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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and for the moment we still have southerly wind. brees able to push the temperatures up nicely for us. there is the rain right now west of the mountains, west of interstate 81. we expect scattered showers later this evening as temperatures cool off in the 50's and it looks like we will have rain for the next couple of days. a very beautiful weekend in just a couple of minutes. >> happening in charlottesville, waiting for a 430 press conference on the very latest in the hunt for hannah graham. new information about charges against the suspect. walnut creek and
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this is a command post set up by where remainst were found that could potentially be those of hannah graham. up, he willw coming be charged with attempted capital murder related to a 2005 will be charged with abduction and sexual assault. saturday off of old lynchburg , in jail with the charge of abduction of hannah graham. she went missing the morning of september 13 after a night out with friends. whererea is five miles the remains were found in 2010. forensic evidence links jesse matthew to morgan harrington.
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we spoke with a woman who lived in this area since 1963 and her reaction. >> i go to sleep and there is a body laying up the road. i can't imagine such a crime would happen in that neighborhood. no word from investigators about any of those results from the friends at testing. the breaking news this afternoon is that yes he matthew is going to be charged with attempted capital murder, abduction, and sexual assault related to an incident in 2005. the press conference coming up at 430 this afternoon. will come back with more
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information at 5:00. >> thank you for the update. we moved to prince william county where some students are starting to get home from school after what can be described as a crazy day. students were evacuated to a nearby school while others were told to stay inside. police found a murder suspect vehicle and body nearby. >> where this all started right now, we have seen neighbors walking by. weree and school officials able to reroute students to another school nearby while police conducted a search for the suspect. they got a call just before 8:20 a.m. this morning.
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they found edward hill junior's body on school ground on the baseball field. police say they were searching for him after he shot and killed his girlfriend. >> there is a struggle and he was choking her. i came up and said, what is going on? let her go when he heard my , calland she yelled to me the cops. he has a knife and he has a gun. >> more of the neighbors emotional interview and the very latest on the investigation. >> the maryland state fire marshal is investigating three arsons in less than two months. that caused a fire
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more than $500,000 in damage. firefighters were called to that same store for a separate arson investigation in september. investigators say someone robbed and set fire to fred's sporting-goods store right next door. >> more transparency about how it is handling ebola. after their failure to contain the outbreak in west africa. announce another staffer died in zero lyons. here with the illness. people wholl the 48 originally have contact with thomas duncan have been given the all clear. there are still multiple people being monitored nationwide and
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the nurses that tested positive. she is reportedly in good spirits. despite the pentagon putting , goingr a response team ahead and naming any bolas are -- an ebola czar. >> i don't think the american people should worry about it. just me, i worry about all the time but i should do the worrying, not the american people. >> will it get worse in the u.s.? and why should this care convince you to get the flu shot? director says you definitely need a flu shot this season. >> 1000 questionnaires will go to potential jurors for dzhokhar
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tsarnaev. 100 of those will be questioned individually. it killed three people and injured nearly 300. it is in custody right now, six bodies after strangling another woman. >> d.c. police are looking for a man that they say allegedly attacked a woman sunday morning in georgetown. police said the sexual assault happened around 6:00 in the -- 3300 block 300 of prospect place northwest. had a very vague description of her attacker.
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-- you're police encouraged to contact d.c. police. we are live with more on the investigation right now. trying to brag down -- we will go right away to that to show you inside of this gas station at 1130 last night. you can see the clerk and the robbery approaches. after he gets into the cash register, he bolted for the front door.
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he went back, pulled out the gun again and shot the man and went on foot and got away. a recent immigrant is hospitalized. robertrch for this continues throughout this neighborhood. a lot of people that work along this stretch know it tonight. >> the question many people are wondering, have you paid less than $20 for regular unleaded? prices are dipping below the area.
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columbia pike in the arlington , we arecounty line finding pockets of prices under three dollars around the region. >> airline tickets, not yet but 2000 people could find their flights up the air during a major strike at a major airline. >> air travel worldwide, now on strike. dulles international airport --
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they may contact to learn. the long-haul flights is in good news. impact if have a huge they were to be canceled. it is estimated the strike could cost the airline $640 million. >> a popular show about making drugs and making money. it is in a children's toy store. forhy parents are calling breaking bad also leave the shelves. landing.en marine it is not a quarterback
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controversy with the redskins but it sure is quarterback uncertainty. will rg iii be ready for the
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the grammy award-winning song is being banned by two radio stations across the golden gate city. the san francisco giants are playing the kansas city royals in the stations they it is no offense to the singer they just will stay away from the song until the series ends. >> tired of hearing it? wax not a fan. -- >> not a fan. >> at least we came away with a win on sunday but it came with a cost. >> some redskins fans will tell you they will fetch 11-5 because that's how many games are left. rg3 could be and coming back. jay gruden would not rule out knows forut until he sure, colt mccoy will take the first-team reps.
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he will start in dallas monday night and play the entire game. spot with amself a touchdown and no interceptions. the redskins got to feel what it's like to win again and they are rallying behind mccoy today. so what is rg iii, ready to go? >> robert has to be honest with himself and how he's feeling. thee gets clear from doctors which we don't know if he's totally clear yet, were going to the rehab process. at the rate we want them to go through, we will get a bit more this weekend see where he's at. can he cut without pain, can he run without pain? is he sturdy enough? does he feel like he can play good with a brace? there are lots of issues making him his daughter -- a starter. have lost brian
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arezzo with a torn right pectoral muscle this time and will need surgery to repair it. this is the third time he's torn the pectoral muscle. player andranchise it could very well in his time here in washington. for this season and maybe going elsewhere. and of course the dallas cowboys have the number one rushing team in the country. >> one game has been solid. wilson,ake out russell the best in the nfl. and demarco murray is the leading rusher in the nfl. bit.ere is a little >> it comes out. [talking over each other] >> we will stay on top of the
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question for the day. are you ready for rg iii to make a comeback? go to the wjla taste the page. -- facebook page. >> the u.s. women's national soccer team tonight play haiti in the first round of qualifying for next year's women's world cup. the game is at 7:30 p.m. and it's a double-header. let's see if the traffic is causing problems out on the roadway. >> a long-standing crash is now gone. , the lanes are open. south, a little bit of volume there.
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and you can see pretty much the standard stuff at this time of day in both directions. doing pretty well on 395. >> bob, thank you. >> the weather to contend with on the roadways? >> some showers coming in the next couple days. idea to take a bad a light jacket or shower. the winds are very gusty. it is 16 miles an hour out of the wind is about 35 miles an hour. very breezy and able to boost the temperatures with the
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sunshine outside. in fredericksburg, 69 degrees right now in the nation's capital. it is moving to the east, and there are showers. .ou kind of give the advisory tomorrow, its for will develop offshore. that will determine if we clear out wednesday night. cloudy again tomorrow with showers.
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you kind of get a feel here. keep up with us on air, online, the weather at. >> dinner outside, on you. and a look at the kennedy center with what stars have to say about
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>> the motorcycle from the film easy rider we told you was going on the auction block and we told tell- and today we can sel you it sold for $1.3 million. we do not know who had the winning bid. glamour from the big screen and the small screen on the kennedy center last night. >> the kennedy center hands up the mark twain prize for american humor. even richard pryor. without up with him on the red carpet about the whole thing.
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campaign, they take out trade ads. it really came out of the blue so i was extremely happy. >> the recipient is toasted and roasted about other stars he's touched and mentored along the way. >> definitely not true. there's no way. >> pretending to flirt with me which is not very believable. >> there are very few people able to stay in a decade after decade. you would think at least one of them would have gotten to drive one of his 250 cars but no. tonight heng that gives me one of his cars.
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>> which one? >> i don't know. >> i think it's a different car every time. , take an front of it photo of me in front of the car, and i claim his cars on instagram is my own. >> that's what you've got to do, take a picture and say that's my car. they do the annual honors. >> thank you. we are just about two weeks from election day. >> and we talk about the 10th district. >>
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>> the commonwealth attorney is holding a press conference on the jesse matthew junior case. suspect intthew is a a hannah graham disappearance.
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it was a 2005 sexual assault case that takes place in fairfax county. are expecting more charges to be fouled against jesse matthew. we are expecting the attorney to announce charges in the press conference happening any moment now. >> the body discovered in an abandoned house in the charlottesville area over the weekend after she had gone than one month. and jesse matthew is a suspect in her disappearance. >> we are waiting on positive identification in the remains found, but police called off the search that was scheduled on sunday morning for hannah graham , a sophomore that went missing a little more than a month ago. we are still waiting for a positive identification on those
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remains. >> related to the death of morgan harrington. let's hear what he has to say. >> good afternoon. raymond f. m raymond -- i'm the commonwealth attorney for fairfax county and carl is the chief of police.
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thank you for being here today. they returned an indictment charging jesse leroy matthew junior, 32 years of age of charlottesville, va with three felony counts in connection to a sexual assault of the 26 are old woman which occurred on september 24 2005 here in the city of fairfax. the third count is sexual penetration with an object against the victims well. -- victim's will.
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this was an investigation diligently conducted by the police led by chief carl party other pardiny and any members of the department who worked closely with me and my staff as well as others across the commonwealth court mating this investigation. it is essential to ensure the integrity of the prosecution in this case, there are very few details that i can give with respect to the investigation or the evidence in the case. as everybody here knows, mr. matthew remains in custody in charlottesville on other charges.
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at this point, i will turn the conference over to the chief who has a few words to say and i will take some questions and the chief i suppose we'll take some questions at the conclusion and we will do our best to answer what we can. please understand we have a duty to both sides in this case and it as fair ase possible. >> thank you for being here this evening. they never gave up.
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we worked very diligently on the case. they analyze new information as it became available to us. we want to applaud everyone for their teamwork and effort in this case. i realize everybody wants answers and questions. recently can't comment on the evidence in this case. we've done that to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation and the ensuing prosecution.
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because of this case is now in the judicial system. , theyyou for your time appreciate the hard work that's gone on to this case. >> can you say why he might have been in this area? >> that you have the press conference.
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>> the three additional felony counts against jesse matthew junior. >> he has been charged with three felony counts. this now links jesse matthew as the main suspect to three cases. >> all those cases spanning about a decade. they will continue to investigate his history and will have the very latest on abc 7 news. escorting him reading to his final resting place with more than just the thing. >> horace holmes shows us why they are fighting to traffic
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tickets as well. >> they will bring his body back home to be buried. >> part of a detailed organization. afghanistan from dover delaware air force base to his home in virginia. there are many other cyclist in the detail and easy tickets in the detail. they fail to meet the deadline to pay. >> they continue to complain to
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maryland authorities. today,arts of our area the impact of all those corporate data breache
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stories thatow, may have you thinking before starting all of that. that includes stores like target, home depot, and neiman marcus. they already posted about it saying those would be the stories. >> angela for treasury secretary.
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that's it. >> a florida mom is taking issue with what she's found on the local toys "r" us. >> once he learned he was dying of cancer, she got a petition for what she calls those toys off the shelf of a children's toy store. would sign this petition and most of you told us know. -- told us no. it's a matter of personal choice and taste. >> susan is in the minority and wrote to us, boycott toys "r" us.
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you may just want to boycott them because things are real pricey. >> you can choose which toys you give your children. just because it's there doesn't mean you have to buy them. >> is just a problem when your kid says, i want that. 4:00,ll coming up at reports of the phantom submarine roaming the shores of one country. a team of paddlers trying to beat the odds. responses to our question of the day.
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>> we are quickly approaching the right to exercise her constitutional right. early voting and absentee voting starts soon. raking it all down. what do we need to know? >> it will all be in the hands of voters. the board of election
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headquarters if you're so inclined. early voting starts october 23 and laster october 30. they have to be back to them. us toard of elections ask remind you voting in the commonwealth that as of july this year, voters must have a you may be id eligible to vote by absentee ballot. kirk cousins was benched yesterday. >> rg iii makes a comeback.
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>> the 1.4 billion dollar plan to ease the rush hour crunch on metro. this crane collapse, flattening the rv and several cars.
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>> it was packed. >> not only are we looking at saturday and sunday. that is the next weather maker here. tomorrow morning, the next batch of showers coming through columbus day. the cold front responsible for all this. it is across northern maine. ustherly winds today kept with some sunshine.
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batches of showers. we will have timing everything out for you. this indication is that low pressure. and we get the influence of a developing system. there is cloudy skies and later in the day, showers at times. and it's a little bit further down the road. breezy and chilly way, hanging
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onto the chilly not really through thursday. and the weekend looks terrific. >> coming up next, survivors stick to the
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>> the navy widened its search for what could be a russian submarine. the search started late last week when swedish intelligence picked up an emergency radio call in russian. there have been three sightings of the mystery vessel. they do not comment on the movements of the submarine fleet. >> get ready to meet some of the strongest survivors.
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i got a chance to get on the water that also doubles as a floating fortress. >> only feet from shore and a world away from reality. >> people that have gone through. >> is comprised exclusively of breast cancer survivors and supporters.
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>> competitions can be demanding but the sisterhood and the therapy they can't get from any better means. >> it is still a little at this point but the emotion -- i look upon this as something that i will do absolutely for myself. selfish.s going to be that i was going to look beyond tomorrow. it really put things in perspective. are leading to disease in their wake.
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are sticking it to their competitors. had to sarasota, florida next. abc 7 is going deep all month long. >> live, from the abc seven broadcast center, this is breaking news. >> fairfax county is a man accused of abducting a college student and facing serious new charges. they have charged jesse matthew with sexual assault and attempted murder. >> the charges stem from an attack nine years ago. they spoke just moments ago about these charges.
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>> a violent nine-year-old crime in fairfax. >> they indicted the suspect. they allege this is past press reports. they grabbed -- the suspect grabbed a 26-year-old woman as she was walking home from a nearby germantown road. they claim that the suspect took her into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her on september 24 of 20 -- 2005. he has been indicted on attempt a capital murder, abduction, a
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sex crime, and they have been actively pursuing this for nine years. >> the victim is grateful that we stayed in touch with her regularly over the course of nine years. neverromised her he'd give up and we wouldn't expect less from him. so i think it's fair to say she is grateful. >> it is possible for matthew to face charges here before facing they recently announced a for the link to the 2005 disappearance of morgan harrington. prosecutors said not charged matthew in that case, major


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