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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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through intense scrutiny just to get into the building. >> they check in for guns or whatever. you go through this extensive search to get in. and it takes a long time. >> attorney webster knight has seen a lot of irate and violent offenders make court appearances here. he is just glad the marshals caught the gun. >> i've seen people do things without weapons. so, you know, the damage can be with or without weapons. >> regardless of where he went between his arrest and arrival at the courthouse a lot of people are asking how a suspect got into this building with a loaded handgun. >> how did he get in? with a gun? they didn't search him over there? >> bogan never did appear before a judge today. he was taken away while prosecutors work on additional charges. reporting live, steven tschida, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. the other big story we're following right now is rain headed this way. >> let's get to our chief meteorologist doug hill.
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any chance this is going to impact the drive home? >> not in the metro washington area. looks like the rain is probably going to arrive in the western suburbs a little after 7:00 and into the city shortly thereafter. at the moment it's cloudy and 69 outside the weather center. the clouds are on the way. looking eastward toward andrews airforce base, that area, down river, some blue sky but the other way off to the west clouds are making progress in a hurry. the first round of showers now just south of winchester, front royal, so a few heavier downpours there are being picked up just north of strasburg. a little further west there is even more action to deal with. a real nasty line of thunderstorms and a number of tornadoes. in fact, the severe storms just posted a tornado watch for northeastern kentucky, southern and southeastern ohio. western west virginia. we think those storms will diminish once they cross the appalachians but an isolated thunderstorm later tonight certainly not out of the question. upper 60's, lower 70's. 73 reagan national. into the evening, rain will develop after 7:00.
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toward midnight for the second round. we think that will come to an end and become breezy in the late overnight hours. a lot more to describe coming up shortly. >> thank you very much. you can track conditions where you are right in the palm of your hand. just download the storm watch weather app for your apple or android device. >> fears over home grown terror are on the rise tonight after another round of arrests. this time it's in london just hours after an american team was captured police say while trying to join isol. senior political reporter scott thuman is following all of the developments in our satellite center tonight. what's the latest? >> alison, remember about six weeks ago the u.k. raised its threat level to severe, the second highest level there. all of what we're learning today may justify that move. several arrests and special investigators at this hour searching several cars and homes in and around the london area. in london, four men police called islamic terrorists were arrested in several raids. the identities or nationalities were not revealed, but scotland yard says they're ages 20 and
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21. police shot one with a stun gun as he tried to escape. the internet continuing to prove a powerful recruiter tool and inspiring often disenchanted youth to join in jihad. >> some call these people lone wolves. but i think that gives them too much dignity. it's a term i resist. i think of them as lone rats. >> the fbi thinks that's what was happening with 19-year-old mohamed kahn of chicago, who they say was trying to fly to the middle east and take up arms against americans. >> it's horrible, man. it's in our back yard. you know? literally in our back yard. it's bad. it's bad. >> agents say kann, whose family wouldn't comment, was talking online with an overseas operative and wrote how western societies are getting more immoral day by day, producing filth. experts recently explained to us how difficult it is to combat this recent surge in foreign fighters. >> why is it catching on so well for them? >> because of the age of social
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media, because of the ease of travel to these locations. this is not afghanistan. other places. >> now the fbi today on his website making a plea for tips. if anybody knows of anyone who has traveled overseas to join terrorist groups or may be planning to there is an easy-to- fill out form on the website and also they're asking for people to look at high resolution photos of one suspect and show a video clip of him giving essentially a speech while behind him it appears prisoners are being forced to dig their own graves. he's got a north american accent. this is new. they also believe that he is possibly just one of a dozen americans known to be fighting in syria with isol. in the satellite center tonight, scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> scott, next thursday abc 7 and news channel 8 will be hosting a live, national townhall to hear your voice on the new terror threat facing the u.s. you can be part of the audience there. it's at the theater in
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virginia. just logon to near the top of your page. you can get a seat in the audience. that is next thursday october 16th at 8:00 p.m. on news channel 8 and at >> the virginia teenager accused of killing a young boy who was trying to protect his own sister now faces first-degree charges murder charges. back in may police say 16-year-old maurice washington tried to sexual assault a 12-year-old girl near richmond. the girl's brother 8-year-old marty cobb tried to stop washington, police say, and that's when police say washington beat cobb to death. >> well, police in anne arundel county arrest two people in the theft of a school bus. travis champagne and nicole adams are now both facing charges of first-degree burglary, theft, destruction of property, and arson. police say the two stole bus number 874 from a lot in crownsville. they crashed it through a gate and eventually tried to set it
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on fire and then they just abandoned it. the damaged bus, found late this morning on governor bridge road and strawberry run in davidsonville. no children were onboard. police believe the suspects were drunk. >> well, the washington nationals swing for the series after a big win last night at san francisco in the face of elimination. >> and tonight the nats face another one of these winner go home scenarios. very stressful. they're playing game four at the national league division series. we have coast-to- coast team coverage of the nationals' postseason drive. we'll get out to our susan kennedy in san francisco in just a moment. >> first, however, first things first. let's talk about what changed last night. >> well, i think they turned the tide yesterday. now they just have to maintain the momentum and start to run with it again. i submit to you that now that the nats have madison bumgarner out of the way, they are in much better shape. not only to survive but i think to win the series. with that said, gio gonzalez has to pitch his best game of
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the year tonight and that is a tall order. angio will need support. i'm not putting it all on gonzalez. i think we saw the nats start to hit the ball again yesterday at at&t park. folks, going into that game desmond, harper, laroche, and wood had combined for only four hits in 41 at bats in this series. dennard span, 0 for 10 before yesterday. washington generated seven hits in the 4-1 win and i think it'll only get better from ere. >> span with a flare into the opposite field. >> hitting balls and just having fun. we got down. so to be able to come in today and get it off bumgarner was huge and get the momentum swing. definitely huge. we really feel like we've been swinging pretty danged well in the series and it's just something that, you know, the ball fell our way a little bit and it did. >> a sensational game yesterday.
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the nationals had gone 21 straight innings without scoring a run in the postseason. seven scoreless innings yesterday before bumgarner's error. tonight the nats face ryan vogelsong who was the giants' 2012 postseason hero. tough game. any time it's a one and done, it's a tough game but vogelsong has been jekyll and hyde as well. he went 0 for 4 in the month of september. >> pretty exciting stuff. >> it is. great drama. >> i don't know a man my age can stand all this. >> incredibly stressful. >> it is. >> it's late, too. >> yes. only 6:07 on the west coast. >> there you go. >> thanks. >> the nats take the field tonight, they'll have a small but very devoted contingent of fans in the stands who made the expensive cross country trip to cheer them on. suzanne kennedy found some of those fans and continues our coverage live from outside at&t park in san francisco. suzanne? >> hi, gordon. well, so many people say they are die hard washington nationals fans but, clearly, the people that made the cross
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country trek here to san francisco are in a league of their own. take a look behind me. these gates are going to open in about two hours. they've already got the tables out. to put etting ready the numbers up. when the gates open there will be a very small group of washington nationals fans wearing red in a sea of orange. the countdown is on for game four of the nlds playoffs at at&t park in san francisco. anxiously watching the clock are tyler gates and his step mother. season ticket holders from washington, d.c., who were in the stands for last night's win and are hoping for another. >> definitely a nail biter for us for sure. >> he's going to go to third and throws it away. >> my stomach still hurts from it. >> disappointed giants fans streamed out of the park last night, took their brooms, and headed home. now the focus is on whether the momentum has shifted toward the nats. >> the guys have postseason experience. they're calm and ready for the
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game and i think gio is going to bring it. >> i feel like the guys are pretty atm up and i honestly feel like we'll be taking the series back home on thursday. >> today in this city known for its iconic sights and funky neighborhoods, baseball was what's being talked about and whether the giants will clinch it at home or if the nats can force a game five. >> they're not going to quit obviously now two games up. they're a great team. i watched them all season. jayson werth, and absolutely got some very good power on that team. anything can happen. >> anything absolutely can happen. just a few moments ago right over here just to the side of the gate where we are at at&t park the team bus rolled in and the players got off very quickly. i noticed on the field a few players were streaming out there. then i noticed they're out there playing frisbee.
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these guys are loose. they're trying to have a good time obviously feeling good after last night's game. steven strasburg is out there throwing the disc around having a good time. they'll have batting practice in about two hours here and hen game time is at 6:07 local time. reporting live at at&t park, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> thanks, suzanne. tough duty but you know somebody has to do it. we appreciate it. count on abc 7 for complete coverage from san francisco of tonight's game and reaction win or lose. suzanne kennedy and horace holmes will have live coverage on abc 7 news at 11:00. john gonzalez will have the latest on what's next for the nats on "good morning washington" tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. >> suzanne is on frisbee watch tonight. coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00 a look inside the steps now being taken at u.s. airports to try to stop the ebola outbreak before it spreads more in the u.s. >> also, dozens of children given baggies of heroin at daycare.
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how that happened and who is defending the suspect tonight.
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>> just one day after a supreme court decision cleared the way for same sex marriages to begin in virginia and four other states, big changes are already under way. >> yeah. that includes changing a laundry list of laws, ordinances, and regulations. our northern bureau chief jeff goldberg is live outside the county courthouse with the way these changes affect virginia. >> gordon, the past few days we have seen same sex couples arrive at courthouses obtaining marriage licenses like here in old town alexandria, arlington, richmond, and across the commonwealth equally as fast the state is moving to implement some of the big changes. but not everyone is comfortable with what they're seeing. the start of same sex marriages in virginia delivered plenty of joy and happiness along with another emotion. >> it is a relief just to feel
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like everybody else. >> leann roselle lives in arlington but she and her wife linda got married in d.c. in 2010 because they didn't know when the day would arrive in virginia. now that things have changed -- >> i don't think there is any going back at this point. >> even filing state taxes together will be a pleasure. >> in virginia we had to basically lie and say we're single. now they will -- everything will be all above board and straight forward. >> today governor mcauliffe signed an executive order directing state agencies to comply with the supreme court same sex marriage ruling, saying state government is already well prepared to implement this landmark decision. that means plenty of new benefits including health insurance for thousands of state employees, hospital visitation rights, and the ability to file state taxes jointly, and adoption access. >> now it is very clear that the marriages by same sex couples are valid and everyone needs to comply with that. >> none of this is cut and dry.
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>> chris six is the pastor of mercy with alexandria presbyterian church. while the state is moving forward with gay marriage, six doesn't believe it's the right direction. >> it might seem in the short term like we're getting what we want and will be happier but we'll never be happier when we go outside of god's design. >> and the clerk we spoke with today in arlington believes there very well may be plenty of private business owners who will not provide benefits to same sex married couples based on religious or moral differences they believe. many of those cases could very well end up in court. live in old town alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a baltimore native has taken his first walk amongst th the stars. astronaut reed weisman joined an astronaut from germany for a spacewalk today. it was 260 miles over the earth. the walk outside the international space station was to perform routine maintenance. when he first left the air lock weisman said, quote, we've
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almost got a full moon out here. if's beautiful. what an experience. >> good for him >> absolutely. >> mr. claustrophobia here? ou got to be kidding me. >> not for you. >> it's easy talking about the weather we have two areas of rain. scattered showers. tomorrow looks really nice. interesting pattern the rest of the week. it's going to keep us busy. every day has a little change in the weather. time lapse, one of our many hd weather cameras on the network. annapolis and st. mary's elementary school, high of 70. 69 right now. we'll let this run for a second to show you the beauty of the cloud cover, sunrise, clearing, sun out, and this kind of advance in the sky all day. clouds and sun shall clouds and sun. sunshine one and then the bottom of the ninth and the clouds rolled back in. let's hope that does not happen tonight. clouds rolling in tonight. you know what i'm saying? in good shape weather wise with
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temperatures in the 60's now. just to the west, you already know what's happening. it's raining outside your door right now coming across interstate 81 areas of rain. this is round one and we make advances eastward to the metro air why this evening and closer to midnight the second round will come in. in the meantime cloudy and mild. upper 60's to lower 70's around the entire area. winchester 64. one of the coolest spots. 73 reagan national. 74 right now in quantico. into the evening we'll see the areas of showers, eventually overnight we'll drop too the 50's. showers expected to end around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and if we get in the clearing we could see the total lunar eclipse just as the nearly full moon is setting on the western horizon and reaches totality at 6:25 tomorrow morning. so pretty low to the horizon when that happens. if you were at a higher elevation, a place with clear visibility to the west you may get a little glimpse of it if the sky cooperates. this is round one, hour by hour. there we go. there's round two coming late tonight. a lot of nasty thunderstorms
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and even tornadoes with the second batch across southern and southeastern ohio, northeastern kentucky. tornado watch is in effect there. now i think most of this will wash out. the heavy duty stuff across the mountains. i cannot say an isolated thunderstorm is out of the question for the viewing area later tonight. it will all move out of here in the early morning hours. our future cast computer model is suggesting by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning the rain will be out and clouds quick to follow. that bodes well for viewing the eclipse. if it is a little slower than that, you'll know when you look out and can't see the moon because of the cloud cover. in any case we will progressively see clearing skies, breezy, wonderful weather tomorrow. the temperatures in the mid 70's. delightful. thursday will be delightful, too, with cooler air moving in. we'll be in the lower 70's. right now only 57 in columbus. 59 in detroit. this is the area of heavy duty weather as it approaches the mountains and lifts up some that will take some of the stash of often out of its sails and weaken things. everything moving rapidly, high pressure in control tomorrow
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and for the day thursday. but by friday, a glimpse of what's coming. another system to the west is going to approach and i think friday will be a cloudy, cool, rainy day around here. keep our fingers crossed the rain gets out for the weekend. no guarantees on that. late tonight showers likely in the 60's, partly cloudy as we get through the morning. breezy. pleasant. 71 midday tomorrow. and then we hit friday with the rain. clouds tomorrow. we'll have more definitive word on the weekend but right now expect a rather cloudy and cool weekend. as far as the eclipse goes, 6:25 is when it reaches totality. a really neat blog on our website at we'll talk more about her blog and the eclipse and the weather and whatever else i can come up with here in about 30 minutes. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, coffee and your genes. the new discovery that could change the way you look at your morning cup of coffee. >> a look at the front lines of the u.s. efforts to deal with the ebola outbreak and why some
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fear the system is vulnerable. >> heroin is passed out to children in a daycare center.
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>> terrifying moments at a delaware daycare when a worker found children with bags of heroin.
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>> police say it happened after ashley tull sent her child to school with hundreds of bags of the drug. brad bell live in selbyville, delaware, with what happened and why some are defending the mother. brad? >> some are defending her because this is a very small town. they tell us everybody knows everybody and they know that on the mother's part this wasn't intentional. others are saying, no. this is absolutely unforgiveable. heroin was being handed out among children at a daycare center and there was more than enough to go around. take a look at this photo released by the delaware state police. each of those little bags is a dose of heroin. there are 249 of them. that is what the 4-year-old girl carried into this daycare center and started passing out as candy. john truitt is a parent and says what happened at the hickory tree child care center is inexcuseable.
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>> it could have been that bad. they had enough of it. >> a teacher spotted what was happening before noon yesterday. several children with the bags but none opening. the daycare center owner tells us off camera she is beyond grateful for that. after investigating police arrested the girl's mother. she is 30-year-old ashley tull. she and her three children live in this home across the street from the daycare center. the story is that the little girl's regular backpack was ruined by a dog. the one with the heroin was a spare and the mother claimed she had no idea the drugs were inside. this friend who didn't want to be shown is defending tull. >> she is a good person, good mother. and this is an incident that happened that she really didn't have any control over at the time. >> even so, she has been ordered to stay away from her kids and is charged with child endangerment and maintaining a drug property. >> to be more observeant with
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what is going on with her children. as a parent i wouldn't imagine how it would be to get a phone call like that. it is heart breaking. >> police say their investigation is not over but still ongoing and it is possible that there will be more charges. in selbyville, delaware, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> amazing. thank you. still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 a determined young lady describes how she got to spend a night out with the captain of the washington capitals. >> and only on 7 a woman trusted with cleaning homes instead appears to be cleaning out homeowners. how police say they finally stopped the crime spree.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at five, on your side. --there's this ramble spanish authorities of quarantine for people and have nurse's to put down the doll. he comes as the united states is taking steps toward changing its own policies toward air travel. rebecca cooper with more on what that could mean. >> the white house said today they aren't yet prepared to announce the new steps.
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congressional reports say they expected to include possible temperature checks and longer questionnaires for international travelers arriving in the u.s.. some say it doesn't go far enough and some say it is an overreaction. with 60,000 passengers flying in and out of dulles international , international travelers today were divided over president obama's announcement that the u.s. will travelersting traveling to and from sites of the ebola epidemic. >> i don't think it's good enough. >> at think it could be inflammatory and could lead to more panic than is really necessary. >> he sees patients from all over the world. he says his staff knows to be on the lookout for ebola type symptoms. but at airports it is difficult to rely on temperature checks and questionnaires.
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simply lying and taking tylenol thebuprofen could allow -- doctor says a travel ban would be an overreaction at this stage. the texas ebola patient had a four hour layover here at dulles. medical experts believe no travelers were exposed since he wasn't yet showing symptoms. is sick,e passenger there is a special holding center. there's a quarantine center to immediately isolate and treat any passengers believed to be sick or contagious with any potentially deadly illness. problem, legal experts tell me that under the international treaty that governs travel and health, passengers can simply refuse to have their temperature taken, but they're going to put in new measures and asked passengers to comply. this is going to be something
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that will be cause for debate in the coming days and weeks here in the washington area. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> no question about that. the virginia department of health concert -- confirms the enterovirus has been diagnosed in patients in northern virginia. children with asthma and other health conditions are especially vulnerable to this. the virus has sickened hundreds of people nationwide. hour standoff ends with a man in critical condition. it happened on alexandria pike and diagonal three in warrenton. officials say the standoff began monday afternoon when deputies tried to serve joshua simpson with emergency custody order. they say send some locked himself inside the house -- simpson locked himself inside the house with a gun. he suffered life running injuries in exchange of gunfire
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with the police. know what else was hurt. u.s. marshals caught a d.c. inmate trying to sneak a loaded gun into court in his underwear. the u.s. marshals that they made the discovery doing a routine search. marshall took possession of the back outhe was sent for additional charges. there were no injuries. >> police arrested for terrorism suspects in london today. police say no shots were fired a stun guns did use on one of the suspects. , the's a big night nationals looking to stay alive in game four of the national division series. they won over the giants in san francisco and tonight's first at at&t park.07 >> locally at this hour, a 16 inch water main break is causing
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a mess. southbound on montgomery road this morning. all southbound lanes are still close. crews are still at the scene and there is no word on when the repairs will be completed. time for a look at the traffic situation. >> traveling the beltway is a very slow go. toward us isoming across the legion bridge. then toward connecticut avenue also very slow, a track -- crash alongn georgia avenue right side of the roadway. 95 southbound very slow at springfield and across the oracle quad. -- aqua quad. to a point just --er centreville but before
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there is a disabled truck blocking the center lane. motherss of soon-to-be had one big baby shower in springfield this morning. women who have husband serving in the military or spouses who were wounded warriors. i had the honor of emceeing the event. the organizers say they want to help these families who give so much on a daily basis. >> we spend all of our time caring for our spouses and we really don't get out of the house much. we don't have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. with this event, i'm able to come here and focus on me and our new baby that is coming. organizedon homefront a fun day.
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anybody deserves to be pampered, it's those ladies. tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry gone in an instant. how police say that finally captured that the. asked thelittle girl face of the washington capital out or sushi. here's what she's saying after that wish comes true.
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>> tonight were getting a special look inside a little girl's dream come true. withat dream, a sushi date alex ovechkin. she may not be very tall, but don't let her size school you. she may be 10, but she is the one who calls the shots. unafraid and she is unpretentious and she is bold. >> so wasto her mom when she skated up to the captain of the
5:41 pm
washington capitals last month and asked him on a date. what mom didn't expect is that he would actually follow through. >> yesterday morning i woke up and thought maybe i had dreamed it. it was unbelievable. >> she got a tour of the facility and the locker room. ovechkin surprised her with a bouquet of flowers and tickets to the game. she has been an avid fan her whole life. we sat down for a one on one today about her date. it didn't take long for her to taking theipt on us, lead. >> one last question. >> no, five. >> even know her date with her favorite player probably came and when a little faster than , she will have a day she will remember and carry
5:42 pm
with her for the rest of her life. >> isn't that great? next, it every coming up how you're very genetic makeup may impact your craving for caffeine in the morning. in with a broom and dust pan. police say she walked out with a whole lot
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>> a cleaning lady is facing accusations that she is behind the effort of $16,000 in jewelry. from 10 different homes. >> kevin lewis is live in bethesda with the store you will see only on 7. >> we spoke with that woman boss earlier today. she said that 31-year-old maria rivas were not us appeared to be a kind woman and a devout christian, but shortly after her many reported missing
5:46 pm
jewelry, including a woman who lives on this street in bethesda. cleans homes for 20 years, never an accusation of thievery until police say she hired this woman. was just the start. investigators soon learned she took jewelry from at least five customers in montgomery county, including an 89-year-old woman at a retirement community. the total stolen, $16,000 worth. found five more victims across prince toward his in howard county. mom is dying in the hospital and i need money, she said i did it, i am sorry. herhe snapped this photo of now ex employee reportedly returning most of the missing jewelry. items like an 18 karat gold
5:47 pm
ring, sapphire bracelet and diamond earrings. s-granados riva complex, but a neighbor said she is long gone. >> maria is not coming here. police tell us they are still charging her with felony theft. as far as a motive, investigators say the woman, the cleaning lady here reportedly told them she had to make a quick buck after her mother fell ill in el salvador. >> actor stephen collins is facing accusations of child molestation tonight. collins is known for his role as a pastor and father on the television series "seventh heaven."
5:48 pm
confessed to his wife that he had molested or exposed himself to several underage girls and did not know she was recording the confession. incidents happened 42 years ago when collins was 25. collins, who was on the national board of the screen actors guild, frequently performed with young actresses. he was fired from an upcoming movie following these accusations. now, -- a help alert. it may be linked to the development of a particular form of autism. researchers say the findings may autismy help identify earlier, it may change treatment. you can read about in the journal molecular psychiatry.
5:49 pm
how much coffee you drink could be programmed into your dna. finding that links genetics to coffee consumption. researchers say the results will help identify who would benefit from drinking less coffee. surging prices may also change those drinking habits. coffee prices have hit the highest in more than two years .ecause of a drought many companies like starbucks have their prices fixed for 2015. gregg see what's coming up at 6:00. >> a lot of nervous people tonight. we are getting closer to game four for the nationals and we have team coverage from san francisco. plus, a confrontation between a d.c. resident and an amc commissioner caught on camera.
5:50 pm
it's a story you will see only on 7. towhat i'm looking forward is a word from doug hill on the weather this evening. we have a rather important game coming up. that won't affect us here. >> we had moments of sunshine earlier but now it is overcast across the entire area and 69 degrees. you see on the far eastern horizon a little blue patch there were clouds moving in quickly ahead of the brain. the showers moving across the corridor and will approach the western edge of the beltway just around 7:00. right now 73 degrees at reagan quantico.74 at mild temperatures along the bay with a little more sunshine during the day. side, that isnd
5:51 pm
the second batch that will come in later tonight. midnight, 1:00, the cold front itself and the next area of rain we will be dealing with in the overnight hours. all that moving out in the morning, turning sunny and breezy and mild, in the mid-70's tomorrow. cooler on thursday and then friday that next system pushing out of kansas city is friday's weather maker. cloudy and cooler with a good chance of rain. it will turn breezy and sunny through the day, a nice thursday, rainy friday, cloudy over the weekend. we remind you to check out our website, for a full blog explanation, if skies cooperate early tomorrow you might get a view of the total lunar eclipse. >> i would like to know that the
5:52 pm
giants will not eclipse the na ts. >> manager bruce poti of the giants is 8-2 in in limitation .ames -- manager bruce bochy the nationals and giants do play tonight in a late game. when they report this afternoon, they will be refreshed, confident, and sharp. 07 on the west: coast. tonight atsee this at&t park? >> it's all about momentum. i think the momentum is with the nationals. the weather will not be a factor, another perfect day out here. giants coming out of the dugout right now for batting practice. this game tonight is going to
5:53 pm
come down to pitching. gyo gonzalez has pitched in this ballpark many times and was very sharp in the last couple of outings. here he is on tonight start it >> there's going to be some excitement. obviously there's going to be some emotion to that. it's also staying professional as much as possible in my career deftlytime playing, i want to stay as much composed and relaxed as possible. >> that is tonight's game. you have to give at least some thought to the possible game five back home. reports are he is leaning toward zimmerman. that is coming up in a couple of hours. will check in with you later. the redskins played much better last night.
5:54 pm
i'm only going to focus on one of the most damaging aspects of the game last night, they lost containment on russell wilson time and time again. they weren't the only ones but they had containment responsibilities and they cannot be overaggressive, they have to keep russell wilson from escaping. they were on able to do that and consequently he just ran all over them and made it look easy last night. the redskins are sti
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>> u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement wants everyone to join their efforts to catch child predators. caroline tucker shows us how they were doing it by putting more power in your hands. to terrorism. i can't inc. of another crime that touches us closer.
5:58 pm
>> he spends his days trying to catch those criminals who terrorize children online. is an aptpredator u.s. immigration and customs enforcement's rollout on the iphone in 2014. it is now expanding. >> giving it out to the android market helps us get the word out . >> the latest rollout of the operation predator app also includes a spanish version four apple and android. highlights this man, authorities say he left the u.s. for england in 2008 and did not return. he is still wanted. the agent said the app can help cast a bigger net. >> we can take the information and shared on facebook or twitter or other social media accounts. and 2014, eyes
5:59 pm
apprehended thousands of predators. they don't know how many was because of the app. tucker in fairfax for abc 7 news. >> the nationals and their fans gear up for what could be their last game of the season. a neighborhood commissioner caught on camera pushing a man at a meeting. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we have live team coverage in
6:00 pm
san francisco. >> we start with suzanne kennedy. >> we are clearly in the minority here tonight. and lookedon sunday all over san francisco and saw very few washington nationals fans. unfortunately that does remain the case here in san francisco today. what we know is that a lot of people to say it's too expensive to ross the country but those who did make it here are transplanted washingtonians every people who showed up at the game here yesterday are people who have moved here, bought a ticket and then came out to the park. we did catch up with two season-ticket holders from washington who flew out here, went to last night's game, and we asked them, where is everybody? why aren't there more washington nationals fans here to support the team in san francisco? this is what they had to say.


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