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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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54 degrees in quantico. as we head through the evening, the rain will and late tonight. see a little bit more shower activity this evening, that will and overnight. it will turn cooler and gusty. it will be windy tomorrow. i will have that in the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. > an update in just a few minutes. download our storm watch absent you can receive weather alerts. >> we continue to follow the breaking news from ottawa, canada. a shooting left two people dead, a soldier killed at the canadian war memorial. >> here's what we know. as suspect is identified michael zehaf-bibeau from quebec
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who supposedly just converted to mario.ot he was reportedly wearing black, .e had a scarf over his face parliament still under lockdown because there is a search to determine how many people may be involved in this attack. at least two. that show you more of genetic video from inside of the parliament. you are hearing what was described as dozens of shots in the parliament. this is the second scene. earlier he he he reportedly approached an honor guard at the unknown soldier, shot and killed him and then raised his rifle in triumph and ran off towards parliament. the gun man was eventually killed by the sergeant at arms but not before at least two
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other people were injured. scores of tourists and members of parliament were forced to run for safety. that he wasing standing at attention at the memorial and he shot him. closely don't yet have all of the information about what motivated the shooting. we don't have all of the information about whether this was part of a broader network or whether this was an individual or a serious individual. >> u.s. intelligence agencies are working with the canadians to determine what exactly we are looking at. canada raised its terror level from low to medium last friday.
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>> in light of the situation in canada, the u.s. army edition has increased security at the tomb of the unknowns. the fbi is asking all of its seal officers to be on the alert. and for more news on this. >> dulles international is one of five airports and forcing a new rule designed to stop the spread of ebola. today, those airports are the only airports where flights originating from west
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africa are allowed to land. passengers welcome these new efforts to scrutinize and screen passengers from these troubled west african countries but they're also praising the cdc for announcing it will keep fromr track of passengers liberia, sierra leone, and ginny after they arrived in the u.s.. the center for disease control announced it is adding to step ening the from arrivals in the hot zone. anyone coming from ebola must provideons e-mail, phone number, and addresses. 21 days after arrival in the u.s.. he believes it will be an
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effective way to keep the virus from spreading. >> it limits the spread of the disease. >> there are some travelers who think it's a wasted time. they believe a more effective method would be simply halting travel. >> it is far too risky. >> the cdc said that if anyone should test positive for the ebola virus, they will contact passengers who arrived in the u.s.. >> the man named to coordinate america's response to ebola started his new job today. with president obama this afternoon the white house. this comes as an nbc cameraman infected with ebola was declared to dallase virus and
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nurses battling ebola are said to be doing well. the city of dallas said that has beeng tested and is free of the virus. >> there will be a funeral for ben bradlee. forresided over the post nearly three decades and helped to make it one of the world's leading newspapers by publishing the pentagon papers and turning his reporters loose on huge stores like watergate. >> he was encouraging investigative reporting. the investigative reporting still goes on today in great volume. could this will take place october 29 at the national cathedral. >> new poems for the u.s.
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service. -- 's funeral will take place october 29 at the national cathedral. collects new problems for the u.s. secret service. collects
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tothe secret service seems
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be facing serious scrutiny with the inspector general's report revealing new details about a bizarre assignment for a white house special agent. >> agents were diverted to the home of an agency employee. >> in a new report, the homeland security department says that in 2011 the secret service showed a "serious lapse in judgment." report reveals that special agents normally assigned to a white house rather unit that responds to suspicious activity around the executive mansion where diver to nearly an hour away to the home of the agency director's assistant who was involved in the dispute with her neighbor. >> on particular on july 1, 2011, they were not protected
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whatsoever because they were diverted to southern maryland. "washington post" reporter details what the agents called operation moonlight. >> there are confidential law enforcement records. >> this is one of many secret service candles in recent years. there have been a physician's of mishandled investigations, misconduct, and security breaches, most recently with an armed intruder inside the white house. president'st the protection was not compromised. >> we cannot use the fact that we were lucky to say no harm was done. plenty of harm was done. the secret service is a retentive unit. >> most personal have left the agency. shows the need of a complete overhaul of the secret
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service from top to bottom. >> when will the rain move out? doug has the answer coming up. >> the forecast is good for game two of the world series with the giants up 1-0. what is the story on rg iii? is he rushing back to soon again? ♪
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>> it will mean traffic headaches for thousands of d.c.ers headed through th plans tois because of replace 16th street bridge. >> it will involve a commuters nightmare. the city is spending $15 million to build a new bridge here quickly because this is falling apart. the plan is to start in february and to complete the bridge by next summer. >> if you looked under, you
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would see cracks galore. >> we do need to have something happen. we don't want to to a restriction here or closure. >> the bridge has about another year of life in it. the city will start that work in february. we will to shut this as fast as we can. >> it makes me feel more secure. the reality is that our country is aging. >> it will mean major construction on and around the bridge. changes in lighting, guardrails but most significantly. d. is shrinking the lanes to one in each directed.
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>> a lot of times this is one of the sheets that we live on and you would not believe as fast as it comes through here on this point during a normal weekday. ot is putting out word for months of commuters have time to plan to switch from 16th street to georgia avenue or public transportation. traffic in this area is expected to be jammed. >> darrell issa might be the richest member of congress but his state doesn't have the richest delegation. roll call ranked every single member of congress based on income. the richest delegation was west virginia.
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maryland is second followed by maine. thatoorest a delegation is of arkansas with members averaging net worth of about $32,000. >> the veteran state highway demonstration is gearing up for halloween. this is a 15th year that -- highway will land were will lend reflective vests to children and adults. the vests will be available next wednesday. did some reflective vests in this dark day. >> the rain has stopped over in the district. in good shape here. let's start with the view from the rooftop camera. this is all totally do that we are due the end of this rain pattern.
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most of the rain is on the eastern shore. patches. drifting south. a few more hours. overnight, the rain. but it will be breezy and chilly. mid 50's across the area. 56 degrees in annapolis. airport, 58, 55. not much of a spread because of the heavy rain, the consistent wind, and the cloud cover. inch ofedths of an rain, we have more rain at reagan national airport at three times more so far and a cover than we have had the entire month of sick number. definitely a rainy stretch. far thantimes more so we have had in the entire month of september. this will interact with high
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pressure building in from the southwest. when you get is a much longer flow of wind out of the northwest. they are coming north, north easterly now. the storm moves away. we might be clouding in the morning. s of suneriod developing. we will settle it down as we head to the weekend. improvements on the horizon as the stromal get out of here. a lot of rough seas and surf. we will start to pick up the drier air. our express forecast. early tomorrow, cloudy, gusty wind. we see these breaks in the midday in the afternoon, high temperatures about 60 degrees. look for the temperatures ready much to hold in the 70's the
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more sunshine and less in the way of putting this as we head into the weekend. maybe some afternoon clouds but the pleasant pattern continue straight to the beginning and middle of next week. that is the very latest. >> a tremendous buzz about robert griffin iii. will he play against the dallas cowboys?
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>> the dallas cowboys are going for their seventh win in a row. the redskins looking for their second straight. the cowboys are heavily favored. then is trying to keep defense conscious that rg iii may start. griffin ran without a list. a final decision tomorrow after practice. jay gruden is studying the ball pretty high to get chris back on the field. youru have to try to get quarterback ready that you're going to play and we are trying to make that decision as fast as possible. robert will be the wildcard
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possibly it is ready to go and that still hasn't been decided yet. >> the play of the day comes from the sun belt conference. is the carrier. he was on top of another player. he may go all the way. 70 yards. do you hear the whistle, fellows? 55-40. for baseball fans, tonight is game two. will the giants jumped all over the royals. bruce bochy's team got three runs in the first. pence also had a double. the san francisco giants have their way, 7-1. they take a 1-0 lead.
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, the world cup qualifying. how sweet is that? the shot of the soccer night. .osta rica beats martinique gameaple leafs, senators has been postponed. the caps will play the oilers tonight in edmonton. there you have it. giants were awesome. >> and well-managed. out the rain, low pressure area offshore. the heaviest rain is offshore. we will have a few through the remaining evening hours and we will see cloudy skies given way to sunshine and gusty wind. >> thank you very much. >> taunus
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking now. what we've just learned about the gunman behind the terror right across our border. the deadly shooting rampage. gun fire inside parliament. the canadian prime minister rushed away from the chaos. the u.s. embassy on lockdown. and the threat here in the u.s. tonight. what the fbi is now saying. exploding air bags. the stunning new advice tonight for hundreds of thousands of american drivers. what authorities are now telling some drivers. keep passengers out of the front seat? disable your air bag? is your vehicle on the list? the autopsy, what it reveals about the unarmed teen shot by police outside st. louis. what the report now suggests about a moment before he was shot. and, liftoff. our exclusive with matthew mcconaughey and the cast of


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