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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute 7 broadcast the abc center, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> two people were killed in a crash just minutes ago in oxon hill. this is the intersection of livingston road and livingston terrace. the prince george's county fire department reports that in addition to the two people who died in the crash, two others
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have life-threatening injuries. authorities tell us one car rear-ended the other. the roads will be closed down for several hours. you are urged to avoid the area. stay with abc 7 and debbie j. for updates. an emotional plea from a mother to who shot her son. he was shot one week ago and since has been fighting for his life. jaydan is making strides toward recovery. the community gathered to pray for him and other children living with violence. richard reeve has the story. >> it was one week ago tonight that jaydan was shot in the head. he was on life support, but his family now says he is recovering. his mother was on the streets with hundreds of other people pushing for an end to gun violence.
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it was a walk to stop the violence. friday a drizzly sont, her nine-year-old remains in the hospital after being shot in the head a week ago. >> he was lying on the concrete asking what was wrong with his head. wasitnesses say jaydan walking home at about 8:30 p.m. when shots rang out. were hit bythers gunfire. family members say jaydan, initially on life support, is now conscious. his eyes are open. >> he is awake. we have to be strong for him. >> in a packed community center gym, words of prayer and thanks. >> we have to figure out a way to protect our children. >> not only forjaydan's
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recovery, but for the three andcers who performed cpr got the wounded youngster to the hospital. >> i'm thankful for those officers. he probably would not have made it. >> we have to make sure it does not happen again. moment an emotional windows opposite is were hugging jaydan's family. police say they have leads, but they are looking for more information. they say the shooter or shooters are still out there. if you have any information, you are asked to call mpd/ richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> stormwatch tonight, we have some coller weather moving to the area, stretching into saturday. let's see if the whole weekend will be a washout. steve rudin with a first look at the forecast. >> it will not be quite as bad as we thought.
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we have showers out there right now. some areas of heavier rain. take a look at stormscan from the belfort furniture weather center. most activity is no west of d.c. -- now west of d.c. the heaviest rain is getting ready to move into western maryland at this time. middle toes in the upper 50's. waking up tomorrow, you will need an umbrella. will you needed for the afternoon hours? all you need to know, coming up. >> happening now near the campus of catholic university, police are looking for two people who robbed a group of eight students who were walking a popular trail taylor street and hawaii avenue. this happened in broad daylight at 5:30 in the evening. luckily, no one was hurt. investigationtive
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in southeast after a gunman walked into a barbershop and started shooting on good hope road. the victim was shot six times as he sat in the barber's chair, and later died. what makes the investigation difficult is that the gunman was wearing a ski mask. if you have any information, d.c. police want to talk to you. video evidence tonight showing d.c. police stopping a man as he a neighborhood, and a woman jumping to his defense. what happened, exactly? was it racial profiling, or bad policing? explaining tonight -- >> the woman shut down the police stopped and started the conversation. she received an award from a los angeles civil rights group, and is receiving phone calls from around the world. >> i have a new hero, and her name is jodie. her actions show what it means
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to be a sword and a shield. >> a 72-year-old black man from buffalo, new york. i want to say, thank you for what you did. >> what she did for dennis, her neighborhood handyman, is prompting responses from around the world. d.c. police responded to a burglar alarm in the foxhall area, but at the wrong address. when she saw they stped him, she stepped in. >> you need to tell her that. i am recording this. i am recording, and this is wrong. just because he is black does not mean here's here -- he is here to rub the house. >> she did a very good thing. i was not doing anything. >> a d.c. police spokesperson told us, "there is no misconduct by the officer. while it appears the officer made contact with an individual
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a block away from the call for a burglar alarm, without knowing what transpired before the videotape started, i will refrain from commenting." but she believes it was racial profiling. >> it is an institutionalized prejudice against black people. it doesn't matter if the cops are black or white. maybe if this helps if you white people do the right thing, that is good. ofthis case is on the radar a d.c. city councilman holding .eries -- hearings on d.c police stops. >> thank you, roz. this just in from southwest washington. inicers made two arrests connection with a deadly shooting this morning. the victim was found dead in a home on ivanhoe street at 7:30 in the morning, and investigation led to the arrest of two people.
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charged in an armed carjacking that happened in southwest 30 minutes before the shooting. an independent group will review presidential security. the panel will investigate secret service slipups, including the september 19 incident where an iraq war veteran jumped the white house fence and got inside the white house. he was carrying a knife at the time. game one of the american league championship series is underway, right now all tied up at 5-5./ fans are still going strong in the district. robert lyles is live in northwest washington. >> the orioles came rallying back in the fifth inning, but the question is, are d.c. fans, nats fans, willing to back the
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boys from baltimore. >> let's go o's, let s's go o's! >> most of the people in d.c. were supporting them before the nats got here. demoralized byy the aristocracy? >> i grew up in the d.c. metro area. >> nats fans demoralized after the sweep by the san francisco giants, rising up to support the orioles? >> i think there is a rivalry. >> but wearing black and orange is nothing new , say theseo's faithful. >> the nats came along later, from canada. thehe o's have not seen world series since 1983. >> my whole time on earth, i cannot remember when they won. >> loyalties diehard. it would have been easier to f ind that than a nats fans
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willing to chant orioles magic. fans secretly rooting on the o's from the anonymity of their living room? >> you don't have to hate one team to like the other. >> considering camden yards is experiencing a sellout crowd tonight, you have to imagine many people filling the seats home.he dmv >> thanks, robert. hackers targeted and other retail store. this time, sears holding corporation, with a data breach at kmart stores. the breach compromise credit card and debit card information. the breach was affected on thursday. the number of people affected is not clear at this point. kmart says it has removed the
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malicious software from its systems. the ceo of microsoft is in hot water after comments he made at the conference -- >> there was an intake of breath, did i hear that right? >> what he said, and how he is responding tonight, coming up next. and a wildly popular app >> you are watching abc 7 news
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at 11:00 -- on your side. >> developing news out of little rock, arkansas, where a three-year-old is in critical condition after falling into a jag wire exhibit -- jaguar exhibit at a local zoo. family members had him perch on the railing. he suffered wounds, but his parents were able to scare the jaguars away before zookeepers arrived. his wounds are not
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life-threatening. the country's biggest airports with ebola screenings, including dallas. authorities are looking at the death of thomas duncan and what could prevent the situation from happening again. >> the family of the first person to ever die of ebola in the u.s., releasing his medical records to the associated press today. reportedly showing that when thomas eric duncan first went to this dallas hospital, he had not only told a nurse she had recently been to west africa, his temperature was alarmingly high, 103 degrees. still, he was sent home. >> the fever is too high to send some at home. >> he was rushed back to the hospital two days later and admitted, dying on wednesday. his case is part of the focus of a congressional hearing at dallas-fort worth international airport. >> we must learn from these missteps and ensure proper procedures are followed should another case arrive in the united states.
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>> duncan's family confirmed he has been cremated. the first american ebola antly, expressbr his sympathy. the health of another patient is said to be improving. ukpo contracted ebola in liberia. starting tomorrow, people coming from that country as well as leone willsierra face extra scrutiny. >> marcy gonzales, for abc 7 news. more than 4000 people have died in west africa so far from ebola. microsoft's new ceo is apologizing after comments made about pay raises for women. satya nadella said that instead of acting -- asking for a raise, they should get good karma. >> it is not about asking for a raise, but knowing that the system will give you the right
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as you go along. >> there was an audible intake of breath -- did i hear that right? >> they did, and they did not like it. nadella was the keynote speaker at one of the largest women's technology conferences in the country. he later wrote that he answered the question completely wrong and that women should get equal pay for equal work. users --:00, snapchat hackers claim they stole 100,000 private images and videos and plan to release them. what's critical is this photo sharing app is widely popular among teenagers because some of them share naked images thinking that they will disappear. that is what snapchat does, you take pictures and then they disappear. but hackers were able to collect the images sent through a third-party app. victimized,re but snapchat was not tampered with.
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>> i don't have that app. [laughter] >> we are glad about that. >> a little fog right now, some heavy rain later tonight into the early morning hours. outside we go right now. cloudy skies, a little fog. there is the rain. 50 degrees, winds out of the northeast. as we move into the early morning hours. 66 is the high. yesterday we had 75. wednesday we hit 80. the downward trend will continue for a couple days, but temperatures tomorrow are only in the lower 60's. about a 10th.c., of an inch of rain is the general range around the area. leonards town at 56 degrees after a high of 68. 60's in manassas after a morning low around 44 -- 54 degrees. cooler to the west of us, upper 50's in southern maryland. lexington park, that cooler air
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is just to the north and west of us, in the 40's. the warmer air is now to the south. we will see temperatures warm up, but it is going to be early next week, along with a better chance for thunderstorms by tuesday. right now we have quite a bit of rain to the west of us. the panhandle of west virginia into western maryland, garrett, and allegheny counties. this moves through the east through the overnight hours, and by the time we are all done with the system by midmorning tomorrow we could pick up anywhere between a quarter inch and a half inch of rain across the immediate metro area. here is the culprit. the front will slowly wiggle further to the south. high pressure will build in tomorrow. look what happens during the late day hours. our skies begin to cool a little. sunshine expected for extreme western maryland. we will see that sharp division line between the clouds and the clearing skies. the class will be south of the
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immediate metro area. however, a little wiggle to the north at about 30 miles an hour could mean more clouds. most of the rain will be done with by tomorrow afternoon. 50 to 55 for the overnight low. highs tomorrow around 65 degrees. during the morning hours. sunday, high temperature only 63 degrees. columbus day, a lot of folks have the day off, upper 60's. tuesday, we could be looking at stronger thunderstorms, and a cool down by midweek. >> something is going to have to happen sunday. or you will dig yourself deeper in the nfc. it can't get worse. >> last week only two catches for pierre garcon.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the redskins looking to bounce back from a three-game d kid. despite the three-game skid, would andre roberts continue to bring his a game? five receptions with a touchdown monday night. don't be surprised if he becomes more of a target. >> andre is a total professional. he works very hard. he is very intelligent. he understands his role, understands the details, how to get open, and he does not have a big weakness. he has great speed. he can be guys over the top. he is a guy you have a lot of -- heence in because the feels versatile as a receiver. wizards outing for the
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in greenville. they lost to the charlotte hornets. they are now 2-1 in the preseason. , last time in action tonight in a friendly with ecuador. a lot of love for donovan. one goal for u.s., and donovan was involved. makesle movement, then he it happen. that gave usa the lead, but this one ended in a tie, 1-1. o's and royals tied 5-5 in the top of the eight. number one team in the area, centreville, the wildcats. playing long ball, leon. charles comes back for the touchdown. any rivalry game is about the rankings and record. smoooth sailing.
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tripleld wins in overtime. intle of unbeatens montgomery county. paint branch and northwest. sets this up.e, e.j. lee gets in for the score. the jags win, 49-6. terps have the day off tomorrow. big college double-header on abc 7 tomorrow, with oklahoma and texas at noon, and michigan state takes on purdue at 3:30. royals, might be another 18-in game or something like that. >> george clooney just got married, but he might be in the doghouse for a
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in tysons corner, northern virginia. celebrated 100 years of philanthropy for the foundation. you see 100 people who donated
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tonight, all on stage together. a great event. george clooney decided to spend part of his honeymoon at the new york comicon. for a panel for his upcoming movie "tomorrowland." from the wedding in venice, italy, to comiccon?
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>> can we get out of this mess for the weekend? >> we will wake up to a little patchy fog. highs tomorrow only 65 degrees. same on sunday. we cool down a little monday. then upper 60's, middle 70's on tuesday. and some strong thunderstorms across the mid-atlantic. >> that will keep you busy.
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>> jimmy: we have a fun show for you tonight. the great martin short is here. we have music from steve aoki, and we have animals. animal trainer dave salmoni is here. i thought it might be fun to get a sneak peek of the animals tonight. >> jimmy, good to see you. >> jimmy: good to see you, too. >> that's a paca. and my cape penguins are here. sorry -- they were here a minute ago. >> jimmy: what do you mean? you're missing your penguins? what the hell is that? >> 50/50 on the penguin. >> jimmy: whoa. marty. what in the name of satan the devil is going on here? >> back off! we're ready to rumble. let's go, guys.


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