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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 6, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we are following breaking news from the supreme court this noon. the justices have rejected gay marriage appeals from indiana, utah, oklahoma, wisconsin, and virginia. end tommediately puts an
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the delays in marriage in the states. jeanette is at the live desk this noon with reaction to the decision. jeanette? was certainly a monumental and surprising move from the supreme court and that has immediate impact in many state, like right here in virginia, couples hoping to get married. we are talking about as soon as one hour. just hours ago they held review , indiana,states oklahoma, utah, wisconsin, and virginia. what does it all mean? it means the court recognizes the right to same-sex unions and because of that lower court decisions striking down same-sex marriage should go into effect soon. this was in on the spec -- unexpected decision. many believe that they would make the case this term. the attorney general tweeted this out saying in part -- the
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fourth circuit mandate will issue at 1 p.m. and marriages can then begin. what a momentous and joyous day for thousands of virginians. >> we spoke to some virginians about this decision and here's what they said. >> i don't have a problem with it. if they want the right to be married, should be ok. >> think it is really nice that couples, no matter their creed or gender, are able to get married. today's ruling doesn't indicate how the justices voted, but it is certainly the big story of the day, one that we will continue following throughout the day. >> ok, jeanette. thank you. be sure to stay with abc seven and for continuing coverage of the supreme court's latest decision not to hear these appeals. we will have a live report and
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more viewer reaction coming up 4:00. toright now we want completely switch gears and talk about sports. this afternoon we are swinging for the series with a serious case of nattitude. >> we are counting down until first pitch, which we know will be at 5:07 p.m., our time. joining us live from san francisco, john? >> but we can tell you, ladies, good afternoon there, but it is still mourning here. you know the crazy game from saturday night? was longer than the flight that the nationals took from d.c. to san francisco. they got here early saturday morning, they got into practice and an important day off and now it is do or die. >> the nets are doing their best to forget about the historic
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debacle in bc and are now focused on the biggest game of the season. alexis unbelievable. base hasn, our fan been around for as long as the giant. outhe nationals have a 45 of 46 record away from home. as the general manager put it, they don't lose to a greener row very often. >> san francisco is buzzing. the postseason dependent on the field and fans are finally excited to see the bats and balls arriving before the first postseason game. he admits that he can't wait to see his baseball hero. >> that is a big reason why i am rooting for him. nation'siles from the
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capital, the weather is much warmer here. >> stronger fingertips, which helps. >> he has a message for those who are nervous back home. the nationals beat the giants five of the seven times they met in the regular season, but there is some trash talking going on here in the streets of san francisco. global sports radio guys saying the postseason is a different animal. i spoke to one giants fan this morning who said she is surprised, calling the team really something at the end of the season. we will see who survives at the end of this game today. reporting live from san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we are all hoping for a win. the only ones surprised. >> john is not the only one in san francisco.
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stay with abc seven and for more game day reports throughout the day. >> other sports news, the redskins and the nats have something in common, they most -- they both lost their last two games. not good. >> they are hosting the seattle seahawks in the monday night showdown. they will try to rebound from the four -- from the poor performance against the giants. at 8:30 tonight. >> turning to the weather, we have a live look at the nation's capital, expecting warmer weather today. acqui jeras is here with first look at our forecast. >> look at the picture, not a cloud in the sky. the temperatures 66 degrees of the congressional country club. 68 at reagan national. 67 degrees in quantico. we expect a couple of clouds to be developing this afternoon,
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and if you are heading out to the redskins game the temperatures should be falling into the lower 60's. we do have some changes on the way with a couple of showers pushing in from the west. we will talk about the timing for that, coming up. we will also take a look at the nats forecast this afternoon -- or evening, depending what time we were talking about -- back to you. charlottesville authorities continue to follow up on leads and search private property for hannah graham. the fairfax county teenager has been missing for over three weeks now. the charlottesville police chief says they will not stop looking for her until she is found. over 100 officers from across virginia helped in the search as the parents released emotional pleas for information on their daughter. >> someone listening to me today either knows where she is or knows someone who has that information.
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to you to come forward and tell us where she can be found. >> she was last seen on september 13. jessie matthews junior has been charged in her disappearance, but authorities say he has not discussed her whereabouts. >> d.c. police have their hands full this afternoon after a violent weekend in the district. several were hurt, including an eight-year-old boy. the elementary schools and was caught up in the crossfire of a gun battle in northeast. authorities say that the man who died was shot when he pulled a gun on officers and a marshall serving the warrant. >> the fight against isil rages on in iraq and syria and for the first time coalition full -- coalition forces have used attack helicopters. >> the parents of an aid worker have spoken out in an effort to save their son's life.
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>> the desperate parents of an american held hostage by isis, making a public plea for his relieved -- his release. known as, formerly peter. >> he was providing medical care there when he was kidnapped. >> we get one life, that's it. hethe parents say that willingly converted to islam in active -- in captivity. i have a letter from him in june , which says "i figured that at least you and i can see refuge and comfort in knowing that i went out as a result of trying to alleviate suffering and helping those in need." cap he had this personal message for her son. >> know that we love you. our hearts a for you to be granted your freedom so that we can hug you again. >> the man seen in this video is similar to the man from prop --
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previous propaganda videos. against isiskes continue and for the first time, apache helicopters were used in iraq. the significant increase in the risk to u.s. s&l. >> helicopters are lower to the ground, closer to the threat. isis has been shooting down iraqi helicopters. the level of risk has gone up exponentially. >> officials are pouring over the latest video to determine if the would-be executioner is the same man responsible for recent the headings. >> in other world news, pro-democracy protesters in hong kong have ignored a government deadline to clear the streets, but they have allowed a path for city employees to return to work. this follows the decision from beijing about how elections will work. >> coming up, we have the latest on ebola in america.
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the american journalist who contracted the virus returns to the country and the patient in dallas struggles to stay alive. >> who has earned a nobel prize for medical breakthrough? >> you could say it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. where are they already preparing for a winter wonderland? >> fortunately, nothing like that in the weather department.
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>> nobel prize this year in
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theology or medicine, john o'keefe and edward lugar have been honored for their discovery of cells that form of positioning center in the brain. the research helps us to understand how people oriented themselves and it could prove useful in all climbers research. plane carrying a patient second with ebola landed in nebraska, where he will be treated. the first person diagnosed in america continues to fight for his life. we have the latest. >> this 33-year-old freelance cameraman is back home, flown overnight from iberia, landing at omaha, nebraska this morning. transferred to an isolation ward at this medical center, where he will begin treatment for ebola. his family is expressing relief. quite a contrast to the family of thomas duncan, in dallas,
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whose fear is growing. they questioned the care and treatment he has received as the commission deteriorates. africa.came from i don't care. >> the cdc says that they are testing the drug and that it could make you sicker. >> the pipeline will be slow, i'm afraid. drug outpromising there, there is no more and it is hard to make. on a dialysis machine and suffering from kidney failure. people in contact with him are -- high >> about 40 others are also under close watch for symptoms, that iscials say that
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just a precautionary move. >> we have also learned that the cdc is exploring ways to except screenings at airports from passengers traveling to the u.s. from ebola vested countries. >> seven is on your side right now with a consumer alert. soon as theyl, as deal with 900,000 steering wheel complaints on several model vehicles. a highway traffic safety administration officials are investigating the power steering that is missing in these cars. for incidents of power stealing failure have caused crashes. >> check the calendar, it's only october 6, but at the gaylord national's or it may as well be christmas already. their first the livery of their colored ice blocks arrived for the winter. as result, their first drew --
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first delivery already arrived and they do have the infrastructure in place. the tent is up and has been in the temperature inside. ice carvers are flying from china and they will spend about 30 days sculpting this year's frosty the snowman. >> if you are talking about driving to work this morning, it could have been colder. >> i can't wait. >> can you? >> no. >> i want to do it. frosty, chile? >> yesterday morning we were one away from a record. 33 degrees. this morning we are doing better. of.cold is out we are on a warm-up trend that should last too much longer. to find a cloud out there in the sky, isn't it? that acrossat
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northern maryland. the rest of us are looking at you to full and clear conditions at the noon hour. temperatures warming up with dry air in places, 45 degrees, coupled with 15 miles per hour, that temperature should go up quickly as well. a breezy afternoon to look or were to. looking at the other temperatures across the region, 68 in morningside, 64 in gaithersburg, 67 and dulles. cooler 64 degrees. day,y throughout the transporting in the warmer air, that will bring us some chills. it will be slow throughout the day today. we expect thundershowers to eventually arrive here with a small chance in the mountains today of it happening here. in the travelers forecast right now, some wind delays in philadelphia.
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if you are headed there, be aware of that. across theutiful mid-atlantic. what is happening in san francisco? temperatures are much warmer there, the forecast again time is 2:00 pacific. temperatures will be in the upper 70 cost throughout most of the day. gets here the humidity closer to that temperature with the futurecast showing a couple of showers from the west is afternoon and evening. to theit will hold off overnight hours until we get into the day tomorrow, when we will see scattered showers on and off. here is your forecast for the day, mostly sunny and breezy with a stray shower to the west, tonight we will see an increasing cloudiness generally in the 50's. 70 to 75r showers, degrees on your wednesday and thursday, unless something stronger comes through here with
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a better chance for wet weather and cooler temperatures into next weekend. that wasather, maybe the trouble, maybe it is too cool here. >> they are used to warm weather. >> exactly. hope so. jackie, thank you. coming up at noon, find out atch movie to the top spot the box office this weekend. >> which u.s. city could expect the
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forf you are in the market
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a mate, apparently location matters according to a new research study. the best place to live if you were a single women between 25 and 35? wichita falls, texas. who knew? men, it is a tie between springfield, massachusetts, and [indiscernible] washington. >> all right, interesting stuff. the duce -- the duke and duchess of cambridge could be bound for the u.s. as early as next month. they are reportedly planning a trip to new york city at the end of november or the beginning of december. buckingham palace is being mum on the situation and has not confirmed whether it is an official trip. it will also depend on her nancy health. they are set to visit monuments.
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>> we also have some hollywood baby news. actress blake lively and ryan reynolds are expecting a baby. confirminga picture the pregnancy on her blog. they were married in 2012 and this is the first child for about. came out ahead of the box office, non-girl coming out ahead. second place, more than $37 million. last week's number one film, the equalizer, did happen that, followed by "mock strolls." >>
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it's nice out there -- >> it's nice out there, cloudy tonight, a couple of showers possible tomorrow. the best chance for that will be in the afternoon hours, but i cannot rule out a stray shower early of a couple of spots. and beautiful for the middle of the week. more rain at the end. all right, thank you. thank you for joining us. fore will see you back here "good morning washington
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