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tv   Breaking News  ABC  October 5, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> the following presentation brought to you by mypillow incncorporated, creats of the world'sost comfortable pillow, mypillow. >> hello, i'm mikeindell. i've invented the world's mo comfortable pillow. i make them right here in the united states. do not change that channel because the next half-hour is gonna change your life. >> milons of people have fall in love with the world's mostomfortable pillow, stay tuned for mike's amazing new buy one, get one free offer and discover why people justfer like you are getng the mostt restful, comfortable, deep healing g sleep of their lives n the official pillow of the national sle foundation, mypillow. >> there's no problem anymore getting out of bed with >> it's the perfect pillow. >> being made in america is wonderful, but it's made right.
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>> i definitely just got a muc better sleep. >> try it. that's what t i would say. >> there's just no comparison to it. >> without realizizing what i ws missing, once i had it, i loved it. >> it really did change my life. >> i'm tonja w waring and i am o excited to introduce you to a revolutionary new sleep aid that has literally changed people's lives, including mine. it's made right here in america, and you won't find it in any store. but first, let me ask you a few questions. do you or someone you care about wake up more tired than when you wento bed? a stiff ck othatinglgeadache, feeling in your finger how about this--do you find yourself tossingnd turning all nigh stacking, folding, resmooshing your pillows or even flping it tohe cool si just to t comfmfortable? if you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you, like millions of other americans, simply aren't getting a good night's sleep. my friend and sleep expert michael j. lindell is the founder and inventor of a
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revolutionary new sleep aid. mike's here to share with us why getting a good night's sleep is the secret to a happy, healthy life. >> hi, tonja. >> hi, mike. >> well, it's not only the secret to a happy life, it's critical to your health. and like everybody else out there, i have used my arm, folded my pillows, got migraines in the morning from sleeping on poor pillows. and whatat it is, what i've foud in my studies over the last seven years is the cervical nerves on each side of your neck need to be held straight in order to get that deep rem sleep that we all need. that's our healing sleep. healing is criticacal to one's health, and pillows are the problem. there is no bigger problem than a pillow, see. >> mike, i hear what you're saying. according to the natiol sleep foundation, the average adult purchases 58 pillows over their lifetime. they own six different pillows at anyny given tim and this is what blew me away--70% of us do not like our current pillow we sleep with every night. what's going on here? >> well, i just happened to have some here. (chuckles)
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these pillows--the last 30 years--in the 1970s, pillows kind of changed forever, and we've all slept with this pillow here. this--this pillow here is--it pushes back. you know when you sleep on your back, you can feel that pillow. it's like spring. it's like pushing you back. >> oh, right. >> you're on your back, and you're like this with a tilted neck, you wawake up in the morning, you've bent your vertebral arteries, and you're going to get headaches. this is no good. okay, this pillow here, it becomes a ha surface. we've all slept on that with the curve. the problem is pillows give you support here and here,nd nothing where your c1 an2 is, your axis and your ulna. those are critical to snoring, to central sleep apnea, all these different things that--you need support in your neck. this one here--and also, you need to be kept cool. this one here will heat up. it will also become a hard surface, and it's s no good. (laughter) >> what about this one? >> this one here has ruined america. >> oh, my god. >> we've all slept on this. there's no support. >> absolutely. >> this hadone more for bad sleep deprivation than anything
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anywhere. and the other thing, too, you know, you wash tse pillows and, you kw, how they ball up in the washer and dryer? >> yeah, yeah. >> the big pillow company wants you buying more and more pillows. and they don't care about your health. they don't care about ou sleep. they don't care that we keep buying pillows over and over and over again. i just wanted some sleep, and i did something about it. and this pillow here, i can't say enough bad things about it. terrible, terrible. >> m mike, i love your pillow. it has a great warranty. i ve that it's made in america. >> the best thing you're going to like about this pillow is i get rem sleep, the deep healing sleep, the stuff that helps all your health, how you feel the next day. i have a a patent on this pillo, and what it is, is all three sizes by fill are in every pillow. the stuff was warranteed 10 years. it won't't go flat. it's the healthiest thing ever invented. it's got a non--it's non-allergenic, ti-microbial, but the best thingt does, wherever you set this--okay, and so you first g get comfortable n your pillow and you're like this and you go like this and now-- tonja, i want you to feel that.
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do you see how that holds? >> oh, my gosh. >> that will not migrate. wherever you set that, you get exactly what you need for your individual neck support, okay? you can turn this any way you want. you can make little balloon animals out of it if you want. okay, it's going to hold. it takes six pounds of pressure to hold that in position. your average head weighs 12 pounds. so wherever you set that, you get exactly what you need for you as an individual. it's amazing. it will change your life, there's nothing like it on the planet. it's jusamazing. now if you're on your back, we've all seen that curved pillow. i think we just threw one away a minute ago. okay, that curved pillow like that only fits 1 in 30 people. remember we told you that. it gives you support here and here, nothing here. well, you can be that 1 in 30, tonja. you take the pillow, you do it like this, you tuck it, and you know what? no more snoring, okay? i mean--and the reason is you're supporting your c1 and c2. your brehing is better. other companies have said, okay, we have this amazing cure for snoring. this will really work, and from my testimonials i have from all the pillows i've sold, about 70%
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of the people don't snore anymore at all. >> what mike hasn't told you is that already hundreds ofof thousands of people have benefited from sleeping on mypillow. >> i give them a 60-day money- back guarantee because people quite frankly e tired of buying pillows that they can't return and get their money back. and we have--our custor service is the best in the country. we have an a-plus rating with the better business bureau. and we have zero complaints out of all the seven years i've been in business with the better business bureau. it's the most amazing product, and i 100% guarantee it'll be the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own. >> well, i can honestly say that since i've been using mypillow, it's made an amazing different in my life. and here is your opportunity to get your very own mypillow and make the rest of your life the best of your life. >> people all ross america are tired of tossingnd turning all night, snoringng like a freight train and d waki up th aches and pains from pillows that simply don't wor introducing mypillow, the
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official pillow of the national sleep foundation. unlike ordinary pillows that lack support, lose their shape or heat up, mymypillow's patentd three-piece interlocking fil creates a cooling effect and allows you to easily form mypillow to your unique shape regardless of sleep sition. providing maximum comfort and support of the cervical nerves in your neck and s spine resultg in the mosrestful, comfortable, deep healing g slee you've ever perienenced. america with a patented comfort fit fill that's anti-micbial, non-allergenic and machine washable and dryable just like your favorite pair of blue jeans. plus, mypillow comes with an incredible 10-year warranty. that's right--10 years. we'll even give you 60 ris free nights to sleep on it to ensure your complete satisftion. >> try the pillow. you'll like it. >> i love snuggling up to bed with mypillow. >> mypillow has been a godsend >> it's the perfect pillow. >> it really did change my life.
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>> and here's breaking news. mypillow is now the officialal pillow of the national sleep foundation, and the celebrate, mike and all the men and women who proudly make mypillow right heren amica are sharing their r best offer yet. enter promo code... and for a limited time when you buy any mypillow at the regular price, mike will give you a second mypillow absolutely free. that's a savings of 50% on the world's s most comfortable pillw when you order right now. there's never been a better time or a better offer to discor the amazing difference you can only get from the world's most comfortable pillow, mypill, the official pillow of the national sleep foundation. >> ♪ for the best night sleep in the whole wide world, visit ♪ >> to fully understand the benefits of pillow, it's good to know where this is-- a pillow sits behind your neck. the neck is an important place
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if you havave a pillow, say,or exame, tt don't work effectiveland itit stas ki of breakaking wn toughout the night, t that fe place for all that neurologic structure gets destroyed throughout the night. and what does that do? it keeps you awake bause you're tossing and turning, you don't restore yourself, and health deteriorates. >> after having the mypillow, i st feel so much better. just everything is just well taken care of, it feels like. and it's--there's no problem anymore getting t of bed with mypillow. >> we're here with sleep expert michael j. lindell, founder and inventor of a a revolutionary nw sleep aid called mypillow. >> over the last seven years, what i came up with is a theory after talking to hundreds and thousands of people that have the pillow. there's eight cervical nerves on each side of your neck. and what they do, they need to be in alignment, okay, to get-- for the signals go through to your brain. remember the old-fashioned tvs that had the horizontal hold and a wavy line when it wasn't clear? when you first get set at night and you first get comfortable
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on your pillow, your brain says, okayi'm comfortable, 'cause your cervical nerves are lined up. well, what happens is the air starts going out of that pillow and then they'rere bent like bending a water hoseokay? whenen you do that, you're going (imitates crash) you know, your brain does not-- the signal's not going through. okay? same way with your arteries, your vertebral artery and your carotid artery. the blood flow to the brain needs to be, you know, open like a garden hose. >> is that why my concentration is so much better after i sleep on mypillow? >> that's exexactly righ >> good support, which is somehow the miracle mypillow, throughout the night is whate want. it's nice to fall leep, but then as your pillow collapses, you're going to wake up again because the position has changed. in mypillow, it seems that we're at a state that is comfortable, thnigh stays the same throughout >> what dr. kolodny has to say really reinforces what you've been telling us about mypillow.
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>> what it does--puts you in a de rem sleep, which is a healing sleep. it's also your most comfortable sleep. when you get comfortable at nighght, that's what sends you into the rem. that's when your cervical nerves, your neck is lined up. and interesting enough--my theory on this, this theory was brand-new, and it's true. knows that n that't's out ther because you've all done that with your arms folded, your pillows and done all this stuff and flip-flopped all night like a guppy. here, you stay wh mypillow. wherever you set this pillow, it's going to hold exactly for you as an individual. with mypillow by keeping all those things in your neck straight, you get the best sleep of your life evevery single nig, and i guarantee it. we make them right here in the united states. the reason i'm still in that's my calling.p people. that's why i'm here, and i want everybody to have the best night's sleep they've ever got in their life. (applause) >> absolutely, absolutely. >> my six-year-old son uses mypillow. he loves it, and what we forget is that just because they're
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little people, they still need sleep, and they needed more slep than adults. some kids have problems sleeeeping. they have problems getting to bed. ey have problems being fidgety in bed. some kids wake up tired. some kids wake up and not want to go to school. sometimes the first thing that we find out about kids who have attention issues or focus problems isn that they need some medication. sometimes they just need better sleep. >> earlier we talkedbout the importance of a good night sleep which is something i can really relate to. i have to admit, i wasretty skeptical, but mike had told me that it would really work. and afteabout two or three weeks, i noticed that all of my migraines had disappeared. and what i really noticed is that i could start going out to the gym. i could start exercising more because anytime i tried to do that before, i just would get excruciating headaches. and so one of the things--we talk about washing and drying a pillow. i've washed hundreds of pillows where they end up in that clump.
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well, i put it ithe wawashingg machine, and when i ok it out of the dryer and it looked just like it id the day i bought it, i was sold. and that's when i wanted to buy them fory kids because my kids are always taking their pillow in the car. they're taking it to grandpa and grandma's house, they're throwing it in front of the tv. and so i'd always end up washing their pillows, and i knew that i was spending more money on gas driving back and forth tthe department store to buy them a new one. and the other thing that i really wanted and i knew is that if they really started getting a good night's sleleep now, keepig their cervical nerves in alignment and doing all of that stuff for their health, that hopefully when they got to be my age, they wouldn't have ththe kd of problems that i've had. so it's really important for me that my kids sleep on a great pillow. and they've even commented. my daughter, i was out working one day and she said--i was kind of telling mypillow story and she said "mom, i had no idea you were in that much pain." and she said--you know, and i just know that it's made a much better mom. >> people all rossmerica are tired of tosossing and turningll
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night, snoringng like a freight trn anwaki up th aches and pains from pillows that simply don't work. introding mypillow, thee officicial pillow of theational eep foundation. ununlike ordinary pillows that lack support, lose their shape or heaup, mypillow's pented three-piece interlocking fill creates a cooling effectct and allows you to easily form mypillow to your unique shape rerdless of sleep position. providing maximum comfort and suort of theervical nervrves in your neck and spine resulng in the most restful, cocomforble,eep alinslee you'vever experienenced. mypillow is de rht he in america th a p patend comfort fit fill that's anti-microbial, non-allergenic and machine washable and dryable jusust like your favorite pair of blue jeans. plus, mypillow comes with an incredible 10-year warranty. that's right--10 years. we'll even give you 60 risk- free nights to s sleep on it to ensure your completete satisfaction.
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>> i definitely just got a much beer sleep. >> try it. that's what i would say. i>> it's such an easy pillow to take care of, and it's gonna last you forever. >> without realizing what i was missing, once i had itit, i lovd it. >> it really did change mymy li. >> and here's breaking news. mypillow is now the offial pillow of the nationalleep foundatition, and the celebrate, mike and all the men and women who proudly make mypillow right here in america are aring their best offer yet. enter promo code... and for a limited time when you buy any mypillow at the regular price, mike will give you a second mypillow absolutelyly fr. that's a savavings of 50% on t world's most comfortablele pillw when you order right now. there's never been a better time or a better offer to discover the amazing difference you can only get from the world's most comfortable pillow, mypillow, the official pillow of the national sleep foundation. >> ♪ for the best night sleep in the whole wide world, visit
1:46 pm ♪ >>hen i i invented this pillow years ago, i also wanted to make sure that all my manufacturing was done by me. i did not want to outsource anything. i wanted everything made here in the united states. i wanted it to be the best ever made, and if you say, "well, i nt tbuy producuct that's made here in the u.s.," you got it, and you have a product that's going to affect everything you do in your daily life. to see my business go from 40 employees to 500-and-some employees in a few short months was s the most rewarding--it was almost surreal, and now we have over 2,000 other jobs that are affected by it. and it's just amazing to see how it's growno that, and it just keeps getting bigger because-- and to help all the people that have bought the pillow, over a million people. and so not only--i'm helping them two ways, helping them with jobs and with helping people sleep, and it's very--you know, i feel very blessed to be a part of that. > we'veve had sever peoplple drive across the country today so that they coulde here in our audience so that they could share the impact that mypillow
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has made on their lives, and one of the first people that i want to introduce to you is andy. andy, if you'd be so kind, we'd love to hear how mypillow hass made a difference for you. >> hi, mike. >> how y you doing, andy? >> good, i met you at the state fair last year. >> y, i remember. >> and i didn't even know i was looking for a pillow. and you saw me a and said, "i nd to talalk to you." and i've got to tell you, thanks, you know, it's changed my life. it's changed the way i sleep. i sleep, i think, is the big thing. >> it's a miracle. with your big shoulders, there's a lot of people like you. you have all kinds of problems because of, you know-- >> and i'm a side sleeper. i've always been a side sleeper with the arm that falls asleep. >> right. >> not anymore. >> not anymore, th's amazing. that's why i love selling these pillows because of storiries lie yours.s. >> and i take it with me everywhere. >> right, right. >> it's beenen to texas twice, arizona. >> right. it's amazing. >> it didn't go on one trip. >> and you didn't-- hod that work out for you? >> it didn't work too well. the first night i was down there--it's two hours ay to my
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wife's folks', and it didn make it. i--i woke up, you know, after an hour, two hours, three hours. finally, at 5:00 in the morning, i got up, drove back up to where we live, grabbed the pillow. >> oh, my. there you go. (laughs) >> so thsecond night-- (applause) the second night i--the second night, i had a good night sleep. >> right, that's awesome, yeah. >> and then my wife, she'd like to thank you because i don't snore. >> wow. that's--(laughs) you're back in the same bedroom! >> that's right. so-- >> (laughs) you know, that just goes to show even someone your size how it helps. we help everybody, from the smallest person up to the biggest, you know? >> it's great. >> and that's an awesome story. >> and we're going to--we're going to see you again at the state fair this year? >> yes, you are. i'll be there myself, yeah. >> great. >> thanks. >> great. >> thank you. >> andy was so enthusiastic about sharing his story and being here today, so i can see
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why. thank you, andy. and next, we have jennifer. i am very happy to have jennifer up to share with us how mypillow has made a difference in her life. >> hi. >> hello. >> hi, jennifer. >> how are you guys? >> verery good. >> good. i just am a busy person on the go. i have two little girls that i chase after and d i have my own company, a floral design company, and i volunteer every day, so when i go to bed, i really, really need sleep. and i've tried pretty much everevpillow out there, the flat pillows, the firm. i tried a water pillow and then one of those memory-foam pillows, and i always woke up with a dull headache, and it just--it was not--you don't have the energy and you can't deal with children when you're dealing with that i saw mypillow at one of your shows, and i thought, you know, i'd invest enough money on pillows that didn't work. so i thought i'd just try it, and that night, i had the best night's sleep of my life in years. >> wow. >> and it's--it's--i've had the best night sleep every night. i don't toss and turn anymore. i don't wake up with a dull headache, and it just--i really
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feel good when i wake up. i have energy and i love mypillow. >> did you believe it when you'd seen the sign that said it all that? (laughs) nobody does! it's too good to be true. >> i was really skeptical. my husband is the biggest skeptic ever and he's like, "you want to spend money on a pillow, go ahead, you know, we'll see what happens," rolling his eyes. i love millow. works so well. love it. thank you for making it. >> thank you. >> you know, mike, that 60-night money-back guarantee really makes a big difference for people who are skeptical, who know that they want to try a pillow, but maybe they're afraid because they have bought so many in the past that didn't work. >> right, and that's, you know-- back when i invented this seven years ago or eight years ago, whatever it's been now, they-- that was the one thing, i wanted people to not have that skepticism, so i gave a 6-- i believed in it so much that that's why i gave a 60-day money-back guarantee so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. you have everything to gain.n. your healtlth is the most important thing to your--to your life and a pillow--mypillow is
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the most important thing to your health. >> absolutely, hands down. well, we have another gentleman in our audience. his name is michael. and, michael, thank you for being here today. >> well, mypillow helped a lot. a few years back, i had a medical scare. i had a jaw joint that was getting eaten away by a tumor. the good news is it wasn't malignant, it was benign. the downside of that is when they actually dohe surgery, they actually have to sever the muscle that normally fits over your jaw joints, and now at night, i found that my mouth would come open, and i would start snoring. the wife did not like that very much. so iame acrossypillow at a county fair, and i thohought, ", i'm not going to buy a pillow." and he talked to me. he said, "list, it's a money-back guarantee. try it out. what do you have to lose? i thought, okay, that's a pretty good pitch. let me try it. that night, i slept througugh te night, and it really was one of the first nights that i can remember where i dn't toss. it was a nice comfortable feeling, and i woke up cool. i wasn't getting headaches, so the product does work.
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thank you for making what you made. >> and you don't snore anymore you said? >> i d don't snore now. >> that's azing. that's why i love selling this llow. it's a wonder--it's a miracle product, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> definitely a life-changer. >> thank you. >> well, i want to thank you for those great mypillow stories and for joining us today. i know so many of us are grateful for the pillow that you've made, mike. and you get thousands and thousands of testimonials and-- >> i've got one here. i get these all the time, you're right, and they--this is from-- i've sent pillows over to afghanistan. this guy, he wrote me, "i'm writing you because i haven't gotten a good night's sleep in over a month. we work 24-hour shifts, so getting our crew rest is very important. right now, i'm sleeping on a cot with a bag-full of unused clots as a pillow," which can be better than some of the pillows you've slept on. >> all those we've seen today. >> and what we did, we sent them pillows, and here was their response. "your pillows came in the mail two days ago, so i was able to test it out for two nights now. and i can't begin to tell you how nice it is to wake up with no neck pain and to be able to
1:53 pm
get a good night's sleep. i've already told the rest of my guys here how much of a difference your pillow is already making. thank you so much and god bless. chief warrant officer patrick devlan, afghanistan." and what we've de-- (applause) and what i've done since i've got that, we brought--we've been sending more and more over there to our troops, and we've also been approved in the united states, just the military bases, to be able to sell them therbecause they like our product, and we've been n okayed through--all the way to alaska. and we're helping, you know, not only the everyday people, but we're helping our troops, too, and it's just amazing. this is why i sell the pillow. >> mike, you just have my utmost respect for your commitment to our troops, for your commitment to the american people, for manufacturing here in the united states, and ju what you provide for people's overall health. >> i would r recommend, ifif yoe taking medicions to fall asleep at night and coffee t
1:54 pm
you try pillow and see wt ahatat difference it can ke in your life. >> mypillow is a all i need now. i don't need t pillows and i don't need to constantly tuck it in the back of my neck and shoulders to be comfortable as the night wears off. >> i work in a physical therapy clinic, and we see a lot of patients with stiff necks and sore shoulders and just having difficulty sleeping. and since my experience with mypillow, i recommend that they give it a try. >> i know that most of us never stop to think about the tremendous difference that a pillow can make to our overall health and well-being. but my hope for today is that you'll take this valuable information,n, and you will experience for yourself the tremendous difference that a mypillow can make in your life. >> people all across ameri are ght, snoring like a frghtrning l trn anwaking up with aches
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and pains frfrom pillows that simp don't work. troducing mypillow, the official pilillow of the nationl sleep foundation. likerdinary piows that lack support, lose their shape or heat up, mypillow's patatente three-piece interlocking fill creas a oling effect and allows you to easily form mypillow to your unique shape regardless of sleep position. providing maximum comfort and supppport of theervical nees in yr neck and spineesulng in thehe most restfuful, mfortatable,eep healing g slee yoyou've ever perienenced. mypillow is made right here in amica with a patented comfort t fi that's anti-microbial, noallergenic and machine washable and dryable just like your favorite pair of blue jeans. plus, mypillow comes with an incredible 10-year warrant that's right--10 years. we'll even give you 60 risk- free nighthts to s sleep on it o ensure your comple satisfaction >> i fell asleep instantly,
1:56 pm
instantly. >> the mypillow i really like because it's like i can kind of scrunch it off, and it's going to stay. >> yeah, it holds s shape. >> it'll hold its shape. >> it't's a enomal difference in the way that you're able to sleep. >> the pillow is just dointhe job in supportining my neck the way that my old pillow wasn't. >> i ended up finding the mypillow, and it's been just a wonderful thing to have in my life. >> and here's breaking news. mypillow is now the official pillow of the national sleep foundation, and the celebrate, mike and all the men and women who proudly make mypillow right here i in amica are sharing their best offer yet. enter promo code... and for a limited time wheyou buy any mypillow at the regular price, mike will give you a second mypillow absolutely free. that's a savings of 50% on the world's most comfortable pillow when you order right now. ere's never been a better time or a betteoffer to discove the aming difference you can only get from the world's most
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comfortae pillow, mypillow, the official pillow of the nationonal sleep foundation. >> ♪ for the best night sleep in the whole wide world, visit ♪ >> years ago when i set out to create a pillow for myself, once i had made that and i knew it worked, i wanted to create the world's best pillow that did everything. i wanted to be able to see anybody on the seet and say, "what would you like to see in a pillow?" if they said, "i want to wash and dry it," i made mine to wash and dry. if they said, "i want mine to conform exactly to me as an individual," that's what mypillow will do--everythi. you cannot ask anybody anywhere what they want to see in a pillow, mypiow hasas it. it stays cool. you don't have to flip it to the cool side. it conforms to you wherever you set it. it holds your neck in your exact positionor you so you get deep sleep that you ed, that deep-healing sleep you need. it stays cool. it's healthy. it's non-allergenic for anybody with allergies. it's antimicrobial--no fungi or mold. it lasts 10 years and it won't
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flat. pills are made to go flat. mine will not go flat. you throw it in the washer and dryer, it doesn't hurt it. it stays the same for 1010 year, and you can't beat it. we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. that right there is enough. you have nothing to lose. we've all tried every pillow on this planet, and they don't work. mypillow will work for you, and i give you my personal guarantee it'll work for you. it'll not only work for you, it'll createte a miracle in your life. >> ♪ for the best ght sleep in the whole wide world, visit ♪ >> the preceding program wasas brought to you by mypillow incorporated, creators of the world's most comfortab pillow, mypillow. >> the preceding program was produced by lifebrands. produced by lifebrands. we build brands.
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