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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 22, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, he describes himself as a sort of satanic pope. >> satan lucifer! >> he's touched off a religious war in the bible belt. on one side, the satan-loving preacher and his followers threatening to desecrate one of the holy sacraments of the catholic church. on the other, more than 1,000 protesters fighting to stop him. is this freedom of religion or hate speech? >> you're playing god, it sounds like. >> i can. plus, liquid gold. that coffee costs how much? from brooklyn to the bio, customers are digging into their wallets for artis nall coffee. is it really worth it? and, the palins unplugged. bristol and sarah palin caught on tape after a wild party turns into what witnesses describe as
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and good evening.
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tonight, you're going to meet a man who describes himself as a sort of pope of satanism. he is deliberately and gleefully blast femme mouse and seems completely unashamed of his own decidedly checkered past. so, when he recently announced he was going to hold a satanic ceremony right in the heart of the bible belt, you can imagine how that went over. abc's byron pitts was right there. >> holy mary, mother of god. pray for us sinners. >> destroy the fear of the catholic church. >> reporter: in this darkened room in oklahoma city, adam daniels, self-proclaimed head of his own satanic church. >> never nor shall ever be. >> reporter: he is performing a ceremony of sorts in which he spits and stomps on a symbolic body of christ. it did not go unnoticed. christians by the hundreds demonstrated outside the oklahoma city civic center.
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christian conservatives, mostly. you drove six hours to be here for this. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: why? >> conviction. >> reporter: nearly 1,400 protesters armed with bibles, crosses, a choir, children in prayer. in some ways, it feels like people showed up for a demonstration and a carnival broke out. every denomination is here. >> what's inside that building is our enemy. and we need to be praising jesus and not tearing each other down. we need to be together. >> we're up to 14 physical members. >> reporter: as for daniels, his so-called church is a converted storage room in his house. what is that smell? a strong odor that wafts throughout he called anointing oil. it reminded me of a musty locker room. you're like the reverend? >> i guess you would say pope. >> reporter: you're the pope? >> yes. >> reporter: today,c:bxí adam w as a restaurant cook. but he is also a convicted sex offender. you say that you are a religious
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leader. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and you are also a convicted sex offender. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you get how for most people those two things don't line up. >> that's fine. they can have chaewhatever thou they want to have. >> reporter: this group drew next to no public attention for years until now. the group threatened to desecration one of the holy sacraments of the catholic church, the communion wafer. >> it's united the community. >> reporter: the archbishop of oklahoma city was outraged. >> i stillty the think there's danger involved. >> reporter: why? >> the powers they are invoking is real. this isn't a horror movie. >> reporter: isn't this about freedom of religion? >> it is not, in my view. >> reporter: because? >> this is more about hate speech, the way i view it. >> reporter: the archbishop seeps this as an assault on the soul of humanity. >> i witnessed demonic possession. >> reporter: that sounds like stuff in the movies, like "the exorcist." >> yeah, that's based upon a
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true story. satanic influences are real. >> reporter: oh, come on. >> i'm a priest. i've seen it. >> reporter: but all this uproar created a viral sensation. the media outrage touched a nerve. the pews inside this local catholic church are filled with christians of several different denominations. many here pray for daniels and his followers. see them as outcasts. daniel insists he's more than that. he says he has super natural powers. and he's dead serious. >> somebody crosses you in a certain way, why can't i use magic to attack them? >> reporter: magic? >> sure. >> reporter: for instance? >> why wouldn't i curse a person. >> reporter: have you put a curse on anyone? >> we have an opponent whose mother was dying of cancer. it put his mother out. >> reporter: come on. you can't be serious. >> very serious. >> reporter: and so you think you're responsible for her death? >> that's a possibility and a very high possibility. >> reporter: part of that is offensive. >> sure. >> reporter: part of it is
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incredibly arrogant. you're playing god, it sounds like. >> i can. >> reporter: news of daniels demonic service spread quickly online. 100,000 people signed a petition to block it. many of them angry not just because the holy sacrament would be desecrated but it was stolen from a catholic church. at least that's what daniels and his group wanted the public to believe. that's the big secret. there was never a stolen host. they're the ones who decided to claim we had a stolen host. there's a christian store, if you want to go, i'll take you tomorrow. they sell all kinds of communion gear, including the hosts. >> reporter: deception or downright lie, this small group got exactly what they wanted. attention. they meet at a local ihop for waffles and strategy. priority one, security. >> there is going to be a huge police presence. do not come within ten feet of any officer. the city is taking this seriously as a religious ceremony. >> reporter: for many that
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support daniels right to religious expression, he crossed a different line with his plan to build an altar to satan. >> keep us from the righteous. >> reporter: his building material of choice? debris from one of the deadliest domestic terrorist attacks in u.s. history. >> rubble from the oklahoma city bombing. >> jimmy: wh . >> reporter: what? >> sure. >> reporter: why? >> it has highly negative energy. >> reporter: 168 men, women and children were killed in that building. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: that is a painful moment for this nation. certainly for this community and you want to make an altar out of that? >> yeah. creation through destruction. >> reporter: and striking a nerve is exactly what daniels did to the religious community here in oklahoma. it's the morning of the event. and as he and his followers start to set up, a protester has gotten through security. >> what's this? why is it here? >> because i believe in it.
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>> but -- >> he made a prayer. i caught him in the middle of it. >> reporter: the man was never identified. >> after he cleans that up, spit and detime file it. >> reporter: the service went on as planned. the exorcist it was not. afterwards, we wondered if anyone who attended was at all moved. in a word -- no. so, was it $20 well spent? >> i can't say that. little hokey. >> it's okay. it'sust -- it's nothing to be worried about. >> reporter: most here believe adam daniels and his small band of follows will once again drift into obscurity. it did remind us, faith in america runs deep. in a country where all are welcome, if not embraced. for "nightline," i'm byron pitts in oklahoma city.
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if you thought starbucks was spendy, how do you feel about a $6 cup of coffee? it's not just for people with trust funds and private planes. gourmet coffee is huge with the hipsters right now, and many predict it may be america's next big food trend.
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my "nightline" co-anchor juju chang investigates. >> reporter: wow that smells good. incredible. >> this is one of our new releases. >> reporter: nick herman tends a brew bar, where the hippe espes can cost you six bucks. >> we're going to measure out 25 grands. >> reporter: it's made with the finest beans. scientific measurements. expertly poured into a pre-warmed cup. this is not your average cup of joe. this is like a high school chemistry exam. feel a little "breaking bad" action happening right now. you heard of artisanal cheeses and craft beers, but inside this coffee shop, the newest food trend is brewing. this is stumptown coffee, one of the leaders in a booming movement helping to revolutionize the way we drink the dark stuff. ♪ best part of waking up >> reporter: those foul gers ads
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set the stage for the first wave of american coffee. then, starbucks launched a second wave by adding new words to america's vocabulary. coffee lingo so known, it is mocked. >> large is large. in fact, tall is large. and grande is spanish for large. ve venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. >> reporter: enter the so-called third wave of coffee, bringing an ultra gourmet touch with artisanal brands. these guys take their brew very, very seriously. >> we like to say we're kind of people's spirit guides in coffee here. >> reporter: americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day. feeding an industry worth $30 billion. major chains take the biggest piece of the pie. but the third wave coffee movement is growing, fast. exploding in cities like new york, san francisco, chicago and
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beyond. their customers are hip, young and willing to shell out extra cash for a special cup. >> it's the same with a high end bottle of wine or that great cheese or that great steak. >> reporter: joth and rick key are two of the forces behind stumptown coffee. now anh business. >> there's a lot of chemical reaction happening. there's a lot of heat. >> reporter: stopump tonnstumpt kinds of beans here to their brooklyn roastry. if you had a coffee philosophy, what would it will? >> for the coffee customer to have a great cup every day. >> reporter: but what's drive something many people to pay the extra dollars for a gourmet cup? >> people are prepared to pay up now for an experience. there's a snob factor at play. and they're quite proud of it. >> reporter: andy is a food industry analyst hailing from australia, where the third wave has taken over the coffee business.
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he believes americans are about to do the same. an it's not just luxury coffee. we're getting increasingly high fla luting about hamburgers. what you eat and sip is a status symbol. >> it's becoming a statement about who you are. people don't necessarily want to drining at starbucks anymore because it's seen as generic. >> reporter: could brands like stumptown take over the coffeehouse industry? >> is this keeping starbucks execs awake at night? >> i can't believe they're too worried about us. we probably don't exist. if they haven't done what they've done. >> reporter: they turned us into a nation of coffee addicts. >> more power to them. >> reporter: if it's a coffee revolution, these guys may be the rebels. three friends making gourmet coffee for the masses, on the cheap and ice cold. dredy's cold brew found success
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selling cold brew coffee for as little as a dollar a cup. based out of this humble warehouse, there's no fancy coffee shop, just this quaint little stand. i really don't need sugar? they call it new orleans style. a long, slow brew you can do at home. >> i wasn't the biggest fan of coffee shop culture. i didn't final that to be comfortable. i thought they were a little stuffy. where i did want to enjoy it was at home. >> reporter: grady laird is founder and namesake who conc t concocted the recipe using chicory to counter the bitterness. >> you don't start drinking warm beer or hot juice in the winter, you know, it's going to be really normal to see people doing it near round. >> reporter: their product sold in west elm and whole foods. the real question is, does the elaborate brew bar produce a tastier buzz?
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this is so exciting. i feel like i need a drum roll. can i try it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: this is like the perfect cup of joe. oh, that is good. that's really good. now, it's up to consumers to decide if all the extra fun is worth it. for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. up next here on "nightline," a very different version of sarah palin's alaska. the new audio tonight, bristol palin caught on tape after her family attended a wild party. my name's louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i talked to my doctor and i... i got a prescription for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it was important to me that chantix was a non-nicotine pill. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood,
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rather interesting audio tape surfaced just hours ago that sheds new light on that now infamous brawl in which sarah palin and her family were caught up a few weeks ago. on the tape, you hear bristol palin in a raw and emotional state. we had to do a lot of bleeping for this next report. >> guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground. takes me by my feet in my thong dress in front of everybody, come on, you [ bleep ], get the [ bleep ] out of here. come on you [ bleep ], get the [ bleep ] out of here. i don't know this guy. i've never seen this guy in my life. >> reporter: this is a new kind of alaskan wildlife. the palin family in their natural habitat. in a police recording from september, a hysterical bristol palin gives cops her version of how a party near anchorage got wildly out of hand. >> tell me chapd. >> my little sister comes over to me, some old lady just [ bleep ] pushed me, she just hit me. no one's going to hit my sister. >> reporter: sarah palin can be
1:03 am
heard in the background. >> what would he will doing pushing girls around though? >> reporter: the family found themselves embroiled in controversy when a fight involving up to 20 people erupted outside the party. >> it was like we were just on a jerry springer episode. >> reporter: witnesses say it all started when palin's son track allegedly attacked another party goer. his sister willow's ex-boyfriend. >> i'm going to defend my sister. she's 20 years old. >> reporter: at some point in the melee, bristol palin started pummeling another guest. >> they were knocking his head back and he sat there and took those shots. >> reporter: bristol insisted to police at the time that she wasn't the one who started it. >> took my $300 sunglasses, they took my [ bleep ] shoes and i'm [ bleep ] just left here. >> reporter: amanda coin says the palins made an entrance arriving in a stretch hummer. as the beer began to flow, tempers began to flare. >> they were knocking his head back and he was straightened his
1:04 am
head back up and get hit again. >> reporter: their departure, not quite so glamorous. >> some guy gets in my face, pushes me down on the grass, drags me across the grass, you [ bleep ], you [ bleep ], you [ bleep ]. i get back up, he pushes me down on the grass again and pulls me by my [ bleep ] feet. and he's the one that's leaving and i have my 5-year-old. >> reporter: according to reports, sarah palin had her momma bear claws out. >> i heard sarah palin scream out, you know who we are, don't you? >> reporter: in the end, no one involved in the brawl wanted to press charges. the palin family could not be reached for comment. and finally tonight, something very different. we want to take a moment here to honor a towering figure in american journalism, ben bradlee, who died today at the age of 93. david muir, anchor of "world news tonight," takes a look back now. >> he was a newspaper legend, reporting on history and making it. but even this seasoned
1:05 am
journalist was surprised at what a president could do. >> in my naive way when i first came to this town, i didn't think presidents lied. >> a veteran of world war ii, in 1968, ben bradlee became the executive editor of "the washington post." for more than 20 years, he was its fearless leader. fighting the government, determined to publish the pentagon papers in 1971. >> we are free to publish what we always were going to publish, which was material which in our mind the public had a right to know. >> that same determination a year later, with the story that would reshape history. bradlee stood by the two fearless newspaper reporters as they broke the watergate scandal. in the movie "all the president's men." >> i can't do the reporting for my reporters which means i have to trust them. >> the post's reporting would help bring down the nixon administration. >> i shall re-sign the presidency tomorrow. >> bradlee and his wife, at his side as his life declined.
1:06 am
when bradlee received the medal of freedom last year, he was called a titan of journalism. >> that's when a newspaperman can get on with a job he was born to do. >> a journalistic giant. our thanks to david muir for that report. ben bradlee is a man who not soon be forgotten. thank you for watching abc news tomorrow. "gma" first thing in the morning and as always, we're online at good night. hi, dears. isn't this wonderful weather we're having? it's so crisp and d clear. quiet, marie. i can't hear the punches. so, raymond... are you going to the hall of baseballs tomorrow? what? the hall of fame, marie! you ignorant.... [muttering] raymond, your brother was talking abouout some sort of a ceremony?
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it sounded like a lot of f to me. and since you are a sportswriter and have such important connections... oh, just say it, marie. the hall of fame is honoring the 1969 mets. your brother asked your mother to ask you to take him. which one of youdo i say no? would mean to your brother.ow mt to cooperstown, ok?g itt i'm not drivin' the car. his feet smell. well, take a bus. a bus. that'sa smelly-feet con. hi. hi, robert. hey. hi, dear. hey. so.what's ? for a drive it's nice out, huh?


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