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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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triggered multiple tornado warnings in our area. >> the latest on conditions now. let's go to doug hill. >> quiet, cloudy damp and 65 right now. the heavy rain has moved out-of-town. the area on the right-hand side, the heavy rain bands that played the metro area well to the northeast leaving behind light and steady rain. the bigger picture shows how widespread this area is from northern new england all the way south off the atlantic coast. it is all in fact moving out of the area. from the system, over three inches in winchester. manassas picked up a little bit. some healthy rainfall amounts in deed. or the next couple of hours, cloudy, dropping into the lower 60's and clouds tonight will stop a little bit of sunshine
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tomorrow. we will check the forecast for the next sunday's in just a few minutes. >> we are hearing from a father about the moment a tree crashed his home, missing him and his three-month-old toddler by just a few inches. this is video you will only see on seven. >> they're starting to cut up the tree and try to remove it now, but i want you to see how much damage it did. remember as we zoom in, that that father and his three-month-old son were inside when that tree came crashing down. egg tree. i was lying on my bed. >> frank and his three-month-old son no that they barely survived. he snapped these photos just moments after a tree came crashing through his bedroom window. he said he was in the room getting ready to feed his son. [indiscernible]
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>> neither were seriously hurt. from the out side, you can see how bigotry is and how much damage did cause. it damage storm settled and over laurel is afternoon. >> when he opened his eyes, he smiled and i knew he was fine. >> all of them got checkups at the doctor and had a chance to exhale and count their blessings. i could almost hit you. i'm lucky to be here. lot more work to be done to clear this tree out and shore up the building will stop it is not safe to occupy at this point. so right now, they are without a home tonight. >> thank you. storm brought down a lot of trees, including this one
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that crashed a car with a driver inside. this happened in fairfax county. fortunately, the driver escaped unharmed. in the district, water quickly overwhelmed storm drains, causing minor flooding. but her were no reports of major damage. with the abc 7 seven stormwatch team using facebook, twitter, our smartphone app and our website, breaking news on the government fosters bonds to another case of ebola in dallas. president obama has just spoken after a two hour long meeting with his top health advisors. greta kreuz is live in the newsroom with with the president is saying and what we learned about the second dallas nurse who is now infected. >> president obama just spoke and said they are ramping up efforts, including directing the cdc to get a team to any hospital with that ebola patient within 24 hours.
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the second nurse you mentioned just left dallas moments ago. you can take a live picture right now and see the plane taking off, heading to emory university hospital in atlanta. she took a commercial flight just two days ago. obama canceled a political trip today to address ebola. >> we are monitoring, supervising, overseeing in a much more aggressive way exactly what is taking place in dallas and making sure the lessons learned are transmitted to hospitals and clinics across the country. a second nurse contracted ebola. officials say she drove herself to the hospital yesterday with a low grade fever. it's the same dallas hospital where she and a fellow nurse contracted ebola from patient thomas duncan who died one week ago today. this is a brave person who
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dedicated her life and is dedicating her life to helping others. >> but it's not simply people here who are worried. she had flown from cleveland to dallas one day after showing symptoms. that, the cdc says, was a mistake. >> at that point, she was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to ebola. she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> the cdc says while the risk is low, they are reaching out to on the passengers frontier flight. they say the plane was decontaminated twice and removed from service. >> it's very concerning. >> three ebola cases at one hospital, and one flying before showing symptoms of allegations nurses have been left to fend for themselves. >> to the public, to the cdc, they say we are prepared and
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don't worry. the nurses are saying we are not. to goingiting skepticism over whether the crisis is under control. >> the president promised to review the thomas duncan case and what went wrong there and will review airport screening processes. he says he is confident that a u.s. and global outbreak can be prevented. but he warned that would be hard to do if ebola is not contained in west africa. he says that has to be a top priority. as for the plane that took the patient from we went to dallas, it has since made trips to atlanta and fort lauderdale. in service and due to land in about 30 minutes. there have been ebola cases
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in our area, but fairfax county crews are taking precautions against an outbreak. has a fever, school officials will ask if they have traveled in the past two weeks to any west african countries affected by ebola. if so, the health department will follow-up up with additional screenings. news have a negative effect on the stock market. airline stocks tumbled following the news with shares of major u.s. airlines down between 4% and 6%. stocks ended a long day mostly lower. the dow jones lost or hundred 60 points and ended down 172 point. dropped 15 and the nasdaq fell 11 points. ahead, the big shift in confidence over the president's handling of the isis threat. >> and the search for a man
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>> police in prince william county are hoping a composite sketch will lead to the arrest of a man who raped a teenage girl. police when a were to door in this neighborhood today to try
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to get information. for what they are telling me, this victim was on powell creek boulevard which was in the distance there when this man approached her. when they got to the corner, he these her down, pass townhomes and forced her into the woods. that is ere police say he raped her. >> i'm surprised because i've living here 20 years and it's nice around here. folks who live in this town home community are shocked that this could happen, especially so close to so many homes. longtime residents say raped used to be unheard of here. i could walk at midnight and nothing happens. >> police say the 17-year-old victim was walking home from work on house creek labarge on saturday night. the man approached her near this to stop and eventually forced
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her into the nearby woods. police say this is how the victim described the suspect. she did not report the rape until three days later when she told a friend who took her to the hospital. in woodbridge here and police say the victim live in them free. she was trying to walk again on that road behind me when a man approached her and forced her into the woods. if you have any information, you are asked to please give prince william county police a call. next, a new name for the u.s. battle against islamic militants as the president popularity takes a hit. >> and we will have the latest from doug hill on what comes next after day two of a powerful storm. >> and the orioles are trying to hang on. i went to a fight last night and a hockey game broke out of stop
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and one in five rings back rg iii. he was on the field.
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>> breaking news in the search for a montgomery county man accused of killing his family nearly 40 years ago for top the fbi says the body exhumed in alabama is not the body of bradford bishop. the exhumed body is that of a john doe killed in 1981. nottests show the man is bishop. he remains on the most wanted list. >> there is now a new name against isis. operation resolved. the town lies along the turkish border. president obama is quickly losing support for the current plan to fight isil. just 35 percent
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of americans approve of the current strategy, and 15% drop from april taken just two weeks ago. >> abc 7 and our sister station will give you a voice in the american response to this threat. tomorrow, news channel eight will air a national town hall on the issue. we will also stream live on you can sign up to join the audience. thell find instructions on website. hundred of state workers are getting pink slips to stop virginia's lolo freddie. terry mcauliffe will lay off five workers in an attempt to close a budget gap. you also raise rice is at state owned liquor stores. at theyoffs come department of corrections which will close multiple facilities. >> a busy day here for you and all the rest of us.
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-- all the heavy stuff is out of here. into it and show you what we are dealing with. visibility isut improving. 69 degrees down the river at reagan national airport. temperatures across the area pretty impressive with a peak of sunshine early in the morning and 80 degrees even with all the clouds and rain. 1.32 inches of rain. we have 65 degrees right now in alexandria and upper marlboro. good rainfall totals around the area. over an inch and a half in takoma park. the rain is not going to add much, just a few pass it -- just a few patches. overeaviest rain is now
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wilmington, delaware and the entire pattern continues the motion to the northeast. this time of year, most cold fronts produce heavy rains and thunder, but usually there is an abrupt shift in the wind direction and a drop in temperatures. there is upper level support for this system hundreds of miles away so temperatures are fairly mild behind the front. tonight, saying any upper 60's. right nowes out there are actually a little cooler than yesterday because of the clouds and rain. stuff is way out to the west. to give you an idea of the cooler numbers coming through chicago and indianapolis, there is an upper-level low sitting down here spinning and that's why the cold front took so long to pass through. back theem is holding cool air. it will be sunday before the cool air arrives.
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satellite and radar, here is the current set up -- generating some showers in the area and this is the front pushing out. a clearing line behind it and sunshine tomorrow but an afternoon shower or two. over the weekend, this system will break loose and head east. as a result, we will see some cooler air moving in. watch out for some fog. tomorrow, 72 and showers in the afternoon after some morning sun. then a big drop in temperatures will stop more coming up in a little bit of stop >> thank you very much. >> did you watch that caps dame last night? the cats trying to regroup after that shark attack. injury and another recovery, can rg iii ease the pain of another bad redskins season? i got the latest coming
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> percolation is wild at redskins park as to whether rg iii will be back. something griffin will play against the vikings in two weeks. i think it's more likely he will be back after the bye week and play the last seven games.
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but there he is today, taking the snap, wearing cleats with ankle support. j gray says he will get into a full team drill, but he was rusty. he was throwing it all over the lot. he also pinpointed some passes in the passing drill. the offensive game has to block and the defense plays safe. what i'm saying here is the web -- the redskins are in a rut. >> we have to take up that first win and get it this week will stop we can't keep digging ourselves in this whole. we've got to pull ourselves out of this rut. >> once we address that, [inaudible] >> the orioles are playing the royals right now in kansas city. right now, it is 2-1, kansas city. how about jeremy guthrie? the royals the the o's to take the lead, the former lawyer at
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-- former oriole wore a t-shirt that said the o's ain't royal. a song by chris brown. the twitter world blew up. >> was it licensed? >> no. [laughter] >> what do you want? showreat names for the tv what was it, come on man? >> how about the cap sharks last night? the two teams have given up one goal in four games between them. everyone expected a defenseless a scoreless battle. the sharks scored three in the first nine minutes of the game. shark attack, they led 523 at
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one point, but the caps below -- the caps broke loose and was tied at five. a wild 10 goals in the caps lost in a shootout. a crazy, crazy game. pitch, fans rushed the but you don't see this often -- they stopped the game. playersn do you see the carry a dog off like a hero. the cutest pitch invader of all times. anever thought i would do ebola story in sports, but the new york giants are briefing players in advance to their trip to dallas. of theon indicative severity of this disease. >> that's something new. >> the rain will be ending tonight. little bit of fog and tomorrow, morning sunshine and a few afternoon showers will stop -- afternoon showers. world news is coming up next.
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>> have a good night.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and the breaking news. the second american nurse infected with ebola. arriving by ambulance moments ago at the airport, wheeled off and then slowly walking up those stairs herself. they are now racing her to atlanta. and this evening, the new questions here. the other commercial flight she took across this country, not knowing she was sick. the scramble now to find more than 130 passengers on board that plane. was she contagious? and where is that plane tonight? also breaking, the two monster storms off both coasts. the giant hurricane set to make landfall. ginger zee has the new track. your children in harm's way. tonight, the stunning images. that child waiting at the end of the driveway, and watch what's about to come between the child and the school bus. the stunning new findings. and the real estate nightmare. we've all been to an open house or held one.


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