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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 18, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, dexter murder? his wife, shot dead in their hope after watching that bloody tv show. he says he didn't do it. but who did? was it a crime inspired by pop culture's most famous serial killer? plus, the cast of "birdman" couldn't be more jape-packed with stars. tonight, they sit down together exclusively for us to talk super hero competition.
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and which one almost ruined the movie? and, female pop stars going platinum for more than just the music. iggy azalea lightening down. but is it too extreme for the mainstre mainstream? >> but first, the "nightline" five. >> each delicious serving, try it today. stay strong. stay active with boost. join the club at brand
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good evening. tonight, we're delving into a murder mystery with an eerie twist. a couple watching "dexter," soon after, the wife is shot and killed. did she commit suicide, was it her husband? or was it the million-dollar insurance policy? >> i'm holding her, check her pulse. she was choking up on me and spraying blood. >> reporter: tense moments in court today. conrad truman on the stand. accused of murdering his wife for a $1 million insurance
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payout. truman, fighting to prove his innocence. saying what happened the night his wife was shot and killed. >> i fell backwards. >> reporter: the 32-year-old is charged with murdering his wife in 2012. they spent that night drinking and watching "dexter". >> i am going to kill you. i don't need to. it's very empowering. >> reporter: after that, his wife was killed by a single gut shot to her head. a gun out in the open, and blood everywhere. it may be a mysterious case of life imitating television. >> blunt force. >> reporter: strangely, this is
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not the first murder trial to have a connection to "dexter." on the night his wife was killed, conrad made a hysterical call to 911. >> i have officers on the way. i need to know what happened. >> i don't know. something -- blood! i really don't know what happened! i swear to god! she went in the shower and a heard a pop. >> reporter: officers arrived at the scene. their conversation was recorded. >> no more louder than that. >> reporter: conrad's demeanor
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that night has become the focus of the trial. claiming he said he would kill them when they arrived. according to police, it is possible that heidi shot herself by accident. or was shot from outside the home through a window. no bullet hole was found. and his interrogation, uncomfortable, and at times, erratic. >> is there any chance that you shot your wife? >> no. >> reporter: after investigating, police believe truman murdered his wife that night, hoping to cash in on a $1 million insurance policy. >> there's no question, he led
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police to immediately start wondering, what's going on with this guy. >> i was just confused. the dog barking, the blood. >> reporter: he recounts that fateful night. trying to explain his behavior. >> i was just trying to come up with some analytical way to find out what happened. >> reporter: he tells the court why he doesn't think his wife killed herself. >> it was just so sad. i touched her feet, and felt her leg at one point. i said, why would she commit suicide? why would she shave her legs if she was going to commit suicide? >> this is a fairly hyper young
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man. you'll hear about that. not greatly educated. kind of a country boy who was drunk. trying to react to what he sees. >> reporter: and they argue that police failed to control the crime scene. he was allowed to go to the bathroom alone. >> one of the best types of evidence is gunshot residue from firing a weapon. if he went into the bathroom and had the opportunity to wash his hands, that's a huge mistake. >> reporter: today in court, the prosecution's last opportunity to question him about the night of his wife's death. >> i have no idea where the gun went. >> in any case where a defendant takes the stand, it's important.
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but he has conflicting statements. so, if the jurors believe him, it could be an acquittal. if not, it will be a conviction. >> reporter: for "nightline," brandi hitt, in los angeles. >> up next, michael keaton and the star-studded cast of "birdman" opening up. and celebs like iggy azalea making a big statement. janelle blend of punk and funk deep 6 sofia comedienne and colombiana
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you're about to enter a room with so much star power, it's practically blinding. what happened when these srs sit down to talk about their hot new movie, "birdman"? a little gossip, cast confessions, and impeccable comic timing. >> reporter: 25 years ago, it was the blockbuster that kicked off the cinematic super hero era. "batman." michael keaton.
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>> i put on a big rubber suit. >> did yours have nipples? >> no. >> i want to make a comeback. >> reporter: all of that is about to change thanks to his performance in this. >> you are a birdman, you are a god. >> reporter: in what way is this different for you? >> it's better than most. >> you people are full of [ bleep ]. >> reporter: "birdman" is the story of a down on his luck actor. famous for films as a costumed avenger, trying to star in a broadway drama. he's joined by his all-star
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cast. each playing someone who is poised to present a personal or professional crisis for keaton's character. >> just when you think he's a weak, desperate, insecure dude, he is that. but what he's doing a great, and requires a huge set of balls. >> reporter: plus, it takes a huge set to play a character which some may connect with his real self. incorrectly, he says. >> absolutely not. that's why 20 years ago, i said no to "birdman" 4. >> you the birdman? >> how many batmans? >> i did seven. >> you did 16 mr. moms.
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>> we watched it 16 times. >> i can't keep track. >> reporter: now 63, keaton says he made a conscious decision to get back in the game. >> i need to focus on not being lazy and going after things. >> this is simple. if you wait for the great script to come along, you hope it's attached with a great director, and that's what happened. >> zach and i do the not so great things that he turns down. >> i'm not sure why my name had to come up. >> does he/sshe talk? >> yes. >> reporter: set almost entirely in and around a broadway
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theater, shot without any visible cuts. >> we were attempting to do a comedy without any shots. i was told it would be a disaster. >> reporter: the propulsive result is thrilling for the audience, and challenging for the actors. >> we used to get to the 12th hour in the day, and he felt that he had nothing in the can. >> and he let you know it. >> nothing! nothing. >> i think he told you you were ruining the movie at one point. you have to slow down, you have to speed up. >> reporter: stone plays his daughter, intrigued by norton's acting hotshot.
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and goes toe to toe with him on stage and off stage. >> sorry if i'm popular. >> reporter: and trying to keep him on the rails, with zach as his producer. >> hey. >> why don't you try to rest a little bit? >> reporter: and ryan as his ex wife. >> she's the person trying to ground him. >> reporter: there was no grounding keaton in the 1980s. in such films as "mr. mom," "night shift," a and "beetlejuice." that familiar comic edgyness.
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>> i figure if i'm in a movie more than once every 18 months, i felt like it was too much. i probably -- >> it's your mommie dearest. >> no matter who you would cast, it would be that guy. >> reporter: keaton is aware that he's not the only actor in "birdman" with a super hero past. >> emma, you have loved a super hero. >> she's the daughter of birdman. >> exactly. any man. >> reporter: now, earning r rapture rouse reviews. looking forward to award season. >> you don't get more original
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than what tim did wi with "beetlejuice" or arguably with the first "batman". but now you get this, like, a whole other thing? somebody is looking out for me. >> reporter: i'm chris conley for "nightline" in new york. next, this season's hottest hair color is a cool look. why more are choosing colors that are anything but subtle. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home.
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now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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okay, forget whether or not they have more fun. blonds these days definitely have more guts. they're sporting white locks on stage, but is it too much? here's sarah haines. >> reporter: from iggy azalea to elsa in the blockbuster hit, "frozen." seems everyone wants platinum blond. >> tons of different designers showcasing beautiful, platinum blond hair. >> reporter: and this woman has
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colored megastars. she says you need the right stuff to go megablond. you need confidence to pull off that look. this woman is ready for hair overhaul. >> i decided to get my hair dyed platinum. >> reporter: the look can be pricey, but today, she's getting a complimentary style because the "nightline" cameras are rolling. >> it's so sexy and glamorous. >> reporter: after taking off some length, they begin the bleaching. >> more like blond all over. >> reporter: okay. >> and we'll shorten it after. >> it's not going stay blue?
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>> not unless you want it to. >> reporter: three hours later, she puts in the finishing touches for the perfect platinum look. >> just going to color it a little bit. >> reporter: but first, back to stylist christine. >> going to go for the bob, which is very up to the moment right now. >> reporter: and just like that, good-bye brunette, hello, blond bombshell. so, think you want to go blond? here are some guidelines. it looks best straight. >> it was very curly and frizzy, so, i feel like people need to stay away from that blond. >> reporter: and pick the right shade for you. leave the eyebrows.
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splurge, don't save. >> maybe cut back on a pair of shoes. >> reporter: and finally, do use the right products. and don't get obsessed. >> use conditioners for color treated hair. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm sarah haines in new york. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm sarah haines in new york. >> i'm so, raymond, 3 more days before your birthday. getting excited? yeah. one year closer to looking like this. well,just make sure i can find you at 8:46 to give you your birth minute kis you always find me, ma. well, don't be in the shower this time.
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that was awkward. hey, ma, how about this picture of me at my first birthday party, huh? oh, yes. look, he's so adorable. yeah. big smile, face full ofake. so happy... you weren't around yet. there was no party. we just smeared chocolate on your face and d took the picture.


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