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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 21, 2014 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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the suspect in the disappearance of college student hannah graham is charged in another crime. jesse matthews already charged with abducting graham. surveillance video shows them together the night she went missing. prosecutors have charged him with attacking a woman an a washington, d.c., street in 2005. police nearby came to her rescue and gave police a rough sketch. jodi arias heads back to a phoenix courtroom today as her attorneys fight for her life. opening arguments are set to get under way in arias' sentencing retrial. she claims she was acting in self-defense when she stabbed her ex-boyfriend nearly 30 times and shot him in the head. the first jury deadlocked on whether to give arias the death penalty or life in prison. new video of a california fire that trapped a man inside. we already saw this moment when strangers came to his rescue. now this is what firefighters saw when they showed up. it's captured on a helmet camera. the roaring fire was in the garage. the flames came straight at the
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firefighters as they worked to put it out. they had face masks and oxygen. the hero rescuers did not. >> i was scared. everybody, i'm sure anybody would be scared. but there's a life. hey, try to help them. >> the firefighters quickly put out the fire but they probably would have been too late to rescue the man who lived there. the fire destroyed his home but the good samaritans saved his life. we could get major developments in the football hazing scandal at the high school in new jersey. the board of education meeting in sayreville will address the scandal. board members could also decide the fate of the school's long time head football coach and some of the assistants. they've all been put on suspension with pay. incredible turn around last night an "monday night football." the steelers were down 10-0 against the texans. then scored 24 points in the stretch. just 73 seconds during the second quarter. that included two touchdown passes by quarterback ben
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roethlisberger. the teams traded scores later. pittsburgh had done enough. the steelers win a crazy one. 30-23. turning to some of your weather. scattered showers in the northeast and in the northwest. and cascade mountains have some light rain from colorado to south texas. in southern florida, clear most everywhere else. 60s in the northeast and northwest. 70s and 80s in the southern half of the country and a perfect evening for the start of the world series. after a high of 71 today, it will be 61 at first pitch. those who would like to see horse carriages disappear from the streets of new york city have some new ammunition this morning. there it is. take a look. a horse that reportedly got loose from one of those carriages being chased don by police while trotting up a busy manhattan avenue. it was eventually brought under control. >> you know. nobody was injured in the making of this video kind of a thing. >> keep them around? >> yeah. you're in the camp for don't
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lose them? we still need them. >> you see a lot worse than this in the streets of nork every day. >> what's a loose horse? wasn't even hurush hour. >> nobody even stopped to look. you wouldn't stop to see this thing. it's possibly the world's largest spider. >> what? >> brush its hair. it's called the goliath bird-eating spider. a leg span up to a foot. they say it can weigh as much as a puppy. its body is as large as a big fist. >> this was in the forest in south america. a guy came across this thing. it sound like a horse running toward him. he actually said this. this goliath spider, bird eating spider doesn't really eat birds. it survives an worms. >> it can pierce the skull of a bird. >> i hate spiders. some things i can't deal with.
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>> no. >> fantastic. >> there. a third co-host. oh, happy halloween. >> having fun up there, guys? >> push him over to you. don't bite me. vow to get buff like your favorite celebrities without fancy gym equipment. we're getting expert fitness advice. who is slamming insults at tennis superstar serena and venus williams? these offensive comments and the damage control now. >> later the uproar at toys "r" us. "breaking bad" action figures. are they teaching our kids a thing or two about illegal drugs? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. i'm telling you i heard something...
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♪ she's the number one ranked tennis player in the world. but serena williams now being served some offensive comments off the cort. a top tennis official calling serena and her sister the williams brothers. >> serena speaking out calling that and other remarks sexist and racist. but that official claims the whole thing was a joke. she's known an the court for her powerful hits. >> i thought they were, in a way, bullying. >> reporter: but tennis superstar serena williams breaking her silence off the court, taking aim at the head of the russian tennis federation tarpashev over controversial comments he made last week.
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>> i thought his comments were insensitive and sexist and racist. >> reporter: tarpashev referred to serena and venus as the williams brothers, later going on to say, quote, it's frightening when you look at them. but really, you justice need to play against the ball. the comments ignighting a storm in the tennis world. they quickly fined him the tour maximum, $25,000 and banning him for a year. >> i think the wta did a really great job of taking initiative and immediately taking action. >> reporter: fellow superstars also rushing to williams defense, including world number two, maria sharapova. >> i think they are very disrespectful and uncalled for, and i'm glad that many people have stood up, including the wta. >> reporter: in a statement, tarpashev said his comments were only meant as a joke and he doesn't think this deserves so much fuss. y is reara currently ranked
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number one in the world is in singapore for the wta tour finals. >> where is the funny part? where is the joke? where's the finiunny part. >> i don't know. some say it's lost in translation. >> i'm glad they came down on him. sending a message. wta asking for a formal apology which it doesn't seem like he's close. >> she did win her big match yesterday. >> and she'll keep an winning. number one in the world. >> she gets the last laugh an that one. "breaking bad," the action figures. they come with min fur versions of satchels of cash and bags of meth. >> what else would they come with? >> the parents who are calling for their speedy removal from store shelves. that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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can we even tell people what we were just talking about? >> no, it's probably not appropriate. >> toys r susta"r" us is taking. they have new dolls based an characters from "breaking bad." >> considers most of the show has to deal with dealing drugs, a group of parents want them pulled off the shelves. >> reporter: "breaking bad" was great at being bad. >> just getting started. >> reporter: the show focused an the meth trade. while its five seasons shocked viewers and earned critical acclaim, "breaking bad's" latest debut is big on the shock but lacking in accolades. >> that's terrible. >> reporter: breaking bad action figures now on the shelves of toys "r" us stores across the cannot. >> definitely a kids store.
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doesn't seem like the kind of place to be selling that. >> reporter: one florida woman feels the same way. she started an online petition asking toys r us to pull the action figures. parents we spoke with were stunned to hear about the dolls. >> there's nothing that strikes me as remotely child friendly about that. >> reporter: not everyone is breaking bad over the "breaking bad" dolls. some don't see the difference between those action figures and superheroes and violent monsters. >> a lot of adults who have children bring their children and shop and buy sword toys and gun toys. >> if there's a mature section for those toys or a higher level where the kids won't see it, then i suppose that's fine. >> reporter: that's what the toy giant says is happening. toys "r" us tells us, we carry a variety of fictional character action figures, including those for our collector customers. the products you reference are carried in very limited quantities in the adult action figure area of our stores.
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the chain is also noted the toys are marked 15 years and up. some parents say it's not good enough. >> that's the grop we're most concerned with using prescription drugs and illegal ones, too. >> reporter: one person not backing don, the man who played the lead character. referring to the florida mom who started the toys "r" us petition. actor bryan cranston tweeted, i'm so mad i'm burning my florida mom action figure. >> true walter what. not backing down. >> i'm trying to find you these dolls. they're not popping up right now an the toys "r" us site. maybe i'm doing something wrong. >> maybe they removed them. >> we'll check. i know you're a fan of the show. >> i just finished on friday. it's fantastic. i might move on to "walking dead." because you say it's really good. i haven't seen it yet. i think i'm going to give that a chance. >> i can't imagine buying a kid
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♪ celebrities get attention for their looks. and although good genes play a big role, they do have to work for it. hoping that celebrity trainer anna kaiser might help. >> her client lists include sofia vergara, kelly ripa and sarah jessica parker. she revealed her secrets to abc's lnsie janice. >> reporter: let's be honest. they are the hot bods we wish we had. shakira's abs that don't lie. sofia vergara's derriere extraordinaire. sarah jessica parker's arms that
2:56 am
define sculpted and kelly ripa's, well, everything. the secret behind those to die for bods, celebrity trainer anna kaiser. we're here in her studio to get some tricks of the trade. the celeb workout guru's number one must do tip. >> you really should get your heart pumping out offior chest five days a week. it's really important to keepiors healthy and kick off that weight loss. >> reporter: what's the secret to getting sarah's famous arms? >> you can use them 6, 8, 10 pounds. bring them out and in. up and down. pulse it up. pulse, pulse. and pulse. good. >> reporter: and the cardio move behind kelly ripa's ripped abs? >> kick together up down. kick, together, good. and kick. yes, girl, nice. kick, together up down. awesome. >> how about the bum blasting
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exercise that sofia vergara uses to defy gravity. >> bring it down to the front and out to the side keeping those hips up toward the ceiling. pulse it up. pulse and pulse. >> reporter: these a-listers clearly work hard for those toned bodies. i'm exhausted. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> what's your best workout? >> i use weight machines and a treadmill. the real key is, eat right. >> that is true. >> it helps. >> that's what's you do. >> that's great. look at this. >> look at me. whose boobs are those? >> i didn't want to be the one to say it, but i'm glad you did. >> you know you were thinking that. >> you dress differently here. >> yeah, those were not mine. >> let me just say, wow, reena.
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this morning on "world news now" -- urgent plea. federal safety experts say air bags in millions of cars are so dangerous they need to be fixed now. >> this is baz severe as it gets. the major defect, the long list of cars affected and who is most at risk. shocking developments. police in indiana uncover a possible serial murder investigation. the suspect who is cooperating and the growing list of victims that could go back decades. monica lewinsky takes the stage to talk about her reputation and her affair with president bill clinton. >> i fell in love with my boss. >> her serious message now many years after the scandal. it's tuesday, october 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> we begin with a very urgent safety warning to millions of drivers about possibly explosive air bags. >> defective air bags that can explode without warning sending dangerous material through the air. abc's brian ross with the details for us. >> reporter: to do their job -- air bags have to deploy in a split second. in half of a blink of an eye propelled by what's called an inflater. >> the expansion rate is so fast and so quick and violent that it actually expands this metal portion. >> reporter: but in the defective air bags the inflater, a metal canister, actually explodes like an ied propelling deadly shrapnel. this is what happened in one case earlier this year involving a honda when 26-year-old corey of florida says he was hit in the face and the eye by the air bag shrapnel. >> this is about as severe as it
3:02 am
gets. when you van air bag designed to protect you that can explode into shrapnel and kill you, this is an extreme situation. >> reporter: most defective air bags come from one plant in mexico owned by a japanese company called the takata corporation. the millions of cars under recall include models from honda, toyota, nissan, mazda, general motors, ford, chrysler, bmw and mitsubishi. this alert warned owners to get them repaired immediately, especially those who live in warm weather states with high humidity. >> a lot of folks own vehicles, have not received the noteification they were supposed to have received. and that's a real issue. >> reporter: in a statement an its website, takata says it stands by the quality of its products but is cooperating in the federal investigation of the air bag defects. brian ross, abc news, new york. the company behind the guard rails on many highways across the country has been found liable for defrauding the
3:03 am
federal government and ordered to pay $175 million. the jury in texas found trinity industries had failed to inform the government about a cost-saving change it made in 2005. instead of absorbing the impact and collapsing during a crash, the modified guard rail could punch through a car like a harpoon. accident victims across the country are suing. >> had the guard rails done their job i probably would have walked away. >> under federal law the award could triple and additional fines and f fees could add up t more than a billion dollars. it will be split between the government and the whistleblower, a competitor who filed the lawsuit. public health officials released new guidelines for how health workers should gear up to treat ebola patients. it called for face shields, hoods and boots and prorth techs that leave no parts of the body exposed. the quarantine for the family n friends of those who had contact with the first ebola patient is
3:04 am
over. several children were able to return to school. >> when i heard the news, i was scared the first time, but when they give us the paper, that we're going to be safe, then i was okay. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan's fiance is among those freed from quarantine. she's having a hard time finding a new home to rent. the city of dallas and local churches are helping with expenses until she can get resettled. the suspect in the disappearance of college student hannah graham has been charged with another crime involving another woman. prosecutors have charged him with attacking a woman an a d.c. street in 2005. people nearby came to her rescue and gave police a rough sketch. >> they never gave up, not over noon years. this case has been going on for nine years. we actively investigated it. >> police say dna links jesse matthew to the d.c. attack and
3:05 am
another third case. the murder of a virginia tech stoont in 2009. her body was found about six miles from the one that may be hannah graham. a manhunt is under way for a dangerous murder suspect after he was mistakenly released. investigators didn't discover the error until sunday night. he is accused of shooting and killing a man last year and assaulting a prison employee after his arrest. corrections officials have no idea what went wrong. a developing story we've been watching overnight in pennsylvania. there's been another sighting of fugitive eric frein. police reported seeing frein near the swiftwater post office in the pocono mountains, not far from where a woman saw a rifle toting man believed to be frein friday night. schools are open there today but with stepped up security. now to northwestern indiana where police have made one grim discovery after another. the bodies of seven women uncovered with the help of an alleged serial killer who
3:06 am
confessed to taking their lives. it may not be over yet. here's more from abc's john ehrlichman. >> reporter: 19-year-old africa hardy was found strangled to death at this motel 6 in hammond, indiana. 43-year-old gary resident in custody confessed to killing her but allegedly also claimed he's been killing in indiana for years. >> it could go back as far as 20 years based an some statements we have. >> reporter: van, a registered sex offender in texas, solicited women an chicago back page which is like craigslist but with an adult services section. police say hardy was in a prostitution ring advertised on back page and had an arranged meeting with van. they tracked van down through his cell phone. he confessed to hardy's murder and many more. >> reporter: van allegedly led police to six more female bodies in abandoned homes, including 35-year-old anith jones reported missing october 8th by her family. on facebook, hammond mayor
3:07 am
thomas mcdermott jr. called van an admitted serial killer who he scizz admitted to a couple of homicides in hammond back in '94 or '95. hammond police indicated there could be more names and bodies to come. meanwhile, the mayor of gary ys the city is looking at its list of missing people to see if there's anyone else that might fit the profile of van's alleged victims. t.j., reena? >> john, thank you. a new medical study as we close in on cold and flu season. new research indicates parents make dosage errors when it comes to giving medicine to their kids. most of those medical errors occur before a child's first burth day. 97% of them occur at home. doctors say the easiest way to avoid mangi imaking mistakes isl your pediatrician. >> those little measuring cups. you give them the liquid version. you have to measure. that can be kind of scary. >> totally scary. on some cold and flu and
3:08 am
medicines for kids under 2 they say contact your pediatrician. that's partially because of the dosage issues. the fda was looking into tylenol, cold medicines to changing the labeling just so parents can be more aware about dosages. >> 94% still don't end up in the hospital but still they've been 25 deaths associated with this. 1900 kids had to go to the hospital. >> a majority of them under 1 which is scary. tiny little things. >> we will turn now to some business. would you care to guess what's being given credit for fueling apple's new surge in profits? yes, the new iphone. the new model sparked sales of more than 39 million from july to september. that's a record. the only disappointment in an otherwise blockbuster quarter for apple was the sale of the ipad. those were don 13% from a year ago. and wasabi ginger? that has won this year's
3:09 am
frito-lay contest that gives people a chance to create a new potato chip flavor. the other, mango salsa. >> yes, definitely. >> cheddar bacon mac and cheese. >> yes. >> and cappuccino. >> so you're okay with the wasabi? >> yeah. >> a nurse from new jersey came up with the winning flavor. she either gets $1 million or a portion of the profits, whichever is greater. >> we'll come up with our flavor next year. beer definitely goes with chips. if you are looking for the cheapest beer, head to baton rouge, louisiana. it has the cheapest suds on average. just $7.41 for a six-pack of 12-ounce cans. it's six cents more expensive than that in oklahoma city rounding out the top five goes to omaha, buffalo and st. louis. the most expensive, 13.32 for the same six pag in aurora and chicago, illinois. >> baton rouge the cheapest beer.
3:10 am
you know what else is baton rouge? louisiana state university. it all makes sense, lsu. we go from cheap beer to expensive. really expensive stuff being served up at a whiskey bar in houston. >> it's called the pride of 1978 and one of the rare whiskeys in the world. >> they had a tasting yesterday. this is what it cost you. a shot. $750. >> what? >> yes. >> okay. talk about rare. only 700 bottles available. >> $750? i'm sure it's worth every single cent. the mix coming up. pumpkin pie. one that weighs close to a ton. we'll explain this one. >> first, singer michael bolton leads a long list of celebrities selling out, going commercial and pitching products. can stars really put you in the buying mood? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by acorn
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as the internet was shaping up to become what it is now, one name got a lot of people talking. monica lewinsky. >> now she's taking her turn to speak, stepping out into the spotlight and launching a twitter account. here's jonathan karl.
3:15 am
>> reporter: my name is monica lewinsky. >> reporter: the former white house intern is now 41. and for the very first time giving a public speech about the love affair that almost brought down a president. >> i fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happens. but my boss was the president of the united states. >> reporter: speaking to the forbes under 30 summit, lewinsky portrayed herself as the furst real victim of cyberbullying. >> i was patient zero. the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet. >> reporter: another first for lewinsky. she's opened up a twitter account. more than 35,000 followers already in less than 12 hours. and she has a new personal calling. fighting online abuse and
3:16 am
bullying, something she wrote about in "vanity fair" over the summer. >> what i want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive, too. i want to put my suffering to good use and give purpose to my past. >> reporter: this may have been monica lewinsky's first public speech but it won't be her last. this will be the beginning of a full-blown campaign against cyberbullying. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> a lot of times people go through something like this, you are humiliated in the public spotlight, there's a way to find catharsis and move an. she's been trying to. it's been, what, two decades now. she's said she hasn't been able to move on. no one will hire her. she went to london school of economics but after that it was really hard. i think this may be a way for her to start anew. >> 41. maybe still dealing with it. coming up here, celebrity endorsements. the big-name stars turning to commercials to help their career.
3:17 am
turns out it's not just about the machine anymore. >> and ahead in our next half hour, an incredible story about a boy with autism getting help from an unlikely place. how that robotic voice onnior cell phone is helping change the life of a remarkable young man. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "wor
3:18 am
♪ celebrity advertisers used to consider this a deal of shameful secrets. something a-listers might only do abroad where most americans wouldn't really see it. >> that's not the case anymore. major stars are embracing the endorsement and sometimes for a surprising reason. for more we're "up all nightline" with abc's david wright. ♪ >> reporter: the man they call
3:19 am
the american tom jones is back on his feet again. >> i can use a little more level. >> reporter: michael bolton back in the studio. laying don tracks for a new line of greeting cards. >> american greetings. you'll record every name in the phonebook. >> this '90ss r&b icon has launched a second career as a celebrity pitch man selling starbursts. ♪ >> reporter: and hondas. ♪ and internet service from optimum. whose number is almost the same as michael bolton. always playing a version of himself. >> don't call michael bolton. >> please don't call michael bolton. >> so far they all want me to be michael bolton. >> reporter: it's worth noting with these new ads, bolton's
3:20 am
career has come full circle. he started off in commercials when he wise a starving singer/songwriter paying his dues. then the music career dook over. >> i called my manager from the car and said we have to stop doing the jingles. i don't want people at radio trying to guess whether i'm a real singer or whether i'm a jingle guy. ♪ >> reporter: what brought bolton back to the commercial air waves was a music video parody that first aired an "saturday night live." and went viral. celebrity endorsements are big business. stars show up in an estimated 15% of advertisements. they can command hefty fees for allowing companies to cash in on their brand and promote their brand, too. >> starting toet the picture? >> reporter: think of anchorman ron burgundy, aka will farrell hocking dodge durangos. >> this glove box i've been talking about? it comes standard.
3:21 am
>> reporter: think of matthew mcconaughey's ad for lincoln. where he stares don a bull. >> 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. >> reporter: it has paid off for lincoln. sales 13% this year. michael bolton says his ads have helped his career as a rock star, too. through these crazy ads he can connect with all those fans who weathered a breakup with the michael bolton tune and he can reach their kids, too. that's why this makes sense for michael bolton. in fact, it makes dollars and cents. i'm david wright for "nightline" in hollywood. >> you've seen the matthew mcconaughey commercials? you like those? >> they're weird. >> they're a little odd. i love him and that southern twang and his character from "true detective" but it's worked for them. >> something else people thought was weird? brad pitt with the chanel number
3:22 am
5. over $6 million he got for that. >> they pulled it like that. we've got three beautiful kids.
3:23 am
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time for "the mix." this is always any time we can see other reporters, people in our field doing their jobs and having a hard time doing their jobs, we can appreciate it because we've all been through this. take a look at this reporter trying to do his job. he's being interrupted -- just listen for a second. >> she's not letting me do my job and report to you. >> do not alarm our guests, thank you. >> this is against freedom of the press. >> the young man is trying to cover the events in new hampshire. they had some rioting there related to keen state university college. happened around the pumpkin festival. the lady there that you are seeing is the coordinator of the pumpkin fest. he's trying to report on the
3:26 am
riot. >> he eventually got his message out. >> i love halloween shows. i love christmas decorations. this is the halloween show that has won over much of america. it's from illinois. you have to listen. ♪ is this just fantasy ♪ mama just killed a man >> that's queen's, you know the song "bohemian rhapsody." it's a light show done by this family in illinois. all the proceed goes to jiji's play house to help downs syndrome. it's from 9:30 to 10:30. wouldn't you like to go drive through there. >> i was just going to say what do the neighbors think about the news? it's only for an hour. and they are raising money. >> and there are 30 different songs. >> i'm with you now. >> get in the spirit. the next one here, i'm the one always into these lovy dovy cute relationship stories. two teenagers now.
3:27 am
look what the young guy did. these are teens in the philippines. the young man showers his girlfriend, look at this. he has friends help him out. they just line up to give her roses. a teddy bear and gifts. they are celebrating their one year anniversary. >> how old are they? >> they are teens. what do they look, 15, 16? >> oh, puppy love. >> they are too young to know any better. we'll see how that works out. >> i could see a little t.j. holmes doing this at 15, 16. pumpkin pie in china. could be the biggest pumpkin pie ever made but there's a little catch. 1,863 pounds. 40 cooks. there are dates, raisins and sugg nar in it. the largest was in new brennan, ohio. almost 4,000 pounds. >> so they didn't even get close. >> it sure looks really good.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- fighting ebola. the cdc's brand new guidelines to protect hospital workers at risk. the major development as fears begin to ease in dallas. risky rides. a growing number of school bus drivers busted. the latest arrests and today's safety questions. best friends. how the voice of siri from an iphone broke through to a boy with autism. why his doctors and parents are so thrilled. >> and -- ♪ like a virgin >> italy's sensational singing nun and her take on an old madonna song. "like a virgin" never sounded like this before. that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, october 21st.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we've got a singing nun for you this morning. >> she's really good actually. >> yeah, i didn't know what her version -- she's kind of a pop. not what you'd expect from a nun, if you will. >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. >> i think you may download this nun. i think you'll like her music. we are going to begin with the latest on the ebola outbreak. the cdc has issued new guidelines for protective gear to be worn by health care workers. >> they call for full body garb and hoods that protect workers' necks. hospitals are urged to set up special areas to put on and take off the gear. in texas, a major milestone has been passed in the battle against ebola. abc's tom llamas is in dallas. >> reporter: when we last saw the fiance of eric thomas duncan, louise troh and her familyere escaping their toxic apartment.
3:32 am
hazmat teams on the scene. she's no longer under quarantine. no signs of ebola. her pastor now telling us she can return to her life and what she has left. >> she is thrilled to be free. and yet, i think we have to think about what freedom means at this point. >> reporter: most of her possessions destroyed by the decontamination teams. all she has left, her grandmother's bible, a laptop and a passport. and four children, some related to troh, heading back to class. at one of the elementary schools, the principal told me they were ready. >> how can you make sure this child is not bullied? >> we can continue to have a presence in that classroom and  foster a supportive environment for the child. >> reporter: the first of two milestones. the 51 people considered to be most at risk after having contact with duncan now off the watch list. 116 people, mostly health care workers, still being monitored. the next milestone for dallas, november 7th. that's when those people will no longer need monitoring. and if no new cases arise
3:33 am
that's when dallas will be free of ebola. of course, the fear won't dissipate right away. the city of dallas, private donors and louise troh's church are coming together to help find her a place to live and raise enough money so she can get through six months of a lease. we're also told when the quarantine order was lifted she reached up into the sky and said praise god, i'm free. tom llamas, abc news, dallas. millions of drivers are being urged to have their air bags replaced because of a dangerous defect. most of the 4.7 million cars affected were built between 2000 and 2006. in the defective air bags the inflater, a metal canister kind of explodes like an ied propelling deadly shrapnel. >> what we're finding is that a lot of folks that own vehicles have not received the notification they were supposed to have received. and that's a real issue. >> the air bags have been used in a wide range of brands including toyota, honda, mazda, bmw and nissan. most of the defective air bags come from one plant in mexico owned by a japanese company, the
3:34 am
takata corporation. we posted more information at another terrifying ride aboard a school bus loaded with children. when this was over, the school bus driver was taken into custody allegedly drunk. turns out he has a history of similar arrests. how in the world did he get the job? abc's david kerley has the details. >> reporter: in handcuffs, this is the 59-year-old bus driver, charged with being drunk while driving 25 massachusetts high school cross-country runners home from a meet. parents whose children ride those district buses are scared. >> shocking. >> reporter: police found the bus back at the school where robert murphy reportedly told officers this is really bad. this could be a good thing. i really need this. should he have ever gotten a bus driver's license? in 1985, a drunk driving arrest. in 1989, convicted of drunk driving. but when his record was checked
3:35 am
under an old law, it only went back five years. >> moving forward, it's not going to be good enough in hopkinton for drivers to have any kind of record. >> reporter: just a week ago in utah, a bus driver allegedly driving under the influence of prescription medication. here, 80 kids on a field trip. a parent chaperon calling 911. >> she can't stay in the lane. she's crossing the double lines, and the adults are getting scared. >> reporter: federal regulations require the random drug and alcohol testing of bus drivers, but it's up to the districts to implement those tests. david kerley, abc news, washington. a man shot and killed by police in quebec after mowing down two soldiers is being described as a radicalized canadian muslim convert. the 25-year-old suspect was known to authorities before hitting and injuring the soldiers with his car on monday then leading police on a chase. he reportedly called 911 to boast that he'd attacked in the name of allah. oscar pistorius is expected to learn his fate today for the shooting death of his girlfriend. the judge who convicted him
3:36 am
of manslaughter could give the south african track star anywhere from a suspended sentence to 15 years in prison. pistorius insists he thought reeva steenkamp was an intruder when he shot her through the bathroom door. his brother and sister were interviewed yesterday saying they stand behind his story. an icon of the world of fashion, oscar de la renta, has died. he was born in the dominican republic and achieved legendary status by dressing jackie kennedy. through the years so many others from princess diana to michelle obama all seen in his designs. not to mention all the hollywood stars who wore him on red carpets. one of his wedding gowns was worn by george clooney's new wife. de la renta died in connecticut from complications from cancer. he was 82 years old. it's been an active hurricane season. mexico is being pummeled again. at least six people have died in the southern province that includes acapulco. heavy rains washed away a key bridge and slowed the effort to reach victims.
3:37 am
more than 4,000 people have been evacuated to shelters. some rescued by the military. if it's clear where you are, might want to step outside and take a look up tonight and tomorrow night. the orion meteor shower will be streaking across the sky. it's dust from haley's comment. it comes around every year at this time. it should be great viewing this year because the moon doesn't rise until about 5:00 a.m. here's a look at your weather. scattered showers in the northeast. clear across the midwest. rain from western colorado down to south texas and in southern florida. lingering showers in the northwest. >> a lot of 60-degree temperatures in the east. warmer going south. 80s along the gulf coast and into the 90s in the southwest. 70s in southern california and 60s in the northwest. an interesting debate happening in colorado. this centers on how to protect children from mistakenly eating edible marijuana products. a state health official wants to ban many of those products, including most candies as well as brownies and cookies. his proposal comes just days after police in denver warned
3:38 am
parents to watch out for pot candy being given out to trick-or-treaters. let's face it. marijuana use is often followed by snacking. here's an unusual pizza idea they've come up with in south korea. pizza hut calls it the star edge pizza because of its crust which is stuffed with cream cheese and either cranberries or apple cinnamon flavoring. you'll love the rest. the toppings include steak strips, bacon, sausage, calamari, shrimp, broccoli, pepper and cheese. clearly, this is not a kosher pizza. >> tell me you like that? does that sound good to you? >> i don't like all the meaty toppings, but i'm an adventurous eater. i'd try it if they can take off all the meat. >> does it sound appealing? this is being sold where? >> south korea. >> almost 3,000 calories on this sucker. i don't know if that would go over well here. we like meat. just make it simple. calamari on a pizza? >> i'd try calamari on a pizza. why not?
3:39 am
pizza hut likes to be known for their technology when it comes to the edges, like the crust. creative crust. didn't they bring us stuffed cheese crust pizza? weren't they the first to do it? >> they were. i think. i'll take pepperoni at this point. it's halloween season. costumes being planned. jack-o'-lanterns being carved. they are really into it in t florida keys. >> what better way to get in the mood than with underwater pumpkin carving. a group of divers got together for the annual contest near the shallow reef just off key largo. >> the winner was a guy by the name of wayne klein. carved the -- which one had the sea horse? that was his design if you saw that. everybody seemed to do just fine with the big challenge which was keeping the pumpkins from floating away. this is interesting at least. is that a teddy bear? i kind of like that one. >> santa pumpkins are next. coming up in "the skinny," the perfect score last night on
3:40 am
"dancing with the stars" and the contestant who stepped off the stage. later, the guy who could be the biggest kansas city royals fan who has traveled 6,500 miles to fulfill his world series dream. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by olay total effects. everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, and seven beautiful benefits in one. for younger-looking skin. so while your life may be ever-changing... ♪ ...your beautiful skin will stay beautiful. total effects from olay. your best beautiful. total effects from olay. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts,
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you are free to go. tide and downy together. sometimes come out with spots? well, those spots are actually leftover food or detergent residue. can we help prevent this? yes, use finish jet dry. it goes in your dishwasher's dispenser to help eliminate spots and residues. wow, what a difference! it's a fascinating story about a young boy with autism and his new best friend siri. the phone. the voice on your iphone. >> connecting with the phone is helping the boy connect with people.
3:44 am
abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: like so many children with autism, 13-year-old gus has challenges communicating with others. except one unusual friend. >> ready to send it? >> no. >> okay. i won't send it just yet. >> reporter: that's right. siri, apple's virtual assistant. months ago the teen realized he could have conversations with siri and hasn't stopped talking to her since. what is it you like about talking to siri? >> i find out a lot about stuff. >> is she funny? >> yeah. >> reporter: gus' mom says siri has become her son's most valued companion. drawing him out of his shell for up to 30 minutes each day. >> he suddenly found somebody would talk to him about the weather. somebody would talk to him about cloud formations. >> without getting exasperated? >> without going, gus, i cannot listen to one more minute about this. >> reporter: newman wrote about gus' relationship with siri in "the new york times."
3:45 am
a touching personal account that's the newspaper's most viewed and most e-mailed article. >> he very much as an affection. he knows she will never be mean to him. she will never make fun of him. she will give him a lot of information that he wants. >> reporter: experts say children with autism are often drawn to technology. >> individuals with autism generally find it much more interesting to communicate with robots or with technology because they can be very honest. they can be very frank. >> turn off itunes radio. >> okay, paused. >> reporter: but newman says siri gives her son more than just answers. she has helped him speak more clearly and practice conversation and etiquette. all things that have helped him relate better to people. >> i do love that there is this companion for him. when he doesn't always seek out people. >> reporter: a virtual friend
3:46 am
with very real benefits. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> they say technology is sometimes easier for people with autism because the social nuances that are there when speaking to someone aren't there necessarily with technolog it's a lot easier for the back and forth. >> and this affects so many families, and it's so scary any time you are having a child and you hear those numbers. you can tell by the number of times, a lot of people so interested in that article. she wrote a thank you note to siri essentially. coming up, sister act 2. the italian singing nun is back with her debut single. it's a madonna song, but not "like a prayer." also the latest from the ballroom. who got the boot from "dancing with the stars." "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ we start "the skinny" with a singing sensation. set the internet on fire this past summer. you may remember the nun who took everybody by surprise with her appearance on the italian version of "the voice." she won the competition. well, she's back now. >> sister cristina scuccia released her debut single and music video to go with it. the song, an interesting choice. ♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time ♪
3:49 am
>> yep. that is madonna's hit song "like a virgin," originally released nearly 30 years ago. the instrumentation there a bit more modern for the 26-year-old nun's rendition. she said she chose it with no intention to provoke or scandalize but interpreted it as a song about the power of love to renew people. >> whatever helps you sleep at night. last week on "dancing with the stars" they switched partners. last night, the pairs were back together. before we get to that, the show kicked off with a performance from your guy, reena, pit bull. he's going to be hosting the american music awards. >> mr. worldwide showing everyone how it's done. also the return of a familiar face. leah remini was co-hosting, filling in for erin andrews. the best dance came from alfonso ribeiro and partner witney carson. they were both battling injuries but that didn't keep them from
3:50 am
pulling out a near perfect score of 39 for their salsa to j. lo's hit song "booty." carrie ann even slapping his butt to congratulate him. >> they need to go ahead and just give them -- it's a wrap. jonathan bennett and his partner allison got the boot. their dance was good but apparently not good enough. they were the ones sent packing. after weeks of speculation, bethenny frankel is returning to the show that helped make her popular. "the real housewives of nork city." bravo announcing that frankel will be returning for season seven. she left after season three. >> i, for one, am relieved she's back. >> such a big fan of that show. >> yeah, this comes at a time that's good for frankel. her daytime show was just canceled after one season. she was feeling relieved she said that it was canceled. >> you're disappointed. you loved that show. >> fantastic daytime. >> ratings for "real housewives of new york" have dwindled since frankel's departure, but
3:51 am
if it continues to turn south, she'll always have that low-calorie skinny girl drink. >> i'm a fan much that as well. a big congratulations to robin roberts inducted into the broadcasting and cable hall of fame last night. honored at the waldorf-astoria hotel. the rest of the "gma" family on hand. she was honored at this induction ceremony. >> she tweeted out a picture with george, lara, amy and ginger, the whole team with the hash tag so blessed. fellow honorees include outgoing major league commissioner bud selig and the shows mad men and family feud. >> she began her broadcasting career 30 years ago. congrats. we'll see you here in a couple hours. time for some celebrity birthdays. >>y in big day today -- joyce randolph played trixie on "the honeymooners." >> judge judy sheindlin turns 72. >> carrie fisher turns 58. >> kim kardashian west turns 34. big happy birthday to everyone. >> is she really using the west? >> she is.
3:52 am
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pampers. ♪ ♪ tonight marks the start of the world series. baseball players battle it out from the spring through the summer and the lucky ones into the fall. we have the san francisco giants taking on the kansas city royals tonight. >> many of us will watch on tv. how about a guy who traveled 6,500 miles? here's abc's john donvan with this crucial superfan. >> reporter: call him the luckiest man on the face of the earth.
3:56 am
sung woo lee. >> let me introduce myself to all of you guys. >> reporter: seen here visiting from south korea back in august, cheered for like mad by baseball fans in kansas city. >> look at sung woo. he's captured by the moment. >> reporter: because, well, before visiting kaufman stadium for the first time, he was for 15 years one of the most prolific pro royals posters online and a constant presence on twitter. as in sung woo bring it all good luck and my own gear to kc. being a u.s. baseball fan from a distance was his way to learn english. he loved the look of kaufman stadium so it had to be kansas city. and look at the attention he got back in august. they gave him his own team shirt and the first pitch, and they had sung woo put up the "w" for a win. his english got pretty good. when leaving for home in august he said -- >> wow. just wow.
3:57 am
yeah, it can't be any better. >> reporter: but here's the thing. the royals did a lot of winning while he was here, and baseball being a superstitious game -- >> the royals are going to the world series. >> reporter: guess who is coming back for the world series? >> i think that sums it up. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. >> they are a superstitious bunch, baseball players. they take that -- >> i would take it. i would agree with them. >> now this and lorde with the song "royals" on their side. maybe things are shaping up after 30 years. >> i love it. and he ended up being such a big kansas city royals fan without any connection to the city or the team. don't miss our updates on facebook, more news from abc coming your way. stay with us. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. insomniacs for two decades. making news in america this
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
morning. sentencing day. oscar pistorius learns his fate for shooting and killing his girlfriend. very latest from inside the koorm. >> icon lost. mourning the loss of the famous fashion designer who clothed the stars. remembering oscar de la renta. and a reminder for car owners, the exploding air bags and those affected. and a nun made famous. after a reality show releases her first video and you won't believe what she sings. hello, good morning to you all, i'm t.j. holmes.


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