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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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closed it to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. brought thee then patient here where she was put in isolation. up aax fire had set decontamination chamber outside the hospital. we understand emergency personnel who had contact with the patient came to the decontamination chamber. i have with me live right now, from the fairfax county fire department, the deputy chief, mike riley. i guess you've been working on of the day, >> that's correct. right around 10:30 is when we got the call for assistance, in they were requesting assistance with a patient. responsedous material team responded, quickly determined that a decontamination area was going up.eed to be set those three arlington wereighters decontaminated. then subsequent those personnel ed.e decontaminate we're currently waiting for
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additional information. but our operations has really deescalated significantly since this morning. >> thank you so much. that is the deputy chief for fairfax county fire department. have been here all day, i guess, working on this situation as well. >> that's correct. >> i guess it's sort of a game right the situation is that she is in isolation. we understand that they are observing her for the criteria involved in a situation for ebola. and the determination will be made by cdc and fairfax county whether shetment will actually be tested for ebola. reporting live from fairfax county, virginia, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you, sam. now, that's the woman. how about the bus she was on? it traveled back into the district. in southeasts live washington where police later stopped that bus, and then everybody on board. tom, what did you learn? >> well, it was right near the thene barracks here in southeast. where that happened, i'll show
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you. littlea avenue, just a west of 7th street, was shut down for much of the day. that back open now, but bus was sitting there for about four hours earlier. here's video from when this was much of them morning. early afternoon, virginia afternoon shut down. 22 people, including the bus driver, inside that bus. all of them were either marines and they were heading from the pentagon and going to a change of command ceremony for the marines. they never got to go to that ceremony, because they had to for fourhe bus, again, hours. they were checked out by a doctor on scene, a source tells they wereentually cleared to go. they weren't given restrictions on where they could go. a couple marines after they got off the bus. here's one. >> i would say i'm concerned to see howealth, she's going to be. i'm less concerned about our health, because none of us had any close contact. so personally, i'm not worried about my health.
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>> i talked to a different a lieutenant colonel, who said he saw the woman get on the bus. she went towards the back. thers say she went to bathroom and pretty much just got off right after that. touched her.ually nobody certainly had any close contact, as you heard, there with her. they are marines say going to be okay. that said, they are concerned about the woman. doeshope, in the end, it turn out that she does not have the ebola virus. live in southeast, i'm tom news.y, abc 7 >> okay, tom. thank you very much. so we are also learning new details today about the condition of the infected dallas nurse being treated in bethesda, maryland. the national institutes of health say nina pham is now in fair condition. the first nurse to be diagnosed with ebola after treating thomas eric duncan at a texas hospital. she was moved from dallas to bethesda overnight while doctors condition from good. they say she is not getting worse. uptors say she is sitting and eating. and even using her ipad.
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to have thisntend patient walk out of this hospital, and we'll do torything we possibly can make that happen. >> now, health officials say voint -- vincent, the other nurse being treated in atlanta, was apparently unwell before she flew from dallas to cleveland last week. the cdc is now reaching out to passengers on her flight and flew on that same plane before it was taken out of service. doctors say, though, that the risk for all of those passengers is extremely low. >> the world health organization is admitting some major mistakes when the outbreak first started africa. rebecca cooper picks up our team coverage from the satellite center. rebecca? is an internal document that's come out today where a world health the w.h.o.n says failed to see what he called plain writing on the wall when it came to ebola. acted not only inefficiently but incompetently as this spread. now, meantime today, as the
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white house plans to name longtime washington insider ron klain to the newly created job hospitals across the country are ramping up training and preparation. is just one example of the new normal for hospitals preparing for even the patient.ty of an ebola and leon and alison, take a look at what happened in florida today. in a broward county courtroom, when a judge presiding over an internet connection learned that that inmate standing at the podium claims to have the deadly virus. >> mr. britain, take a step to your right. >> yes, yes, your honor. claims he hasman ebola. >> watch how quickly the deputy moves away. judge instructs prison officials to clear all of these inmates out of that courtroom. inmate later said he was misquoted. but the judge said he wasn't and you arehances, going to see all of those
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inmates filing out of that courtroom. just one example of the precautions being taken and the scare spreading across the country. cdc tries to track down more passengers on board that frontier airlines flight, texas governor rick perry says he wants president obama to put every texas presbyterian health care worker who treated ebola notents on the national do fly list. so far, that's not happening, but all of those workers are now in quarantine. and today we're seeing that this is just going to keep happening, even as the white house tries to tamp down these anxieties. leon, alison? >> okay, rebecca. thank you. meanwhile, maryland governor held a newsley conference to discuss nina n.i.h.transfer to he says maryland has some of the int health care appearance in -- health care experience in the world. he said marylanders should be concerned about patients
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overseas. >> our hearts go out to all of have beenlies who affected by ebola, and the lossdy and the tremendous of life that has occurred among africa.hbors in west >> maryland health officials are efforts toxtensive monitor for any ebola viruses in the state. withare also collaborating health officials in virginia and the district of columbia. way cruise ship is on its back to texas after being turned away from cozumel, mexico, boarde a maintaining on is being monitored for signs of ebola. hasn't shown any signs of the illness. however, she's quarantined the shipn her room on voluntarily. >> we see people that are crying, a lot of questions why the person was here. >> again, right now this woman is not showing any signs of the illness. and we're told that she hasn't with thosetact specimens for 19 days, and
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that's important, because the you start period when showing symptoms of ebola is generally between two and 21 days. on thatssengers carnival magic ship will get a 50% discountnd a on future cruises for their inconvenience. technician whoab decided to take a cruise. and a nurse who flew from dallas back, evend and then though she had a slight fever. that brings us to our question the day, is there a level of personal responsibility in stopping the spread of ebola? that nurse says she did consult with the cdc before she got on that plane, but now hindsight, was that enough? join the conversation on the wjla facebook page and we'll share some of the comments a little later in the program. >> moving on now, this afternoon, we're learning about to bring hundreds of nigerian girls back to their families. nigeria's official news agency says there is a deal between the anernment and boko haram for immediate cease-fire and that
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deal includes a plan to bring those girls home. 300 girls were kidnapped from that boarding school in the northeastern part of the country april. dozens of them escaped but 219 are still missing. now, details of the deal have not been released. been calling for the release of some detained extremists in exchange for the girls. we'll get you more on the deal as soon as we learn about it. >> all right. the weather. we want from gray to yay! great fall weather outside today. way to put it.d nice and sunny, beautiful day. doug hill in the weather center. hi, doug! delightful. let's give you a look at conditions around the area. 74 at reagan national. a live look from the camera here in arlington. just a few thin clouds. beautifull be a evening. winds out of the south at 15. they will diminish. 74 at reagan national. 75 in fredericksburg. 71 at washington dulles.
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72 in annapolis. and comfortable through the evening. sundown at 6:27. winds willed but the diminish. as we head through the overnight, it will get chilly. to 56.49 a quick update on hurricane gonzalo. we'll tell you that our weather at st. george's, up a windust picked gust. major category 3 hurricane. that,more to share about coming up. >> we'll see you then. a federal judge allowing a move forward against three frederick county sheriff's deputies in the death of a man with down's syndrome. he died last year during a struggle. he had watched a movie with his caregiver and went back into the repeat showa without paying. forrestw, abc 7's holmes is speaking with the family about that ruling. you can hear their reaction, news at 6:00.bc 7 >> a ruling by the federal
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government today will make it easier for some federal to get benefits for spouses. greta kreuz is here to tell us about that. >> the reason the federal today it isnnounced recognizing same-sex marriages in seven more states and federal benefits to those couples. the few states covered are virginia, indiana, oklahoma, utah, wisconsin, colorado, and nevada. total number the of states where gay and lesbian weddings are recognized to 26. virginia here just last month. plus, the district of columbia. of nonstopo weeks court decisions across the country wherein judges continue bans on same-sex despite pushback from some state officials. and the domino effect continues because gay marriage did become legal today in arizona after the state's attorney general not challengeill a federal court decision clearing the way for same-sex
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unions in that state. >> thank you. it's one of the most popular events in the washington area. right.'s still to come, we look at how you can try to get tickets for the national tree lighting. >> and then a little later, we're tracking hurricane gonzalo on bermuda.down >> and a tourist trapped inside a store overnight. get out how he was able to out. >> but first, a man pretending to be a cabby learns his fate bilking dozens of passengers out of hundreds of
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>> he carried on a massive scam that went on for years, pretending to be a cab driver so could pick up drunk passengers and steal their credit cards. prison.e's going to joce sterman was the only reporter in the courtroom when sentenced.s here's the stunning details about this case. prosecutors say for at least five years, mitchell people, picking them up when he figured they'd had too much to drink, stealing then credit cards, draining their bank accounts. his scheme paid off big. $220,000.ore than now, mitchell pleaded guilty this summer to carrying out this
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massive scheme. for years, prosecutors say he dressed as aeets, woman, pretending to be a cabby. he targeted people he thought were drunk. them to atmke machines so they could get cash to pay for the ride. memorize their pin numbers and steal their credit cards. mitchell was finally caught when investigators pieced together more than 60 cases. people who say they lost they never got back. >> i said, well, you've had roughly $10,000 taken out. and i was like, that wasn't me. then i went to the bank, the bank said because they used my pin, i couldn't do anything about it. >> mitchell apologized in court today, saying he simply got made aup in this and mistake, but the judge disagreed. he called mitchell calculated a price tom there is pay. that price is 40 months in prison. backs also ordered to pay his victims once he is released from prison. joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> all right. you.
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covering metro for you tonight with a look at the stations that will be closed this weekend. line, the brooklyn and tacoma stations will all be closed. at totten, that's just the red line. bus service will be offered between the silver and glenmont stations while that track work is completed. onyou know what happens here fridays. bob is in the traffic center. hey, bob. >> it's not doing too badly but a lot of volume on this friday afternoon. we had a lot of accidents earlier. there was one on 66 westbound at 267. some delays at falls church. here at 123, just a lot of volume. at 124 on 270 north, a lot of volume out through montgomery village and german town. a stretch of i-81 is closed at hagerstown with a crash. but thend, long delays
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lanes are open. 270.e getting up on in pretty good shape traveling south. side near the right 301. very slow through annapolis and getting to the bay bridge. going to be a nice weekend for people to go to the shore. otherwise, lanes open headed on i-95, heaviest as you intofrom dale city fredericksburg. no incidents reported along the way. >> thank you very much. here we are, the weekend is upon us. friday!rfect >> this is great. beautiful temperatures, upper 60's, lower 70's. in fine shape. you go about 800 miles southeast to bermuda, not a nice day at all. we'll only show you the have it.y while we some other websites out of bermuda. shot, on thee
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northwestern tip of the island near the navy harbor, the navy depot there, the dock there. and we've been watching it since yesterday, when it was still calm. now the winds are definitely at hurricane force. the center of the hurricane is 80 miles south of the island of bermuda, and it is , the waves and the rain and the wind. you can see the eye is not quite defined. but not enough to help the people in bermuda. see the eye, and you see that the center of circulation of the eye is just to the southwest. we've kind of calculated -- the eye is going to come very close in about four, five hours. until then and even after then, hurricane-force winds will sustain. top sustained winds 125 miles per hour with higher gusts. will continue to be the story, although all the commuter that -- computer models say that late tonight it losestart to gi begin to
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circulation. it should quickly diminish from and pretty much be tropical in about 24 to 3636 hours. a lot to watch. a live look from st. george in bermuda. winds now out of the north at 68 miles per hour, just hurricane-force winds. wind gusts 106 miles per hour 3.5 inches of rain. we're in the 70's. we have sunshine. we're going to have a nice evening. winds will diminish. we'll drop into the upper 40's to mid-50's by morning. tomorrow, we'll enjoy one more mild day with sunshine in the morning, but in a cold front is going to approach. not with any rain but with clouds. it will be breezy and mild. then the really cool stuff arrives here for the day on sunday. you up here with a look at our futurecast. sunday, maybe clouds early but andming sunny, breezy chilly. sunday's highs only in the upper 50's. a very nice weekend for the october.
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>> sounds good. >> thank you. all right. so washington capitalling capits the day posing with pups. caps k-9their calendar. some of the players brought their own dogs. with reallyo bond cute shelter dogs. go on sale for $20 each. you can get ahold of them at caps games and online. and a rare pair of white leon at the zooheir debut in serbia. look how cute! the brother and sister, only three weeks old. don't have names yet. the workers have to bottle-feed them because their mother rejected them at birth. but they say both are active, doing really well and they are are only about 200 white lion cubs in the wild. cultures consider them divine. >> until they get big enough to
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>> then not so define. ha ha! >> all right. 7, we'll tellbc you how you can get your tickets for the national tree lighting. first, a popular chain wants to make sure you get your cup of joe exactly when you
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>> are you tired of waiting in line for that morning cup of coffee? starbucks wants to safe you a little bit of -- save you a
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little bit of time. you can use your app to order your drinks before you step foot in the store. to startce is expected in portland, oregon, later this year. it should spread to the rest of the country by next year. >> what's next? drop it off for you? >> i'd love that. know you would! >> earlier this week, we told you about the governor of to rise prices at your local abc store. ofkai jackson here with some your reaction to a story that's trending now. kai? >> leon, if you ask any average owner of a bar about what brings in the most money, consistently, it's alcohol sales. a rise in prices could dramatically affect the bottom for many businesses. we're asking you if higher prices would affect you. pam says, already keeps me from eating out that often. and drink wineme because it's much cheaper. and this one says, maybe people would stop drinking.
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interesting. routinelyays i don't drink alcohol in restaurants because the prices are already ridiculously high. you to join this conversation and tell us what you're thinking about this story. >> r >> all right. would it stop you from going out? eatow both of you like to out when you can. >> i think the answer has been the last 200 years in this country. >> he's speaking for everyone. do like to eat out. probably wouldn't stop me. >> huh-uh. >> of course. course. >> moderation for everything but probably wouldn't stop me. >> thank you. >> we'll see you in a bit. an update now on that upside the d.c. border that we told you about yesterday. gothowed you a tweet we after the guy started hitting mailboxes. the board of elections said they were printed with the upside down flag on purpose to dry to drum up participation in next month's election. but last night, the washington
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post obtained an e-mail from the elections executive director admitting it was a mistake. wasn'te there just enough time or paper to reprint the more than 300,000 mailers that went out. >> okay. a different story. >> well, doesn't matter. they still got the attention. >> that's for sure. >> one way or the other. >> the search for a good book ended up giving one man plenty read.e to >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, how complete strangers the rescue after this man found himself locked up inside of a bookstore. throws.he she kicks. she does it all. you're going to meet the young lady --that's right, who is leading a local team on the gridiron. first, batten down the hatches. we'll get the latest from bermuda.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. >> right now, an island just a third the size of washington, d.c. is hoping it doesn't get away. >> let's look at a live picture from the port of bermuda. is where hurricane hurricane is expected to -- hurricane gonzalo is expected to landfall in just a few hours. karen shows us how people are storm. for this >> bermuda is bracing for the wrath of hurricane gonzalo. nose.s right on the >> all you need to do is stay ready for it. prey.
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pray. shows this monster storm in the atlantic. >> gonzalo is going to make a direct landfall over bermuda. 100 miles perover hour. a storm surge up to 10 feet and waves 20 feet or more. meteorologists say this will be the strongest storm to hit bermuda since 2003. across the tiny island, homes and businesses boarded up. there, still trying to recover from tropical faye. but it wasn't even close to the anticipated strength of gonzalo. abc's gio is there. >> that storm still has people without power here in bermuda. and we have trees, massive trees, that were just uprooted here. that.ple saw they saw what that tropical storm did. in they're seeing category 3 gonzalo and they're quite concerned about it. >> some lucky people were able to get away.ts but for those staying on the
4:32 pm
island -- >> get away from the coast and into interior sections. you have to have strong buildings. but a lot of the buildings that build in bermuda are hurricane-proof, but nonetheless, when you get a major hurricane, there's going to be extensive damage. now, people on bermuda are just hunkering down and hoping for the best. reporting for the northwest, travers, abc 7 news. you imagine living someplace where you take this for granted, where this is going muchppen to you pretty every year? >> they had faye a couple weeks ago. they are really getting into it. hurricane-force winds are now arriving in bermuda. look at theve camera we've been using. remember, yesterday was so beautiful there. of sunshine. a lot now they are getting smacked. for the next four, five to six hurricane-force conditions consistently on
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bermuda. we're looking live. visibility low. see much. let's get you to our computer graphics and give you what we have. bug is our live weather that we tapped into in st. george's. there.ees winds are sustained at 73 miles per hour right now. 106-mile-per-hour wind gusts within the past 90 minutes. gusts are winds and on the way to that area. the center of the eye, still miles to the southwest of bermuda, moving right towards the island. continue hurricane conditions for several more hours. a tremendous amount of rain and wind. thehurricane service or weather service in bermuda just 30-foot toxpect 40-foot seas off the coast. eventually storms will go away. here we're fine. upper 40's to mid-50's. although weweekend will have clouds later tomorrow with a cold front. 70 degrees in the city
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with sunshine in the nation's capital. an american tourist accidentally got himself locked up inside of one of london's bookstores. >> and his attempts to get out viral. going t.j. holmes has more on this trending story. >> help me! an american werewolf in london screaming for american tourist. >> i thought to myself, it really looks like i'm locked in, surely that didn't happen. >> but it did. david was on vacation from dallas. he went into this bookstore to use their wi-fi. upstairs to browse. but when he came back downstairs -- were locked. >> when he tries to get out, trapped. me on thepassing street. >> he captured it in this cell video. wilson eventually turning to one last resort. tweeting.ed >> his message? i've been locked inside of your
4:35 pm
bookstore for two hours. out!e let me twitter users were equipped to respond, retweeting the message 9,000 times. some replied offering assistance. others offering book recommendations. >> i was too scared to touch anything. i didn't want them to think i store. in the >> but police and the store manager arrived soon after, two and allis, after half hours. >> i think it was just -- the manager asked me to come back, make sure it's not close to closing time. >> ha ha! >> another benefit of social media. >> i guess so. situation, absolutely. so here's a question for you. is there such a thing as an perfect place to be trapped? >> oh, okay. uponpose that would depend your individual taste or choices or whatever. let's go to kai jackson to get a that.t >> well, it depends obviously. being trapped in a bookstore, the lightsth all turned off, is quite different
4:36 pm
from being trapped in an a confined space. our question is, where would you trapped?e brenda says, the liquor store! loud. out jen says target. and stephanie says walmart. that's one idea obviously. in aike to be trapped lamborghini store with the keys go.he cars ready to please join the conversation by our wjla facebook i doubt that would ever happen. >> that might be frustrating. you couldn't go anywhere. >> where would you want to be trapped, leon? >> it's got to be somewhere that some neapolitan pizza involved. >> i'd like to be trapped in a massage, maybe a facial. >> yeah, but then -- >> but you'd be there by
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yourself. >> some days, i'd be okay. tub, whirlpool. >> that works. all right. right now, folks, you have a chance to get tickets to one of the most popular tourist events d.c. this year's national christmas tree lighting is going to be down ond for december 4 the -- right across from the white house. free tickets will be giving out lottery.n online you can register until monday at 10:00 a.m. for that. a list on our web page. thisat's old is new again afternoon. >> coming up, we'll take you to a local mall getting a new lease on life. first, do you know where you're going? we're going to take a look at best places to trick or treat, coming up next. >> and here's another look at day.uestion of the do you think there's a level of personal responsibility in stopping the spread of ebola? answersve some of your from the facebook page, coming answersve some of your from the facebook page, coming up
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>> a once in a million years event is about to happen this weekend. size of a mountain mars onted to wiz by sunday. it's traveling at a speed of hour.0 miles per
4:41 pm
robotic explorers are now in position to capture some of the images. but there might be too much cosmic dust from the comet tail to see anything. you were going to say the redskins would win. no.o, not that. >> that would be fun to see. >> if they can get it, there will be some beautiful pictures. some space rangers or cowboys will be on your street in just about two weeks. right.'s we're talking about halloween night. it's on a friday this year. area lot of folks out there making plans right now. >> here's a question. where are the best places to try trick-or-treat bag? the annual list of the best areas for trick-or-treating in our area. list,the top of the tacoma,wn, t followed by american university park. >> overall, d.c. was 13th on the list.
4:42 pm
san francisco and chicago are the tops in the country. some of yourow tricks for getting the best treats on halloween. facebook pagewjla and share your ideas. some places to trick-or-treat to in prime time. last man standing kicks off at followed by cristela. 7 news atnd for abc 11:00. >> up next at 4:00, a girl on gridiron. meet one who doesn't just play one position. three!ut there playing >> and gas prices really are creeping lower all across the country. you can pay less than $3 a gallon inside
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>> check out this gas station. unled goes regular for $2.58 a gallon. we could say it's here. but it's in odom, texas. tell you where to get gas for less than $3 inside the beltway. the old town station in $2.95 aia has unled for
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gallon. and the liberty and exxon forions are selling it $2.97. your can always find the -- you gasalways find the best prices at >> a league being taken by storm by a special 14-year-old. she is here to prove that girls can do anything boys can do. to thistroduces us triple threat. >> i just was -- it's a sport that i love. >> never underestimate the power girl on the gridiron, especially if that girl is 14-year-old carly harmon, the quarterback, kicker and punter the dulles south youth football game. goal.ade it my we had a -- i think we had about five touchdowns. weekend,as last against the gainesville grizzlies. carly, the only girl out on the field, making plays just like everyone else.
4:47 pm
something, go ahead and do it. butt care what anyone says, be a good person as you do it and just do what you love. a football fan at a young age, passing the pigskin with her father and two older brothers. in theently placed 18th country in punt, pass and kick contest. suits up in this dress and hurries off to her very first school homecoming dance, proving you can have it all, beauty, brains. saying, oh,people she's a girl. play.n't >> wow! good for her! carly, though, did not try out champ high school freshman football team. lastlaims this will be her year playing youth league. instead, she hopes to play
4:48 pm
basketball. she actually has her eyes set on the wnba. >> you go, carly! get ready to do more shopping in fairfax county, ahead of the holiday rush. new springfield town center is now open. it features stores new to our region, including top shop. shoppers were lined up before the grand opening. throughout the day. coming up at 5:00, we'll take springfieldhe new town center. >> we get back to our question of the day. it deals with ebola. seems to be generating a lot of questions, though some feel they're not getting enough answers. we're asking our viewers, what personal responsibility do citizens have regarding this and how itase spreads? >> kai jackson is here now with a look at some of your responses. >> let's put our question in context. we're asking this, as information was released that a worker who handled the specimen from an ebola patient caribbeanwent on a cruise and is now
4:49 pm
self-quarantined. the blame falls on the leadership for failing to communicate to these employees, care ofer their mr. duncan, their lives would be on hold for 21 days. a health care as worker, to know some degree that you're working with, you should cancelled your trip. katie says this person handled this 20 days ago. like an overreaction. generated aeally lot of discussion, so don't miss your opportunity to be a part of it. facebook page and tell us what you think. back to you. >> okay, kai. thank you. abc 7 news atp on 5:00 tonight, the new details about the fears of ebola. right outside the pentagon today. >> plus, president obama whenins what it feels like the most powerful man in the world has his credit card declined. it happened this year. plea for help.
4:50 pm
a massive community response after burglars stole a local woman's dog right from her home. that's new tonight at 5:00. >> can we keep this weather for few days? >> it's going to be pretty nice, pretty nice. a lot cooler sunday, a few clouds tomorrow. it's going to be nice for the october. believe me. let's get started. picture.our a time-lapse. watch the clouds rolling high tops there.dge we show you how pretty the sky is. but look at the fall color out there. from the district and as we get through an area now close to sunset, just a few clouds on the western horizon. 71 in germantown. right now. these numbers are a few degrees average high for this time of year. the winds, a little bit out of the west-southwest but not as we get through the hours after sunset. the winds will diminish.
4:51 pm
color.alk about fall this is our best estimate here, based on the foliage network. of very -- kind colors kind of low, but the farther north and west you go, the brighter the colors, the closer they are to peak. this will be a good weekend, sunday especially, the farther west you go. beautiful color and sunday especially with the blue skies fine. be we'll turn cooler tonight. 49 to 56 by morning with mostly skies. we're going to look tomorrow as a cold front approaches. we'll get clouds in the but no rain expected. back to sunshine and breezy weather as we head through the day on sunday. cool temperatures expected, only in the 50's. we've goty tomorrow, sunshine, then clouds in the afternoon. a gusty breeze. temperatures expected near 68. a lot more, i promise, at 5:00. nice weekend, though. all right. it's time for a check on our bob in the traffic center. >> hey, alison.
4:52 pm
at route 5, had a crash involving a tractor-trailer, all just moved shoulder but pretty long delays on that stretch of the beltway, headed south, getting past 5 and heading toward the woodrow wilson bridge. crash on 50 eastbound at 3 and 301. headedof volume, though, bridge. to the bay the beltway, moving out towards centreville, and eastbound heading into falls church on 66, there was a crash earlier. 267.stbound at that's clear. i-81,town, north bound with a longstanding crash. southbound lanes are open. 270, volume and lots of it, into county.rg and frederick >> thank you, bob. have a good weekend.
4:53 pm
next, wearing a protective suit. that's one thing. but how about getting out of it? challenges emergency responders and medical staffers are facing with those
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>> it is still a mystery tonight how those two dallas nurses wearing protective gear contracted ebola. >> well, now those cases are raising some new questions about the safety of that gear. jeff puts it to the test. >> you have a face shield. have two pairs of gloves. >> in the battle against ebola, the armor for those fighting the war. for is required wear medical professionals fighting ebola. at least two pairs of gloves, a shield, and a hood. >> if it's worn correctly, it adequate. it should be adequate. >> craig, who normally trains trained workers, today us in the gear used for protection. >> you never know what's going
4:57 pm
to happen at any given time. sneeze.could someone could vomit. something out of the ordinary could happen and you could find a situation where you're very close to a patient. and if you're not geared up you're susceptible. >> for those demanding more protection, there's a heavier covering. into the legs. >> and a respirator which filters the arm and warms the face. limited. very >> whew! oh, wow. here.s people in >> but we wanted to learn how those wearing the gear could become contaminated. our gloves and gear with body lotion to fluids, which medical professionals often confront. >> right now you're dirty. want to transfer it to anything that's now clean. >> so properly removing the gear the most critical measure,
4:58 pm
and it should be moved from the one glove at a time. but as we quickly learned, it's not always so easy. uh-oh! had slithered off. a fresh glove was brought in to it.ace >> if you don't do these steps correctly and in proper order, au're going to transfer contaminate from the dirty to the clean. >> and look what we discovered. the gear off, we search for contamination. was one speckned of concern. in that, had ebola that's enough to make you sick. >> just my luck. 7 live, from the abc broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 5:00. side.r >> and right now at 5:00, big developments in the fears over ebola in the washington area, an incident outside the
4:59 pm
pentagon sends a local hospital into full hazmat mode. quarantines inside the district. now, all of this started when a recently traveled from west africa threw up after bus outside the pentagon. >> this just hours after a nurse being treated for ebola was air lifted from texas to the health innstitutes of bethesda. >> we've got team coverage on in the angst over ebola tonight. ford,t's begin with sam live outside of the fairfax hospital. >> leon, the woman remains in here at the fairfax hospital. we understand that she is being observed to see if she meets the criteria to be tested for ebola. it has been a busy day that started about nine hours ago in a parking lot of the pentagon. it was just after 9:00 this morning in the pentagon south walked lot when a woman
5:00 pm
onto a bus of marine employees, used the rest room, and then throwing up in the parking lot. theagon employees called arlington fire department. emergency workers learned the woman had recently been to west africa, possibly sierra leone, which has an ebola problem. the pentagon closed the south to vehicles and pedestrians and closed the entrance on that side. taken to then was fairfax hospital where she was placed in isolation. outside, fairfax fire had set up a yellow decontamination chamber. arlington and four fairfax emergency personnel, who had had contact with the patient, went decontamination. >> we have done our necessary operationally here to get the patient into the hospital. and then subsequently taken care providers. >> afterwards, they also decontaminated the unit, the brought the woman here to the hospital.


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