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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is a bc news at noon, onis abc news at your side. who testednd nurse positive for evil is being treated at emory university hospital -- four ebola -- for ebola is being treated at emory university hospital. we have learned the cdc gave vinson permission to fly to cleveland with a 99.5 degree
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fever after they knew she could have been exposed to the deadly virus. the cdc continues to come under fire for that decision. it is being criticized by the texas hospital where vinson worked. what is not clear is how vinson and her colleague, nina pham, became infected with ebola. they followed every protocol and sought additional clarity to deal with the deadly virus. largest nurses union is gathering to talk about what can be done to protect nurses and other workers on the front line. brianne carter as more of their concerns. >> this should be our wake-up call. >> prime concern for the workers on the front lines of ebola -- growing concern for the workers on the front line of ebola in the u.s. >> this is eminently containable , but only if you can -- include nurses and front-end care providers in the development and implementation of ebola response plans. >> members gathered just blocks
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from capitol hill, calling for new protocols to keep nurses and patients safe after two nurses tested positive for ebola after taking care of thomas duncan. director of the union says infection control protocols need to be in place at all facilities, dedicated teams in place to treat ebola need to be identified at all hospitals across the country, and front-line responders, like nurses, must be involved in hospital plans. this comes on the heels of safety concerns raised by another nurses union about what happened when duncan was admitted to texas presbyterian hospital. they claim that duncan was not immediately isolated and nurses weren't given protective gear around their necks. resources says those allegations don't look mr. the facts, adding
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duncan was moved directly to a private room and placed in isolation. -- the hospital says all cdc guidelines were followed. there have been years of funding cuts. that mored be a sign money needs to go to public health. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> happening right now, a chief executive from that dallas hospital is giving -- getting grilled at a house energy hearing on capitol hill. lawmakers are investigating how the cdc and hospital officials responded to the outbreak so far. the doctor is expected to apologize for mistakes that his hospital made. that hearing started at noon. we will have more on what comes out of the hearing starting at 4:00 on abc 7 news, as well as instant updates on >> the cdc gave permission for amber vinson to fly to cleveland on monday. the plane flew five more times
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before it was taken out of service. the ceo of frontier airlines said the cdc notified the may havehat vinson been symptomatic on a flight, so the aircraft is now out of service. seat covers and carpet will be removed and the entire plane will be cleaned for a fourth time. the airline says the measures go beyond cdc recommendations, but he wants to be abundantly cautious. >> meanwhile, officials are taking extra precautions at noon at four u.s. airports, including dulles. >> ebola screenings are underway now. the first flight arrived from africa today. here thisers arriving morning had a slightly different experience. dozens of passengers arriving from west africa today had -- underwent additional screening for ebola symptoms. 15 to 55 travelers arrive from sierra leone, guinea, and liberia. it is the only direct service from west africa to dulles,
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south african airways, a flight coming out of johannesburg. necessary -- if necessary, they will use thermometers to find passengers with fevers, which is the first symptom of the virus. take a listen to how some of these passengers during -- describe this expense today compared to others -- this experience today compared to others. >> have you ever traveled to a country with ebola? >> i think the whole world are now waking up to it. >> it is a global concern. i think precautions have to be taken to ensure that it doesn't spread. any passengers register a temperature that is higher than normal, they will be asked additional questions about whether or not they had contact with anyone that might have ebola. the most drastic measure that will be taken, though, is if they have concerns they have the virus, they will be put in
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quarantine for up to 21 days. those steps will be taken if at all necessary. other than that, everything went smoothly today. >reporting at dulles international airport, abc 7 news. >> we will continue to stay on top of all of the latest developments in the ebola outbreak. stay with us for updates on-air and online at >> we wanted to do some other news. police in maryland are investigating a deadly pileup during the morning commute in prince george's county. it happened around 8:30. that on scene tell abc 7 seven cars were involved in the crash. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on any other injuries. another deadly accident, this time in anne arundel county. a pedestrian was hit and killed on route 2 and cypress creek were -- road in cedar park -- in severna park. are hoping towe
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learn more about the search for missing uva student hannah graham. searchers will provide an update at 2:00 this afternoon. she was last seen on september 13. jesse matthew was charged with abducting her. the search was suspended yesterday because of severe weather. search efforts resume today. >> a judge has ruled in favor of that go in a dispute -- up to go -- of pepco in a dispute about cutting down trees. homeowners want to protect their community from a massive tree removal project. they lived next to pep -- live next to pepco's main distribution center. >it has been three years since n earthquake damaged washington national cathedral, and officials are making sure they are prepared if another one hit. >-- hits. officials came out to train people on what to do during an earthquake, for the great american shakeout drill, events
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happening all across the country today. >> got a skies and even more showers sticking around today -- cloudy skies and even more showers sticking around today. >> thank goodness there is green on the ring. -- screen. >> it is gray and it looks a little bit dismal, but i promise we will finally see some sunshine by tomorrow. right now, overcast conditions. a few spots in western and folk choir county -- and fauquier county. there are some showers to the east of this. spotty showers building in on radar over the next several hours. keep the umbrella with you. 64 in frederick. 61 in gaithersburg. 66 degrees in lexington park.
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we're still dealing with the same system that brought us all of that rain yesterday. the upper level low freewheeling over the great lakes will bring us a few more isolated showers as we progressed through the rest of the afternoon. taking you hour-by-hour. i think temperatures rise into the upper 60's this afternoon. 67 by about 3:00 p.m. later on tonight, temperatures will fall into the 50's. we are going to see more sunshine in the extended forecast. also, noaa has just released their winter weather outlook. what are we in for this winter? i have that coming up in about 10 minutes. >> i don't want to think about that. it's a little too early. d.c..c. least he is -- police cheapest testifying on the districts -- the d.c. police chief is testifying on the district's gun rules.
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>> we expect regulations to be ready in a matter of days. we are asking for reconsideration. we are still weighing the possibility of an appeal. >>ast week, the mayor signed a bill making it legal to carry a concealed handgun in the district, provided you first obtain a license. as election day draws closer, the d.c. mayoral candidate will square off today. the democrat and independent candidates will challenge each other tonight at anacostia high school. the debate starts at 7:00. suggest the race to be the most competitive since 1994, when marion barry won a foruth -- fourth term. >> the u.s. is stepping up its air strikes against isil with help from a kurdish forces on the ground. it appears the attacks are making an impact. the wrecks are halting advances by islamic state militants -- are halting advances by
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islamic state militants, at least for now. you can voice your concerns and get your questions answered tonight about the isil threat. we are hosting a live, national town hall on new channel 8 tonight at 8:00. we will stream it live on if you would like to be a member of the live audience, sign up at >> hong kong's leader says he is ready to meet with road democracy students nearly three weeks after those protests -- with pro-democracy students nearly three weeks after those protests. authorities had promised a meeting last week, but then called it off. the protesters have been blocking major roads, demanding a greater say in choosing their leaders. news atg up on abc 7 noon, one man had a pretty good reason for leading police on a high-speed chase. we will have that for you, straight ahead. most debates typically began
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with introductions of candidates, but not the latest one in florida, where the governor was a no-show. >> plus, the full forecast. we will be right
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>> as the ebola virus spreads, panic is setting in much faster, putting government on full alert . president obama has canceled plans again today so he can continue monitoring the ebola situation from the white house, and he has ordered the cdc to deploy medical swat teams to any hospital reporting a new case of ebola within 24 hours. a new poll shows 65% of americans are concerned about connected and -- concerned about
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an epidemic. >> six people are set to receive that vaccine today. on monday, seven people were vaccinated with the clinical drug and -- in a clinical trial. if it is successful, others will be given stronger doses. 49 people will be vaccinated and studied over the next eight months. >> a wild police chase caught on camera. officers forced the car off the road, holding a man and woman at gunpoint, before realizing they were not criminals. take a listen. >> i'm having a baby. >> you need to calm down. i can't understand what you're saying. was driving 85 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone, trying to get his pregnant wife, who was in labor, to an iowa hospital early tuesday morning. >> once they figured out that i was pregnant and very much in labor, they all responded kindly and appropriately.
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>> they gave her a police escort to the hospital, where they gave birth to their fourth child, a baby girl named hazel. everyone is doing well. >> most political debates began with introductions of the candidates. not this latest debate in florida, where the governor was a no-show. >> the rules of the debate that i was shown by the scott campaign showed -- say that there should be no fan. somehow, there is a fan there. for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, i'm being told the governor scott will not join us for this debate. >> only in florida. apparently, it was all just a joke. the governor did eventually show up, shook hands with a competitor, and the debate went on. >> only in florida, and always in florida. >> people in bermuda are caring -- preparing for hurricane gonzalo.
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it has top sustained winds of 145 miles per hour, increasing slightly in strength today. the center of the storm expected to be near bermuda tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> we have that one and the one in hawaii. >> hawaii, bermuda >, my gosh. bad. >> we don't have to be on the lookout for tropical storms or hurricanes. but we are also talking about the winter. i know. let me get you started. noaa has already released their winter weather outlook. it is -- has been released in the last hour and a half. as far as temperatures go, it looks like we have equal chances of above average and below-average temperatures. precipitation. noaa is indicating there may be a slightly greater chance of us
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seeing the slightly higher than average precipitation over the upcoming winter months. you can see we are in the greater than 33% area. what does that mean? are we going to have a snowy winter? we will have to wait and see. there is some evidence that make remote as having a slightly wetter than average winter. we will keep a close -- some evidence that may promote us having a slightly wetter than average winter. we will keep a close eye on that. visible satellite shows us pretty much stepped into the cloud through most of the region. breaks, especially in western frederick and eastern allegheny counties in maryland. overall, cloudy, cool, and drizzly. degrees downtown. 66 in lexington park. zooming out, we had all that rain that moved through yesterday moved through new england. this is in wheeling over us --
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over us and may bring us a few showers later this afternoon. spotty showers and sprinkles through the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening hours. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., hello, sunshine. it's going to look beautiful and feel comfortable. temperatures pretty much in the 60's for the remainder of today. going through the overnight hours, partly cloudy. upper 40's in the suburbs to the middle 50's downtown. looking ahead to tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, pleasant, highs upper 60's to lower 70's. should be nice. a few more clouds on saturday. still mild. 70 degrees. breezy all weekend. a big-time temperature drop on sunday. upper 50's to lower 60's. we will stay into the lower 60's and early next week. >> thank you. breaking news in the outbreak of ebola. one of the two nurses who contracted ebola in dallas is
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now near our area. the manager of the frederick municipal airport confirms that nina pham, the first nurse that was diagnosed in dallas, wkill fl -- will fly there and then be transferred to nih, where she will go into an isolation unit. >> a slower-than-normal morning commute for some drivers traveling from prince william into d.c. the grass marks and cowboy express happened this morning along routes 234 and 29. it included forces, a mule wagon, and some vehicles -- somes, a mule wagon, and vehicles. the most significant traffic impact was between manassas national battlefield park and
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>> "modern family" actress e lizabeth pena is dead. her manager says she died after not -- of natural causes after a brief illness. she was 55 years old. isor neil patrick harris hosting the 2015 oscar awards. he posted a video on twitter announcing the news. the video shows him saying "i then circlingn" "hosted the oscars." sunday,watch them
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february 22 on abc 7. >> apple is set to make a major tech announcement in about 30 minutes. expected tim cook is to unveil the company's latest line of ipads and an update to its mobile operating system. consumers will see a new, slimmer version of the ipad air. apple accidentally released images of the new products in its itunes store. >> it could be glasses. i don't know. still
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>> back to that breaking news. one of the nurses who contracted ebola in dallas is being moved to the national institute of health. the manager of the airport in frederick said that nina pham is on her way there right now. we will continue to follow the story on-air and online. >> what can we expect today? >> great conditions. maybe a peek of sunshine. mostly cloudy. a few showers possible, nothing like yesterday. the skies begin to clear overnight. we are in for a pretty nice end to the work week and a much cooler end to the weekend. highs
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