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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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it is raising the question about in all hospitals prepared to handle cases should they occur. >> we wish the situation in dallas were different than it is today. wish this individual had not been infected. and we're concerned that there infections in the coming days. >> they believe that there's only one other person that she with.ry close contact that person now being monitored as well. but if they can't pinpoint contracted the nurse it, then they kind of have to reevaluate the system, what in place, isre there something they missed. they also -- we're going to hear, coming up at 6:00, they've the briefing the president, national security experts as well as health officials. they just had a white house meeting. we're going to have that coming up in just a couple of hours. hasow, new york's hospital just quarantined two patients
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who recently returned from west africa. hospital has also put ems crews who treated the patients as well.ion they say just as a precaution. >> d.c. emergency responders had their own close brush with a suspected case of ebola. that patientknow does not have the virus, d.c.'s response is something many are watching pretty closely. d.c. bureau chief in southwest to explain what was done. >> alison, it was quite a scare people, the firefighters, paramedic engine company 13. they and medic 19 went to the home of a sick woman and they treated and transported her to george washington university hospital. sources, to fire someone at the hospital learned the woman had been to africa and without following the protocol, sounded the alarm that they had an ebola patient. as a result, both the engine and the ambulance were put out of
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service temporarily until the hospital determined that the woman's conditions did not fit ebola. sources said the units were way andin the standard put back into service. before this incident, we spoke with the d.c. fire ems medical said the agency is equipped to handle ebola cases. more of aally have problem with exposure to common -- more common diseases influenza. influenza actually kills over 40,000 people a year. throughtransmitted droplet secretions, like ebola. >> and the d.c. health department confirmed that the at george washington university hospital does not have ebola. on this storyore coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. from southwest washington, sam ward. coverage of ebola in america continues just ahead. we'll have a live report in a little bit. and we'll also break down what
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you need to know about the symptoms of ebola compared with much more common viruses that are going around right now. enterovirus and the flu. 5:00, we speak with a local physicians assistant who has lost three family members to ebola in west africa. thise beginning of wok-week has -- workweek has rain,ued the trend of dreerly and cool -- dreary and outside. chief meteorologist doug hill here with a quick look. tell you, every vantage point we have with our weather cameras, kind of showing a picture. cloudy, damp, 63. we'll show you our rooftop camera. fog and drizzle. that will be the story tonight. but there are a number of changes that will be happening the next few days. by wednesday, it's going to be a very busy weather day. showers on the eastern shore. everything else is just mist and fog.le and remember what i said about
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wednesday? this is the reason. a strong area of low pressure one of the strongest cold fronts we've seen in some time pushing its way through the tennessee valley. that will have a major impact on our wednesday weather, with thunderstorms. it will impact driving. it's going to be a big weather day. andtime, just kind of quiet drizzly. 64 in manassas. and very similar weather conditions expected all evening long. above thees will hold 60-degree mark all night long. more, coming up shortly. >> doug, thank you. well, we are learning more about a pedestrian killed in prince county. it was around 10:40 last night. 41-year-old victory moreno was hit, attempting to cross the road in buoy. driver is the cooperating. the road was shut down overnight but has since reopened and the investigation is ongoing.
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since uvmarks a month student hannah graham disappeared. graham's parents released a statement this afternoon as police are still trying to find her. part, itment says in is heartbreaking for us that the person or persons who know where hannah is have not come forward with that information. it is within their power, both to end this nightmare for all searchers ofe the their arduous task. suspect, isw, the behind bars. investigators are looking for more connections between graham'ss disappearance and the 2009 death of virginia tech student morgan harrington. >> former first lady maureen mcdonnell is asking for a delay sentencing. she was convicted of nine corruption charges last month. former governor mcdonnell, was convicted of 11 of 13 charges. maureen is seeking a sentencing hearing february 16 instead of 6 next year, because apparently one of her lawyers
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has a scheduling conflict. whether the judge will approve the change. the nflonly week 6 in season, but for redskins fans, last night's bumbling loss to arizona cardinals feels more like it could be a big nail if in the coffinnail for the season. sports director tim now here us. >> whoa, whoa! >> i'm not the only guy saying this. >> you said it accurately a few minutes ago. it's gloomy outside, wet outside. it's monday and they lost again. here's the deal. there's no question jay breud -- shaking his head. it's still field position and execution. i said several times, weeks ago, that this group has some talent to they sure do not know how win. folks, when you get the ball late in the 4th quarter with a to win, you should thrive
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on that. curt cousins now has eight picks for the season. he has eight interceptions. not just cousins, though. struggles under the magnifying glass with the game on the line. club.'s the entire they are in a mental rut. >> obviously we just gotta find make more plays. all across the board. have one that says, well, we need to improve right here, i think we have a great we need tong of what do. a whole bunchit's a of things we need to improve. it's the wideouts, their blocking, the defensive line, the coverage, the linebackers. it's the special teams. everything. of >> that has leon over here shaking his head. he just has to continue to work and let it fly. he's gotta work through this. he's better than that. the secondary has to disguise
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what they're doing, even when in a zone. they got off the bus yesterday pedaling. was overpowered. >> here we are six weeks in and what kind of't say team jay gruden has. >> there's no question about it. rookie coach. you've got essentially a rookie quarterback. these are his starts. started 16 games yet. so, i mean, there are a lot of things out there. you gotta stop saying excuses is, excuses and get a couple wins, wins. will win sunday against tennessee. >> okay. won.owboys >> hey -- and we hate that. >> cowboys were pretty good. more on this now, because heartbreakers like the one yesterday can shake the fans, even the most loyal fans. >> that's right. to gauge just where our fan support is.
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kai jackson is live with reaction on this trending topic. >> i think it's safe to say that certainlyd fans haven't given up hope on their team. at if excitement were like gas gauge, that little yellow brightly,d be glowing indicating excitement is pretty low. our question right now is, do thestill have hope in redskins right now? lorraine says ugh! i think th says it all. sean says i don't see the season having a great turnaround. there will.yes, diehard fans, please join our to ouration by going wjla facebook page and letting think. what you mondayns, admittedly, morning quarterbacking, are pretty thin right now. back to you. cheering us up, kai. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. canou think the redskins turn things around and salvage
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this season? discussion, on the wjla tv facebook page, and we'll reaction with you later. >> the holiday that has a lot of people taking today off is debate. a new >> the push to change the focus of columbus day. it about dadsis that a new study finds makes morelikely to earn a lot money than nonparents? is looking atman up to three years in jail for allegedly having unprotected sex college student, even though he is hiv positive. that story for you, next. >> and looking ahead this thursday, at 8 p.m., abc 7 and our sister station will host a live national town hall on isil, the new terror threat. you could be part of the audience. we want you to join us.
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>> an encounter at a bethesda bar has a virginia man facing policel charges after say he knowingly tried to transmit hiv to a woman he met
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there. steven joins us live with what are facing this man steven? >> alison, first of all, it was here at the bar. where a source close to this investigation tells me that metear-old daniel cleaves this female college student. they hit it off, went back to three daysspent having unprotected sex, as many as seven to nine times. now, we have also learned from other bartenders and employees bethesda thathout cleaves was a familiar face during the summer months here in even though he is a resident of another county in virginia. this raises the possibility that he may have had other hookups. withhe is charged knowingly having sex with someone and not using protection, even though he is hiv positive. this could put him behind bars up to three years. as far as the alleged victim in this case, we have also learned
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from this source that so far, she has tested negative for the virus. back to you. >> all right. you, steven. steven reporting live from bethesda. aboy accused of pointing laser at a maryland state police helicopter is facing both state the chopper was above routes 27 three last night when green flashes lit up the cockpit. investigators were able to track to a lights back 12-year-old boy on the ground, who had used a handheld laser on the aircraft. state police say those lasers distract and disorient during critical operations. very danger. bob standing by in the traffic center. leon, soggy, that's for sure. but this holiday, we do have hov lanes relaxed. so we don't have hov lane effect.ions in we do have some southbound
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headed into humphreys and the express lain. on 66, you've only got three lanes open today. no hov restrictions you don't have the shoulder lane restriction. thes a bit lighter on beltway in montgomery county for bethesda and silver spring, at speed inty much both directions. traffic generally doing well on and the5 baltimore-washington parkway. on 66, more volume, only because only three lanes instead vienna, heading out to and fairfax. cleared. has been >> okay. thank you. one person is dead, three others earlyjured, after an morning storm ripped through arkansas. sheriff, a mane died and a woman and two children were all hurt when a on their home. their home was destroyed.
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the national weather service is determine if it was in fact a tornado. >> hmm. there.ugly looking stuff >> bad stuff. i tell you, right now, on the western end of the tennessee huge storms, wide area of severe weather, off of a powerful cold front. that cold front is going to have an effect on us on wednesday. we've been showing you our area.s around the the metro area, all fog and drizzle. the naval academy, annapolis and the seven rivers, cloudy but no fog and drizzle. far as any rainfall detected by radar, that is on the eastern shore, across delaware and southern new jersey. for the next few hours, pretty much what you see is what you get, drizzle and fog. the fog may become more localized across the western bay later in the night. and leesburg.burg rainfall total is not heavy in leesburg. the rain is light with drizzle and mist. detectable by radar.
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the state of arkansas, this same line went through there and caused the unfortunate damage we saw earlier. going to slowly move and pick up a lot of gulf moisture. you can see elements of moisture gulf,he florida continuing to lift up and joining the system here, that is our wednesday weather. some of the rain could get into the mountains late tomorrow night but wednesday is going to be the big weather day around here. low to mid-60's at the moment. 66 at reagan national airport. as far as what's going to happen tonight, we'll hold on tohat we have. we're looking at temperatures which are a little warmer than were yesterday. but out west, 21 degrees warmer of westortions virginia. those warmer winds are coming ofe tomorrow, just ahead this cold front. our futurecast shows the clouds rolling in. we'll leave it here at the end animation. wednesday afternoon, we'll see the showers and storms showing up to the west. fog, maybe a touch of sun tomorrow.
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wednesday, not a good weather day at all. stay in close touch with us. >> thank you. so you could say that the bar for thisraised high season of dancing with the stars. a lot of that is thanks to last from a-- from alfonso rivera. earned a perfect four for his reprisal of the carlton dance, from his days as the prince of bel air. find out more on dancing with the stars tonight on abc 7, p.m., followed by castle. >> every year, a study comes out putting some really hard to believe dollar figure on the cost of raising a child. but new research suggests that having children can mean a bigger salary. there's a section there somewhere. the national study by the graduate center, university of found that the median 49,000.or dads is about
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40% higher than men who have no children. the reason? down to tends to come age. fathers tend to be older and more established in their typically means higher wages. therefore it has nothing to do with your fertility. say, youi was going to have more mouths to feed when you're a father. >> you're gonna need to work more! >> exactly. >> still to come at 4:00, trading barbs in the maryland race.ors >> plus, as d.c. celebrates columbus day, two other cities off to celebrate a different part of the new world. with etake you inside the debate. redskins' owner dan snyder had a guest at last night's
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>> social media lit up during last night's redskins -- becauses game and not of the scindz -- skins awful father quarter. >> instead, fans were focused on snyder.r, dan he was sitting next to the navajo nation head. >> the redskins had a game sunday in arizona. they ended up losing that game, 30-20. but it's not exactly their performance or lack of performance on the field that everyone is talking about this morning. rather, it's what happened inside the owner's suite.
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>> absolutely. we can show you a picture right now of what we're talking about. redskins' owner -- dan snyder along with ben shelly and shelly's wife. head of the navajo nation. >> he's the outgoing president. he's not been reelected to head the navajo nation but a lot of people upset that not only was he sitting next to dan snyder but wearing the redskins hat. party said this was in because he has agreed to a deal with snyder and the redskins to and crafts atts fedex field and also on the redskins website. it's something he's been trying to get done with the entire nfl. retweeted this picture and made a big deal of this on twitter, saying that supports the redskins name and doesn't see any offense with it. but there were other people on twitter, also associated with the navajo nation, who say they are offended by the name and think it should be done away
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with. >> we posted it on our facebook page. over 100 people have already weighed in. people think this was nothing more than a publicity stunt by snyder and the redskins. on over, take a look. -- youre to leave us our opinion. ladies.s, some observe this columbus day a day off from school. others honor the explorer credited with discovering america. this includes the music from the united states marine band as well as the significance of voyages.and his >> impressive they're out there in the rain today. of columbus day is reigniting a pretty contentious debate about history. >> there are communities across the country that want to make not goingredit is solely to christopher columbus.
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>> interesting story here. in some respects, this has between thetle founders and what some call the forgotten. communitiesmber of are holding indigenous peoples focusn effort to move the of the holiday off columbus and more to the native americans he encountered when he arrived. number of school districts say they won't replace columbus day want to clarify his role in history. at the same time, and we need to italianis out, many americans are deeply offended by these efforts. actionsieve some of the around the country are basically longer their heritage no worthy of recognition. we're asking you if more cities not.d do this or this one says, we should absolutely change it from to something else. politically correct patrol added again. so tired of this. life.
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and tom says, keep columbus day. american indian day to the federal holiday observations. we'd like to know what you think on our wjla facebook page. guys, it's always a topic for dedate, as you know. >> very interesting. forentencing under way oscar pistorius, after his conviction for shooting his girlfriend. attorneys argued today in court, they surprised both prosecutors and the judge. >> plus, the top two candidates to be maryland's new governor in a debate. the key moments to watch. >> and coming up next, a live from dallas as we learn more about the nurse diagnosed with ebola there and new orders from
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00. on your side. >> the cdc is urging a change in comes towhen it dealing with ebola. the agency is now telling hospitals across the country to someone whowhen travels from west africa comes fever.e er with a >> this comes as we learn more about the dallas nurse who became the first known person to contract the virus here in the u.s. marcy joins us live with the latest. >> we've learned that that pham.s name is nina she is still in this hospital in isolation. we're told she's in stable
4:31 pm
condition. awake and actually able to talk to her family, using face time the meanwhile, the investigation is under way into how, despite gear,g full protective she contracted ebola while treating that man, who died of week.rus here last and investigators also looking into if she's the only one. are concernedhey that other health care workers, who were treating thomas eric have alsoe, may become infected. but they stress that there is not a risk to the general public. they are only really concerned about the health care workers here. precaution, one person, who is believed to have contact pham, onceurse, nina she started showing symptoms on friday, is in isolation, we're precaution. the cdc talking more about their plan today, saying they are changes here at this hospital and also giving more training to the health care here and at local hospitals across the country. leon and alison?
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what about pham's dog? we understand there's been a lot of concern, because there's fear been infectedve as well. what have you heard about that? youhey're concerned because might remember that health care worker in spain who contracted wasa, she had a dog that euthanized. people here were concerned that the same might happen to pham's dog. we are assured that that is not being considered, that pham has a king charles span yell that been in her apartment. but they were able to feed the dog, give it water and we are that the dog will be isolated, monitored to make sure that it doesn't have ebola. >> thank you. >> all right. do you look for with ebola, in addition to the fever that we all hear so much about it? it also includes severe symptoms like heavy sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding. we're going to take a closer how at ebola symptoms and
4:33 pm
it compares to the more common enterovirus and flu we've been talking about lately. that, coming up in just a few minutes. now for a look at the day's other top stories. responders had their own close brush with a suspected case of ebola. we now know that patient does have the virus. but d.c.'s response is something many people are closely watching. will have more details on that response, coming up at 5:00. marks one month since uva student hannah graham disappeared. the search continues as jesse matthew, the suspect in her disappearance, sits behind bars. meantime, graham's parents released a statement to the public, thanking people for their support and asking anyone with information about this case to come forward. encounter at a bethesda bar has a virginia man facing criminal charges, after tried toy he knowingly transmit hiv to a woman he met at the bar. daniel cleaves of richmond is
4:34 pm
of having unprotected sex with a woman seven times over a three-day period. police are now looking into whether cleaves has had unprotected sex with other women. >> we switch to the weather now. long do we have to wait for sunshine? >> maybe a little bit tomorrow. shee show moment, we'll hd weather camera. it's not everywhere, blue skies, are locked into this low cloud drab weather pattern. see thentinue to drizzle and areas of fog through the evening. and tomorrow, with the approach may getcold front, we enough southerly winds developing to punch us out of get a littlek, sunshine, definitely warmer. that cold front and low pressure center that you see on your way to the gulf coast, that's going to come through our region during the day on wednesday and bring a of rain request it. it -- rain with it.
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in fredericksburg with no sunshine. areas will break into a little sunshine tomorrow. lower 70's by we'll look ahead to the end of the week in a few minutes. >> with just three weeks to go they'reection day, pulling the punches against each other. democrat anthony brown and hogan squaredry on our sister--squared off station. >> we were happy to have them our own studio. this has been called one of the most negative, one of the most contentious governors races in the country. and the candidates didn't really on that score. they were contentious from the start, questioning each other's --d qualify f
4:36 pm
qualifications. this part we're going to play had to do with comments about the men's previous jobs. hogan worked as a cabinet secretary. been the course, has lieutenant governor for eight years. stand up and take responsibility. of thee a senior member administration. you're the boss. >> it wasn't the early hogan administration. was is o'malley-brown administration. you haven't taken responsibility two primary jobs, economic development, where you lost 8,000 businesses and jobs, and health care, where you lost $288 million on a website. >> i can't really remember one quite so contentious as this, the candidates just flat-out say what you're saying is not true. there's new polls saying this race is actually much tighter than was expected. a completewe'll have report on the debate as well as what those polls
4:37 pm
are saying. >> maryland voters have two more today's debate. it will air again tonight at a midnightce agained station,ster newschannel 8. get to know your candidates right now on our website, >> well, this year's baseball more thanhave seen their fair share of extra-inning games. means?know what that late bedtimes for baseball fans. just ahead, the warning from that lostout all sleep and what they say not to do when you're trying to wake yourself up. >> plus, an attorney for oscar pistorius called him a, quote, man.n >> a waldorf woman is found dead a pizza hut. investigators believe she was hit multiple times. we'll talk to neighbors who say they swat
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> in this just in, baseball fans are going to have to wait day to see if the orioles can come back in the alcs, because major league thatall just announced tonight's game 3 has been postponed. this is because of the weather. playede will now be
4:41 pm
tomorrow night. the olympicnown as blade runner could soon learn shooting his girlfriend. >> kai joins us now with more. stand today was the sky -- psychologist for oscar pistorius. he said he is a broken man after killing his girlfriend. he shot reeva steenkamp from the bathroom after mistakenning her for an intruder. last week, the judge found him culpable homicide, the equivalent of manslaughter in the united states. >> in the counseling of this discussedou never what -- posttraumaticof stress suffered by
4:42 pm
mr. pistorius, we took one day at a time. >> there is no legal minimum sentence for culpable homicide in south africa, so it will be judge to decide. we should point out that the however brokens mr. pistorius is, he has the opportunity to go on and love again. and doesenkamp is dead not have that opportunity. >> it's sure that's exactly what thinking.s were >> coming up next, some tips from doctors for those baseball out there staying up past their bedtime this postseason. to knowing thee different symptoms for the three scary viruses, ebola, the and >> and there's still time to join the discussion for our question of the day. redskins fell to 1-and-5 on the season with last night's painful loss to arizona, can the team turn things around? we invite your comments and your suggestions. positive suggestions. right now on our facebook page.
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we'll be right
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>> well, of course the past month has seen the emergence of enterovirus d68, as two
4:46 pm
frightening life-threatening illnesses. and with flu season now it'sially under way, important to know what separates these illnesses from far more illnesses. hollie breaks down the symptoms. season and enterovirus d68, and a very small threat of ebola, and yourself a real virus storm. health officials warn the catchingd of anyone ebola in this country is very low. but since the death of a ebola inman from texas, hospitals are on alert. enterovirus d68, hundreds of people, mostly children, have virus.agnosed with the although it's not usually known to cause severe problems, some with immune system or breathing problems are having severe reactions. is which?u tell which all three come with fever. ebola symptoms, however, are with heavy, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and unexplained bleeding or bruising.
4:47 pm
doctors say unless you've been in close contact with someone with ebola, you cannot catch it. can causevirus d68 mild to severe respiratory problems as well as a runny cough and body aches. severe symptoms may include difficulty breathing. with the flu comes chills, sore throat, fatigue, headaches aches.y best way to avoid problems? see your doctor and get your flu shot. all people over the age of six beths nowb -- should inoculated to protect against influenza. >> now to a 7 on your side health alert. the mlb play-offs are in full swing but doctors say late-night games can actually be bad for health. nats know what we're -- nats fans know what we're talking about. doctors say that cheering on your team could be bad for you, even if you're not getting sleep.
4:48 pm
irritability -- irritable, more moodily. >> don't worry. choose betweento sleep and your team. doctors say you should take a don't overcompensate with too much caffeine. biggestat's your problem in life, that you're too tired from watching baseball, you're doing pretty well. >> as long as your team wins. >> speaking of winning, last night's redskins loss has fans contemplating where the team go. >> all right, folks. so we're asking you, can the team's year be salvaged? >> ty joins us now. >> things are of tough when they start talking about next season. a good sign.
4:49 pm
>> already. >> already, right. >> fans are asking if things will ever get better. scott says the skins have the same chance of salvaging the season as the nationals do of world series. ouch. that hurts. no.n says robert to be for hurt so curt could play, well, you got it. are you happy now? that's harsh. now, we have a lot of other topics on here that we could about regarding the redskins. some we can repeat, some we can't. join the you to conversation by going to our wjla facebook page. you. back to >> now let's look ahead to see newss coming on on abc 7 at 5:00. thousands converge on the lincoln memorial, all with the same goal. why faith played a big role in today's event. flying new idea to make
4:50 pm
easier. more on the airline that's this friendly seating, all coming up at 5:00. >> but first let's get a check on our weather. it's going to ramp up as the next couple days come along., drizzle and same tomorrow. it will be warmer. then wednesday is the big weather day with the storm center. a lot of rain on wednesday. we'll give you a look at things. from the view live camera. same view we had from the here with clouds, low clouds and drizzle and fog. but no rain being detected anywhere close to the d.c. metro area. 62 right now. calm.are 15/100 of an inch of a rain on the rain gauge. currently 74. a little warmer temperatures farther south from the nation's capital. but pretty much a clean sweep. the droplets and drizzle are so that the energy from the transmission, blows
4:51 pm
through and we don't even get a return. the droplets have to be bigger. make no mistake. the rain that's coming from this system, the rain droplets are and a lot of them. we're going to see a line of violent and severe weather in progress now, all the way to the louisiana gulf coast. this whole system will advance eastward. to haveult, we're going rain here on the day on wednesday. some will be quite heavy. for the moment, we're mostly in 60's. 68 at reagan national. 64 in frederick. and our futurecast shows the timing here through the day tomorrow. the winds are changing direction. dour thesunshine going afternoon. -- during the afternoon. midnight tomorrow night, wednesday morning. it will be wednesday afternoon when the big rains move our way. cloudy,, overnight, drizzle, areas of fog. temperatures in the 60's. breezy,, in the 70's, with a little bit of sunshine. wednesday, rain and thunderstorms, gusty winds. later thursday.
4:52 pm
right now, friday, saturday and sunday look very nice. >> all right. good.that's something to look forward to. thanks so much! let's get a check on the traffic afternoon from bob in the traffic center. hour on typical rush this federal holiday. lighter volume for the most part -- 66.on 6 the reason is, only three lanes instead of four. the rules have been relaxed for today in virginia. therefore, you don't have that on 66.lane going west eastbound into falls church and on i-90, you have volume. we also had a crash and that's 234.after now out of the roadway. the lanes let's see what things look like on 270. lighter than we're seeing fog starting to move in. heading north to montgomery well, intoty clarksburg and traffic is doing pretty well here on 66 in
4:53 pm
vienna. i'm bob in the traffic center. >> thanks, bob. on abc 7 news at 4:00, the u.s. military turns to a new tactic as isis forces
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> growing concerns that u.s. air strikes are not doing enough advance of isil in both syria and iraq. beinganne shows us what's done and new tactics the u.s. forces are now using to protect baghdad. >> smoke billowed over the syrian city of kobani today. u.s. led air strikes are trying blunt the advance of isis militants, but u.s. officials are acknowledging that the air strikes have done little to stop the militants' onslaught against kurdish border town, because isis is changing its tactics. >> isis is blending in to parts the sunni population and they
4:57 pm
target.harder to they know how to maneuver and how to use populations and concealment. >> a humanitarian crisis is unfolding as kobani threatens to fall. 200,000 residents have fled into turkey. the u.n. has warned of a possible massacre of those who remain. isis also continues to threaten coming within 15 miles of the baghdad airport. so close that the u.s. had to in apache attack helicopters for the first time. >> i have no doubt there will be use indirect fire into baghdad. >> in a welcome concern, turkey help trainto moderate syrian opposition forces to fight isis militants turkey says there is no agreement on letting the u.s. and coalition forces use its bases to launch operations against isis. >> we're continuing to talk to about other ways they can play an important role. 23 defense, 237 --
4:58 pm
leaders from the coalition are expected to meet with president obama. is expected to ask them to do more in the fight against isis. in washington, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 is giving you a voice u.s.e debate over the response to the isil threat. this thursday, 8 p.m., abc 7 and station,r newschannel 8, will host a live, thatnal town hall on terror threat. you can watch that live and we have details on how you can join audience on 4:00. it for us here at abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. the abc 7rom broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 5:00. side.r >> a local bar rendezvous ends health scare and a virginia man arrested. why he's accused of trying to this case is alarming and it could lead to a serious health alert. all started with a meeting at
4:59 pm
a bethesda bar. >> sources tell abc 7 28-year-old daniel cleaves picked up a college student and the pair spent three days together. >> afterwards, the woman discovered he had hiv. tove is life in bethesda explain why more women may have reason to worry. >> we have learned that it was where daniel cleaves met the alleged victim, a female college student. learned from other bar employees around bethesda was a familiar face in the summer months. they express their concerns that hooked up with other women. 28-year-old daniel cleaves came fiddle ine harp and july. a source close to the investigation says at the bar he female college student. they went back to her place and to unprotected sex seven nine times, even though he is hiv positive. >> i think you need to tell up-front about that.
5:00 pm
absolutely. allegedly -- cleaves tell theedly did not women. fore's putting her at risk a chronic, deadly disease. >> cleaves faces seven counts of attempt to transmit the hiv virus. needs to doaves time. >> it's immoral, something very serious. and he completely handled it the wrong way. >> but the defense attorney this case raises complicated questions. >> we're talking about a person withad intercourse somebody they met at a bar. this person did not use any kind of protection. were -- there were presumably no questions asked about mr. cleaves's medical history. >> now, we've also learned that cleaves is under investigation where he isounty from. we have also learned that the alleged victim discovered he had


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