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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ends. we'll drop between 45 and 51. air.l chill in the then strong winds develop tomorrow. brighter days ahead for the weekend. happy to share the outlook in just a few minutes. >> keep track of doug and the team's mostweather up-to-date forecast right on tablet byphone or following us on social media. we're going to check back with and get live updates on traffic conditions in just a few moments. >> but now we turn to that news in ottawa where a soldier and a suspected gunman onedead after at least person opened fire at canada's war memorial. and even inside the parliament building. >> the apparent targeting of canadian soldiers has prompted increased security at arlington national cemetery. we're going to get the latest fromn that, in a moment, jay, who is in arlington. >> but we begin our coverage latestott, who has the on the situation in canada, including, scott, the search for more possible gunmen?
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>> that's right, alison. that's because we don't know about additional gunmen. a spokesperson did just confirm there is at least one other person involved but wouldn't say more. parts of the area, as a result, still on lockdown as they office by office search. [gunshots] >> a chaotic scene. dozens of shots fired inside ottawa's parliament building as the mayhem andrd members of parliament escape out another door. pop pop. this pop possibly shots. don't really know. >> the shooting actually began the tomb of the unknown soldier, where witnesses say the gunman killed a soldier, then ran toward parliament. >> there was a guy with a rifle, just around on the back corner. and just pow! quickly wentttawa into a state of crisis, people running for cover. heard a shot. took a look over. second shot. going on. what was
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>> meanwhile, back inside sergeant atit was a arms who reportedly saved countless lives by shooting and though evengunman, hours later, police wouldn't say more >> it's important for all canadians to be vigilant and isort things, anythg that suspicious, to their local police. >> canada had raised its threat to medium onw friday and just two days ago, a man suspected as a jihadist, ran congressional. a intelligence officers learned he to travel to they later shot and killed that man. but once again, police at one ornt said there could be two three gunmen. we just don't know. also, three victims brought to the hospital. not being mades public at this hour. >> the shootings in ottawa prompted the embassy there to go lockdown mode. likewise, the embassy of canada washington also
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locked its doors. the increased security continues across the river from d.c. at arlington national cemetery. jay korff live there now with what he just learned. jay? >> alison, according to officials here at arlington justnal cemetery, who i spoke with moments ago, the army, which deals with security has at this cemetery, beefed up security by the tomb of the unknown soldier, which is about halfway into the cemetery. and they say you wouldn't know was beefed up, but it certainly has been. they say this is just a precaution. been no there has specific threat leveled against arlington national cemetery or the tomb of the unknown soldier. the reason is because the attack took place in ottawa, as scott mentioned, is at canada's whichal war memorial, includes their version of the tomb of the unknown soldier. it was added in the year 2000. course, that location is just a couple of blocks away from parliament's main building, which includes the house of commons.
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so at this point, there isn't anything we can specifically see added security where we are, but they certainly did beef thiscurity deep into cemetery. live in arlington, jak jay korf, abc 7 news. count on abc 7 for continuing coverage of the shootings in canada and their thect, right here in washington area. we will bring you any significant updates as they develop. a d.c. substitute teacher is facing criminal charges, accused of sex acts a teenager. theifer donelan is outside superior court where that teacher just faced a judge moments ago. jen? >> that's right. and just moments ago, we want to show you this video. 22-year-oldthis substitute teacher walking out of d.c.'s superior court this afternoon. she pleaded not guilty to the charge. it is a felony charge of sex abuse of a minor. her attorney was with her. no comment, neither
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one. her parents have been in court all day long obviously. day for them, especially when it comes to the alleged details. the shocking case that public school in northeast. it happened last fright, according to police, on a substitute teacher's first day. police say she met an 11th grader in her first period class. by the end of the second period, she had given him her phone number. after them. that day, school's pep rally, police say the 22-year-old substitute teacher was engaged in criminal sexual activity with the boy inside that same classroom. forhey always had respect me and they always treated my mygranddaughter nice. i cannot believe something like that would happen. >> she is accused of first-degree sex abuse of a minor. warrant, to the search
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the student asked if she would perform oral sex and she agreed. what she didn't know was that the student was secretly recording everything on his cell phone. court records say that he showed the video of him receiving oral from miss green to approximately five players on his football team and sent the to a childhood friend. later that weekend, police say a text to the student, warning him not to tell anyone, because it's not right teacher tont and have a relationship. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> now, police were notified about this case. detectives were present over the weekend when there was a series of text messages the substitute teacher and the student, during which they gave us a few of the samples. the substitute teacher said we've got to be strict about this, we don't want to get in trouble. also, just released in court were additional text messages, after police allegedly reached
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out to the substitute teacher because they said they wanted to question her. text messages, she starts texting the 17-year-old and saying, did you tell police happened? again, these are all allegations. reporting live from d.c. superior court, i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> quite a tale there, jen. thank you. the sexual assault of a georgetown university student inside her offcampus apartment all be the subject of community meeting that begins in an hour. d.c. police say the attack happened around 6:00 sunday morning inside an apartment in the 3300 block of prospect place northwest. the's meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the second district police station. we'll take you inside that meeting on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> increased security measures are now in place, in an effort to preafnt ebola from -- prevent ebola from spreading in the u.s. as of today, all passengers three into the u.s. from ebola hot zones must travel through one of five u.s. dulles., including
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stephen tschida is live there now tonight with how passengers change.ting to the stephen? >> alison, they are welcoming scrutiny.d up the screenings. passengers coming from these countries. dulles joins four other airports, chicago, o'hare, newark and hartsfield-jackson in atlanta. screenings for ebola now are way at five u.s. airports. man was taken to a hospital, while at chicago o'hare, a child and adult traveling from an ebola hot zone, also rushed to a hospital possible symptoms. >> it's a good idea, because we try to protect people from infected. >> o'day welcomes temperature taking here at dulles. he is afraid some passengers at for ebola may not be forthcoming, because they are so get to the u.s. >> some might not say the truth. they's a good idea that
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screen them and ask them questions. >> we found plenty of people waiting for international welcoming and increased efforts to keep ebola out. >> i think it's a good idea. can never be too careful. so i'd rather see that happen all.nothing at >> getting through customs also is difficult and time-consuming. >> it took us two hours. >> while they believe increased efforts to mo monitor for the right, some are passengers wonder what another layer of questions and even temperature-taking might do to the arrival process. >> they asked me to provide extra staff just to speed that it's quite a very long process getting into here. of those three passengers who were taken to hospitals yesterday do indeed ebola, the cdc says other passengers on flights with them will be notified. 6:00, i'mg up at going to tell you about some trackd-up efforts to passengers arriving from those ebola-stricken countries. reporting live, stephen tschida, news.
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>> and stephen, abc 7 wants to help you separate the facts from comes to ebola. we are hosting a national town hall next monday, starting at 7:00 on newschannel 8. you can submit questions for our using thexperts #yourvoiceyourfuture. >> still ahead, on abc 7 news at 5:00, the new potential roadblock for thousands of personnelilitary waiting for their cars to be shipped from overseas. >> plus, why the investigation prominent rabbi has led investigators to an area college. a possiblearch for link between the disappearance of three women in the area.ttesville >> i'm horace holmes in alexandria. 395that hole in the road on left several motorists hopping mad. virginia department of transp
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>> well, this morning's rain made for a rough commute for thousands of drivers across the area. >> that commute was made even worse for some drivers on 395 they drove through a work zone in alexandria, blowing out tires and even damaging
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vehicles. horace holmes is live along 395 with what's being done to fix help those and to drivers. horace? >> first, what caused it, a hole this deep, deep enough to cause all kinds of damage. >> traveling along at 55 miles per hour, in rush hour traffic, rain, on 395, then motorists trips came to an abrupt end. over thisen they ran hole. >> it's just a sharp edge there. tires on thetwo way down 395. >> everybody who ran through it to knowre was no way that hole was there. tires got slashed. rims bent. front ends, damaged. >> it instantly caused a flat tire. and it was a lot of damage. >> the virginia department of transportation takes the blame. started work repaving this stretch of the highway last week. but they couldn't finish because
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cold and then rainy weather. the rain and the constant pounding of the cars eventually caused the pavement to crack, leaving this gaping hole. unacceptable.t's very ridiculous. i mean, i pulled off and i saw that werex cars pulled over already because of the same situation. this left vdot embarrassed. it issued this statement, saying we absolutely apologize. get this repaired. something like this should not happen. earlier this afternoon, crews filled the hole with asphalt. little consolation for motorists vasquez, who fears he's got to fix hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars of damage to his prized sports car. >> not the way you wanted to start your day, huh? >> no, not on a rainy day. >> vdot says it wants to make did sufferr car damage this morning. they have a toll-free number you a file if you want more information on that, just click on to our website,
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reporting live in arlington, news. holmes, abc 7 >> all right. well, let's talk about the weather, because we've been waiting for this to end. said we still have a few hours. pattern very gently easing off. nosome parts, it's damp but rain falling north and west of the city. first, the weather camera from city. this is third street and the boardwalk, looking to the east-southeast. looking offshore a bit. thunderstorms just offshore. gusty winds, just a nasty day. this is where the worst part of, just very little of it getting on land. instead, we're having rain. the where where most of now.ain is right -- miless at 24 hours o
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an hour. it's going to be damp and dreary with gusty winds and cool temperatures. this is our storm scan. the storm is out to sea. but its circulation bringing a moisture and instability off of the gulf stream in the atlantic ocean. you see the effect. all these heavy thunderstorms just offshore. the rain, most of the rain is slowly going to shift off to the east. rain fore a chance of the next several hours. but most of the areas north baltimore, west towards fredericksburg, no rain right now. everything kind of shifting off to the east and southeast. crossed. fingers we may wind up by 9:00 with most of the rain out of the picture and off to the east, towards the bay. but it will remain cloudy and breezy. temperatures in the 50's right now. 54 in gaithersburg and quantico. 55 in annapolis. now, the temperature trend be slow, buting to steady in the upper 40's. what's going to change a little tonight, the winds are going
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to turn more to the north and a andle bit to the northwest then wind velocities will start to pick up. we'll be windy tomorrow, all in that storm that will continue to intensify off the coast. this is what our futurecast 48ws over the next 24 to hours. the storm will drift northeast but a lot of pounding winds and surf in new england. just fart will be enough away that we'll get gusty winds. so not only winds from the storm but high pressure from the southwest. we'll have a squeeze play in the atmosphere. but at least the rain will be up in here ever you wake the morning. we'll have cloudy skies and strong windy conditions. but a good indication we will get breaks in the overcast, maybe a little sunshine in the afternoon and early evening. this high pressure center takes over. that will be nice. we'll have sun and clouds and it the mid--- temperatures in the mid-60's. the weekend looks pretty nice as well. at 7:26. we'll see temperatures slowly make a climb out of the 40's to
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afternoon.the a little bit of sunshine with strong gusty winds that could push 35 miles per hour at times. the weekend, some improvement. friday it starts. the weekend in the 60's with a sunshine. of more sunshine next week. if you have weekend plans, here's the way it looks. in thecloudy and mild mid- to upper 60's on saturday and again on sunday. in 30 minutes, i'm going to take a look at if there's any winter weather out canada,ike maybe over maybe cold air building up. we'll check the temperatures and see what we can find. you.ank well, also coming up on abc 7 sugary drinks may be harming more than your waste line. link between some benches and how you age. theyudents on edge after say they caught a prominent rabbi and college professor peeping on congregation members. >> an investigation is moving forward, raising further questions about jesse matthew's involvement in another case. charlottesville,
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coming up in a live report. >> but first, here's a look at prime time lineup, right here on abc 7.
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>> dna tests are under way to determine whether the disappearance of three different women in the charlottesville could all be linked to jesse matthew jr. it comes as we await word on
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whether remains found over the weekend are those of a missing teenager, hannah graham. jeff goldberg is live in charlottesville with the very learningn what we're right now. jeff? inthe commonwealth attorney nearby nelson county is asking the fbi to test whether or not dna from jesse matthew was found vehicle of alexis murphy, who disappeared last year. investigators have found no link whatsoever. and the request for the testing was done by the attorney for taylor, who was convicted this year in murphy's killing. meanwhile, here in still no teste, results from richmond. are literally turning over step.leaf with every >> you found golf balls in the strangest places. >> search teams continue looking clues along old lynchburg road, near the area where remains found over the of hannahuld be those graham. >> not knowing kind of puts a
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collective pall all over the mall. we kind of wonder what's going on. manages the jewelers on the charlottesville downtown walking mall. the business was one of the to turn over surveillance video to police of hannah graham walking on the mall on the morning she disappeared, september 13. it goes on, you wonder, what does this mean? the does it mean to investigation? what does it mean to her parents? we know we're all waiting to hear something. >> all along the downtown mall and throughout town, the desire forensicsswers from testing of the remains is mixed with caution. is really anxious to get this resolved and put it behind us as a community and important that's it's done correctly. we need to just be patient and work.e experts do their >> i think at some point it's just so painful, you just can't think about it. morning in fairfax county, a warrant will be issued for the arrest of jesse matthew
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of attempted murder and rape. of this afternoon, matthew was still in jail here in albemarle county and no word as when or whether he will be transported to fairfax county. live in charlottesville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> breaking news coming in right that shooting that left a soldier dead outside canada's parliament. police say they have identified the dead suspected gunman. identified as michael zahaff. tryt now we're working to to figure out more about him. what we know right now is that a's accused of killing soldier before opening fire inside the parliament building in ottawa. >> that was the scene as police exchanged fire with the suspected gunman. again, he has been identified as zahaff. much more on him, ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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home,nwhile, back here at two fairfax county police officers are back on full duty, cleared of wrongdoing in a police-involved shooting last month. sergeant joseph thurman and the private had been on administrative duties in the wake of the shooting. aey were responding to suicidal man when the shooting took place. the man was hospitalized and later released. the commonwealth attorney found no basis for criminal liability. abc 7 news atn 5:00, a new twist in the search missingtary members' cars. why even more troops may soon be stuck without their vehicles. remembering a titan of storiessm who oversaw that toppled a president. >> the professor's office on a college campus, searched by authorities. i'm brad bell. coming up, a georgetown scandal about a video
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. on to find outs if a prominent d.c. rabbi who was caught filming women as they is being investigated if he felt children. we have a new twist in this
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case. for dell was a well-respected rabbi. here, he was a well-liked professor. a full-fledged investigation is underway to determine if perhaps some of the students here may have also been caught on his hidden camera. the students wonder how many more victims there may be. >> i think it is really inappropriate. was arrested in d.c. after charges he secretly spied on several women at the georgetown synagogue that he led as rabbi. cameralleged to use a to filmn a clock radio women. he let students on field trips
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to the synagogue. he often offer them the opportunity to take the sacred bath. >> i am thinking everyday as it is and hopefully things with better. >> he is no longer allowed to teach at university, he is not allowed on campus. >> ray feldman says that every bathroom or changing area has now been searched for hidden cameras. none was found. yesterday, d.c. police searched and seized the computer from freundel's office. >> she was offered to use that and she declined and obviously she was very thankful that she declined that part of the field trip. >> for what was found here on searcheden authorities
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yesterday, that remains to be seen. we know that campus authorities last week as and as a rabbi was charged, they locked his office closed hisey computer account so that nothing could have been erased. >> of four american security contractors have been found guilty in the killing of more than 30 iraqis in 2007. that shooting is blamed for setting off a wave of anti-american sentiment. and increasing violence against u.s. forces in iraq. one was convicted of first-degree murder, the other three were convicted of voluntary manslaughter. time fored at the blackwater that has since changed its name. >> police in canada are investigating two shooting incidents. a shoulder was shot and killed inhe capital city of ottawa.
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thergeant at arms in capitol building shot and killed the suspect. there could be at least one of the person involved in all of this. there are heightened security measures at the canadian embassy and at arlington national ceremony. police say that a teacher had sexual contact with a student. the victim recorded the encounter on his cell phone. >> security measures are in place in an effort to prevent ebola from spreading in the u.s.. travelers from any of the ebola hot zones must travel through five airports.
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>> reaction is pouring into the death of a former titan of german is him -- titan of journalism. bradleedle -- ben has died. >> he died of natural causes. aboutg had to be invented adlee, the real story was fantastic enough. radlee legendary is almost pedestrian. he transformed a sleepy newspaper into a powerhouse. >> the one thing he could not stand was being bored. he seemed to bring people out of himself.
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we wanted to impress him. that summoned our best efforts. >> he published stories on "the the pentagon papers, then unleashing woodward and bernstein on watergate. >> what would we do now? post" was allgton alone. we could have been afraid. he protected us. would cold stories back until they were ready. >> they made mistakes. that won aooke story pulitzer prize. there were 17 others that will duly earned. a tough man who cried and movies, who love to win, and hated crooks, and who shared
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these quiet thoughts with his wife. >> are you afraid of dying? >> no, i am not afraid of dying. die.w i'm going to >> what do you think will happen to you? >> that is the big question. >> what has given you the greatest joy in your life? >> to have walked into that, didn't you? >> the funeral will be next week for adless -- the funeral bradlee will be next week. it will be open. >> a tractor-trailer shut down one lane of traffic. it was also slow going in northern virginia.
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>> how are the roads looking? >> what we're seeing is your typical volume, the pavement is continuing to dry out and we still have delays. 270 is doing ok for the most part. i-95, running well. south, it has been quite slow from the pentagon. they're still a bit of a problem until they finish paving the road. traffic on the northbound side. 66 ok's doing ok. the lanes are open on each. up, and a reason to
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pass on sugary drinks. >> how local teams blew away all expectations when they joined forces to raise money in the fight against cancer. >> what the inspector general is saying about an assignment that
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>> some local teams exceeded expectation. >> the teenagers are this weeks harasses heroes. here is leon harris. >> this is their first time meeting, -- already have a special connection. andrew was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago. >> i'm still in treatment right now but the first year and a half was very rough. >> thanks to bake sales, a super bowl party, and denied for 17-year-old nina raised $65,000 for patients like
5:42 pm
andrew. >> this was amazing. >> nina was one of 16 teams that participated in the student of the year fundraising program. >> leukemias and number one killer of children under the age of 20. had six weeks to raise as much money as possible. the students raised $386,000. it is pretty amazing. >> she was like a second mother to me. meeting patients like entry spurs him on. andrew applauds the groups efforts and says that it means a lot to him personally. >> i think it is just incredibly amazing. they really do make an impact on
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the lives of not just me but everybody. >> the society is looking for the next set of teens to take part in the student of the year program. applications will be excepted until october 31. >> isn't that fantastic? teenagers being that generous with their time. be president of the gates foundation. still ahead, what is taking the blame for an explosive chain reaction crash after a train smashed into a garbage truck. >> the new problem for military service members waiting for
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forhe drama continues families whose cars have gone mia think to -- thanks to a defense contractor. auto --international
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started moving cars for families earlier this year and it has been a mess. and long delays and some cars not showing up as long as 100 days after their required delivery. it could get worse. sun country that works for a .i.l. wants to cut ties. -- the company that works for i.a.l. wants to cut ties. .l. owes them i.a $5 million. this could be a huge problem. a judge ruled the carrier has to carry on for now but the decision to market change all of that. this is all happening as senator mark warner met with the head of the agency that oversees all of these moves.
5:48 pm
more than a dozen military personnel is overseeing i.a.l. unless performance improves, all options have to be on the table including renegotiating or revoking the contract. l. said it has been trying has hadve the issue and millions into what it calls improper invoices. >> thanks for looking into that. investigators are looking for a burglar who got away with $800 and change. a woman says she heard someone come through her front door last night. someone went into her room and still a jar filled with $800
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worth of quarters. $800 in quarters only weighs about 40 pounds. >> too much soda can create a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. it might actually aid you faster. -- age you faster. researchers have identified a link between daily consumption and cells in the body that are instrumental in the aging process. >> that is why it is out of my diet immediately. >> i feel like i am 110. you always find something new every day. we are finding something you this afternoon. shopliftingng these
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-- shifting to the east. the rain might be getting here sooner than we anticipated. i don't mind being wrong. the rain continues to pin will offer the low pressure off the coast. supposedly in frederick, 54 in washington, dulles. weather data is sketchy. it is always 55, 6 degrees warmer. the wind, that is no real until we can brush off. we think temperatures down in the 40's. chill in the air. the storm is offshore, continues to spin heavy rain over the offshore area. all of the rain will go with it. it will have a sermon of clouds tomorrow. ofit'll have a fair amount clouds tomorrow. for us now, 46 in buffalo.
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the last time we were looking for signs of winter, really don't see any signs of it. there we go, no early winter pattern setting up quite yet. couple next 24 hours, a -- a pretty typical pattern. some improvement to continue with late friday. it is looking good. that is the latest. >> thank you very much. they're very supportive of each other. they just don't know who will play. continues get ready for the dallas cowboys and none of the experts are giving washington any kind of chance. why would they? the cowboys have played well. carelessins have been with the ball and banged up on defense. allas is susceptible to
5:52 pm
mobile quarterback. 19th against the run which brings us back to the redskins. even if he is not, colt mccoy is noble. >> j gruber reiterated about what he said. still the starter? rex ryan now, yes. >> this is our next opponent, it is a game in our division that we really need to win. possibility that they can start on monday. in fact, they would like to make that decision tomorrow after practice. it is up to the trainers and doctors. he is got to feel good. it will be a process of how he feels. >> even though it is almost a
5:53 pm
competition, supports still spill. >> is a competition every day. i don't think that will change me. i'm preparing to start. thank you. jay gruden will make a final decision tomorrow after practice and griffin will either start or be an active. he will not be in uniform just to be on the sidelines. mccoy still the starter unless you hear other
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>> a huge explosion and fire that rocked a baltimore suburb. more than a year ago, could have easily been avoided. >> federal investigators
5:57 pm
released the findings into the probe of a condition of a truck and freight chain. >> it was a massive crash, explosion, and fire. the sort of explosion you would expect when a tractor-trailer and a train collide. today, we got the word as to why it happened in the first place. >> contributing to the crash where the truck drivers distraction due to a hands-free cell phone conversation. transportation that theard found driver was on his phone but he neglected to check the rail tracks before trying to cross. his truck and train collided. it derailed 15 and sparked a
5:58 pm
multi-alarm fire. asking can to begin with the post crash fire and the .esultant notion of a rail car >> the ntsb found there were other contribute in factors distance limited sight and the safety record of the drivers company. many failures often combined to result in an accident. identifying and addressing those failures that we encounter is necessary to prevent recurrences. >> they are encouraging all states to ban the use of even hands-free decisive's for truckers. att will do it for abc7 news 5:00. >> a series of shootings left two people dead. >> we are bracing for what weather in our area.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a day of nasty weather. withe at doors had to do the rain and wind. closely want to know when the clear up. collects little patches of blue. i think it is only temporary. this is a live look from the rooftop camera. scott at the horizon, a few patches of blue overhead. showers north and west of baltimore. the good news is most of the heavy steady rain will shift eastward. we will keep the showers in the forecast along with gusty wind. this is in wheeling in a lot of moisture.
6:00 pm
54 degrees in quantico. as we head through the evening, the rain will and late tonight. see a little bit more shower activity this evening, that will and overnight. it will turn cooler and gusty. it will be windy tomorrow. i will have that in the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. > an update in just a few minutes. download our storm watch absent you can receive weather alerts. >> we continue to follow the breaking news from ottawa, canada. a shooting left two people dead, a soldier killed at the canadian war memorial. >> here's what we know. as suspect is identified michael zehaf-bibeau


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