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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> with their backs against the wall, the washington nationals pull off a huge win. big. was hopefully the momentum has shifted. >> coverage from san francisco as the team gears up for game tomorrow. an impersonator on the police in arlington. a major move by the supreme court about same-sex marriage in
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virginia. football inight landover. live team coverage, next. captioned by the national captioning institute night for your washington nationals. >> looking up and that is gone. and i mean gone! >> the fourth run from bryce harper more than sealed the deal. >> now hopes are up for another victory to more tonight in game four. tim brant has the latest. >> it was like they woke up and things were bright and they were ready to go. the nationals came from behind the strong right arm of doug fister in seven shutout innings. when the giants made mistakes, the gnats woke up in their bats stayed alive. washington is alive to play
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another day. top of the seventh inning, two on, nobody out, wilson ramos lays down the bunt. toison baumgartner throws third for some reason. here comes harper, trying to score from first. 2-0 nationals. he beat the throw. it was like somebody put a key in the lock. hits,ts woke up, seven four runs, including a monster home run from harper, new life for washington. >> we had our backs against the wall and we came out swinging tonight. the guys were playing together, communicating well, and that is huge for us. we need to carry that into tomorrow and the guys are excited. >> that was a big win today. the series may have turned. going homen out, after tomorrow's game regardless of what happens.
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why not take the giants with them and force game five. >> you said it. about whetherk i'm going to go or not if they come back. check this out -- folks in the crowd at at&t park, there were some nats fans. suzanne kennedy is live in san francisco. she was able to track down some of these fans. leon, after saturday night's nationalstly with the needed and wanted. clearly the team is not ready to call it a season, and neither were the fans. giants fans streamed out of at&t park tonight after losing game three to the washington nationals. fanshad at home as nats celebrated the curly w. >> he homered to 10 feet away from me. it was awesome. i'm with a bunch of friends from
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college. i'm glad to see that. at least we did not get swept. >> i know they feel bad because we won, but it's good. in the end, doug fister's dad was proud. >> he gave me a hug and said i'm exhausted. i could tell. i know him better than anybody, and he gave everything he could tonight. nats fans knew they were outnumbered in this matchup, but they still loved every minute of the game. >> coming in here after the depressing way we did that, three years? >> we are excited, happy. we wanted this one. at at&t the suites champagne of them
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food and bottles of champagne on ice. they had to put those back on ice, no celebrating tonight. game time tomorrow night, 9:07. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. tomorrow. you covered live coverage from san francisco begins with "good morning andington" at 4:30, continues through the day. >> they have to put away the champagne. the washington sports action does not end of the west coast. the redskins are taking on the super bowl champion seattle seahawks. the game is not over yet, but lots of you had high hopes for a win. jay korff is live at fedex field. how was he going? yet, but the redskins are hanging tough, with the seahawks, down by only seven heading into the fourth quarter.
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excuse me, in the fourth quarter. it is a tight game. you also get the sense redskins fans are getting more realistic about the team. >> i'm concerned, but i'm excited at the same time. >> for thousands of washington fans, the margin to fedex field felt different tonight. >> they are the super bowl champions. they are optimistic, regardless of the record, but with an injury riddled season, the fans we spoke with our firmly planted in reality heading into the primetime game against the top-flight seahawks. >> they had a lot of injuries, the secondary is in trouble. hopefully we hang tough. they would prefer to have just as much fun during the game as beforehand. >> we have to believe in the team and everything in the capital. this is the team. >> for the season ticket holders, the key to victory as
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her dad. he is going to his first game, despite the fact he has been a fan for 40 years. >> it's my dad's first game ever. >> i'm in the stands for the first time. >> first time ever. will not get any easier for washington next week. the 3-1 arizona cardinals next week. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> we will have the highlights and we will hear from the team coming up in sports. news, thisnto other just in from prince george's county -- the police say that for people are in the hospital tonight after a crash on i-95 that happened near sandy spring road. adults and twoo children in a car that ended up in the woods. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> arlington police are looking for up federer who is dressing
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up as a police officer. the victim said she was approached by a man who was dressed up as a police officer. stephen tschida is in arlington with the story. how did the victim getaway? not dontially she did with the police impersonator told her to do, get out of the car. this is a quiet suburban neighborhood. tonight, some are applauding this 41-year-old woman for her presence of mind. others in the neighborhood, especially women, are worried. in woman saw flashing lights her rearview mirror. she pulled over a long this dark, lightly traveled street. a man approached, and at some point told her to get into his vehicle. i would be wondering. >> investigators believe the suspect is a police impersonator , and the woman refused to get out.
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when she demanded that a uniformed officer come to the scene, the suspect went back to his vehicle and took off. >> i would not get out of my car. i would drive all. >> i'm glad she was so smart. >> this specific stretches quiet, but it is close to arlington, home to a lot of young women. some wonder if the suspect is in the community and may try another ploy or method of abduction. some say until he is caught, they will be on guard. >> you have to walk somewhere together rather than alone. >> the suspect description in this case is very vague. arlington police are asking anyone who may have seen anything or know anything to please contact them. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. steven. you, let's look at the weather, cooler overnight. maybe some warmer temperatures tomorrow, steve rudin? >> here we are, almost the
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middle of october, and we are talking the temperatures rebounding into the 70's tomorrow. meantime, it is dry around the capital beltway and will remain that way overnight. doppler radar, not a lot going on. heading off to the north and , those areas with moderate to heavy rain. just off to the east, hagerstown, it is drive. we will look at the timing of the next front of showers tomorrow afternoon and what to expect the rest of the week coming up. photographer and contracted ebola is now being treated in omaha, nebraska. he arrived in omaha today for treatment in a specialized containment unit. he was working as a freelancer when he became ill. he is the fifth american with ebola to return to the u.s. ebola has killed an estimated 3400 people worldwide, mostly in west africa. >> leesburg police are looking
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at the death of an infant. the department of health says it is suspicious. family members say they took the baby girl to a hospital last week because she was ill. suspiciousaff notice injuries and call the police. the girl was removed from life support sunday. the police are now awaiting autopsy results. >> new trouble for michael phelps. >> he may be out of the swing longer than anticipated. major movement fort was a huge day
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same-sex couples in virginia. the supreme court refused to hear arguments, leading to a scramble for the first time wedding ceremonies taking place in the state. >> the supreme court turned away appeals from five states. roz plater is live in alexandria. what is the response you are hearing about this development? it depends on the side of the
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fence that you are on. supporters think it is great and it may help pave the way for many more same-sex marriages in more states. >> i pronounce you partners for life. >> very excited. i cannot imagine my life without death. it's a great day. day for the springfield couple who had already had a dress rehearsal. a ceremony in 2011 at commonwealth baptist church around the corner. this was a way to seal the deal and make it official. >> rush to the altar for same-sex couples in virginia began just hours after the u.s. supreme court decided to let stand rulings that would allow same-sex marriages in five states. virginia, indiana, wisconsin, oklahoma, and utah. off a ruling about constitutionality of gay marriage in all 50 states.
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some believe this is a good hint as to how the court may be thinking. >> i think the fact the supreme court has let these ruling stand should be a strong message of the court possibly innings. >> stunning news for those who up for same-sex marriage. >> this is like the supreme court engaging in hit and run in leaving the scene of the accident. congress has to do this right now. every member of congress should be questioned why the public, will you remove this question from the federal courts and let the people of the states decide? virginia's governor says the state is already moving forward on working at getting benefits for same-sex spouses. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> an official announcement from usa swimming, olympic gold medalist michael phelps is suspended for six months following a dui charge against him and baltimore last week.
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they said that as a violation of their code of conduct. plan onttends to attending a program. he cannot compete in any usa swimming-sanctioned events. theet's turn now to weather. a gorgeous day today. 70's, temperatures upper i actually heard a complaint that it was too windy. go figure. always a little something. cooler weather on the way, but not until the weekend. meantime, showers, and warm weather. outside, mostly cloudy skies. taking a look at 69 degrees at reagan national airport. outzy conditions, the wind of the south at 18. the high made it up to 77, 5 degrees above average. no rain to speak of inside the
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beltway, but a much different story off to the west. network, george washington university, 66 degrees. high today middle 70's. 65 springfield. upper marlboro, maryland, 62 degrees. the morning low, they drop down the0 earlier today with clear skies. the temperatures falling off into the 50's to the west. martinsburg, winchester. these areas have already seen rain, but the rain line is having a hard time moving to the east overnight. the frontal system off to the west moves through late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. that brings a better chance of widespread showers across the immediate metro. off to the west, shenandoah, western maryland, garrett county, allegheny county, washington, moderate rain. the division line between those who are seeing nothing at all and those are getting some, not
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that far. hagerstown is dry at this hour, probably remains dry overnight. towards hancock, that is where we have heavier rain. tomorrow,cast early upper 50's, 60 degrees in the district. grab the umbrella just in case. through the afternoon, best chance of showers popping up, especially west of d.c. tomorrow evening, tomorrow night, all of this moves through. the skies clear. wednesday looks pretty nice, back into the lower to middle 70's. the wind settles down, mild thursday. this upcoming weekend, that is when the cooler, drier air arrives with another round of showers. wesley claudia vernet, isolated showers to the west. claudia vernet, isolated showers. just ahead increase of the system that will bring us the showers late tomorrow afternoon. dry wednesday, lower 70's thursday and friday.
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saturday and sunday look ok at this point.point. about 70 degrees monday, the holiday. calling of highs about 70. >> we will take it. looks nice. >> a big night for sports. >> the redskins are down, but they are battling. what do you think of the execution of the redskins defense? are you for it? that was the text from a fan. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. bryce harper in doug fister were sensational today. when the giants made a game changing mistake him it was like somebody gave them the key to the lock. they came alive. they relaxed. this was the play, runners on
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first and second. bumgarner the bunt, throws it away. two runs score. here comes harper, the throw, harbor is safe. they lead 2-0. played a great game today. how about this -- the rope was sinking, and he goes down to get it, the shoestring catch of the game. how about an encore? bryce harper, into the wheelhouse, almost into the cove. they get to play tomorrow. the final was 4-1. horace holmes is live in san francisco. he has been with the nats the entire postseason. what are the players saying? >> how what i described the playoffs, the clubhouse after the game? relieved. in the entire series turned on
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that wilson ramos bunt. >> what i did for the team today, i always play for the team. if i do a good job behind the plate, i'm so happy. >> just the fa he stepped up for us and did that for the team , the importance of getting up on time, he did it. we felt it. >> if you are worried about the past, worried about what happened in the last game, it's a lost cause. we played our game and he was throwing a great game. for us to come up with that was huge. >> everybody is well aware of where we were at. it doesn't change tomorrow. same situation. g againstl be vogelson gio gonzalez. >> great job. meanwhile, the redskins playing the seahawks right now, 24-10 late in the fourth quarter, the redskins are in the red zone and threatening.
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a loss would put their record at 1-4. they were 3-13 last year. >> who would have thought they would even be in this game? >> we will wait and see, couple minutes left. couple in engaged california will have quite the story to tell at their wedding.
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>> highlights from the nats big
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victory against the giants as the top trending story on, as well as the search for hannah graham, and steve's forecast for the week. although stories on balloongettable hot-air proposal caught on camera. this cell phone video caught this hot-air balloon making an emergency landing into the water near san diego. proposing toboard his girlfriend when strong wind force the balloon down. in the end, all three passengers made it to shore safely. for the record, she said yes. this truly gives new meaning to " taking the plunge." >> think that is a >> one last look at the weather.
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>> we had some bumps in the road. grab a number i'll just in case, 40% chance of showers late in the day. that should wash away the allergens. middle 70's the high wednesday. friday will be cool but comfortable. the upcoming weekend looks good. upper 60's, 70 degrees. >> nothing to complain about there. >> except your allergies. 17 the redskins trail, but the seahawks almost getting ready to score again. >> jimmy kimmel live is next. >> have a great night. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- dax shepard. from "selfie", karen gillan. and music from rixton. with cleto and the cletones. and now, basically, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. that's very nice.ustz welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. welcome to the show. we have a -- well, that's very nice of you, thank you. we have a door there,


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