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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of frederick says he was just notified of this at 10:00 this morning. he said the latest information he has is a could be as late as midnight when she arrives. they think it will be closer to 11:00. the state department is coordinating this. she will arrive on a phoenix air transport plane, a charter flight, and is expected to land here at the airport, then be transported quickly to an nih ambulance and get an escort from the airport by the police to nih in bethesda, where she will be treated. this is the second time this has happened. at the end of september, there was an american doctor exposedngrin liberia to ebola. he was brought here and they followed the same procedure, so they will follow those again. the mayor has asked the state department why frederick but has not yet gotten an answer. >> why here? again, true speculation, just
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protocol there is some between fort dietrich and nih about transporting patients in need from the four to nih that is already in place. why not gaithersburg, closer to nih? gaithersburg is uncontrolled airspace, we have a tower, and we have protocol. he says he has been here answering questions, people very concerned, but he assured them the protocol means nobody here is in danger. she is expected as late as midnight. we will bring you the latest information when we get it. roz plater, abc 7 news. nih is one of four facilities in the u.s. fully equipped with ebola-ready isolation units. the other facilities, emory university, the university of nebraska medical center, and saint patrick hospital in montana. al four hospitals have
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combined total of 19 beds suited for ebola patients. the nebraska medical center has the most, 10. the other hospitals have three each. >> the cdc is investigating whether the second dallas nurse infected with ebola had symptoms as far back as saturday. amber vincent is being treated at emory university. diagnosis tuesday, she flew from dallas to cleveland, then back to dallas. the cdc plans to interview passengers on both of her flights. house lawmakers held a hearing today on the federal government's response to ebola. one lawmakers want a ban travel from west african nations, but the head of the cdc says that will not work because people will still find ways to get to the u.s. >> orders can be porous. we will not be up to check the computer when they leave or when they arrive. when they arrive we would not be able to input quarantined. organizationhealth
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says the death toll from ebola worldwide will rise this week to more than 4500. about 9000 are believed infected. screenings begin at kennedy airport last saturday. they expanded today to four more airports, including dulles international. diane cho has the latest effort to prevent the spread of ebola in the united states. >> 10,000 international passengers who were arrive at andes every day, between 50 55 will come from one of the three infected countries in west africa. only direct service today coming in from west africa, passengers were questioned as part of the new screening measures at dulles international airport. >> where you from, where you coming from, and have you ever travel to a country that has ebola. >> it was a south african airways flight from johannesburg that landed this morning. >> it's a concern and i think
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precautions have to be taken. passengers traveling from the three west african countries have already started the screening process at jfk international. today, those efforts were ramped up at four other airports in the u.s. >> asking people questions. >> health officials used non- contact barometers to check for fevers, one of the first symptoms of ebola. even as concern over the deadly virus grows, some say they are not worried about traveling. this person is waiting for her brother to come in from sierra leone. >> i think they're doing the best they can. >> others feel the additional measures will not really help. >> there are too many people. what do you do, just stop travel? if the cdc deems necessary,
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passengers may be isolated at a room at the airport or transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. diane cho, abc 7 news. >> thank you. for with abc 7 and updates on the ebola crisis, and look for more of the subject on world news with david muir after the newscast. >> the fight againstisil continues with more air strikes. the nikon abc 7 and our sister station -- tonight, abc seven and our sister station news channel 8 will be holding a town hall in rosslyn. scott thuman has more. >> i want to show you the set. for this town hall this evening, your voice come your future, 7 esteemed panelists, experts on terrorism, they will be answering your questions through the night.
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it has been a very busy 24 hours. forces were making 14 airstrikes today, two on command post. although they have lost a good part of the city to the islamic state, they believe they are holding them at bay temporarily. the u.s. administration is trying to further convince turkey to finally join the effort and send in ground troops. with that said, there is plenty of subject matter. we will address all of that at the townhall and we want you to chime in. reach out to us. iceyourfuture. we will take your questions now and answer them on the show. tune in, news channel 8, at 8:00. details on theew
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man accused of jumping a white house fence and making it inside the executive mansion with a knife. onced a swimming pool considered the pride of a local neighborhood is now being called an eyesore. still a few showers in the area. the forecast coming up.
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>> an army veteran accused of jumping the white house fence and making it into the second of is facing new charges. a federal of their injury indicted omar gonzalez on three additional charges related to the incident, including assaulting, resisting, and impeding officers or employees. yes been in custody since his arrest nearly one month ago and is scheduled to be in court tuesday. the government accountability office reveals virginia and maryland are among the worst performing states when it comes to delays during the 2012 election. waitedan 10% of voters an hour or longer to vote. officials in most states say they have recently purchased equipment and they have better volunteers. guides year's d.c. voters is getting a lot of attention, but not because of what is inside, the cover features an
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upside down d.c. flag. the board of elections said the flag was reversed on purpose. they said it was done to engage voters after record low turnouts during april's primary. >> how many people know with upside down? >> the head of the transportation security administration is retiring. he will step down at the end of the year. he is expected to become president of anderson university in his indiana hometown. he took over tsa in 2010 after 26 years with the fbi. just ahead, get ready for changes in the forecast. and coming up in sports, the redskins tried rally their running game. can alex ovechkin continued to put up scores against new jersey?
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>> an update on breaking news in loudoun county. doctors are watching a inmate for signs of ebola. womanesperson says the
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does not meet the criteria for testing for the divisive's -- for testing for the disease, but she has a low-grade fever and is at the hospital as a caution. she was placed in isolation at the detention center monday. >> a montgomery county neighborhood is wading into the debate over a long-standing swimming pool. >> it has been around for decades, but some think it is an eyesore. horace holmes has more. >> it is the granddaddy of all community pools and montgomery county, built after world war ii, now crumbling, overgrown, and abandoned. an eyesore ands in some people's eyes a hazard. >> it's bad for kids. >> the problem is that the school that served the neighborhood probably is located next to an elementary school and in an area where lots of children live. >> that's not good for the neighborhood or the school. >> that's the problem -- the
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swimming pool closed in september 2013 when the nonprofit that operated it rain out of money. the grounds have not been cap, rainwater sits in the bottom of the pool, and it was vandalized this past august. some neighbors fear that children can get hurt. >> they need to get rid of it entirely i think. recreationoak view corporation say they have secure the site, they monitor rate regularly, and some water must remain in the pool or the foundation will be ruined. they said they are the process of raising $25,000 to make the necessary repairs of the pool korea open next may. willime, this one time gem remain a worry for some. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> the national parks service is gathering ideas and comments memorial toble honor the peace corps, including one site near the u.s. capitol on pennsylvania avenue and near rock creek park.
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once selected, the peace corps would build the memorial and the national park service would be responsible for the maintenance. time this fourth year, secretary of state john kerry has had trouble in the air. the air force plane that he was and forced todown catch a commercial flight back to washington. to get homeying from austria after a day of negotiations over the iranian nuclear program. the airplane had mechanical problems. since becoming secretary of state in 2013, he has flown 566,000 miles. i bet he has a lot of frequent flyer miles. >> today was better than yesterday. there was no rain. >> let's jump into it, tell you would expect. aboutoftop camera, we are
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nine minutes and 28 seconds, approximately, from sunset. starting to get our, blue sky. in the metro, downtown, it is drive. not far away, still some rain showers across the region. 67 and 60 the, high and low, 68 and 50 the averages. no rain in the rain gauge at reagan national. the showers are weak across fairfax county, montgomery county, scattered. outwhole pattern is washing as it moves to the east and northeast. the skies will clear a little later this evening. across the area, 67 at reagan national, 68 frederick, 65 annapolis. the mid-atlantic, comfortable, tortheast it's cooler, excep sunshine in the afternoon. it is cooler to the west, but the chilly air is in canada.
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a couple of systems have to get out of the way to open the door for the cool air. the upper level low to the west has been spinning. the water vapor image, the darker the color, the ier the air, the brighter the colors, the more moisture-late in the air. the drier comes in, low 70's. as we get into saturday and sunday, the next cold front will bring the dramatic change. dramatic, this is the hurricane, the water vapor image. .com, a live look at the camera, this is the northwestern tip of bermuda. seas, butm wind, calm a dramatic change tomorrow. they are under a hurricane warning, with top wind of 145. they could have a hurricane of that strength or close to it this time tomorrow as it gets
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very close to bermuda. we will continue to watch that closely. the cold front yesterday is helping steer the hurricane far away from the u.s. east coast. tonight, partly cloudy, clear, 48 to 53 degrees. tomorrow, bright sunshine, low 70's. that is the latest. back to you. >> all right, sir. are you going to do football? >> i have to. sunday is considered a must win. the redskinse for on sunday. sports is coming up.
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game, especially through the neutral zone.
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you have a good game plan and stick to it, and are able to work from it, you can have some success against them. thehe leading rusher for redskins sunday against the cardinals, alfred morris, 13 carries, 41 yards. the redskins are 23rd in the league, just over 99 yards per game. yet to record a hundred yard effort. he might have a chance sunday. the titans gave up an average 150 yards rushing before bidding jacksonville sunday. havething has changed, we the same players. they comes down to execution. >> we have to stay on the field, get another first down or second down. it will give us more opportunities to run the football and get some yards. we have to be up to stay on the field. >> thursday night college football, the hokies will take on pittsburgh at heinz field. it is their first thursday night
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game of the season. this will be followed by another thursday night game when they take on miami. head coach says thursday, so what. >> when you get to be a good football team and have a chance to win championships, it really doesn't make a difference what day it is, what time it is, what team it is. consistent,h plays their way. >> big ten media day, and for the terps, the only acc matchup is virginia for the acc challenge. they now face ohio state and michigan state. not quite rivals yet, but expect it to get fierce down the road. now weously right probably don't have a rival, but five years from now we may not be the first rival but we will have one in this league. they will be big game for us in this league. ones that are fans get excited about. >> good baseball last night,
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cars-giants, sixth inning. anco grounds to first, tied at 4-4. the first, thek throw was off. brandon crawford takes advantage. the giants going to win, 6-4. they lead the series 3-1. tonight, the cards face elimination in san francisco. first is just after 8:00. if you are not there, set your dvr. a big rivalry. a quick look at the seven-day, breezy saturday, cooler sunday. a lot more the forecast later tonight at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and we're here for the breaking news. the ebola emergency. that first nurse rushed out of dallas on that gurney, stepping into that plane. and tonight, the other nurse, now being raced out of dallas, too. our abc news exclusive here at the cdc. the nerve center, the high security labs. i ask, are americas hospitals really ready? and is there anything to treat this? plus, the nurse speaking out tonight. what really happened in that dallas hospital. the massive hurricane about to make landfall. our team is there. and the giant tropical system, as well, in the pacific, headed toward hawaii. also breaking tonight, what the medical examiner has now revealed about joan rivers. what happened inside that medical clinic? and, made in america. the one staple the shelf at your grocery store, they're hungry for it all over the world. can we make it fast


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