the river and into the city this afternoon, partly cloudy for the evening and -- evening hours. 71 degrees right now in annapolis.
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as we get through the evening, it will be very comfortable, partly cloudy, temperatures will drop from the low 70's into the mid-60's. look for tomorrow morning a little chance of patchy fog. 55 to 60res by morning degrees. we will take a look at the weekend forecast. some big changes coming to our local weather this weekend. we will highlight those in just minutes. >> let's talk about october baseball. it's always fun to watch. the nats are swinging for the world series. >> they sure are. sports director ken brandt is here with a closer look. >> this just in -- >> he was running around looking for unknown -- a gnome. >> the champagne has flowed. the preliminary celebrations have ended. now we will find out if the nationals can dance. stephen strasburg will start the series against the san francisco giants tomorrow night. san fran advanced in the wild card game last night.
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brandon crawford hit a grand slam. madison baumgartner close them out -- closed them out. the giants said they were prepared for a long road trip. they are confident bunch. san fran has won two of the last four world series. the giants have one bank seven straight -- have won seven straight playoff games. this should be some kind of series here in washington. meanwhile, robert is down at the stadium. he has been there all day. robert burton, are they focus? what's going on at the ballpark -- they focused? what's going on at the ballpark? >> it is playoff time. everyone is focused right now. it is the postseason. this is a different type of atmosphere. the giants tomorrow at 3:07, a team that is no stranger to the postseason. matt williams does not want them
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to think about that playoff atmosphere. he wants it to be same old stuff, just a different day. >> tomorrow, we will go out and play, see if we can beat them. if we do, we do. if we don't, we don't. we have another one the next day. the game is the same as it is in the regular season. it is execution. it is throwing the ball where you need to throw it, making phase, taking advantage of plays, takingking advantage of mistakes, getting guys in scoring position, the same formula you use in the regular season. the lights are a little bit brighter. that's about it. >> stephen strasburg will get the start tomorrow. he might have a chance to go up against one his childhood idols, jake peavy. leon harris going up against tim brant. >> so, who will be the hero? that's the question.
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there are great story lines going into this series. we will talk about them in sports at 5:00 and 6:00 and leading right up to game time. >> 24 hours to go, but who is counting? >> absolutely. >> some people were lucky today. they got tickets courtesy of the nationals. the nats tried to stir up some excitement with some free tickets to saturday's game. aboutam went out and hit 100 of these jayson werth garden gnomes all around d.c. these bobbleheads. you may have seen this before. the excitement has been trending all day with these things. suzanne kennedy has a look at what some of you had to say about it. >> the garden gnome was super popular when it was out ring in angust game -- out during august game. today, it received so much attention -- about 100 were put around town, six of them signed, all over the area.
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people went out to look for them. feel like i'm looking for willy wonka's golden t icket." and then jayson werth's beard. natalie, one of the first to find one this morning, see, i knew walking to work pays off, ##werthgoesgnome -- # werthgoesgnome. "don't giveeted, up yet, folks." there are still 40 left from reston to annapolis, including three signed once. -- ones. the signed ones are great. ones, you also
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get two tickets to the playoff game. they were found in dupont circle. was founds, this one very early this morning outside channel 7 by our a.m. executive producer. it looks fantastic. here it is. pass it on. she went out early this morning. >> the early bird gets the ghome -- gnome. it's not signed. we did not get any tickets for it. we got lucky number 13. earlye folks waking up with us tomorrow morning, you are in luck. you could win this tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." it would look great on a bookcase or a bookshelf. >> for anybody who sees a strange, bearded dude going through the bushes, chill out. >> 40 still around. >> and three with tickets sitll.
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-- still. >> it's not over yet you are still in the hunt -- over yet. you are still in the hunt. >> join us tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." >> tickets for the nationals home games are sold out. put a limited number of standing room only tickets on sale first thing tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. if you want those seats, we checked about an hour and a half ago and found some of them are stubhub and ticket city. 0.ey range from $67 to $11,00 think about that. that's inspired our question of the day. how much would you be willing to pay for nats' postseason tickets? log onto our facebook page and let us know what you think about that. >we will check out your comments later today. >> a lot, but not $11,000.
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moving on, some good news today for residents of the local community trying to stop the earth from sweeping their homes away. >> later, the search is on for popular bartender -- a popular bartender who seems to have just finished. firm --ple sues their sperm bank after delivering a happy and healthy baby. find out what they say went wrong. >> the
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>> late today, we learned a facility in frederick is working to process and experimental ebola vaccine -- process an ebola vaccine. as nick valencia reports, liberia says it lands to prosecute the man fighting the plness in texas -- say ss it to prosecuteans -- plans to prosecute the man fighting the illness in texas. stay home till october 14, that's the message to relatives of thomas duncan. he stopped at dulles airport. he came into contact with up to 20 feet. those individuals came into contact with dozens more on now
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being monitored in the dallas area. >> i don't know what's going on. i'm going to make sure we are safe. >> i don't think i will bring them until i go to the doctor, check them. outhe cdc is getting information cards to everyone arriving from west africa, the epicenter of the outbreak. a are hoping to stem the out -- they are hoping to stem the spread of the virus. >> we have to be working to contain this in west africa. >> when duncan began feeling sick, the hospital in dallas and not isolate or even admit him, even though he told them he had just traveled from west africa. the hospital admits the information was not fully communicated to the medical team . he was sent home with antibiotics, only to return when his symptoms worsened. >> it was a mistake. they dropped the ball. >> criticism is still mounting
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about the handling of this case. health officials will be reaching out to hundreds of people, asking if they had either direct or indirect contact with thomas duncan, the man at the center of this story. his condition is listed as serious. reporting in dallas, texas. home, a prince george's county murder suspect is behind bars tonight. 19-year-old dion war and is charged with first-degree murder for the death of mitchell white thin but we -- 19-year-old deon warren is charged with first-degree murder for the death of mitchell white in bowie. >> a man impersonating an officer on the eastern shore. a 61-year-old woman was out deriving -- driving when a dark, unmarked car with emergency lights on the dash pulled up behind her. thinking it was an officer, the woman old over.
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window,lked up to her began assaulting her, then robbed her. woman was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. >> anthony brown is getting involved in the neighborhood still affected by a landslide. legoland in the fix -- in the piscataway hills -- part of the land in the piscataway hills newburgh would started to give way. still asking the federal emergency management agency for another $2 million to buy the homes in the way of the work. lotsl that was caused by of rain, but we haven't seen much of that around here. >> the next chance is coming tomorrow night. unless the game goes -- we should be in good shape. a look outside at our weather cam on the campus of montgomery college. a beautiful afternoon. no showers. temperatures holding in the 70's across the region at this hour.
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77 out in fredericksburg with the winds calm at the moment. gaithersburg, 71. the winds calm, very light out of the northeast at barely one mile per hour. the hoosiers. he for another hour or two, then start a slow all -- temperatures stay cool for another hour or two, then start a slow fall. evening hours will remain partly cloudy overhead. some patchy areas of fog by midmorning hours. here is the big picture. high-pressure is large and in charge again. all around the mid-atlantic and the northeast. to the midwest, a powerful cold front and a large area under severe thunderstorm watch in the southern plains. the rain will make a profound change in our weather pattern for the weekend. there is the front. there is the area of low
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pressure. the whole kit and caboodle slides from west to east across the area. nice tomorrow at the bus stop. to 60. recess time, no problem. more clouds in the midafternoon. the drive home in the afternoon about 75. rain amarnath for the -- rain tomorrow night for the nationals. partly cloudy. 75 at first pitch. >> you have nearly every sport in the district playing right now. >> the wizards -- >> they are enforced. -- they are in force. an ohio woman is suing a midwest sperm bank after she says she got the wrong donor sample and became pregnant with a biracial child. she and her partner east in order for sperm from a white owner with blonde hair and blue eyes. they received a sample from an african-american donor. they have a biracial toddler and
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a new set of problems living in a predominantly white town. >> she's going to know that we love her unconditionally, everybody around her loves her. i think she's going to know why we did what we did. the basis of the lawsuit and why we are doing what we are doing is so thtat somebody is held accountable and this isn't going to happen to anybody else. >> they are seeking at least $50,000 in damages from the sperm bank. >> the boston herald apologizing saying it is sorry for a political cartoon that played into a racial stereotype. the newspaper issued a formal apology today for this editorial ran in yesterday pass paper poking fun at how far into the white house an intruder made it last month. the cartoonist included a caption about watermelon toothpaste. the paper says it regrets the cartoon and issued a second version mentioning another toothpaste instead.
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is at the center of another story crossing racial lines. >> amazon is warning viewers they may find the content insensitive. suzanne kennedy is here with more on the story that is trending. >> it doesn't matter how much old -- how old you are. treating much everybody knows "tom and jerry -- pretty much everybody knows tom and jerry. warning,tons carry a "may depict scenes of ethnic and racial prejudice." the cartoonist 70 years old and some people have been critical of its eviction of black maids and sometimes how it represented women -- its depiction of black maids and how it sometimes represented women. thateople who are mad
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the cartoons now have a content against racist warning, get over it." knew that catwho and mouse were such violent racist? what is the world coming to? a lot of people talking about this, whether it is something that is harmful or a sign of what was going on back in the days, the 1940's, 1950's. nobody thought that was racially insensitive. you can go to our facebook page, check it out. >> i grew up on those cartoons. i used to look at them as miniature history lessons. we watched those. we would laugh, but we would also say, wow, that's what it was like back then. >> a lot of things, "little rascals." you might want to explain it to your kids or understand it differently. times are changing. >> they could foster a conversation. that's a good thing. maybe the family should get together and have a conversation. >> what is racism and what
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isn't? >> and have fun in the process. coming up, just ahead, get ready for your week going -- weekly "scandal" sheet. >> just how much would you pay for nationals postseason tickets? join the conversation on the wjla facebook page and we will be sharing some of your
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>> all right, folks. ready for the scoop on "scandal" before the second episode tonight? >> jummy olabanji has a look behind the scenes. >> it is time to talk episode 2. are we over the heart attack from episode one, the season premiere? i know i'm not. tonight on "scandal," it's the state of the union. a primetime address on the focus of gun control. his chief of staff bringing in a power couple, influential on this subject, played by guest stars mary mccormack and josh randall. it looks like he is trng to use some of his it in -- influence over olivia pope as well. favor. of a more of a job. >> here is more scandal scoop.
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seriestching last week's premiere of "how to get away with murder," a spoiler alert -- remember the murder victim you saw at the end of the episode? his name is tom. does it sound familiar? maybe. he's the coexecutive producer and codirector of "scandal." shonda rimes asked him to moonlight and play the role of iola davis -- of viola davis' husband. "notlls, drinking -- breathing and blinking? i think i've mastered it." 9:00.andal" is at that's followed by a new episode of "how to get away with murder." then leon is back for news at 11:00.
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>> a high school football player collides with another and collapses dead. >> we will take a look at what happened. >> a popular d.c. bartender is missing, gone without a trace. we will take y
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. >> welcome back. police are hoping you can help
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them find a missing man in d.c. >> joe maddon hasn't been seen since he left for work monday morning. jennifer donelan is live with the latest on the search. what have you learned? >> leon, he is 23 years old and a very popular bartender at at least three bars here in the district. couple blocks away. monday morning, all he had to do was walk a few blocks to his job behind the bar at brooklyn's finest. that never happened. let's get his picture. he works at brooklyn's finest. on sunday night, though, he was working at sullies -- solly's bar. he went home. he went to sleep. his mom woke him up the next morning, said, honey, you're late for work, you've got to go, and that's the last time she saw him. it's only a two-block walk. they believe he left his cell
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phone at work the night before. is bank accounts have gone untouched in the last four days -- his bank accounts have gone untouched in the last four days. they papered the neighborhood with missing posters in hopes of finding joe. here is his mother. >> i don't leave the people vanish. believethink -- i don't that people vanish. i don't think that -- someone has en him. we just need to track that down. live, can see back here there is a missing poster taped to the restaurant. they are all over the neighborhood. coming up, an exclusive interview with one of the owners of this restaurant. major blitzing a this evening, hitting several neighborhoods. we will have all of that coming up for you at 5:00. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> let's get an update on our
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breaking news from the top of the hour. the not guilty verdict for the man accused of shooting in alexandria police officer in the head. >> more on the part that came down about 30 minutes ago. >> the judge said while he sympathized with alexandria police officer peter laboy, who suffered permanent head injuries in that shooting, the testimony of six mental health experts led him to declare kashif bashir not guilty by reason of insanity. hadear-old kashif bashir twice previously been declared incompetent to stand trial but had been taking antipsychotic medications to allow the trial to go forward. four,r laboy, father of suffered critical head injuries, but he did survive. today, the judge agreed with the mental health experts that bashir was paranoid schizophrenic and suffering from extreme psychosis.
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that was enough to declare him not guilty by reason of insanity. bashir was ordered to undergo another mental health evaluation. he will be returning to court in about 45 days, at which time he could be sent to a mental health facility or released with supervision. if the meds are deemed to be working, he could be allowed to go free. live in the newsroom, greta kreuz. >> a former democratic party official is back in court this morning after being convicted on child molestation charges and then those charges were overturned. a judge revoked the bond for michael gardner. yesterday, he was arrested on charges that he arrest -- molested a family member in 2009. he's already been accused of molesting two other girls at his daughter's birthday party in 2011. >> the u.s. supreme court will not weigh in on the same-sex marriage debate, at least for now. -- judges were set to reveal
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review five appeal cases this week, but they decided to put the conversation on hold. 31 states have a ban on same-sex marriage, but nearly all of them have been challenged and, in some cases, overturned in the judicial system. of the a list of some cases the justices announced they will consider. they include an abercrombie & fitch discrimination casechild abuse testimony in the -settroom, and state medicaid reimbursement rates. termew supreme court begins monday. >> fans have to consider whether -- weather, whether we are talking about baltimore or the sea -- baltimore or d.c. >> we are tracking the very latest, including the game day forecast. >> let's get right to it. first game, it is the orioles and the tigers at camden yard. partly cloudy. the first age is a little after
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5:30, 70 -- first pitch is a little after 5:30, 70 degrees. nats and giants, partly cloudy, 75 degrees. clouds will increase during the game, the evening hours, but if everything works out as we track the rain on doppler radar, i think the rain will hold off until later tomorrow night, nine of the, 10:00 -- 9:00, 10:00. around ourg, all viewing area, partly cloudy and comfortable, temperatures dropping from the lower 70's to the mid-60's. big changes ahead. >> still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00, protest intensifying in hong kong. >> just wait until you see where these folks too k theirs. >> the nationals say they are going to make some standing room only tickets available tomorrow.
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how much would you pay for a seat to tomorrow's afternoon game?
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>> check out this video of iceland's volcano.
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a drone is capturing the pictures, the lava flowing and bubbling on the surface. the law is coming from fisher, -- the lava is coming from a fissure, not an eruption. it is dangerous to get close to it even by helicopter, so the drone had to go in and do the job. it looks like another planet. tragedy on long island after a junior on a high school football team collapses and dies after getting hit airing again -- hit during a game. >> if the third high school football death in recent days -- it's the third high school football death in recent days. >> cheerleaders and school spirit, but in three states this week, tragedy on the gridiron. a junior on long island died wednesday after colliding with an opponent and suffering a head injury. >> i believe -- m understanding
4:41 pm
is that he hady an immediate reaction and then collapsed. >> school officials said it was a typical contact hit with a freak effect. he underwent surgery but later died. his long island high school community is struggling to deal with the tragedy. >> a lot of crying, hugging, questions, shock. >> he is the third high school football player to die this week. an alabama high school player, passed away on sunday, two days after he collapsed on the field following a tackle. his coach said the hit was routine and harris got up right after, but he then fell down. he was just days away from celebrating his 18th birthday. last friday, ana 17-year-old died after collapsing during pregame warm-ups. his older brother said a blood clot may have been a factor in the death.
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>> so much potential. it got cut court -- short. football players at all levels is being heavily scrutinized and concerns are growing about injuries and brain damage. karen travers, a bc news washington -- abc news, washington. >> fancier showing their -- fans here showing their nattitude. >> can a former agent come out of retirement to fix the troubled secret service? we will let you hear what he says it goes way beyond budget, technology, and staffing.
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>> what is next for the secret service now that the agency has resigned? >> scott thuman is that the live desk now with a look at that for us this evening. >> the agency cost new interim leader gets to work trying to fix the culture -- the agnency's
4:46 pm
new interim leader gets to work trying to fix the culture. he will face some challenges. he has long scrutinized the agency. is concerns turned out to be a reality. he says president obama needs to find a permanent director from outside, kind of like what the fbi did when it needed some fixing. agents feel their concerns and disagreements aren't being listened to. way too much is at stake here. >> it is a shambles. miracle there has not been an assassination. >> coming up at 6:00, we want you to hear what he says is absolutely baffling when you look at the secret service budget on top of all these other really obvious problems. >> stay on top of that for us. in other news, council members in england are defending their decision to remove a mural that
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is the work of the famous graffiti artist, banksy. partytures a political opposed to immigration. migrants not welcome. go back to africa. council members received complaints that the mural was racist. >> a fight is brewing over what some call art in part of the district. >> the bc commissions on the -- the d.c. commission on the arts and humanities paid thousands of dollars for this exhibit, which is about to come down since the fire department has declared it a fire hazard. that story is coming up at 5:00. >> also coming up, len bias's mother toxics lucidly to abc 7. mother talkss exclusively to abc 7. >> hear what she says about the
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controversy around her late son's induction to the hall of fame. >> that story and much more coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> plenty of fans for the washington nationals. we've been asking you to show us your nattitude. >> this photo was posted on the wjla facebook page. nats, but sheher is not too keen on those -- nats,e hte n -- like the too. the circulator bus will extend its hours for the nats game. >> tickets are sold out, but there are still some to be had if you want to cough it up. how much would you pay for a nasty get -- for a nats ticket? >> there are standing room only tickets.
4:49 pm
we are hearing from people how much you all would pay to go to the game. a lot of people say the sky is the limit. for $250, he would be thrilled to go to a game. he says he's never been to a nats game. and we hear that, "let's go strassburg -- "let's go, strasburg and team." we also heard from another viewer who is very excited about us being in the position we're in. he wanted to weigh in on who should start. maybe strasburg. meaning strasburg. we don't want any of them to fall apart. a lot of people are saying that they will try to get the standing room only tickets just to be in the environment, which is going to the electric.
4:50 pm
>> the only crime we want is the wed that happens -- crying want is the kind of happens when champagne gets in your eyes. >> we've got goggles. be prepared. --and they could sell those auction those off for charity. >> that's a great idea. >> we are tracking the nats on their road to the championship. joint horace holmes and myself saturday night at 7:00 for a special -- join horace holmes and myself saturday night at 7:00 for a special. we hope to be talking about a big, fat, curly w in the column for tomorrow. rubbing the lucky gnome head for good weather. jayson. talking to >> i hope he is listening. to got through to him. him. hope it got through to
4:51 pm
>> we are going to get you whether -- weather. cloudy through the late afternoon hours. a little more cloud cover moving in ahead of the front. confident this will hold off until tomorrow night. nine inningsns are should not be an issue at national park weather-wise. beautiful outside. just a few clouds. we will stay partly cloudy. 74 at reagan national. 75 in winchester, martinsburg, lexington park. the evening hours, we will see the clouds stay as they are now. dropy cloudy, temperatures into the 60's, the 50's, and there may be some areas of fog later tonight. here we are in the washington metro area. high pressure has a lock on the
4:52 pm
east coast. this will open the door, figuratively and literally, for advancing cloud cover. this is a dynamic cold front for early october. all moving to the east. the storm cell itself will move to the east and accelerate the front eastward. it looks like it will be late tomorrow night through overnight saturday morning. we will see some increasing cloudiness tomorrow afternoon. they could linger into early saturday morning. behind that, a big push of cool, canadian air. that will make a change in our weather pattern this weekend. comfortable weather conditions around here. tomorrow, partly sunny, maybe a little bit of fog, temperatures in the mid-70's. as we get out of the south, it will be cloudy.
4:53 pm
lingering early in the morning. our temperatures tomorrow climbing into the mid-70's. as we head into the weekend, they will go the other way with temperatures in the upper 60's on the day saturday, then lower to mid 60's with full sunshine sunday. jayson. my part, >> you grew up last an o -- up a s an o's fan, didn't you? >> the nats are my first team. >> what do you do if they both go to the world series? >> find a therapist. >> have a cocktail. way.m a nat's fan all the >> nats t-shirt, orioles briefs, is that how you do it? >> that'd do it. >> doug is every shade of red
4:54 pm
-- red. talk about a needle in haystack. that's what they will have to search through. they are teaming up with twitter for a five-year, $10 million project to try to understand -- better understand social media. the goal is to understand how and why people use social media and for businesses how to profit from them. coming up, the latest on those protests in hong kong. >> we will take
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high asons are pro-democracy protesters in hong kong awa aitidnight deadline they set for the chief executive to resign. >> police say lawmakers will not tolerate any illegal surrounding of government buildings and warn of serious consequences for more unrest. >> i'm standing in downtown hong kong at the heart of the standoff between protesters and police. hundreds of police officers.
4:58 pm
thousands of protesters. the protesters' goal is to make it to that building. that's the office of hong kong's leader. the protesters say they will not leave until hong kong's leader resigns and give them the right to elect air only here. he has said he will not step down -- to elect their own leader. he has said he will not step down. protesters have used umbrellas to deflect tear gas canisters. abcrting from hong kong, news. the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> not guilty by reason of insanity. that was the verdict for kashif bashir, the man on trial for the attempted murder of police officer peter laboy. it did not take the judge long to make that decision. >> bashir was working as a taxi
4:59 pm
driver when he shot peter laboy in the head. the judge said, while he sympathized with the victim, the testimony of mental health experts led him to this verdict. stephen tschida has details on the verdict and reaction. >> the judge made this ruling and said he did sympathize with officer peter laboy and the brain injury he will live with for the rest of his life. when he looked at the testimony from the six mental health professionals including forensic psychologist and psychiatrist, he said the testimony was strong enough to support the ruling of not guilty in this attempted murder case by reason of insanity. when he opened fire on a police officer who had just old him over, february 20 7, 2013, kashif bashir said a voice in his head, sometimes referred to as "janet," told him to do it. he didn't believe officer peter laboy was a human being, but a spirit which would simply
5:00 pm
reconstruct itself somewhere else. the consistent diagnosis of aeronautic schizophrenia and extreme psychosis persuaded -- of paranoid schizophrenia and extreme psychosis persuaded the judge to rule not guilty by reason of insanity. -- >> is evidence understand the legal decision. i understand why the judge made the decision he did. to getvoices told bashir a knife and buy a gun the night before the shooting. he spotted a police officer and drove away. prosecutorsfficer. showed that bashir could make rational decisions. the woman who learned on the street only learned today -- the women who work on the street only learned today of bashir's actions. > >> it's extremely scary. >> the judge ordered bashir to a mental health facility for an evaluation. after that


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