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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast centers, this is abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> it is all about october and all about today. fans are gearing up for the nationals first playoff game against the san francisco giants, happening just a few hours from now. john gonzalez's lives. fans have been lining up all morning long. the first fan lined up at 1:00 this morning to get one of
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the few standing room only tickets that were being sold here at the stadium. buzzing right now. the gates will open and half an hour. this area is booming with construction. this is one of the buildings going up. how cool is that? over here. you have a bunch of fans lined up. let's talk to this young man here. you have your game face on. how need is this to have the team win the division fo the second time in three years and it is still such a young play. where are you from? >> alexandria for genia -- alexandria, virginia. >> what are you hoping happens here? >> winning the world series. toyou have the boom ready go. >> iamb am that optimistic. i can only hope.
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>> talk about having some attitude. talk about a red-hot. take a look at that tattoo. tell us the story behind that. > i grew up around d.c. i was happy we got a team back. >> that is being a fan for life. that is some optimism right there. the gates open and half an hour. take a look through the gates. folks are getting the rally towels ready to go. be headed out -- handed out to the 42,000 plus in the stadium. it is all about natta two. -- about nat-itude. >> if you plan to head to the
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game ths afternoon you may want to get an early start. roads are building up with fans heading to the game. more than 40,000 people will make that journey in southeast d.c.. first pitches at 3:07. expect extra company if you plan to take the metro. the d.c. circulator is making it easier for you to get home. that -- now a new plane -- a new place to gear up for this game. this brand-new team store opened at tysons corner. fans gave it everything to support the nothing but october rally, including playoff apparels and merchandise. once again the national take on the giants, steven shots burke on the mound. stay with abc seven news for all your playoff coverage.
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live report starting tonight at 4:00. we should also talk about the oil. game two and a best-of-five series against the detroit -- the detroit tigers just about to get started. nelson cruz and j.j. hardy broke. they scored eight in the eighth. 12 war on -- 12 runs on 12 hits. congrats to then. we want to switch gears to get to some breaking news coming in from howard university hospital where doctors are treating a patient with ebola symptoms. brianne carter just got off the phone. >> here is the information we have received. they can confirm a patient has been admitted to howard university hospital in stable condition following traveling to nigeria. symptoms could possibly be associated with ebola.
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they have taken all those necessary protocols to contain this. they will continue to monitor the progress of this individual. these are symptoms that could be associated with ebola after this person traveled to nigeria and has now been admitted to stable -- admitted in stable condition to howard university hospital. we will continue to follow this story all day. we will have much more online. reporting live at the news desk, brianne carter. >> we want to switch gears and talk about the forecast. things are looking pretty good. some swers rolling in later tonight. will they hold off for that
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baseball game? brian van de graaff here with a look at that first forecast. >> a few isolated sprinkles now but the best chance for rain does come after dark. we are live in the weather center. take a look at camden yards. 66 in baltimore maryland. we have winds at 10 to 12 miles per hour. a little breezy out there. i think we will get into the lower and middle 70's. that is sweeping cool sweeping clean. clouds probably winning out but we should remain dry and we should have low 70's at 3:00 when the nats and the giants get underway. we do have some cool weather coming our way. >> thank you. for two missing montgomery county children resumed this morning. volunteers gathered at the
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germantown community center. the children were last seen back on september 8. they disappeared with their mother catherine, who has paranoid schizophrenia. she refused to tell police where the children are. a grand jury is convening to investigate new leaks in a cold case involving two missing sisters. in 1975.ppeared they were nasty scene near the old wheaton plaza mall. he is now serving time at a .elaware prison the investigation is now focused around the welch family properly -- family property. the girlfriend of a convicted killer will be sentenced for her role in the murder of four people in 2010. she is now facing life in prison
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for covering up the murders of two children and their on to. the former drug dealer got angry when some of his marijuana went missing. police are investigating an accident. a bus driver fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into the car and drove into the woods. this happened at the intersection of shady grove road . police have not released information on any injuries. council is considering two bills that would criminalize what is known as reeve engine point. both bills would make it a crime punishable up to five years in prison to distribute sexually explicit photos or videos taken during private use during a romantic relationship. speaking of the free state, lieutenant governor anthony brown and larry hogan are set to
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speak at eight gubernatorial candidate forum a few minutes from now. the marylanded by family network. candidates are expected to top about issues related to child care, early education, and family support. over in the commonwealth of virginia, terry mccullough's former chief of staff under fire this noon for offering to help a senator's daughter with a job in exchange for his political report. philreagan told democrat pocket if he supported the democrats -- supported the governors expansion effort he may give his daughter a job. the senate is already under investigation. it is a popular way to get around and sightsee. now the company that runs one of those segue to her's is facing a lawsuit. another recall involving general
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motors. we will tell you the problem this time. and we want to take you live outside for a look at the >> welcome back..
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those segue sightseeing to her all over the district. one company is being sued after afterur went hope and -- one writer said her tour went horribly wrong. >> i never would have taken that trip. i realized what the risk was.
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>> more from this exclusive story. what happened to her and the warning before you decide to hop on. we want to get to some breaking news. burning in ae is large flea market area. emergency crews are now on that scene. all of that happening out of milton, west virginia. thick smoke could be seen spewing from the sky. right nows contained but it damaged nearly 25% of the market. the timing of this could not have come at a worse time. many are there for the pumpkin festival. breaking news we told you about at the top of the hour. howard university hospital confirms a patient has been admitted with symptoms of ebola. in isolation. this comes as another american
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has tested positive for the virus. latestin dallas with the for how officials are trying to stop the spread. evacuated toold the united states is a freelance cameraman and writer hired by nbc news as part of a team reporting on ebola in liberia. had a slighthe fever, suffered from fatigue, and aches. 12 hours later he tested positive for the disease. rightssion for human drew him to liberia. >> the symptoms are mild so we are very optimistic it will be taking care of in a tam -- in a timely manner. he had been working in liberia for three years and last howh he wrote on facebook fraught with danger life can be. >> it is certainly possible
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people will come back and develop it here. >> the head of the cdc says the bed ofge is the confidence that the situation is under control. other patient was visiting family. treating duncan said in a statement they have identified a flaw and the medical records were handled. they said internal procedures prevented the proper information about his travel history being delayed to doctors. >> of the 100 people who may have come in contact with duncan, officials say most have been interviewed and still no one is showing symptoms. abc news dallas. >> we want to get to another health alert this noon. a loudoun county public school student with diagnosed with whooping cough.
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the school notified the district, warning him to watch for systems -- for symptoms. we now move to a consumer alert. general motors is announcing two new recalls. 290 cadillacfax and saab suvs in the u.s. the other recall covers 89,000 chevrolet spark's from 2013 22015. rest can cause a hood latch to stick. warning inunderstorm tennessee has expired but folks are still cleaning up from the damage. producedt's storm quarter-sized hail and strong winds in access of 70 miles per hour.
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trained weather spotters also reported a tornado. nothing like that around our area. >> the sun is coming later tonight. maybe closer to midnight or early inhe morning. a little cool out there and gray. game, itow night's will definitely be chilly. extra layers of red. >> right before the sun came up we had a little piece of sunshine peering through those clouds. then they dissipated for a wild. we had blue skies for a very short while. there was a little sprinkle on the lens. there was even a little sprinkle for half a second as moisturize -- as moisture try to lift through here. everybody is getting excited and ready to go. a breeze out of
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the west, south west. southerly winds should lift those temperatures up, which are currently in the upper 60's. i do think we will see those temperatures go up. at reagan international we are checking in at 70 degrees. not a lot of sunshine. that is the cloud cover that is pretty thick. going tohink we are get much in a break of those clouds. some of that strong weather, it is writing eastward. all indications makes us believe it will probably be coming through later tonight. the front should be just to our west. not that there couldn't be a what shower to the western counties. some showers even early tomorrow morning and then just breezy and cooler.
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winds tomorrow poll that cooler -- winds tomorrow poll at cooler air tht aco in. we head through 3:00 at the start of the game. those shower starting to line up to the mountains to the west. once they come through tomorrow morning they move out and we should be try for tomorrow evening's game. low 70's for the game through the evening and overnight. a couple of those could be heavier. and 40's. 65 on sunday and a look at your seven day outlook. should be a bit more moderate for next week. >> sounds good. thank you for that.
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michelle obama is making some daytime appearance. the first lady taped a segment that will air today. andwill discuss nutrition the benefits of cooking at home. she has led a nationwide effort to combat childhood obesity.
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-- >> how does a man and up
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spending 26 years in prison with no weapon, nobody. exclusively to 2020. he says he has nothing to do with this. a jury of his peers convicted him and put him in prison for 26 years. this is a story about a young man who went missing. four years this case went cold until an ex-con stepped up and pointed the finger. there was no physical evidence and yet he's be -- and yet he sits in prison. there has been a big rake in this case. this man who was the prosecution's key witness, the prosecution is saying he lied in court. him intoutors coerced telling a story because this was a case they wanted to close. there has never been a disappearance in years. prosecutors wanted to get this case closed.
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now we can't take and saying he was forced to tell this story in order for prosecutors to close this case. that is an explosive allegation. we have his story in detail tonight. says is true there is a man serving 26 years behind bars who has no business to be there. >> thank you so much. 2020 tonight on abc seven followed by abc news at 11. still ahead, >> we have learned a patient has
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been admitted to howard university hospital with symptoms similar to ebola. that patient has just returned to the u.s. from nigeria. this is according to hospital fish -- hospital officials. cdc are working with the and we should have an update at 4:00. we will have the very latest on this. >> it will be kind of gray, breezy, and mid-. that is where we should be for fall.
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